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  1. Actually, I think the graphic above is outdated and President Obama won by larger numbers than shown.

    Obama — 65,593,974 or 51.00%
    Romney — 60,859,673 or 47.30% (there’s that 47% again!) 😉

    Although the above numbers are still “unofficial” it shows that as votes were counted and recounted President Obama’s winning numbers grew. His margin of victory in the popular vote was nearly 5 million votes.

    Obama’s 2012 victory was a bigger (and more decisive) margin that Bush’s victory over John Kerry in 2004 (which was Bush 50.7 percent and Kerry 48.2 percent). Back then those numbers were called a “mandate,” but today they’re not. The oft-repeated “excuse” (and it sounds like an excuse each time it’s used) is the republicans won the House. Of course they lost eight seats even after their gerrymandering. We all know the facts so don’t need to heed the propaganda.

    WE THE PEOPLE listened to the two major candidates and overwhelmingly said President Obama was the man with the plans we approved of!

    Only the recalcitrant pouty republicans are unable to move forward to our brighter future. But then, we’re accustomed to republicans ignoring facts and to their childish histrionics.

  2. As I’m sure you all know, Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration for Secretary of State.

    Well, I sure hope little Johnny McCain and Lindsay feel manly and superior now – because their criticism of Susan Rice had nothing to do with her qualifications for the SOS job and everything to do with partisan politics at their worst.

    Just a thought – McCain said that Susan Rice was not qualified but yet this same man gave us Sarah Palin as his choice to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    Scary thought……huh?

    • Wanna know how I know there is no God?

      John McSame and his cabana boy Lindsey Graham would have been struck by lightning long ago if there really were a god…..

      Did anyone see Rachel last night? They FRIED Obama for letting Susan withdraw. Inside baseball says he did not support her anymore and wasn’t up for the fight. Andrea Mitchell says “high level women” in the administration are pissed at the boss, and Dan Rather said Republicans are saying Obama can be “rolled for his wallet and his watch.” It’s just his nature to avoid a fight.

      I hope that this “big talk, small stick” does not become the playbook for the fiscal cliff fight. I heard Durbin say yesterday that raising the Medicare eligibility age is now off the table for the White House. I hope it’s not true.

      Of course, John Prine has a great song ahead of his time. This is called “The Great Compromise.” If you can skip the ad, and look past the lost love theme, the chorus is just great. And, even back then, it wasn’t about a girl. It was about the USA and its young men during the Viet Nam era. And about liberals today. “They” still “make us live in our heads.”

      Give it a listen.

  3. On the other hand… I did read last week that Rice and her hubby have a financial interest in the Keystone pipeline. I wonder if something about their financial interests came up during vetting and opposition research. It wouldn’t be the first time, a la Geraldine Ferraro, that hubby’s business became a boat anchor around the wife’s neck. Strange that nothing came up when she was vetted for the UN, but maybe something happened in the last four years that caused the White House heartburn. I sure hope it wasn’t just Obama avoiding another opportunity to stand his ground.

    • I wondered about the financial interest in Keystone Pipeline also – and that was mentioned as a possible conflict of interest.

      But …seriously….McCain claiming Susan Rice is not qualified but Sarah Palin was?

      In what alternate universe does these RePUKES live?

    • There were some questions arising from Ambassador Rice’s tenure in the State Department during the Clinton administration. I don’t know if this was cumulative ‘piling on’, or something of legitimate concern. Regardless, there were things coming out which did give ammunition to the Senate opposition.

      I have always held the thought that absent something which actually affected a nominee’s fitness for the job, a President was entitled to have his (to date) nominees confirmed. While there was the SCOTUS kerfuffle during the Nixon years (Haynesworth and the other guy whose name escapes me), the current confirmation environment owes its genesis to the way the Bork nomination to SCOTUS was handled. Just an observation that the tenet of “What goes around, comes around” remains valid.

  4. I learned some news yesterday that took me back to the days when my son was in the same boat.

    I was out having lunch with a friend and my grandson when my favorite waitress happened to get my table.

