Monday, 12/10/12, Public Square

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  1. What a shock…..Republicans tell lies? Anybody that has not known this must be one of their devoted lemmings from Foxxies in the Hen House.

  2. And then there’s the fact that NO ONE sees higher taxes on the first $250,000 earned. They twist that until they squeeze the truth out of it too.

    • IF the Republicans told the truth about taxes, they would also be saying that our taxes are the lowest they have been in decades….

      But our spending has gone up…..and that does need to be looked at.

      Especially the military industrial complex beast…….Eisenhower warned us….

      Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Eisenhower a Republican?

      • Part of those spending increases, a BIG part, are the interest payments on the debt of the Bush2 administration. Two wars Bush2 started, and the Bush2 Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit which passed without funding. You see, big spending without paying for it was the way republicans did it back then — all the way back to then… 🙂 I do understand, so I’ll save you the time of pointing out that republicans have amnesia. I just think it’s ironic that the party that has long wanted to destroy Medicare perhaps will achieve their goal by expanding it to break it. I think it’s their new tactic actually.

        And then, on top of those biggies, whose costs haven’t gone up? It costs me more for every utility, every grocery item, literally everything. Do you suppose the government pays any higher utility bills, grocery bills…?

        Yes, we need tax increases, and tax reform both. As you pointed out, we need to be sure military is on that chopping block. One of the benefits of going over that cliff/curb! Automatically, without obstruction from the teapublicans. 🙂

      • Have you noticed the two big spendres these Republicans do not want on the chopping block is the military and their own paychecks, health insurance and that golden pension plan (all provided by taxpayers)?

  3. Groannnnnnnnn….

    Low here last night? Four degrees. Big wind behind it.


    Dogs want to know how soon we’re moving to Hawaii. They’ve changed their minds about staying in Kansas, even though everyone was toasty warm in the house last night. But those morning trips to the doggie outhouse just kill ’em.

    • Damn….girlfriend…..4 degrees and the wind?

      That makes me happy with what I’ve got…LOL

      I remember living in Larned Kansas – it was those winds that could be the worse….

    • Throw another log on the fire there, PP; maybe tonight will be better.

      I cannot comment about trips to the doggie outhouse, but trips to the human one in cold, windy conditions are still quite fresh in my memory, even though the last thereof occurred 50 years ago. Damn; was concerned for years I’d been made sterile. . .

  4. I still look for Boehner to be challenged to keep his Speaker’s job. Eric Cantor is like that best friend that has been nailing your wife behind your back – and then grinning like the damn Cheshire cat to your face….

  5. This is interesting…maybe we need to pay attention to the nose of these Republicans while they spew their nonsense about protecting the middle class tax cuts…

    Yeah, whenever a Republican is trying to convince me they are concerned about my welfare – my B.S. detector comes on automatically. But, then again, I am very cynical…

  6. And the Christians think they are being persecuted? I did not realize there were some states where atheists cannot run for public office. But, I can believe that Arkansas is the state that bans atheists from being a witness in a court. Yeah, like those mega preachers and the followers would never tell a lie….Big Eye Roll..

  7. While I agree with this Senator that our idea of entertainment has come down the tubes in the past few decades – is it really a democracy when our politicians demand that this type of entertainment not even be allowed to exist?

    Bottom line – these reality t.v. shows are cheap to make and bring in alot of profits. And as long as there is an audience for this type of entertainment – these shows will exist.

    • I never cease to be amazed at the myriad areas of government involvement these republicans want while professing to want to shrink government involvement. Do they listen to themselves? If they did, would they laugh like the rest of us do?

  8. Here is something interesting I just found…..I’ve never heard of this Tom Price guy….but if he has been huddling with Grover Norquist – then is the GOP Civil Wars about to start?

    Pass the popcorn..

