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  1. Maybe it’s the old hippy lovechild in me, I believe in love, kindness, compassion. 🙂

  2. Expect to hear lots of evading and non-answers like this one below from the evangeli-nuts who are wannabes. The one lesson they may take away from this year’s election is to not talk about what they all believe. They have records! Every time they refuse to answer we’ll show voters their records. It’s going to be fun!

    In an interview with GQ magazine, Rubio suggested that the age of the Earth was “a dispute among theologians” and that there is no way to know the truth about the age of the Earth:

    GQ: How old do you think the Earth is?

    RUBIO: I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow. I’m not a scientist. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer a question like that. At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all. I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth wa
    s created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.

    Really? Scientists agree the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. How is he a member of the Senate’s Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee? Shouldn’t you have to know about Science to be on a committee that deals with Science???


    • R. D. Liebst

      I do tend to be of a scientific mind, but to be honest it get to the point where it is like the question; “who farted in a crowd?”. The answer is one of little outcome. The truth being that no matter whether it was this one or that one. It is today that is what matter and can be changed or effected.

      The orgins of the sink created is not the real effect it is who is to be done with it.

  3. Guess who is up for reelection in 2014? Remember when the republicans ran Sharron Angle against Harry Reid? Democrats need to do MUCH better to ensure sending him into retirement! Does he really live in a turtle shell?

    • prairie pond

      Ashley Judd, 2014!
      She’s smart, cute, and rich. All the things needed. Oh yeah, and she’s sane, unlike turtle boy.

      • I heard about Ashley Judd last week. I also noticed the Republican strategist’s face when her name was mentioned as a possible candidate against McConnell.

        His face was screaming ‘Oh No, Mitch is doomed’ – while his paid GOP mouth was trying to spew some nonsense that Ashley Judd is nothing more than a Hollywood movie star.

        Hmmm…..Hollywood movie star ? Wasn’t Ronald Reagan one of those and the GOP have Ronnie sitting on that Golden Idol pedestal – don’t they?

        Watching Ashley Judd take down Mitch McConnell would be as sweet as watching Elizabeth Warren take down Scott Brown.

      • Besides being, “smart, cute, and rich,” Ashley Judd is married to Indy race-care driver Dario Franchitti. She is a huge Kentucky Wildcat fan. She draws crowds of fans and has connections in many different places!

      • Also holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School at Harvard. Supremely qualified, don’t you think?

      • I had to wonder about Ashley mania until 6 chimed in. I rather think a master’s from Harvard in a related field is acceptable!

  4. R.D. – something happened this morning at my granddaughter’s school (Garfield) and I was wondering if you might know of some elderly couple that drive a 90’s 2-door red truck? Ages of couple were probably 70 to 75…..

    The man was going about 40mph pass the school and just about hit my DIL and my two grandkids while they were in the marked crosswalk.

    My DiL was so shaken up by what just happened – then the old man gave her the finger and yelled F.U. to her.

    This red truck was not dropping off any kids – so my DIL assumed they may live in the neighborhood and was flying through this fine morning.

    My DIL did report it to the school principal and the people around there watched it in horror. So – maybe somebody else knows who this couple is?

    In a small town like that – I assume people know each other more than in Wichita..

    Anyway – as a word of caution for your own safety while dropping off kids…….be careful of those speeding torpedos we call cars on these roads.

    • cars = trucks (in this case)

    • WOW! Glad to know they’re physically unhurt, although that near miss can be quite emotionally unsettling to adults and children alike!

      • I am thankful they were not hut…but, you’re right, the emotional side is quite upsetting.

        And after I heard about it….of course, my maternal instinct kicked in and – let’s just say, the guy was lucky I was not present when that happened.

    • R. D. Liebst

      Don’t know, but yeah I can see that happening I had to take my oldest grandson to school this morning and (It was a blue Ranger p/u) these schools and the traffic around them is such a nightmare! He goes to Lincoln and it is a mad house between the two schools so near.

      • R. D. Liebst

        That is one thing I always did when I was a patrol sargent, the last thing I did before going off duty in the morning was to be around the schools to keep an eye on the traffic and kids. Augusta maybe bad but the rich and powerful of Rush Springs thought nothing of speeding along everywhere they went. LOL believe me I had my job threatened so many times for stopping some moron. But never went much farther then a mentionsed in the offiice till I stated what it was about and it dropped.

      • The school traffic is a nightmare. I try ot park on the side street facing east (Sunflower) and then I walk up to get her and when leaving, I am not into all that messy traffic on Dearborn.

        That main corner of Dearborn and Fanny (I think?) is the absolute worst…..I refuse to go through there….

        The new Garfield school should be ready to open after the Christmas break….But, when driving past there – I see the same type of narrow streets…..so, will it really be all that different?