    As we were talking about Christmas, I asked her if her two young children were were anxious to see Santa Claus. This is when she teared up and told me that her 2-yr-old little girl had just been diagnosed with diabetes. She has to take 4 insulin shots per day and test her blood sugar 4 times a day.

    Immediately, my mind took me back to that fateful day when I was told in a doctor’s office that my 5-yr-old boy had diabetes and we were rushed over to the other side of Michigan to the nearest hospital. And what followed was a nightmare from Hell.

    Not only did we have to deal with the sudden health crisis that was a learning experience – to be sure – but also how to deal with the fact of the never-ending costs.

    It was 1986 (Reagan was in office) and I was told by the hospital social worker that we should divorce then both of my kids would get their heatlh card, I would probably get some type of money assistance due to my son’s special diet – and the kicker was – my husband could still live in the house, but never get remarried.

    Hmmm….doesn’t that sound eerily the same advice that I got from the Catholic Hospital social worker when I was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery that I barely survived and was facing months of expensive chemotherapy?

    This problem with our health care system is nothing new – it is just more exacerbated by the fact that Nothing has been done to fix the damn thing for decades.

    Just like Wicked shared with us about her friend’s son with the seizure problem and the E.R. – the American Health Care System is great – if you have the money or insurance to pay for it.

    Otherwise – you’re SOOL (shit out of luck)

    Unless……you use the system as I was advised to do back in 1986 and again got the same advice in 2007.

    Damn….and we dare to think we are a Christian nation who deserves to be exceptional?

    I call B.S.

  5. McCain and Graham may think they have won the partisan political hacking of trying to get their BFF – Scott Brown – another chance at coming back to the Good Ol’ Boys Club – but I would love to see this happen:

    Hillary Clinton decides to stay on the job as SOS for the next two years – and then decide to run for president in 2016.

    By that time, McCain and Graham will have opened up their big fat mouths so many times to spew some more partisan political hacking that nobody will even listen to them.

    Then Obama can nominate Susan Rice – or better yet – pick someone else completely off the radar of these partisan political hackers who seem to think their salaries and benefits paid for the taxpayers gives them the right to be #1 Assholes.

    • BTW – where was all this outrage at embassies being attacked and people being killed when GWB was in the White House. But if you really want to be outraged, go back to Reagan’s time in the White House.

      Not one word from Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum – huh?

  6. This guy sounds like a role model that we need to hold up – rather than those partisan political hack – entrenched – types

  7. Mental illness also goes untreated because of our lousy [lackof] health-care system. And because we also live in a world where the gun nuts scream even when they shouldn’t, even when no right for anyone who should own a gun is threatened, we have yet another indescribably tragic shooting at a school. When have rational people, not the gun nuts but people who are capable of thinking clearly, had enough?

    • There must be a real cultural change in our society before that happens, fnord. No, I’ve no idea when this seismic shift might occur, but am sure it won’t be in my remaining years of life.

      • I know. But after just so much sadness and grief I get angry that we can’t have badly-needed conversations because of ‘certain’ people. Just as we wouldn’t talk as openly about adult matters with children, some adults who react like children make this conversation impossible. No one wants to infringe on any rights of any person capable of handling the responsibilities that always accompany any right.

        I understand that won’t happen easily. Look at the fact that we’re still unable to allow women to make their own decisions, that the sexual persuasion of a person determines whether they can or can’t enjoy all the rights available to all others, that minorities are still fighting discrimination, that end-of-life decisions can’t be discussed. So much injustice.

        Does it just break your heart?

    • I just got home from errands and My God….18 kids are dead out of 26 dead people?

      What the HELL???

      If I hear one more of these self-righteous, pious, churchy gun nuts go off on some tangent about how God gave them the right ot bear arms – I am going to scream.

