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by | December 20, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. Just thought I’d let you all know the dogs and I survived the blizzard just fine, warm and toasty. As long as the electricity stays on , we have heat and water and we’re ok. Thanks for all your kind thoughts.

  2. rick liebst

    It truly is a tough thing to consider, what is the value of someone’s life?
    How to judge that value at birth and what will be the outcome if that life is ended. There is no real way of deciding prior to birth as to if that child’s life and the end result that person’s life will be a value to them and to their world.
    Certainly if the future could have been seen at the time of Hitler’s conception. There would have been ever reasonable cause to end that birth.
    In a real sense, it is not just a question of Christian belief as it is also a question of the future of the human race. To judge a person’s worth prior to birth or after worth is such a heavy thought. True enough being a parent and raising a child is not very easy. The cost in time and money, LOL imagine how much time you could have spent on the beach if not for having children or the other things that demand money and time.

    • What infuriates me about these Pro Life folks is the fact these folks also tend to be those who are calling for spending cuts just so more of my tax dollars can go to the weatlhiest 2% – and all the name of job creation?

      When I see these Pro Life folks go out and protest these so-called job creators when there are no jobs being created – AND protest for employers to pay a living wage – THEN I might just believe that these Pro Life folks are truly Pro Life.

      Until that time……they are only Pro Birth.

    • It is a difficult, personal, heart breaking decision that can’t be made for anyone! Laws — whether civil or religious — only make an impossible decision worse.

      The graphic above shows how little regard the Catholic Church has for females. The church may think they’re above any criticism from their god or anyone else and they’re protecting life and all that other nonsense they spew while stepping all over and around the female whom they totally disregard as anything more than an incubator under their control.

  3. rick liebst

    Pond I am so glad to hear that, LOL I already had a dislike of winter and snow in particular. Sigh why ever when my parents moved from Southeartern Kansas did they not move to southern Fla?

  4. I know, R.D. I wonder all the time WTF I was thinking when I left Austin, the greatest city in the world. It’s the second biggest mistake of my life, leaving Austin. The first, of course, was marrying my ex husband. Had I not done those two things, my life would be exponentially better.

    Wonder what other dumbass decisions I’ll make during the remainder of my life….

    • rick liebst

      Pond we are both affected by the same illness, we can tell everyone exactly what we should have done if not what we should not have done! But then if life was all that predictible what would the point in waking up in the morning huh? I was there for a while in a world where everything I did or was to think was controlled and planned for me. Often it was the madhatter who was planning my life and I missed the confusion.

  5. rick liebst

    On the shootings, it has to be at least disheartening if not totally WTF? All the schools here in Augusta have the simular entry systems as the school there. I swear everytime I have to go pick up my grandson is it maddening to stand outside waiting for finally someone to actually come back over the intercom to ask who I am and what I want. This has to shake the heck out of those who thought they found the solution.

    • Just curiouis – RD – do you think teachers/principals should be allowed to carry a gun at school?

      • As for the entry system – my workplace is the same way on the weekends (which is when I work with only a few of the entire crew in the building).

        We all have badges that electronically open the door – but if someone really wanted to get in that building and did not have a badge, all they would have to do is sit in the parking lot and wait for someone to use their badge and walk in right behind them.

        I work at the old Riverside Hospital location – and there are other companies inside that building – so I would not know all of their employees.

      • rick liebst

        No not them but a better work around would be armed security guards it is such a hard thing to consider though. School is a place of learning and not of incarceration. No matter how I saw it, school is a place of learning. Teachers have one of the hardest jobs as it is and one that requires a total dedication to one job that is difficult. There is as much a need for both teachers and students to have a situation that is for education.

        As Police state is not a good environment for learning outside of what the State thinks you should know to be an effective minion. Besides having a teacher in the family and having worked around quite a few in the pass. Some are more bat shit crazy that anyone else I have met! Them being arm is something that should keep people awake at night…

      • I always come back to the shooting at Ft. Hood where everyone around was highly trained, and there were many armed. Yet even the most highly trained and highly armed couldn’t stop that shooter who killed 13 people and wounded 29 others.

        If you put armed guards at schools do you put them at every possible entry point? Would that include windows that might be broken?

        Just maybe there’s a need to see who has access to guns, especially any gun that can shoot multiple rounds quickly. Any weapon like that could kill several before any reaction could be made. Then who reacts, how fast, which direction do they shoot from to ensure they aren’t as dangerous to innocents as the original shooter?

        Anyone who says more arms is a solution is deluded as far as I’m concerned. As Michael Moore said: “If only the first victim, Adam Lanza’s mother, had been a gun owner, she could have stopped this before it started.”

      • One more thought on guns. It seems to me too many of the people who seek a license to carry are not only preparing for a potential need but also hoping for one. My hope is that I’m never close by when someone who is carrying decides to save themselves or anyone else. I think adding guns to any gunfight increases the chances everyone becomes a victim.

      • I do not want to see teachers/principals being put into that position to be armed. Like RD said – schools are a place of learning – not playing cops and robbers.

        What I would like to see are these military-style assault weapons banned and the high-capacity ammunition clips to be banned.

        And that includes all the current bans and clips out in the private populatin now – get rid of them!

        But …that is where the money/profit is for these gun manufacturers and gun show profiteers… which is why the NRA have – IMHO – lost their credibility on representing the majority of law-abiding gun owners. The NRA has only represented the profiteers of the gun industry…….

