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  1. I think I could like the harmony of yin and yang!

    (from the link): It’s the century’s last sequential date. For some, it represents luck. For others, it’s a day of romance. For most of us, it’s just another Wednesday. Regardless of your beliefs, 12/12/12 comes along with some rather amusing facts and superstitions.

    12/12/12: Twelve must-know facts about last once-in-a-lifetime date this century

  2. He earned these numbers! The worst favorable/unfavorable numbers in the country belong to Mitch McConnell (R-KY) according to Public Policy Polling. Only 37% of Kentucky voters approve of him to 55% disapprove. McConnell has the worst numbers of any of his peers, taking that mantle from Nebraska’s Ben Nelson.

    • This would be funny if it were not true….sad commentary, huh?

      • P.S. – which is worse for the kids to see?

        A homosexual couple in a committed loving relationship raising kids – or the preacher man nailing every woman in town and still up there in the pulpit preaching about the sin of homosexuality?

        Traditional marriages are doomed if it depends on those folks who profess to love it so much – but yet act like the Devil is their twin.

      • FWIW – God’s Top Ten List of sins does not say anything about homosexuality. But it does say adultery is a big No-No.

        Hmmmm……….WWJD with that preacher man I described above?

      • Kids are taught that differences are any more than … well, differences. I’m starting to think we have an above average bunch of youth in our world today! Many more are celebrating the differences of humanity. Do you think the internet has something to do with it? I do! From the earliest age they are able to go beyond the tiny world of their family, their community and see the greatness of diversity!

      • The instance access to knowledge is one factor. But I think the younger generations are not so hung up on organized religion.

        I suspect it is because they have seen too many self-professing ‘religious folks’ who say one thing and then do another in their own personal life.

        Plus, there are no consequences anymore for bad behavior. Take the Catholic Church for example – how many Church Leaders were kicked out of the church or even prosecuted for knowingly covering up the crime of child molestation?

        And yet – millions of people are still going to that church and still giving their money to that church.

        Then – the last factor (IMHO) – is the fact that the younger generations know someone or has someone in their family that is gay. There is nothing scary about a gay couple living together – as evidenced by they live like everybody else. In fact, in most instances, the gay couples live better Christians lives than these Christians who are out screaming as to how the gays are ruining traditional marriage.

        Hypocrisy does not sell very well to the younger generations – and let’s face it, in organized religion – there is way too much hyprocrisy.

      • Just last night our granddaughter was telling us her friend was nervous because it was the night her Dad and boyfriend were going to meet. She went on to say the boyfriend is of mixed race (B and W). This friend’s parents are divorced and joint custody has her staying every other week with a different parent (luckily they live in the same neighborhood so the weekly move is a short one). Granddaughter’s friend had already been through this with her Mother and the results weren’t good. Mother is one of those holier than thou, you will go to church, in fact she recently forced her daughter to be baptized. So, this holier than thou, push religion down the throat of her daughter says this isn’t following God’s laws. Yep, God has laws about segregation, and who you can love, evidently who you can hate because of the color of their skin too. Her daughter can’t have a black friend because God said so.

        You know, the more I see of these good Christian people who blame all their shortcomings on their God, the less impressed I am.

        For goodness sake, if the Mother has some problems with people of other races being her daughter’s friend, she needs to at least realize teenagers are rebellious and all too often do something for no better reason than they were told, “NO, YOU CAN’T.” Besides using her religion to hide behind while she teaches her child to discriminate, she isn’t being a very smart parent.

      • I agree, fnord. The fastest way to get your kids to do the opposite of what you want is to say those two little words – you can’t.

        Sad to say, I’ve seen this reaction by so-called Godlly Christian folks too many times before.

        Remember, I graduated from that Fundy Baptist College and I went ot school with kids from the South that truly believed the Bible referred to black people as the – beasts in the field.

        This was in the mid 1970’s – and sad to say – it has not changed all that much since then. And since Obama was elected president – twice – I suspect the racial divide will raise it nasty ugly head again and again.

        Hell – I was marrying a Baptist preacher and my Fundy Baptist preacher said I was marrying the Devil himself – had nothing to do with racial issues. Baptists cannot even get along with other Baptists….

