Monday, 12/17/12, Public Square

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  1. The POTUS speech was good last night.

    The whole world has gone crazy, or at least America. There are so many things that need to be done in this country, including bringing sanity to our gun laws and the politics of guns. I hate to see this muddy up the waters while the fiscal negotiations are on-going. I don’t mean to minimize the gun problem, but it’s been going on and building for a long time. I’d hate for this to be a bright and shiny object that takes our focus off the fiscal problems long enough for the PTB to sneek through some heinous “grand bargain” that cuts SS, Medicare and Medicaid, including raising the eligibility age for Medicare and implementing the Chained CPI for SS, all behind the cover of this bright and shiny object. We need to watch them even while our focus is on the grieving people in Connecticut. This is exactly how they sneek shit through.

    Someone once said the mark of an intelligent person is that they can hold two opposing thoughts in their head at the same time. I hope we, as a nation, can keep our focus on preventing a “grand bargain” that would gut the benefits we’ve paid for and depend upon, while still keeping our eye on the ball regarding guns and regulation.

    We can have fiscal sanity and gun sanity at the same time. We can do more than one thing at once. Don’t stop watching the shell game for one second, or you can kiss SS, Medicare and Medicaid goodbye. This could be Naomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism in the wink of an eye.

  2. oh, and BTW… a lot of the illegal guns got on the streets via the “war on drugs.” Legalize drugs, especially marijuana, and a lot of the violence goes away in American urban war zones. Reduce the illegal weapons and the gun show exceptions and we’ve made a dent in the problem. Then update the background check technology and enforce the “populating of the database” as Mayor Bloomberg said, and we can improve screening. Strengthen licensing and education processes and we’ve made a couple of more dents.

    But if we really want to get to the root of the problem, strengthen and fund our mental health services and systems, and include mental health coverage in both public and private settings and insurance. Once again, we find St. Ronnie Ray Gun and his ilk at the bottom of the problem. Had Reagan not ramped up the war on drugs, spread the gospel of supply side trickle down economics, engaged in a MASSIVE defense buildup and bloated the defense budget, and had he not gutted the mental health system, dumping millions out on the street under the guise of “community care” but giving communities no funding for such care….

    We’d be a very different country. Remove Reagan and his damage and Shrub and his damage, and we’d be a much better off nation and people. Those 16 years will take us a century to correct and repair the damage.

    • ST. Ronnie did alot of damage by just allowing Jerry Falwell carte blance access to the powers of the GOP.

      That right there has helped to bring us to where we are today….

      Relgious Fanatics are N-U-T-S….

      These are the folks who are constantly talking about some damn war ..

      War on Christmas (no such thing)

      Pat Robertson said Obama is a Socialist who wants to destroy America – (no such thing)

      War on Christians. (no such thing)

      There are consequences for the words our leaders choose to use……

      And while we’re talking about church leaders – how about the Catholic Church leaders who are STILL wearing their gold-blinged robes and their golden slippers (tip of hat to PP – LOL) even AFTER they sat by and knowingly covered up the CRIME of child molestation. Exactly how many of these church leaders have been held accountable for their crime of complacency?

      I am SICK and TIRED of this B.S….

      We need to get this country back on track and one good way to start is to elect a woman president – IMHO.

      Women are the natural caregivers and Women are not the ones out shooting at school kids, movie theatres and Women do not usually get into pissing contests over their religion and/or politics.

      ENOUGH……of this insanity..

  3. If Adam Lanza’s name were Mohammed Mustafa, we’d be having a whole SLEW of regulations introduced in Congress TODAY. We’d lose so many civil liberties it would make our heads spin.

    But because he was a white guy, and a privileged white guy to boot, we’ll just sigh and say something should be done, but we don’t know what.

    Sometimes, I’m ashamed to be an American. Remove the worship of the cult of Bush/Cheney and remove the cult of Reagan, and maybe, just maybe, from economics to gun safety to prisons to mental health, our country could make some progress.

    But all I can say to my fellow Americans is…”good luck with that.”

    • I agree with your assessment about if the shooter’s name had been Muhammed – period.

      It would be a different story coming from these Republicans today…. There would be wailing and gnashing of teeth to get as many laws against ‘those people’ passed as quickly as possible.

      And there would be millions and/or billions spent on making even more war weapons to use against ‘those people’.

      But….sad to say…..if this Connecticut school shooting is the tipping point in our country to change our culture – it is probably because it is a well-to-do school full of majority of white kids.

      That’s the ugly truth………

  4. While we’re talking about the world gone crazy – here is just another crazy thing these so-called morally superior Republicans are against….violence against LGBT, undocumented and Native Indian women.

  5. Speaking of the world gone crazy…..Louis Gohmert called his president an evil emperor….

    This same Louis Gohmert was the one that I heard say that if only that principal would have had a gun then she would not have had to lunge at the shooter being helpless (or something to that effect).

    Oh yeah, that’s right Louie – let’s add more firepower to the mix….

    A well-placed ball bat to the shooter’s back, head, legs would have incapacitated him also….why just a damn gun is your answer to this problem?

    • Let’s look at the reason Louie called Obama the ‘evil emperor’ – it is because Obama dared to say that the wealhiest Americans (Obama included – which Obama has stated several times that HIS own taxes would go up) to pay more taxes?

      Words have consequencs….and just take Louie’s words and multiply it by all the Foxxies in the Hen House and Hate Talk Radio and then imagine all the people who are having mental issues or just plain hate-filled people listening to this nonsense 24/7 – and then easy access to guns and bullets – it is a recipe for disaster….

      But what makes me the most angry is when I hear people like Mike Huckabee and that Bryan Fischer – who profess to be such morally superior Christians actually sit and call for MORE guns in our society.

      Excuse me – but when did Jesus ever carry a weapon? Was his weapon next to that Christmas tree in the manger when he was born?

      It’s this damn Us v. Them mentality that comes straight out of these damn exclusive, tax-free, country club churches.

  6. My DIL told me this morning she noticed a policeman was nearby when the principal was there at the front door to greet the school kids. While the principal being there is common occurrence – the policeman presence is not.

    She was wondering if this was because of this school shooting.

    I actually heard some man on the NPR radio show calling for all public places to have metal detectors at all our public buildings – even elementary schools.

    Are we really at that level of mentality? Are we really unable or unwilling (?) to confront what is wrong with our culture of violence?

    Are we so entrenched in this current idealogy of US v. THEM that nothing will be done – God help us all if we are..

  7. We’ll never know the answers – but why wasn’t more done with this boy that obviously had mental issues long before last Friday’s shooting?

    Was it pride – denial – this kid did not fit into the ‘perfect’ family label – or embarrassment?

    It was obviously not from lack of financial resources to seek professional help.

    So – again, I wonder – why did this woman buy guns to keep in the home where there was a son that she told a babysitter to not turn his back on?

    That is the answer we’ll never know……WHY…

  8. I watch Bob Schieffer on CBS every Sunday morning. He had Sen. Chuck Schumer on but Schieffer stated that no Republican would come on the show – either they were unavailable or they simply refused the offer.

    Let’s remember this….shall we?

  9. rick liebst

    it has to be unsettling for these school, I know the ones here have the exact same entry systems.