      But – then again – our society does not seem to think protecting children is the right thing to do – after all, how many Catholic Church leaders have been kicked out, demoted or any punished for their part in the cover up of child molestation for years…

      I sound like a broken record – but it really infuriates me that the Catholic Church leaders have basically convinced the majority of the people to join them and simply – look the other way.

      U-N-T-I-L we start holidng these authoriteis in our society accountable for their actions – then childrens’ lives are obviously not worth much – unless, of course, you’re preborn, then they just love you. But just wait until you’re born – then you’re on your own.

      Yeah – we’re a Christian my Aunt Fanny….

      • we’re a Christian nation – my Aunt Fanny..

      • indy, it isn’t limited to the Roman Catholic Church; Protestant denominations with the same problems greatly appreciate the cover provided by that group, however. I cannot get into any specifics, but I am aware of a small (relative to the RCC) denomination with a higher percentage of clergy involved in such activity that makes the RCC look like rank amateurs in ‘musical pastors’. Just sayin’.

    • Actually, fnord, it just further depresses me about the future of the U.S. The armed revolt seems more inevitable to me daily.

  8. Early this morning (sometime between 2 to 4 a.m.), I put the BBC World Service on the crystal in an attempt to return to the arms of Morpheus. During this period, a round table discussion was had among the host; a professor at Cal-Berkely, a professor at a college associated with Oxford, and a business reporter.

    What caught my attention was a discussion of the proposition being advanced by some that the discovery of additional petroleum resources on the continent would lead to cheaper energy costs and would thereby result in an increase the number of manufacturing jobs within the United States. After quickly disposing of this notion as absurd, it was noted by one of the conferees that while the U.S. had been shedding such jobs at a high rate since 1980, in point of fact manufacturing activity within the U.S. had doubled during the same period. This assertion was not challenged by anyone, but was treated as ‘one of those things everyone knows’. The panel then concluded that the existence of the cheaper energy supply would likely cause no decrease and likely some increase in manufacturing activity within the U.S., but would not materially affect the number of manufacturing jobs in the economy, due to better technology, and factors related thereto.

    I have presumed, both while listening and while preparing this post, that the increase in manufacturing activity was in real and not nominal terms.While I’ve not researched this, it fits my sense of what has been occurring. I’ll be back when/if I find something on the interwebs, but in the interim, what say you?


      Best I can quickly do, contains citations to data sources. Assertion is apparently true.

      • During the big Pink Slip Job Drain Era of ST. Ronnie and continued with these Vulture Capiatists – remaining American companies have had to learn to do more with less people.

        And it is these working people that should get the credit….not the vulture capitalist with the shark teeth.

      • The increases relate to capital ($$) investments in upgraded technology.

    • I jrecently heard on some NPR radio show that American corporations are actually bringing back manufacturing/service jobs (like call centers) to America – because of two factors:

      1) expenses are raising in these foreign countries – so their profits are being cut into.

      2) the American consumers are choosing to buy elsewhere when they learn they get can get the same product/services by a company that never left America.

      As for the call centers – I decided to cancel my OnStar subscription when I received a notice that my credit card info needed to be updated for automatic payments.

      When I did call to update – I got this foreign-speaking woman who was obviously not named – Barbie – and she kept trying to get me to upgrade my service.

      I finally asked for a supervisor – and she was not much better. But, she did tell me was in Michigan – (must have been the dumb neighborhood).

      Anyway – after 3 phone calls and a visit to their website for an online chat – nobody could figure out that I simply needed to update my credit card info for the automatic payment.

      SO – after much frustration – I told them to cancel the damn subscription – only to be told that I could not cancel it because it was in my husband’s name!

      WTH……..they were happy to take money from MY perrsonal checking account but only my husband could cancel since when we signed up for the service – I wanted both our names on the subscription and they refused – only my husband’s name. But they gladly took my credit card information for the money.

      Well – my husband called them to cancel and guess what – he got the same call center treatment…… the time he got a hold of the supervisors’ supervisor – he was even more frustrated with them than I was…….