        At least one thing -the traffic from Lincoln will not be combined with the Garfield people – so half of the problem will be eliminated at the new school location.

  5. Okay! here is a warning to tuck away so we always realize who we walk and live among. Beware — they are everywhere! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday, Vice President Joe Biden!

  7. Well, I just had something happen to me that has not happened in years.

    My doorbell rang – and since my house sits way off the road and we don’t get very many door-to-door salesmen (do they even have these anymore?) -= I was wondering who was at the door.

    I looked out the small door window and saw an older black man and a middle-aged white woman. So – I did not know what to expect.

    When I opened the door – the man asked me if I had found Jesus. Well – being my ornery self today – I replied – I did not know Jesus was missing.

    Am I going to Hell for this?

    What turned me off was the fact that neither person had the courtesy to tell me their names and where they were from……they just immediately started out with THE question that makes my head spin everytime I heard that at my Fundy Baptist Church and that Fundy Baptist College.

    After the man got past his initial shock from my response – I informed him that I graduated from a Baptist College and I was even a preacher’s wife many years ago. I also told him that I could quote Bible Scripture probably as well as he could. And I know all about Jesus and I also know all about some of Jesus’ followers – which is why my husband quit preaching all those years ago.

    I guess I am being mean about this……but these people had to drive quite a ways up my drive to get to my house – and they do not even give me the courtesy of telling me their names and what church they are from?

    Call me a cynic….Hell, I call myself a cynic all the time. But I just don’t see Jesus as intruding on people like some of these church people must feel they have the right to do….. I never once remember a Bible story where Jesus forced himself on to anybody.

    Rather than going out to peoples’ homes uninvited – show me by your actions how much your Christian faith means to you.

    Rant over…..I’ll get off my soapbox now..

    • BTW – when the doorbell rang, I thought it was Fed Ex delivering a toy that we ordered for the grandson for Christmas.

      Man, was I disappointed. This toy is one of those hard-to-find ones and we had to online and must have hit the right moment in inventory stock.

    • Some take that “Go ye into all the world” as ‘literally’ as other verses they ‘literally’ ignore. I doubt there are many living in your neighborhood who haven’t heard the ‘good news.’

      I absolutely agree that a person who knocks at your door who has any manners at all would introduce themselves! Then, since they arrived uninvited and unannounced should be sure they aren’t there at an inconvenient time! Those are just the bare minimums of manners 101.

  8. Interesting! Hubby is still the KING of knowing most useless information at our house, but I could catch up and vie for the throne. Some of these surprise me — but that’s partly because I can’t remember a time I’ve given most of this any thought…

    MAPS: What Your State Is Good At, And What It’s Lame At

    • I noticed Kansas has the most pathogens in the water.

      So, why was the big fight on the ballot about adding fluoride to the water?

      BTW – did that pass?

      • Nope, failed again. That was the third time I’ve seen it on my Wichita ballot through the years, and it doesn’t seem possible I’m old enough to make that statement. 🙂

  9. Rise of the Left: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnnell Beat Fox for an Entire Week

    (from the link): According to TVNewser, “For the week of November 12-16, Maddow’s 9 p.m. program averaged 480,000 A25-54 viewers, while “Hannity” had 439,000. In the 10 p.m. timeslot, “The Last Word” averaged 396,000 viewers in the demo, and “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” had 362,000.” Thanks to Bill O’Reilly, Fox News edged MSNBC in total prime time 25-54, 454,000-420,000. Partially due to the fact that they are available in more homes, Fox News still dominates in total viewers, but the fact that younger viewers are powering MSNBC is a definite threat to the Fox News empire.

    Fox News has the oldest audience in television. The average Fox News viewer is 65 years old. In 2010 the average MSNBC viewer was 59, but they are the top cable news network with both African Americans and younger viewers.


    • Not closely. You couldn’t get me out shopping on Black Friday without a fight. I thought it was bad enough when they began opening the stores in the middle of the night, now they’ve moved Friday up to Thursday and sometimes even days earlier??? Makes me want to not shop at all!

      I do want to share something that happened last Saturday.

      I shopped at Gessler Drug, located at Tyler and Central. When I was checking out I told the lady at the cash register I was making efforts to shop at small places and avoid BIG BOX stores. She thanked me for my business and went on to share that the man who owns Gesslers is in his 70s and truly appreciates and values his employees and his customers. He lives by the old Andrew Carnegie quote, “…Take away my factories, but leave my people, and soon we will have a new and better factory.” She said he had driven her to chemo appointments and been financially generous during her battle with cancer. Turns out that was five years ago and she is still in remission! She wasn’t a young woman but she sure is a loyal employee. We really do get what we give! I want everyone to visit Gesslers, buy there, appreciate an owner of this caliber!

      • I think you and I are both from the generation that this is what most business owners were – small mom and pop places.

