Sunday, 12/9/12, Public Square


by | December 9, 2012 · 6:00 am

5 responses to “Sunday, 12/9/12, Public Square

  1. Bundle up, do the outside stuff and run errands before the frigid air arrives, if you can. They say we’ll have a couple of days of the coldest temps experienced during the last two years. Then we’ll head up to more pleasant temps by mid week. Wouldn’t moisture — measurable — be great? We’re probably not going to see that, but hope springs eternal.

    Off to the grocery store. I’m making a pot of vegetable beef soup for today, need some crusty bread.

    • R. D. Liebst

      Yes the window is being quite deceptive today! I looked out this morning and thought that a heavy coat was not in order…. Until I happen to go out to hang up some clothes that had been napping in the washer since yesterday. Ahh before I hung up one item I went back in and grabbed my coat!

    • wicked

      When I took the dog out at 7 this morning, the temp was 42. It got colder each time I went out again, then went to a Christmas party tonight. It’s bitter cold with that wind! The old body isn’t accustomed to diving temperatures and can’t adjust like it used to. I’m looking forward to mid-week. I admit it. I’m spoiled.

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