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  1. wicked

    He was a Northerner. Had he been a Southerner, would he have been President?

    Which brings me to wonder how many southern presidents there have been. In my lifetime, I”m remembering Johnson and Carter, both Democrats. But I’m sure a trip back in history would net more. Does anyone want to check on that? I’ve already goofed off enough this morning and have work to do. 😦

  2. indypendent

    The current Republican Party is also the party of the prior racist Southern Democrats.

    Just try telling a current Tea Party Mad Hatter or a Religious Right Republican that the racist KKK people switched over to the GOP when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

    These folks will tell you that you have been brainwashed by the liberal teachers.

    All one has to do is to take a good look at the Southern Strategy that Republicans have used for many decades – and wasn’t it Nixon that started that one?

    But more than that – the current Republican Party was started on his downward spiral when Reagan let Jerry Falwell into the inner circle. These mega Fundy Churches have been the driving force behind the party’s course to go farther and farther to the right.

    And what have we been hearing since the election? These same Religious Right folks think that Romney was too moderate -and that was why they lost.

    With thinking like that……do you think Abraham Lincoln would have switched parties?

  3. wicked

    I’m not a statistician. Can’t even add in my head. Or spell, either, for that matter. Some born in the South then lived in the North, and born in the North, lived in the South. Now I”m sorry I asked. 🙂