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  1. Salon has a piece on the republicans that are coming out to tell us how much their party needs to change, and they explain clearly this means change the way we talk about what our party stands for. Change policy, not so much. Lets all remember most of these republicans have a history we can look at and we have no need to believe them until (and unless) they put actions behind the words. Jindal literally did away with public education in La, then replaced it with Charter Schools supported by Christian organizations. The books down there teach kids that people walked around with dinosaurs about 3,000 years ago. He is saying all the right things now but his actions prove him to be a religious wingnut! Ryan continues to be the man who co-sponsored the “Personhood Bill” with Todd Akin and pushes an economic policy that would turn our Representative Democracy into a Plutocracy.

    Beware of false GOP rebranding efforts
    When Bobby Jindal says Republicans must change their ways, he doesn’t mean change their policies or anything

  2. Anyone want to guess how long it will take House Republicans quest for scandal to go all the way to impeachment? Will they wait until President Obama is inaugurated to his second term? Talk about a big waste of time and money! PrairiePond predicted it months ago. I honestly thought they weren’t that stupid and might remember the last time they wasted Americans money in this dead-end strategy. I’m beginning to realize they have no memories, and no honor, republicans waste time and money because they are incompetent at everything else.

    • prairie pond

      Here’s a great piece on why the repukes will indeed try to drum up impeachment fun and games in Obama’s second term. They need to be burned down and the earth salted under them so they never regrow again.

      via Crooks and Liars

      And from the same source
      “I really think there’s nothing more despicable [than] for someone to insinuate that the president of the United States knew there was an attack on our country that was imminent and didn’t do anything about it.” (Trent Lott, GOP Senate Minority Leader, May 16, 2002)

      Obama might want to remember that when the Watergate style hearings start (and they will) and the impeachment proceedings begin (and they will) he’s going to need his progressive base to help watch his back. That would be reason enough to leave Social Security and Medicare alone in his quest for a grand bargain.

      WTF is up with the big desire to raise eligibility ages for both? Jesus wept. Most of us are just crawling to make the age it is now!

      • Yes, concise and perfect description. Thanks, Pond.

        Makes me even more sure republicans are vengeful idiots who care about nothing that improves the lot of any American — it’s all partisan politics to them.

  3. I would like to see this — for everyone! We’ve got to get back to the rational days of a filibuster being used sparingly and not for everyday Senate business.

    Democratic Solution To The Filibuster: Make Them Talk

    (From the link): The effort to end a filibuster is called a cloture motion. Under the proposed rules, if a cloture vote failed to win a simple majority, the bill would be killed and the Senate would move to new business. But if it won a majority — though less than a supermajority of 60 — the bill would remain on the floor for any senator who wished to opine on it. If at some point no senator rose to speak, after given several chances to do so, a new vote would be called — and only a simple majority would be needed to pass it.

  4. Another reminder that arithmetic isn’t a strong suit in the Republican Party. The votes are still being counted so President Obama’s margin of victory will likely be even higher!

  5. Gallup proved to have a right-wing bias and to be less accurate than other polls on the 2012 election, so until they show evidence of improvement I will take their polls with a grain of sand.

    (From the link): Americans are confident that in his second term President Obama will be able to accomplish a sizable list of achievements, including reducing unemployment, keeping the U.S. safe from terrorism, improving conditions for minorities and the poor, and improving the quality of the environment, according to a newly released poll from the Gallup organization

    Generally speaking, they’re notably less optimistic about Obama’s ability to reduce the deficit, avoid raising “your” taxes, control illegal immigration and heal the political divisions in the country.

    The poll listed a total of 13 objectives and asked respondents to say if – “regardless of which presidential candidate they preferred”- they thought that in his second term Obama would be able to achieve them.

    Americans Assess What Obama Can Accomplish in Next Term
    Americans generally less positive than in 2008

  6. R. D. Liebst

    decrying “bumper sticker politics”

    Sad to say that it works better then details and expended theory of how it should work. The majority do not want or have to take the time to get into the details. Their own life is full of enough details and problem to be able to take the time to think about any of what is seen as abstract details that do not directly effect their pocket book or daily lives as it is.

    Unless it is themselves or a close family member that is suffering with the decision about having a child or feeding the family. Their venture into the abstract and in that realms, they can allow their more abstract opinion to come out. Which is often more lacking in reality and reason, abortion is something they do not in their reality have to consider or deal with the outcomes of either way. They can see the baby but do not have to see the financial or personal responsibility of having that child for its life.

    Most do not live in a world where any given night they have to try to sleep with the sound of gun fire within a few blocks of their bed. So any attempt at gun control is more seen as an attempt to take that weapon out of their closet or better yet gun safe. On that point I have to say that the answer is not so much gun control as it is control of the fiscal and environmental situation their are in and surrounded by.

    Details are so complicated and time consuming and take a great deal more time then many want to deal with or devote to the issues. But the other side of that coin is that focusing too long on a given subject causes it to become less important or less of a issue. We can see that logic with how many subject are used within the Conservative ideology. Focus on Gay marriage and side issuing with the made up assault on religious freedom allows for real and serious issues to be at least back burner or totally ignored. But has been used as an effective menthol to distract like a shell game sideshow barker off focusing on the real issues at hand. (1 of 2)

    • R. D. Liebst

      LOL BTW anyone who has been married long will say at worse if you are really hating or disliking someone. Let them be married and live with someone else who is as equally strong willed and opinionated! But the up side of that is between the two one hell of a great persons comes out!
      OK my opinion and remains to be judge as truthful by others who know that couple.