        That is what is so wrong with organized religion – IMHO. Which is why I think the younger generations are just not falling for the religious crappola anymore

        Life is too short to be a hate-filled jackass 24/7…

    • Did you guys see this? From Maddow Blog, the wedding of the two rugged bearded guys who got their licenses last week. As someone said in the comments, I’m not crying. I just got a little equality in my eye…

  3. 6176 – if youre’ in here….got a legal question.. – Or anyone else on this blog that can help….??

    When an employer denies you a blank FMLA form because they have deemed your medical reason as not eligible – is that somethng that can be reported to the federal government?

    I’ve told my friend to just download the FMLA form and then take it to the doctor and have him tell her if her medical reason is eligible or not.

    I know I can probably research this and get my answers…..but if anybody on here has been through this process – any suggestions?

    • I’ll venture this — if an employer wants to get rid of an employee, they will.

      I know this doesn’t answer your direct question, but I do think it explains the final outcome of any employee who has gone through the proper channels, been denied by the employer and tries to go around that employer decision.

      FLMA is unpaid leave. Not many employees can afford to take it. An employer who would deny this leave (for any reason) must think any warm body could be found to perform the duties of the job. Sadly, we have too many employers who attach little value to employees, don’t place value in the cost of training, and just see people as the necessary tool. Those same employers seem to think the “tool” is a dime a dozen and all alike.

      Here’s a link with answers to most questions about FMLA:

      • I think I did not state the problem clearly enough – my friend was just asking for the blank FMLA form to take to her doctor – she has not even tried to get FMLA yet.

        The only reason this employer said that her medical reason is not eligible is because she came out and asked my friend what the reason was for her request.

        My feeling is – since I work in a pharmacy, I get requests for refills of drugs all the time. Sometimes, the original prescription has run out of refills – so I have to forward a refill request to their doctor before I can fill their meds.

        So – in essence – I am just the middle man for the patient to get their meds – correct?

        Isn’t that the same position this HR person is for their employer – they are not the doctor that is being asked to sign for the FMLA.

        In my honest opinion – I think her employer is just tryign to throw up as many obstacles as they can so she will just give up and be quiet about it.

        But she has a child with a chronic medical condition and now she is being threatened with being fired for taking the sick days (which the employer gave her in the first place and the employee handbook says employees can use for sick children).

        I just don’t get it…….it’s only giving the employee a blank FMLA form – let the process play out and then go from there…

        It’s employers like this that give the good employers a bad name – and a reason for people to vote for unions.

      • P.S. – this woman has been an employee for 15 years – so, maybe you’re right – they are just looking for any reason to get rid of her?

        15 years of service = too many benefits being paid?

        So – get someone cheaper – and possibly no benefits?

        Hey – what a sweet deal – if you’re into the Bain Way.

      • (from the link above): The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

        So, if the employer pays for part of the insurance benefits they will be forced by law to continue to pay the same amount while the employee is gone. With the costs of insurance so high, there may be many reasons (none having anything to do with legality) to discourage an employee taking this leave.

      • I’ve never had to deal with an employer like my friend’s. They are a large company that complained last year because they only made $250 million profit.

        Yeah – you read it right.

        Their budget called for $275 million – so, in their view, they lost $25 million…

        Uh, NO, they still made $250 million profit and that is nothing to sneeze at.

      • P.S. – this $250 million profit was made even under the dictatorship of the black man in the White House .

        Yes, she works for one of those companies that have a definite political stripe…….so my friend has to watch herself when there is a bunch of them sitting them and calling Obama every name in the book ……and coming out with all those crazy email conspiracies that get forwarded to their friends and friends of friends….you know how that goes..

      • Walking on quicksand here; fnord, join in with more of your excellent commentary as needed.

        I presume your friend works for an employer covered by FMLA. If so, then the law provides specifics on what situations are covered by FMLA. If not within the statute, no entitlement to FMLA relief.

        Specifically, I believe the request was premature. To obtain a form to provide the physician for completion prior to a diagnosis. Perhasps I misunderstand, but that’s my impression. This sounds crude, but the employer likely has no duty to provide the FMLA form prior to a diagnosis that falls into the Act’s coverage.

        fnord has the appropriate background to be of better assistance than I practically. From a theoretical perspective, there is no reason for the refusal, even though he had no legal duty (at the time, as I understand it) to do so. As far as complaining to the authorities, she has no justiciable complaint over the failure as I see it. Should her reason be valid, and a refusal to grant the leave occurred, then she has something. Remember, this is likely worth just as much as it cost. 🙂

      • That’s the problem – there is a diagnosis for the friend’s child – but my friend never even though to try to get FMLA until they threatened her recently with termination due to her taking her sick days (which, like I stated, they gave to her at the beginning of the year).

