Wednesday, 12/19/12, Public Square

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by | December 19, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. So, Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to arm teachers.

    Back in 2009, in Perry’s state of Texas, a military doctor opened fire at the Fort Hood Army post, killing 13 and wounding 30 others.

    The victims were all professionals, surrounded by guns, and trained to handle “this kind of thing.” Why would anyone think teachers and principals could take a couple of weekend classes and do better than them?

    It seems nowadays republicans should simply sit down and be quiet. Each time they open their mouths, no matter the topic, we realize how devoid of ideas and solutions they are.

  2. If you guys haven’t seen these posts from Paul, I highly recommend them. They are funny as hell, and, more importantly, they are true and speak truth to wingnuts in a way we seldom hear. Take the time to read them both and you will be glad you did. Especially the one from Robert E. Lee

    • Re: weather, I hope all the excitement proves to be “Much Ado About Nothing”; well, except I hope you get some precipitation in somwhat meaningful quantities.

      Thanks for the links. Especially the one from General Lee. Highly rrecommended

  3. Sorry, last link. I just don’t have time today to write much. I’m preparing for the blizzard today. Hope it’s much ado about nothing.

    Mike Lux says what I wish I had said about Obama and the Chained CPI.

  4. PP – Just wanted to add my 2 cents and tell you to be careful if/when this blizzard comes your way. I just saw the blizzard warnings for out your way.

    As for the rest of us near or in Wichita – I’ve got another 2 cents for you all – take care of yourselves.

    Personally – I would love to see some snow – but not a big pile of it all at one time in my driveway! LOL

    My granddaughter is wishing for snow……maybe I need to tell her to stop at just a few inches and all in those places where nobody has to shovel or drive through it…

    The older I get, the more I do not like to get out into that stuff.

    • rick liebst

      Even when I was young I hated snow, now that I am older and none of the younger set lives close. I would rather there was four days of rain! For now the daughter and three grandsons are living with us and school is my only real repeive from the kids. They can drive me a little nuts… OK if you was asked my wife it is a LOT NUTS.

      • Hang in there, R.D. You are saner than most of the people I know. Hope you don’t get trapped in the house with the little ones. Hell, some days the dogs drive me crazy!

  5. Thanks all. No precip yet. I wish we’d just get a ton of rain and no ice or snow, but I’ll take the snow as long as the power doesn’t go out. The dogs and I have a full tank of propane and a month’s worth of treats and food as long as the electricity stays on. If it goes off, it’ll be a two dog night snuggled up in bed. Wonder where I can borrow a third dog…

    We got exactly half of the rainfall norm for last year. Something like 10 inches when 21 is the norm. This is the third year, going into the fourth year, of this drought for my neighborhood. It’s a constant worry.