Saturday, 12/8/12, Public Square

norquist pledge


by | December 8, 2012 · 6:00 am

5 responses to “Saturday, 12/8/12, Public Square

  1. Since this is Christmas time – I was just thinking that times have really changed.

    Republicans seem to be promoting the idea that rather than George Bailey being the hero in the movie “it’s a Wonderful Life” – these Republicans would applaud the villain banker – Mr. Potter.

    Another example – Charles Dickens’ – “Scrooge”. Again, I can visualize these Republicans protecting and applauding for Scrooge.

    The Republican world is an alternative universe – that has to be the only explanation that makes sense.

    But, I hear that is what greed does to a person. Money can be like a drug addiction – the more one gets, the more one wants, and the more they will do anything to get more. But, bottom line, these folks are never content and/or happy.

    And – those folks around the druggie also suffer – don’t they? That’s where WE the VOTERS come in to the picture. I think the entire political system is corrupted and we need to fumigate the place – from time to time.

    • My grandpa used to say – I may be poor, but I am not trash.

      That is a lesson I think we should all learn – I think in today’s political world of partisan hacking, there is too much of this Us vs Them crappola.

      And – I believe alot of that nonsense comes right from the Religious Right faction of the GOP. Those folks just seem to live for dividing people into two groups… of course, ‘they’ are always the right ones and if you don’t kiss their butts, you will go to Hell.

      How can you fight an argument like that?

      Just ask Obama – The Religiious Right folks have this insane hatred for Obama. These are the folks that have continued on this crappola that Obama is ‘not one of us’.

      Sarah Palin wsa the first politicain to really say it out loud in 2008 campaign – but who really ever told her to STFU ??

      No body..