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  1. R. D. Liebst

    It is about time that people started to wake up to the likes of Norquest. I.E. the Neo-Nazi-con agenda of control.

    • indypendent

      Do you believe these GOP Senators coming out against Norquist are serious – or are they just playing politics?

      Personally – I want to see these GOP critters actually come to the table and cough up some revenue, including going back to the Clinton tax rates on the wealthy.

      Until that time – I am holding my applause for any of these GOP critters trying to make nice-nice

      • R. D. Liebst

        Good question, point of order: when you already think that people are just mind-less dulls. And you are able to control and deceive the masses like some game. You may actually believe that you can tell the truth and no one will believe. Even if they do believe, then all you have to do to get them back is to say it was a test to weed out the less believers.

      • indypendent

        I heard today that Senate Democrats are ready to go off the fiscall cliff rather than to take a bad deal from the Republicans.

        So – if these Republicans are just playing politics again – will the Senate Democrats go along – or will Obama have to rein them in to get his grand bargain?

        But – if Social Security is on the table – then is a grand bargain really such a good deal?

  2. indypendent

    Sad to say – but in the current Republican Party Religious Right – these folks would say that Chic-Fil-A is the traditional America and would say that ‘they’ are the true patriots.

    I have never been able to convince a Far Right Republican that they are wrong on anything – have you?

    Arrogance + ignorance = Far Right Republicans?

    • R. D. Liebst

      Not often, generally time is the greatest enemy of the convincing. Most people are not willing to take the time to listen and reason to what you say.

      • indypendent

        Most people – who are that hellbent on their particular religion being the only ‘true’ one – will never be convinced they are wrong.

        And – sad to say – I’ve been around these Far Right Fundy Christians. They are scary….

  3. indypendent

    RD – off topic – but have you heard what your grandsons’ schools are doing for their Christmas program this year?

    I cannot find anything on the district’s website about a Christmas program – and the Garfield calendar does not have anything listed.

    But – on the district’s website – there is a Christmas parade for Dec 6th – and when I clicked on the link, there was the entire listing of all the Augusta schools.

    Is that what they are doing for their Christmas program this year – or do you know?

  4. indypendent

    In keeping with the picture above – if you listen to the smart Republicans, they have come out and said that they never expected the turnout to be so large.

    That – in a nutshell – is what a true democracy means – doesn’t it?

    Rather than being astonished about how large the crowds were at the voting booths – shouldn’t we be applauding that fact?

    • indypendent

      When I used the term ‘smart Republicans’ – I was comparing these few to the other Republicans who were pushing their idea of how Obama stole the election, or how dozens of black people voted in rural Maine when nobody knows any blacks in the town (IIRC – isn’t that what the Maine State Republican chairman say)

      Yeah – it was good to see how that many Americans turned out to vote – and many had to wait in line for hours.

      But, as the news coverage was showing the long lines in advance voting – I sensed the Republicans were starting to sweat a little. Not too many faces in those long lines were exactly the 1% Republicans – or their folks who carry their water for the rich.

      • wicked

        They say untrue things because they know there are people who will believe anything they say. Not everyone looks for the truth.

    • “Rather than being astonished about how large the crowds were at the voting booths – shouldn’t we be applauding that fact?”

      Yes! And supporting ways to encourage more voting, not less. But then, how could republicans ever win any race? I think this is the reasoning behind the voter suppression tactics in republican states. And in their little pee brains they scream about non citizens who vote (doesn’t happen), about dead people who vote (doesn’t happen), about people who cast more than one in-person vote (doesn’t happen). They can’t find any evidence of fraud committed by people who go to the polls to cast their vote so they make it a part of their fantasy world, and Fox “News” screams about it too — again, without anything to support those claims. Where voter fraud actually happens — at the registration level, absentee voting by mail, at the counting end, at the programming of machines — they pay no attention — in fact, they seem hopeful those tactics may allow then to be relevant.

  5. Some brief thoughts on taxes, Republicans and the “fiscal cliff.” Those Republicans who are willing the break Norquist’s pledge are looking at reality, one in which they will be blamed if things go bad (according to polls). However, they are still talking about doing nothing but closing loopholes — a drop in the bucket.

    At the same time, we have worry about red-state Democrats defecting, swimming against the tide because they’re afraid their state will give them the boot in 2014. That’s not leadership.

    • indypendent

      You’re right – that is not leadership. That is more like looking out for your own political butt in order to keep those taxpayer-funded perks and benefits coming in your name.

  6. Interesting article about Patty Murray and the fiscal cliff, though I think it overstates her influence.

  7. indypendent

    Looks like the majority of Americans have no high expectations from our Congress Critters resolving the fiscal cliff crisis.

    But – it is also interesting to see the majority of folks will blame the Republicans if nothing is done.

    Hmmmm…..President Obama has said that he plans to take his desire to raise the taxes on the wealthy to the American people – and this seems to be the best time to do just that.

  8. indypendent

    Found this while Internet surfing. There are only 11 things wrong with Congress?

    BTW – my favorite is – no penalty for ignorance