      So – poor and lousy customer service might just be a reason some of these corporations are bringing back their jobs to America?

      I don’t know ….it sounds like a good theory..

      • Call centers are not manufacturing jobs. Pay and benefits between the two amply demonstrate such. As for the reasons, I think you are right.

      • There is a new call center up here in my neighborhood and the pay is $14/hour with benefits.

        That rivals some manufacturing jobs – doesn’t it?

        IIRC – didn’t George W. Bush reclassify fast food jobs (burger flippers) to a manufacturing job category?

    • I’m surprised only at the time frame. I knew that recently companies were bringing more and more manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

      6176, I think you and I spoke about this on the phone one day.

  9. Just overwhelmed by a feeling of total disgust over the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, and nothing more to offer. For those who have belief in prayer, do not forget the first responders, including the EMS. From personal experience with much more limited happenings, they are also affected emotionally, as they are not only human beings but are often parents as well.

    • It also sounds like this is a small community and the first responders probably know the families – which is even harder.

      How many more of these mass shootings are we going to tolerate before sensible heads prevail?

      I have no problem with responsible people having guns to hunt, target shoot or for protection of their family.

      But this young man was obviously mentally ill – what was being done about that issue?

      Was funding cut somewhere – in order to give a tax break to some 1% weatlhy CEO on the promise of job creation?

      I don’t know the answer…..but I am sick and tired of this nonsense some gun nuts call a God-given right to own a gun.

      Excuse me, but where in the Bible did Jesus ever own a gun?

      Oh yeah, that’s right, his gun must have been under that Christmas tree in the manger where Jesus was born.

      Very heavy sarcasm….

  10. Andy Borowitz:

    Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I wish mental health care were as easy to get as, say, a gun.

    • So true. When we finally come to grips with the fact that mental illness is as much an illness as a physical illness, and needs to be treated as aggressively. That may be Utopian on my part, but is a needed first step on the path.

    • It’s also easier in many (republican dominated) states to get a gun than it is to vote.

      • If circulating reports are to be believed, the firearms were lawfully puechased by the mother with whom the shooter lived; he killed her first, then went to the school with the three guns (one a Glock, one a Bushmaster, and I forget the other) to finish the apparently preplanned acts. I don’t understand why the mother determined she needed all this firepower, but she had it.

      • Why does anyone feel the need of that firepower? Why does anyone feel the need to have a weapon on their person to leave their house? I remember some people from the old blog tried to explain this but I never understood. And, they never understood my point of view either. Protecting myself or others was usually part of their ‘reasoning.’ Since I don’t believe I could ever shoot a person I never found that to be ‘reasonable.’ If my life should end from a bullet trust me when I say I wouldn’t have ever wanted to be part of a gunfight, wouldn’t have considered myself safer because I had my own gun.

        I’m pretty sure it’s a subject where understanding the opposing view is fairly impossible.

        I’m still struck dumb by a young man who held life, his and others, in such low regard that he could load up on guns and ammunition and kill innocent people. How could a person be so mentally ill, so full of abject misery, they think that is a solution to anything and people not notice? Why wouldn’t that kind of insanity not be like a blinking neon sign — at least to those who knew him well?

      • 617, your comment about the mother purchasing or at least registering the guns just reinforces the fact that if a woman owns a gun, it’s likely at some point to be used against them than it is they will use it against someone else.

        And… I wonder where TF Richard Mourdock is to say this is, no doubt, what God intended. You know, like he said about rape.

  11. America always has enough money to fund wars and enrich the coffers of the rich, but it seems there is never enough to help her citizens. Even if it is acknowledged there might be enough, some people think spending it on every-day ordinary citizens who need help is giving something that isn’t earned / deserved. Can you imagine being able to have a thought about whether or not someone deserves health care? These are the same people who have ‘compassion’ for owners of a store that sells chicken sandwiches. We’ve got to get beyond that! We also must get beyond any stigma attached to mental health care needs!

    • Helping those in need of mental health care or any kind of health care, or food, or shelter or education, well, that creates a moral hazard.

