Sunday, 12/2/12, Public Square


by | December 2, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. If you’re looking for answers as to what has gone wrong in the U.S. economy–why so many people are unemployed, why so many Americans barely make enough to live on, why “the 1%” just keeps getting richer–here are two charts for you.

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  2. What do think all these options Boehner says the president “has seen from us” are? Why are they kept secret from the American voters? Should we all start screaming Benghazi?

    Ya know, Boehner went on the Sunday talk shows and didn’t tell the truth! Benghazi!!

    Who gave Boehner those talking points? Benghazi!

    What is Boehner covering up? Who is he protecting? What is the truth?? Benghazi!

    There is obviously more to this story than we’re being told, we need all the questions answered! Benghazi!

    Why was Boehner the one sent to the Sunday talk shows? Is he qualified? Benghazi!

  3. I am anxiously waiting to see if Boehner manages to hold on his Speaker’s job come January. I suspect Eric Cantor is nipping at this old man’s heels.