        I heard a group of E.R. doctors and nurses talking about the type of bullets these assault weapons use – they are not just the regular bullets – they are bullets designed to go into the flesh and then shatter ….that way, they do more damage than if a single bullet just passed through the body.

        What hunter or sportsman needs these type of bullets? If you’re hungting deer for the family table – why would you want to shatter the body upon impact – what is the point?

        Make no mistake – the only reason these assault weapons and these high-capacity ammo clips and those shattering bullets exist is to kill as many humans as possible in a short amount of time.

        And who the hell needs that?

      • Boy do I agree about high-capacity ammunition! In fact, maybe we should forget about regulating guns and direct all our efforts to ammunition! It may be absolutely correct that guns don’t kill people, but if you put ammunition in any gun…

  6. rick liebst

    Well it is sounding as if Norquest is finally feeling he is loosing his control over the Nazi wing of the GOP. He is trying to stay relivent and expressing he is open to wiggle room on the Cliff. One can only hope what would be next is that Terry Fox and that extreme faction will finally just say not in my house but in yours is your business.

    • It is seeming not only Grover Norquist is losing control, but the entire republican party. I think a total transformation will need to happen before the republican party will be relevant to national politics in any way other than an obstructive force.

      • I’ve learned to never count these crazies out……these folks will always bounce back …

        Just take a good look at who is out there defending these assault weapons – it is the so-called Christian Leaders and Republicans!

  7. I saw this yesterday. This is the type of thinking we need to see – this guy readily admitted that he did not vote for Obama but he went on to say that Obama is my president now. He is my leader.

    Wow – just hearing that is refreshing – isn’t it? When will Far Right Winger Republicans get that same message?

    • That’s a person who is a patriot, a part of any solution offered, a person of respect and maturity. Yes, so refreshing!

      • Hopefully, this Sandy Hook tragedy will be the tipping point against this senseless killing with assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.

        God….I hope so…

      • But…I do wonder why it has not be brought out much in all the media coverage that this shooter attended the same Catholic Church as 8 of his young victims?

        This young man was also white and from a very wealthy family.

        So…..if you want to stereotype him – he would be an angry young white Christian male….

        I read an article in which the suspected motive was that his mother had started the process to legally commit this young man and that is why he went on this killling spree…

        But…if he had the mental capacity to smash his computers to the point where there is little hope of retrieving any evidence – then was he really mentally ill?

        I am not saying he did not have mental issues – but was he really insane?

        And it’s been reported that this young man’s mental health issues started when he was very young – and he was 20 at the time of the shooting – what kind of help did this family try to get for their son? And they certainly had the financial means to pay for the help – unlike alot of people in their same shoes.

        But when I hear Mike Huckabee and that Bryan Fischer from American Family Religious group publicly say that this shooting was due to the fact oiur society has thrown God out is just not correct.

        Unless, these two are trying to say that the Catholic Church does not teach about God….is that what they are trying to say?

        One more thing….can you imagine the outrage from these same Far Right Winger Republicans if this shooter had been a Muslim boy that shot predominantly white, affluent school chidren.?

        There would be all kinds of demands to control the guns of ‘those people’……and that is still a problem in America – IMHO.

        We need sensible gun control laws for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E……

    • Also – I think more research needs to be done in the area of mental health.

      Let’s not forget – BTK sat in his church – as a church leader – for how many years knowing that he had murdered all those people?

      Just because someone goes to church – does not make them morally superior.

      But there is more to it than just these people choosing to go this route – what makes certain people go off the deep end?

      Is it a chemical imbalance, is it enviornmental-induced, is it parenting or is it something in the brain wires that just get crossed somewhere along the way?

      But, for a country that can spend billions on needless wars and war machines – can’t we afford to spend money on doing research into the mental health issues we are facing as a society?

      And then spending the money to get those people who need the mental help – and not bitch and moan about Obamacare providing mental health.

  8. Well, here we go with an attempt to do blame-shifting for political cover. Speaker Boehner and his “Plan B”, trotted out when it seemed the time was right to so do. The fact it’s being done should not come as a surprise; the only surprise to me is the timing. I was expecting something like this to be proffeed December 24, at the earliest. Oh, and the House will be in session all weekend.

    • I’m terribly disappointed in Obama for proposing the Chained CPI. He could have at least let the repukes propose it. I have no idea why he’s caving, after both Pelosi and Biden, on the campaign trail, said that cuts to Social Security were off the table. Weasels. I think Obama is falling back into the trap of negotiating with himself. He should make repukes take the blame for cutting SS, even if it has always been his heart’s desire.

      Hell of a note when we have to depend on the repuke back benchers to defeat Boehner’s Plan B. At this point, no deal is looking like the best deal. Obama just does not seem to get it that once you give something away in negotiations, you never get it back. But, why am I surprised when the Chained CPI was part of the Simpson Bowles proposal he so heartily endorsed.

      You can tell he was a professor and not a litigator. He couldn’t litigate his way out of a wet paper bag.

  9. Ya know, we’ve been speculating on the demise of the Republican Party for a variety of reasons. But having a DEMOCRAT Preznit proposing cuts in Social Security just might breath more life into the GOP. WTF?

    We also speculated that Obama would either let his liberal freak flag fly in his second term, or he would be the conservative centrist we have always known him to be. It wasn’t an act in the first term. It’s who he is, and he said so this week when he said in the 1980’s he’d be a moderate Republican.

    Hell, I wonder about the “moderate” part….

    This does not bode well for other things in his second term. WHY would he want to save the repukes from themselves? I guess it really is all about the Benjies from his campaign donors. Now we know who he really works for.

    And it aint us!