      War and wingnut welfare, especially for the military industrial complex, does not create a moral hazard.

      Thus ends the conservative thought process.

  12. And of course, this would be the holier than thou crowd’s response. Not only does God Hate Fags, but God Hates Kids and Teachers with no Public Prayer in Schools.

    • Does this deluded man even have enough sense to know he is saying man has the ability to remove the OMNIPRESENT God? Or is he just another religious nutjob who thinks his angry cruel vengeful god punishes innocent children?

      • I suspect this deluded man is under the delusion that any God would think he is saying the truth.

      • Mike Huckabee parrots the same deluded fear inducing propaganda:

        Well, you know, it’s an interesting thing. We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools. Mike Huckabee

      • I don’t know about Kansas schools – but during my childhood school days in Illinois, we did not have prayer in school.

        We did have the Pledge of Allegiance every day – but never a school prayer.

        Was it different in Kansas?

      • ndy, when I was in grade school at Whitewater, we had a daily prayer (most definitely denominational, i.e., the teacher’s denomination) through the third grade. It was done right before the Flag Salute. . The ptactice magically disappeared when I entered the Fourth Gade

  13. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station said: I know you’re all expecting comments on the day’s … no, scratch that, the WEEK’s horrific events. I may have something to say later, but at the moment, I’m not going to waste my time — and it’s exactly that, a complete and utter waste of my time because absolutely NOTHING has changed since the last bloody slaughter, since the last time a bunch of kids were mowed down by the insanity that is America and its bizarre obsession with guns and violence and blood.

    Nothing has changed. No one goddamned thing. Exactly as I said five months ago. We can’t even have the conversation. Both sides were already rehashing the same old argument before the blood was dry.

    Yet, one guy tries to use a shoe bomb and immediately everyone at the airport is required to take their shoes off.

    • But…that one guy with the shoe bomb was not ‘not one of us’ – he looked like a Muslim – so fear him…..and then kill him…..

      That is the message we’ve had for how many years now from the Far Right Wingers?

      Plus – what is really the difference between this young man that killed 20 kids and 6 adults and the Crazy Religious Wingnut that advocate murdering doctors that perform legal abortions?

      There is NO difference – IMHO.

      The scenario with the kids is more tragic in that this guy picked on kids – but if a crazy person wants to murder people – they will find the way.

      But these Religious Wackos actually try to justify their killing – which is worse in my opinion.

      I just heard that this young man probably targeted the kids because his mother was their teacher and those kids meant alot to her. Let’s not forget – the current theory is that this young man killed his mother first at their home they shared and then went and sought out the kids.

      But….who in their right mind could even fathom such a thought?

      But…who in their right mind could even justify killing a doctor that performs a legal medical procedure?

  14. I’m guessing that whatever ‘spin’ the NRA puts on this tragedy it will increase fear, gun, and ammunition sales. That’s the business they’re in.

    • My husband and I were talking about this tonight. When the profit is taken out of these guns and ammunition sales – that is when these shootings will cease.

      And not until….

      I heard a report tonight that 40% of all gun sales do not require background checks – due to the gun sales loophole.

      So – 40% of these peole buying guns is a safe percentage to think that these 40% are the responsible and sane people?

      If they are buying at gun sales – then more than likely, these are the folks that live to spread that fear of the black man in the White House is going to take their guns.

      Fear + profit + hate-filled rhetoric from 24/7 media + even some preachers are hellbent on trying to spread their hate-filled view of their president.

      So – then throw in a person with a mental illness and what do you think the results will be?

      I also heard a report tonight that we need to start educating people on conflict resolution.

      Yeah, right, do you think those on the Far Right Wingers will sit down and try to resolve a conflict with the person they disagree with?

      Oh Hell NO……we’ve seen what these Far Right Wingers do – they bully, intimidate and proudly scream that they will NOT compromise.

      Our society professes to be such a damn fine Christian bunch – but we are nothing more than hypocrits.