  9. Damn…….I just checked my email box and what did I find? Four – count ’em – FOUR of those blasted emails from that friend of mine who means well, butis so misdirected. She is a dyed-in-the-red-wool Republican , Pro-Life, Catholic, Tea Party person.

    Out of these four emails two were political and two were about the perceived ‘War on Christmas’.

    One of these emails was about how the Christmas Tree only represents the Birth of Christ – nothing else. And I just have to scratch my head and ask ‘didn’t the Pagans have a similar tree used in their celebration of Winter Solstice? Or some of the many other legends about Santa Claus, the Christmas Tree, etc.

    WHY do these people think that they – and only they – are entitled to tell everyone else that their Christmas Tree is somehow a fake if we don’t worship it as a part of Christ’s birth.

    BTW – did I miss the part in the Bible where there was a Christmas Tree in the stable where Jesus was born?

    This crappola about the War on Christmas – is just another way of pushing their real agenda of US vs THEM.

    And shouldn’t Christmas time be the season of giving? How is demonizing anyone who does not hold the exact same views as you about Christmas be giving? It just turns alot of people off…..IMHO

    • indy, the Christmas tree part was right next to the Holy Trinity part. . .

    • Perhaps your friend has lost track of the fact that Jesus was Jewish?

      Surely, Christians can start there and perceive a possible ‘evolution’ of their holiday along the years. Anyone and everyone could inject many facts — like,

      — When are the sheep out in the field? Is it when snow is on the ground?

      — wiki says: Xmas is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. It is sometimes pronounced /ˈɛksməs/, but it, and variants such as Xtemass, originated as handwriting abbreviations for the typical pronunciation /ˈkrɪsməs/. The “-mas” part is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass,[1] while the “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, translated as “Christ.”

      More could be said, but it isn’t necessary. Everyone should follow the traditions they choose, and everyone should be respectful of the choices others make.

      Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka, may the Winter Solstice be happy for you and yours. Any I’ve left out wasn’t intentional.

    • I do think Christmas is winning the WAR ON CHRISTMAS in a very successful commercial manner!

  10. Hey, r.d., greetings from Shawna. At Stroke Support Group last week, she asked if you and I were in contact, and passed along the greeting for me to forward. Her two little girls are adorable; I almost got them spoiled so rotten that Mom and Dad were going to have major problems. Another 30 minutes would have done it, I think. 🙂

  11. fnord wrote – Perhaps your friend has lost track of the fact that Jesus was Jewish

    I suspect all these Christians who think they are being so persecuted (and it seems to be a very narrow-minded group) would only point to their picture of their whitewashed Jesus whenever the issue of Jesus being Jewish is brought up.

    And then …..these folks will just brand you as a God-hating liberal that has been brainwashed by those liberal Democrats.

    You see….there is no winning this argument……never try to reason with people who choose their own facts.

    • Yes, I’ve met those who think December 25th has always been… and everyone is obligated to the deference that day deserves. Are the most demanding of respect for Christianity (they’ll tell you what and how much that is) even aware of other religious holy days? Do they offer the same deference to others who may believe differently? The answer is no, HELL NO, because it seems there is no other religion, or no religion worthy of respect, or at least no religion as superior over all those other pagan belief systems which are easily dismissed. Christianity is the only true religion. Nothing came before, don’t even mention all the traditions borrowed and adapted to make Christmas… Y’all know the routine.

      The Christian religion revolves around the death and resurrection, not the birth. But you don’t need to do much to be accused of messing with the holiday that has been created around the birth!

  12. Indy, your prediction has more potential competition than I realized —

    Tom Price (R-GA) has said if a debt deal isn’t reached, he’ll challenge John Boehner for the Speaker position. But, if Boehner strikes a deal, he’ll alienate the people that don’t want a deal done.

    ………if 16 House Republicans were to abstain from the vote for Speaker in January, Boehner won’t be re-elected.

    Boehner’s Biggest Threat
    Representative Tom Price of Georgia is a conservative force.