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by | December 6, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. Good thing there is no fiscal cliff or anything looming that might keep Congress busy or anything. The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to ban the word “lunatic” in federal law—with just one congressman insisting the long outdated term still had uses today. Saying he doesn’t “have a problem” using the phrase, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert said that lunatic “really has application” around Washington. “Lunatic” once was considered a legally acceptable term to describe the mentally ill, but is now considered demeaning. The House took similar measures two years ago when it took out all references to the phrase “mental retardation.”

  2. prairie pond

    Louie Gohmert thinks “lunatic” really has application around Washington?

    Imagine that. Pot, meet kettle.

  3. Speaking of lunacy……. did I miss something in this latest JCP ad that Ellen Degeneres made? Exactly which part is Ellen being offensive (except for some very lame punchlines?)

    That is the trouble with these looney self-righteous, pious Faux Christians – they assume they are God’s favorites.

    Your know the old saying about the word assume, don’t you?

    When you assume – it makes an ass out of you and me…..

    That is a lesson these so-called Christians need to learn…

  4. Did you see where DeMint is leaving the Senate to head up The Heritage Foundation?

    Hooray! Another radical gone. I’ll take the opportunity to celebrate every time one of them leaves no matter how it’s done!

    Do you think DeMint is following the money?

    • IIRC – didn’t the original idea for Obamacare come from the Heritage Foundation?

      I read the article on HuffingtonPost about DeMint leaving to head the Heritage Foundation. I got the sense that DeMint thinks that ‘true’ conservatism has been denigrated by the Establshment GOP – and perhaps this is a more powerful way to keep the GOP ‘pure conservative’ – in his eyes?

      All I know – Jim DeMint has always been a Far Right Winger and the only way they can gain more power is by evangelizing their message and try to get some more vulnerable lemmings to follow.

      But – hey – there are alot of lemmings eagerly waiting for their pockets to get picked by those evanglelists – huh?

      I take DeMint leaving the Senate as a sign that the Far Right Wingers might be trying to form their own party……Yay……that will divide the GOP and let the GOP civil war begin.

      • Let’s not forget – Grover Norquist has warned us about Tea Party 2.0 will dwarf Tea Party 1.0 ——

        Grover and DeMint are two peas from the same pod – aren’t they?

      • The GOP “Civil War” is well under way, with the Tea Party side winning. Now, to explain, I’m looking at all levels (local, state and federal), and at Congress as well as the Presidency. Will this result in the GOP going the way of the Whigs? Don’t know, but it increases the probability.

    • To answer your question, yes.

      I find little comfort in DeMint leaving the Senate. Two reasons: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”; at the Heritage Foundation, he will be in a position do do more mischief with the Senate (and politics in general), given the opportunity to generate and distribute PAC money among many candidates.

  5. I suspect Boehner will be challenged to keep his job as Speaker come January. I expect the GOP Civil War to go into high gear – and possibly put Paul Ryan into the Speaker’s position?

  6. Paul Ryan will be speaker over Eric Cantor’s dead body.
    As fnord would say, “pass the popcorn.”

    • I was hoping you would pick up on that one…….LMAO

      There are so many Little Napoleons just salivating to get to their Waterloo……

      Let the GOP Civil War begin…..

      BTW – I’m sure Eric Cantor sincerely believes he should be the Speaker. After all, it is ‘his’ turn – correct? And that is the Republican way…

  7. Did you see where McConnell filibustered HIS OWN BILL yesterday? It is without a doubt true that a writer of fiction wouldn’t write this stuff because it is too far removed from reality to even be taken as possible! You just can’t make this shit up.

    It is absolutely hilarious to watch the republicans coming apart at the seams. I sincerely think they will be split so badly, and very soon, there will be no repair for a very long time. You won’t be able to identify shreds that could be put back together.

    • Republicans are having a very hard time trying to figure out why their old tricks are no longer working….

      Could it have something to do with the fact that Obama won reelection and Obama has already said, several times, this time around – his administration is wiser…due to lessons learned last term.

      • Senator Ashley Judd. 🙂

        McConnell is writing her campaign ads, and they are being recorded for all to see!

      • Republicans must be thinking that Ashely Judd could give Mitch McConnell a run for his money this time. ……they have already unleashed their attack dog – Rand Paul – to start demonizing Ashley for being – OMG— an activist for human rights and the environment.

        But …wait….Rand Paul was also an activist before he became Senator – he was for the Anti-Tax group. Well, duh, aren’t all Republicans Anti-Tax?

        If there is more talk about Ashley Judd throwing her hat into the ring – expect more of this crappola.

        Bu…..I will be curious to see what Rush Limbaugh has to say about this. If that overpaid blowhard starts on his tirades against Ashley – I suspect the women will have their fill of that bloviated bag of wind and will – once again – have to show Rush where his box is so he can promptly be put back into ‘his place’.

      • One problem the republicans have (among the many) is that when they speak, this is what voters hear:

        You see, Democrats, our guy had these two unfunded wars and a great recession. As a result, we want you to cut social programs.

    • If you haven’t seen it, get your popcorn — NO LIQUIDS cause you’ll spit those on the screen when you begin laughing.

      • Harry Reid has always seemed to be such a meek and timid little man – until he went after Romney and his taxes. Remember that one?

        Let’s not forget – Romney and his supporters squawked about Reid at that time – but did they ever really prove Reid was wrong?

        Just a bunch of squawking……

        But – I think Harry Reid has taken a signal from Obama – go after the REpublicans and use their own rules against them..

      • Harry Reid is quiet, but recently it seems that’s only so you don’t realize how badly he’s handing your ass to you.