  15. AMERICA: Where we fight over who can be allowed to have a marriage license, but don’t give a shit who can have an assault rifle.

    • My husband and I have always talked about moving to New Zealand. Now may be the right time…

      But….we need to check their immigration laws. The last time we checked, only certain professions were allowed in…..

    • fnord – the only time gun nuts care about who can have an assault rifle is when it is time to pay for the damn thing…

      No money….no gun…..

      Money comes first to these people…..

  16. Maybe Mike Huckabee is trying to give old’ Patsie a run for those tax-free dollars?

    Between the two of them – could anyone even tolerate being in Heaven near either one of these cretons?

  17. I thought today as the news reports of this tragedy evolved, changed, and everyone warned the ongoing investigation had just started about Benghazi. When facts changed about that tragedy it was some kind of evil plot according to republicans. I haven’t heard whether they found fault with early reports this time, but I do know early reports were confused and updated as new information was gained.

    I’ll bet if republicans could have found any way to fault President Obama they would have been as ugly this time as they were with regard to the Benghazi tragedy.

  18. One one show tonight (I think it was The Ed Show – the topic was how we as a nation can change our culture)l.

    For one thing – stop promoting violence. There are not very many movies without violence of some sort in it – is there?

    Secondly – stop promoting this Us v. Them crappola. This is a terrible way to live our lives in this society.

    We cannot even find common ground to get a damn budget in place.

    We cannot even find common ground to allow the president to nominate a qualfied woman for the Secretary of State job without two jerk-offs running their mouths, demonizing her before this woman was even nominated!!!!

    We cannot even seem to be civil to one another anymore. Everyone is in their little exclusive ‘group’ and throwing stones at the others who do not look like them or think like them.

    We cannot even seem to be mature enough to come together on anything – the filibuster tactic has been abused and NOBODY can even seem to change that fact.

    And last – but not least – get the worship of money out of our psyche. Whenever Republicans always said that everyone aspires to be wealthy – that is not true. I don’t want to be wealthy. I am perfectly content with my income and I am grateful everyday that I have a nice house, enough food to eat, warm heat during the cold winter.

    I do not want to be a millionaire who only thinks about how ‘persecuted’ I am to have others support the president to raise my taxes just a little bit over the first $250,000.

    That is NOT me……

    • I went shopping yesterday and all I can say is – by the time I got home, I was in such a bad mood.

      I was just about run over in the parking lot by someone who saw me but didn’t care – he decided to pull into the parking space while I was crossing that particular space from just returning my cart to the cart corral.

      I was just about hit numerous times – before I even parked to go into the store.

      I got into the store and the employees were rude and the customers were even more rude. I was there to pay off my layaway. I was the only customer in that section and after waiting for 20 minutes for them to bring me my stuff (4 books and a Leapfrog Tablet) – I asked how much longer the wait was going to be. The employer said ‘ we have over 300 layaways needing to be picked up’ – to which I responded, but I am the only one here – so they do not need to bring all 300 out at this moment. If looks could have killed, I would have been dead.

      I waited another 15 minutes for my stuff. And this was with a 2-yr-old in the seat of their shopping cart.

      Yeah, fun times were had by all……

      But – as I was talkign about upthread – poor and lousy customer service is rampant. And NOBODY cares anymore……..

      So why would anyone care if a mass shooter kills 20 kids and 6 adults halfway across the country – and sad to say, there are people who really do not care about this tragedy.

      It does not affect them – at all.

      • I think all this corporatization has had a bad effect on our society. The bigger things get – the less control we have over what happens to us?

        I remember my childhood – we had independent retail shops – Mom and Pop places. We did not have all this commercialization of everything.

        We had television – but 3 networks and then public television channel. That was it.

        When the President was on making a speech – there was no television for us kids to watch – every channel was tuned into the president’s speech.

        We had common courtesy for others. We had basic respect for others. We had religious differences – but I don’t remember hating my Jewish friends – or those friends that did not even go to church.

