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  1. Happy Monday. It’s a beeeuuutiful day (*in Kakeland* for those who grew up around Wichita). đŸ™‚

    Will the people who live in Foxland continue to try to make a scandal out of the difference between words such as extremists and terrorists? Does the difference between these two words mean that Obama is soft on Islamic terrorism or extremism? While we discuss these highly important issues, should we rehash the difference between ‘enhanced interrogation’ and ‘torture’? Did anyone notice that during the GM bailout, Obama kept referring to “the automotive industry” instead of using the more patriotic term “them folks who build cars”? We need to get to the bottom of this! Foxland residents seem positive the differences between words should be our highest priority issue! You’ve gotta feel a little sorry for them and their delusions just out of human kindness — but the “little” expired weeks ago and now they just look like ridiculous fools.

    • These Republicans have to keep this Benghazi conspiracy story going…..because their entire narrative about their president is that he is not a ‘real’ American. That birther nonsense comes right out of the Fundy Christians and TEa Party Mad Hatters spewing that Obama is a secret Muslim that stole the White House away from McCain and Obama is going to destroy America.

      I think that is why Romney came out in that press conference that morning and said that Obama sided with the terrorists.

      It is all about Obama is not our real and legitimate president.

      Because – if they had to admit that this young black man beat their old white military hero guy in 2008 – that would kill them….

  2. I do believe the election results are finally complete (even tho one crazy down in Florida is still refusing to admit defeat).

    President: Obama 332, Romney 206 (That’s nearly 62 percent of the Electoral College)

    House: 201 D, 234 R
    Senate: 55 D/I, 45 R

    While the outcome isn’t in dispute in any state, plenty of precincts, from small, rural towns to large cities, have yet to officially certify their vote totals.

    But exit poll data sheds some light on the makeup of this year’s voters and their choices.

    In total, about 122 million people voted in this year’s election.

    Barack Obama won about 50.6 percent of their votes, or just under 61 million. Mitt Romney won about 47.8 percent of the vote, just under 58 million, but Obama’s margin could grow to more than 3 percent once all the votes are in.

    Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson won a little over a million votes nationwide, or just under 1 percent, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein garnered less than half a million, taking about a third of a percent of the vote.

  3. Throughout all this Petraeus sex scandal stuff…..I do hope the issue of how this Jill Kelley person who is reportedly an unpaid socialite that gives lavish parties for this base in Tampa – had such access to the two top generals on that base?

    And in the 911 phone call she tried to use diplomatic honorary consul for South Korea as some type of leverage to get what she wanted?

    It’s been reported that Gen. Allen emailed this Jill Kelley almost daily …..and I want to know….who was running the damn war – General Allen?

    All I hear being discussed is the adultery sex between Petraeus and this Broadwell mistress. I don’t care who is sleeping with whom…

    But I do want to know why this Jill Kelley person has managed to put themselves so deeply into that Tampa base – and wouldn’t that be a national security risk?

    Seriously – if I walked into McConnell Base here and just show up in some hot pink dress with high heels – would I just be allowed in and to mingle with the top general??

    That is the issue I want investigated…

    But, have you noticed, not one single Republican has called for an investigation or hearing into this sex scandal……Hmm……do you think it is because it is Petraeus – the whiz kid from the GWB wars yearbook?

    • With reference to Ms Kelley (hubby a doctor), the involvement is not uncommon at major stateside military installations. These kind of folks are usually greeted enthusiastically by the “brass”, as prominent folks being involved with the base (or post) is helpful when dealing with local issues.

      Generally, an eye is kept on them, as there is always potential for a security problem.

      • Forgot to mention the boredom factor for many of the wive, especially if they are “trophy wives”. They volunteer at a base (post) because it is a “good” thing to do. It allows at least some of them to use their education to assist the military, especially families and troops. There is often flirtation going on between the civilians and active duty members to alleviate the boredom. Again, if these folks just happen to be socially connected, they become known to the commanders, et al., who take advantage of their connections for the reasons earlier given.

        As to who is running the war, if the General (in this case) has a competent staff, he isn’t overly busy with the minutiae of operations. Generally, he is involved more with strategic vs. tactical decisions.

  4. I think this article makes sense! I’m not sure the republicans can make this many adjustments in just four years but maybe they will. What do you think?

    4 reasons why Republicans can be hopeful about the future

    • A bit optimistic, to me. I see 2 out of 4 as potentially doable, with immigration reform being the most probable. The “social conservatives” will need to be sat on, or better ignored, to make any real change on abortion and gay marriage. If these folks are still in charge, then the young superstar bench won’t make any difference, so long as these folks need to win primaries. n a potential Democratic Party Civil War, this is without the control of the GOP.

  5. prairie pond

    Here’s a word of caution to the Democrats. Don’t let the DLC get out of control again. If the Democrats go back to being faux republicans instead of populists, they will lose the voters who turned the tide. Lose them again, I should say.

    Democrats have to have a distinct message that isn’t just republican lite.