        But when she found out another employee gets her FMLA renewed yearly because of a child with the same diagnosis as my friend’s child – this is why my friend is wondering why they won’t even given her the appropriate paperwork to take to the doctor.

        It’s been years since I’ve worked in a doctor’s office – but do they generally have blank FMLA form to fill out for their patients?

        It just sounds like this employer wants to find something to get rid of my friend. And – in Kansas – that is not hard to fire someone just because you want to.

      • Perrsonally – I’ve told my friend she needs to start looking for something else – and the sooner the better.

        Some things in life are just worth the hassle.

      • corr: not worth the hassle.

        BTW – I will give my friend that link you provided – fnord.

        Thanks again!

      • Waaaay too many details would be required to make a call. Each case has to be thoroughly detailed, and from the outside might look alike, but…

        One of the reasons I retired younger than most is because I usually wanted to take the employee’s ‘side,’ and I worked for ‘the company.’ I wanted badly to help individual employees, who usually didn’t haven’t a clue and were good people who needed every bit of the help I could offer, but they didn’t sign my paycheck. I couldn’t take that paycheck any longer because I couldn’t be a ‘company [wo]man’ and still look myself in the mirror daily, so I retired early and saved me for the years to come (my sanity thanks me). I usually knew who needed help and easily identified the very few who wanted to be paid to not work. I have a good ‘people sense,’ and most people are good, want to earn their way, need an advocate, need to be taught what many of us just know. I could tell you stories of what isn’t known — things we just take for granted everyone knows. Compare this to the person who doesn’t know most mustard is some shade of yellow because they’ve NEVER seen mustard. They need the simple help of someone showing them mustard.

        I go back to the fact that if an employer wants to get rid of an employee, they will. There are so many ways to do just that and not have a single worry of any legal ramification. So, if they’ve already mentioned attendance, that may be the path they’ve chosen. Remember that until and unless an employee decides to seek legal recourse, which is expensive, time consuming and usually favors the employer, there will be NO ramifications for the employer even if they didn’t follow employment laws. All the employer needs do is warn, document the warning [best if signed by the employee acknowledging warning], warn, document… fire employee. Even unemployment is difficult to attain if the employer documentation is in order. Usually you have to face NO job, NO income, NO insurance… This is a difficult path — a child who needs you and an employer whose demands make being there for your child impossible.

        The best advice I could offer a friend whose employer is making noises of dissatisfaction is get a new job. Bear in mind that if this friend has a son who is ill insurance benefits are very important and even if the waiting period at a new employer is only three months, COBRA payments are terribly expensive and out of reach for many. It’s a sad fact that those who need insurance benefits most are often those who can least afford to explore employment options. They’re held hostage in a bad situation.

        I WANT MEDICARE THAT STARTS AT BIRTH!! It’s such a disadvantage to be tied to an employer because your child’s life may depend on it.

      • If not for the fact she has been there for 15 years with no write ups, conferences or anything on her record – it just sounds like her particular supervisor has singled her out.

        Well….could be that my friend asked why her supervisor’s daughter-in-law was working directly under her when the policy clearly states there is to be no family working in the department – let alone being a supervisor-employee relationship.

        That seems to have been when all this sudden concern about her using her sick days has come up…

        But the truly hypocritcal part is – she has only used half the number of sick days she has been allotted – so if they do not want her to use the sick time – then why give them?

        LIke I said…..I’ve told her to go looking elsewhere for a job. Life is too short to be having to watch your back 24/7…..

        Laughable part – this company prides itself on being the family oriented company and such fine morally superior Christians. Here we go again…..

      • There are mean vindictive people in this world and some of them enjoy positions of authority.

        Imagine the improvements in life so many could have if only our health care insurance wasn’t tied to employment… Think of the many who work hard, work for themselves, make a living but do without things like health care insurance and thus forgo health care… It goes onandandon.

    • I still remember MItt Romney singing the praises of Israel’s health care system – and yet prormising to repeal Obamacare.

      I wonder….did someone ever tell Romney that Israel has universal health care run by the govenrment?

    • One good thing about those days – if the woman wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, she could choose that option because her husband made a living wage, had benefits and the ‘free market’ was primarily Mom and Pop places – rather than the corporate monopolies We the Taxpayers are subsidizing today.