        My husband uses Salyer Phamacy for his meds (even though I work at a pharmacy). This sounds like the same type of old-time pharmacy. They deliver to some nursing home residents and David struck up a friendship with one of the main pharmacists. Fred was great when I broke my ankle in 3 places – just a few months before my cancer journey started.

        This is what makes America exceptional – IMHO. It’s the people – not how much profit our corporations make by maniuplating our tax system.

        Hopefully – the pendelum is beginning to sway back to some sense of sanity?

        Corporations are fine – but not when they are given the wheel of the taxpayers’ car and allowed to drive us over the cliff into the abyss…

        Corporations are NOT people – and will never take the place of a person IMHO

        This pharmacy may not

      • Sorry for that hanger-on sentence….. I had typed my comment and then had a rethought and went back and tweaked it – have you ever done that?

        But – thanks for the tip about Gesslers.

        The original owner of the pharmacy I work for was in his 80’s. He was the nicest man and employer. He had been in the pharmacy business for years – but when he came into the office, he always made it a point to talk to each one of us and to make us feel that we were important to him.

        I remember the first day I came back to work part time during my chemo treatments – Sam came in and did his usual routine of greeting everyone. When he came to me – he just hugged me (for the first time) and whispered – we are your work family and we’ll be here to help you.

        That meant everything to me. He truly was a special man and very special boss.

        WE need to get back to that………

        BTW – I bet the guy that owns Gesslers probably knew Sam……..

  10. Here’s a great idea for the Republicans. If the GOP ran Sarah Palin – do you think that might entice Hillary Clinton to throw her hat into the ring – just for the fun of it?


    • I think if the GOP runs Sarah Palin they’ve sunk deeper than the bottom of the barrel and don’t deserve to be dignified with so much as an acknowledgment they exist. They’ve run some poor candidates, but that would eliminate even making a claim their nominating majority is sane.

      Hillary Clinton running is a real mystery to me. I know she is everything I could hope for in a president, I feel strongly that after all her years of service and sacrifice to our country she certainly deserves to be first. If she wants to take it easier I want that for her too. Whoever is the first female president (and I have much greater faith in our citizens than to think it would be a Palin) will owe that accomplishment to great females, Hillary Clinton in particular, who came before and cleared the way.

  11. R. D. Liebst

    Hillary forgive the pun but she does have the balls to be a great president. I would vote for her and thank that most more mderate Republicans would too.

  12. RIP, Warren Rudman R-NH), who decided to not run for reelection in 1992, accurately assessing the take-over of the GOP by the social conservative crowd. He and Sen. Goldwater had much in common with their view of what the GOP was doomed to become when Pres. Reagan gave the said folks (as represented by the ‘Religious Right’ a seat at the political table unnecessarily in 1980. With all due respect, given what had happened during Pres. Carter’s term, Reagan needed these votes as much as Tricky Dick needed to have the DNC offices at the Watergate burgled in 1972 (May Sen. McGovern also rest in peace).

  13. Another interesting map.

    This Map Shows Which Ethnicities Have The Largest Ancestry In U.S. Cities

  14. Eliminating Loopholes Won’t Get Us Off the Fiscal Hill

    The next month will be filled with talk of the “fiscal cliff”–which is not a cliff at all. If it isn’t dealt with until January, nothing terrible will happen. Tax cuts can always be made retroactive to Jan. 1. President Obama says he wants to raise $1.6 trillion in new revenue as part of a balanced deal. Republicans are willing to go along only if the revenue can come from closing loopholes, not raising rates. Politico has a nice story today listing all the “loopholes” (technically “tax expenditures”) that affect individuals and how much revenue eliminating each one would generate. The top 10 don’t even get half way to $1.6 trillion, and nobody in Washington is smacking his lips at making hamburgers out of sacred cows like the mortgage interest deduction. Also noteworthy in discussions like this is that the only tax expenditures anyone ever talks about are those that affect individuals. The thousands and thousands of genuine loopholes that benefit specific industries are never even on the table.

    It is important to understand that raising rates and closing loopholes–even if enough could be found–affect different income groups differently. For the truly wealthy (as opposed to the simply rich), the rates are far more important. Consider someone with $10 billion in assets who is getting a 3% return from dividends. That amounts to $300 million a year, which is now taxed at 15%. If that rate were to go to 39.6%, the billionaire’s tax bill would go up by $73.8 million. Even if that person has uncountably many houses (like John McCain), with or without car elevators (like Mitt Romney), there is almost no way his deductions from mortgage interest, employer-paid health insurance, etc. could be anywhere near there. Thus billionaires, if they have to give ground somewhere, would rather give up deductions than face higher tax rates, especially on dividends and capital gains. So when the Republicans dig in their heels at raising the tax rates, under the radar it is clear whose interests they are defending.