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  1. I think many of us tend to remind official Washington not only of how it was in “traditional America,” but precisely why we’re greatly in debt in the first place. Some of it will be difficult to undo: Iraq is (mostly) over, but Afghanistan still rages on. Most of the trillions in fake wealth during the housing bubble never existed, though we certainly can–and should–tax the hell out of those who walked wealthier.

    I’m a realist; I know that even getting a modest increase in the top marginal rate, eliminating tax breaks that cost jobs etc. will be hard to accomplish. We need to make sure the American people understand just how extreme one side is, particularly when they start using the word “compromise.”

    • I read that John Boehner said compromise should include The Affordable Care Act being on the table with everything else. Can these people do anything? Is undoing all they’re capable of? Will they never have an idea that is new and innovative?

      Yes, I’m well aware a small constituency of republicans think undoing is doing. They seldom know any details, and what they think they know is usually inaccurate, but they do know it loudly. Those who know the least always know it loudest.

      • Further, I’ve been reading that democratic Senators from states Romney won may be protecting their backsides. They’re not sure raising taxes on anyone is a good idea… They sound like they’ve been spoon fed republican talking points.

        Stay engaged!

        The election is over but not the fight!

      • Sadly, it never is. But the opposition we’ve faced the past decade want to take us back 100 years. Rick Perry even said that (and the by the way, he used to be a Democrat, not in the 60s, but the 80s).

  2. This was less than two weeks after he said it was the law of the land. He’s trying to use it as a bargaining chip, and appease the crazies in his caucus as well.
    Much as I dislike Mr. Boehner, I understand his dilemma: if he cuts a a deal with the Democrats and the saner Republicans, he’ll be challenged as the Republican leader in January. But if he goes against the interests of the country, he might find himself unemployed in 2 years.

    I know which I’d choose, but politics is a strange beast. The intercense war we’re already seeing in the Republicans would go thermonuclear if Boehner dared to be sensible.

    Perhaps it’s time for him to bring out the crying. đŸ™‚

  3. Bob White

    As to today’s post; “the traditional USA.” Perfect! The real issues are identified.