Sunday, 12/16/12, Public Square

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  1. Is it true the Vatican bank is one of the largest shareholders in Beretta Arms Company?

    So they cover up child molestation AND promote peace, goodwill on earth by making money off the manufacturing of weapons??

    Line up folks. Give your money (LOTS of your money is better!) to organized religion so they can help the poor and do good deeds…

  2. I’ve never seen so much dispelling of right-wing, NRA propaganda as I have since the tragedy in Connecticut. From media outlets, Facebook, people talking… we’re finally hearing facts! Oh I know, not right wingers, not gun gun, not anyone who has already made up their own facts and fear has motivated them to close their ears and minds. But the people who still think and reason are talking. This just may be the silver lining behind the dark cloud.

  3. When you hear the gun nuts call for arming the teachers, changing schools so they aren’t ‘gun free’ zones, if only someone had been armed the shooter would have been stopped, think of this Michael Moore quote:

    “If only the first victim, Adam Lanza’s mother, had been a gun owner, she could have stopped this before it started.”

    Uh huh.

  4. (HUMOR)

    John McCain Quits Senate In Solidarity With Susan Rice

    On Friday, John McCain announced that he was quitting the Senate and retiring to a quiet life of watching the Republican Party fade into history. When asked why, he replied, “Well, when Susan Rice threw in the towel on seeking the Secretary Of State nomination, I knew I had to take a stand to protest her treatment at the hands of my party.”

    When reminded that he was the spearhead of that effort to discredit Ms. Rice, and in fact was one of the primary reasons she removed her name from possible nomination, McCain mumbled something about empty chairs, Clint Eastwood, and peas.

    John Boehner told the press corp that he really didn’t know how to react to the news of McCain leaving the public eye, but he would have an answer to that on Monday, where he would be able to in fact shed some tears for the camera if so desired. “Look, to be honest, I can weep pretty much on demand. Do you want to see me do it right now?”

    Susan Rice could not be reached for comment.

  5. (In the comments section): “….but as a nation, we have a serious problem with jumping to conclusions and ruining each others lives before we know the truth. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are not. But the anger spewed today is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the emotional disconnect and lack of empathy we have for one another. I’m not talking about on days like today for people like the shooter, but in the day-to-day. We just don’t care. We get in fist fights with those who innocently bump us on the sidewalk. Blow up at our kids for dropping things. Scream at old people crossing the street. Trample each other to buy CHRISTMAS gifts.”

    How the Press Got It Wrong on the Newtown Shooter


    Some of you may have noticed a few testy postings I’ve made on FB lately to a certain individual. He is one of the PITA clowns from the WEBlog days.

    In the past few months, he has accused me of being a traitor, a lemming, a Marxist, and a few other perjorative things. I’ve decided to keep my cool, but as you might have determined, my patience is wearing thin. While ‘unfriending’ is an option, I’ll not play that game. Rather, it is my determination to be as professional as I can in making factually oriented responses and other posts to him.

    While I’d prefer to get down in the muck and mud with him, all that would result would be lowering me to his level. He has been a good guy with whom to ‘converse’ over time, but something has really gotten under his saddle lately. The temptation to advise him to’ remove the ring from his nose to which the lead rope is attached’ is great, however. BTW, he’s an avid follower of Judge Nepalitano from Faux Views fame. Said (former) judge sat on the New York Supreme Court, which apparently impresses him due to his ignorance. For those who may be unaware, in New York, the Supreme Court is the lowest Court of General Jurisdiction, i. e., the trial court. The Court of Appeals in New York is the highest appellate court, comparable to the Kansas Supreme Court here.

    Had to blow off some steam, and y’all were the vicims. Thanks for the opportunity,


    • I must tell you first that “good people bring out the good in other people,” and secondly, due to your Facebook privacy settings I see a tiny bit of this, but am not subjected to all. I haven’t been involved in the nastiness of the old blog for so long that a tiny bit goes a long ways. I know who you speak of, I admire your patience and professionalism. It isn’t in you to get to that level because you’re always an intellectual and it’s impossible for you to do less than think it (whatever “it” is) through. I’m happy to listen. I’m happier to be here without any need to choose my words carefully.

    • Okay. I had no idea who he was, and know exactly who is.
      Thanks for the heads-up.

      • He’s the guy from Michigan (I think), some place north anyway, and he used to be from Texas, and he used to be a big pro-lifer, a libertarian (Paul-bot). He hangs out on a tiny Wichita, Kansas blog even though he is from someplace else and lives someplace else?? Youngish (40s maybe), computers are his ‘business’ (maybe) although he has plenty of time to blog on the job. The only thing I’ve found real consistent in his beliefs is nonsense.

      • There are so many just like him – only different nics and different level of nastiness.

        I’ve not been over the fence to see what is going on their distorted world – I’ve got better things to do with my time –

      • fnord has him identified accurately. Early on, he was encouraging on FB, and particularly post-stroke sent a slew of PMs, which were kind and thoughtful. He seemed to show his true colors tonight with at least two derogatory posts about President Obama and his speech in Connecticut BTW, he has his privacy settings locked down fairly well, but not quite as far as he thinks/.

        I often laugh at his posts, especially the ones where he tries to be knowledgeable on topics about which he has no clue. He gets so screwed up sometimes he links stuff that are directly opposite (at best) from the point he thinks he is making.

        Thanks for giving me this forum, guys; my blood pressure has lowered considerably post-rant and especially after reading your responses thereto. Good night to all, with big hugs from me to everyone.

      • Hey, 617, we love ya here, in case you haven’t noticed. 🙂

        I don’t FB and haven’t peeked over the fence for a very long time. I ended up finding the WEBlog tedious and stupid and not worth the irritation given the knowledge and maturity levels of the posters there.

        However, I do know the guy you speak of, and he has had an interesting evolution. IIRC, Tracy brought him there, and he was a butt at first. Wingnut conservative and always an “all guns all the time” kind of guy. We had some really nasty go arounds.

        Then, he seemed to soften, become reasonable, and even became a friend, kind of like 617 said with the encouraging post-stroke posts.

        But… somehow, Obama’s first election seemed to set him off and changed him back into the original gun mongering wingnut conservative he was in the beginning. Nasty and hateful in his posts and acting like none of his old blog friendships existed.

        I eventually thought he was a nice guy and there was hope for him. But following the 2008 election, I wrote him off as bitter and dangerous. I’ve had emails and invites to Linked In from him, and ignore them all. I’ve cut all ties. He just isn’t who he was, although, it’s like multiple personality disorder, you have to ask which of his many personalities he is no longer like himself.

        Sad. I think it’s a classic case of Obama derangement syndrome, and white guy losing his place in the world syndrome. I hate to see it, but, 617, I know you didn’t ask my advise, but I’d cut the guy out of your life if he can bring steady you to that kind of frustration. He’s a name on a blog. We have no idea who or what he is in real life. Your real friends are here.

  7. I was just reading about the Connecticut vigil service for the victims. There was a sentence in that article that I would like to share –

    The assault weapons ban was implemented in 1994 but yet expired in 2004.

    Hmmm…..let’ see – who was in office and what party was in total control in 2004?

    Isn’t it a sad commentary that this same bunch of Congress Critters are fighting like Hell to keep those Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans but in a nod to the powerful lobby of the NRA – this same political party let the assault weapons ban expire..

    THIS is why our priorities in this country have got to change…..and NOW…