        I just don’t remember all this fighting going on between people. Maybe it was going on around me – but I was not aware of any of it.

        But – the days of Vietnam War hit me very hard. That is when I was in high school – and I knew the boys that were being drafted, against their wishes, but yet they went anyway.

        I also remember the heartache of losing my soldier to the Vietnam War. Those memories will never go away.

        So – was it in the late 60’s that times changed? Was my childhood sheltered or have we as a society lost the ability to live and let live? Did the Vietnam War turn us into cynical and less trusting society?

        Or was it the onslaught of these mega churches that all too many times would fill their coffers with tax-free money with their message that God loves them better than the person over there….

        Something happened along the way somewhere. People just stopped thinking in terms of WE and it is now just all about ME-ME-ME..

  19. This is why we cannot even seem to have a sensible and rational debate about gun control.

    My personal views about guns is this:

    My problem is not with the guns from my childhood – but my problem is with these assault rifles and these magaznes that hold way too many bullets for any hunter to have the capability of firing off multiple shots in a short amount of time.

    Who the hell needs that much firepower?

    • I’ve never shot a gun in my lifetime. But I do think I could shoot someone if they hurt one of my grandkids or my kids.

      My son and DIL chose to live in the country outside of Augusta. They have 5 acres and a nice little house.

      But there is a neighbor across the road that recently moved in – and when my DIL checked for sex offenders online due to school being back in session, guess whose name and address popped up.

      This guy has come over to ask about a lost cat and thte next time he asked if the old tires back b y the garage were any good. The guy gave my DIL the cree ps and when when my son came around the corner of the house with his hunting rifle, the creepy guy left for home real quick.

      Iff anything were to happen to my grandkids or kids – I think I could shoot the scuzball.

      This guy just rents the house across the road – so we are all praying that he misses paying the rent and the landlord wil eventually have the pleasure of evicting him..

      So – you see – even in the country, there is the possibility of danger sitting right across your yard.

      • I think I am like the majority of Americans when it comes to gun rights and gun control laws.

        We need to limit the type of guns sold and limit the amount of bullets one can fire off in a short amount of time.

        And do background checks.

        But – by the reporting tonight – this young man in CT wouldn’t have probably passd a background check if he had purchased the guns. But the guns were in his mother’s name…….so, she would have passed the background checks.

        I don’t know the answers to this gun crisis.

      • As a single woman, don’t I know it, Indy, that there is danger lurking even in the country, and help is far away even with a 911 call. Even at that, I’m not sure I could shoot anyone. I know the rule is that if you shoot, shoot to kill and not wound. It would be hard to do. I do own guns and know how to use them, but I honestly don’t know if I could actually kill someone.

        On the other hand, my ex in Tex sleeps with a loaded .38 next to her bed and is prepared to kill any sumbitch that forces entry. She’s never killed anyone or anything in her life, so I wonder if the time comes if she could really do it. In the confusion, chaos, and fear, I hope she would not have it used against her as so often happens. Living in Houston makes her fearful, but somehow, I fear for her having the gun more than I would if she did not.

        To each their own, I guess, and none of us quite knows what we’d do until the fateful moment arises.

  20. azzippy

    I’m thinking the consensus is that at least the mandatory silence has been broken. I would want to be careful about ill-advised measures (as always), but the idea that we should do nothing is unacceptable.

  21. I agree, Zippy about “ill-advised” measures. I agree that something must be done. But, like Indy, I sure as hell don’t know the answer(s). Tighter gun purchasing laws would not have saved this community. And.. we can’t even enforce the laws we have. Maybe if we ended the so-called war on marijuana, hell, on all drugs, we’d get some weapons off the street and could turn our law enforcement assets toward reducing gun violence, and violence of all kinds.

    • PP – I think you hit on one of the problems – this useless War on Drugs that has cost how many billions or trillions(?) of dollars since Nancy Reagan came out with her ‘Just Say No’ campaign?