    • prairie pond

      Great Post, R.D.!!!!

  7. Here is an article about the Birthers CONS group who is actually doing robocalls for the impeachment of Obama.

    If these people are so damn upset about Obama winning – then why don’t they just leave the country? Isn’t that what the Bush lovers all said whenever anyone dared to question why The Little Cowboy was starting his two wars?

  8. John McCain is on the warpath hitting all the Fox talk shows complaining that we (he) is not being given all the facts about the Benghazi attack – but yet who did not show up for the briefing about the Benghazi attack?

    John McCain is way past his expiration date as any Congress Critter – IMHO.

    This man seems to be nothing more than a bitter, old, sore loser.

    • McCain asked this reporter who the hell he was…..who the hell does McCain thinks he is working for – the American People.

      If McCain cannot show up and do his f__king job – then he needs to stop being the Senator.

      But – just like a true CON – McCain will keep on yammering and blubbering and flapping his old gums until the GOP looks to be the biggest fool of all (Again?).

      I heard some pundit say the other day – McCain and Lindsay Graham say they blame Susan Rice when they should really be blaming David Patreaus and the CIA.

      Susan Rice was just saying what the CIA intelligence said at that point in time. – the problem is with the CIA and their intellgience.

      Which – brings up an interesting question – in light of Petraeus now-infamous sex scandal affair – just exactly where was Petraeus and his CIA when the Benghazi attack happened? And what did they do before the attack? And why was their intelligence so off the mark?

      But – have you noticed that neither McCain or Graham has bothered to blame Petraeus and his CIA Gang?

      McCain has ranted about a Watergate-type investigation into Benghazi – well, bring it on, old man. Just bring it on.

      There are alot of interesting questions as to why Petraeus and Gen. Allen seemed to have these special relationships – and one with a socialite who is nothing more than a party planner? But the more you delive into that woman’s background – she was trying to act like a liason between the two generals and Middle East people? WTH……who voted for this woman to do anything in our foreign affairs department?

      There are alot of questions – so, come on old man McCain — bring it on.

      Just like Obama said to Romney during that debate when ol’ Mitt thought he had Obama nailed to the wall about not calling the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack – remember what Obama said to Romney as Mitt was approaching the moderator to what he thought was his crushing blow to Obama?

      Obama said – proceed Governor…..

      Those were cautionary words…….but Romney – and just like McCain – are too stupid Republicans who think they know better and will continue on their quest of pure hatred of Obama.

      So – let McCain push for that Watergate investigaiton……and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Once again you and I have the same thoughts. When I heard President Obama put the smack-down on McCain and Graham during the press conference my first thought was how much he sounded the same as when he said, “Please proceed, governor.” Yep, none of them are smart enough to see or hear the warning. They are real sore losers, jealous as can possibly be, and on a mission to find something / anything that might discredit President Obama who stands head and shoulders above them in integrity, intelligence and honor.

      • prairie pond

        Hee hee, Fnord. That “warning” sound reminds me of the rattler’s buzz just before the strike. Rattler says “stop where you are before I am forced to hurt you. Go on, shoo.”

        Obama says “please proceed” or “They’ve got a problem with me” and the “stop where you are before I am forced to hurt you” is implied.

        In any case, Graham and McCain need to “shoo.”

        Grandpa McCain could have had honored old statesman status if he had not been such a bitter horses’ ass the last four year. Now? He’ll be remembered as a senile old man yelling at the kids to get off HIS lawn!

  9. Just let these Republicans continue to yell, scream, threaten to secede, do their robocalling for Obama’s impeachment – they are putting on a public display of just how arrogant and ignorant the GOP has become.

    I’ve seen groups of people become so filled with hate that they cannot see straight. But, I’ve also seen where that hate turns on the haters and eventually consumes them.

    It could not happen too soon to the current Grand Old Party – IMHO.

    Maybe we should all just throw a bucket of water on the GOP and see if it melts like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz movie?

    I’m melting…..I’m metling……

    But – is there a big enough bucket ?

    • prairie pond

      “I’ve seen groups of people become so filled with hate that they cannot see straight. But, I’ve also seen where that hate turns on the haters and eventually consumes them.”

      I hope to live long enough to see that turn on the homophobes in Salina and Hutch, and hell, almost 80 percent of Kansans who voted to put hate in the Kansas Constitution.

      Kansas. As bigoted as you think.

      • I know it’s hard to wait until that hate consumes the haters…..but, I have been fortunate to see where that damn Fundamental Evangelical preacher that told me I was marrying the Devil himself turn into a man who left that church in an unexpected – but, of course, Godly-inspired move to be the president of a Fundy Evangelical private college in Wisconsin. Only a few years after that, this guy was asked to leave (on the Q.T., of course) and he is now selling cars somewhere in Florida.

        But…his FB page proudly boasts that he is a Conservative Religious Right Republican who loves Sarah Palin.

        Enough said?

        BTW – I learned a few years ago that the reason he left that church unexpectedly was because of some allegations and investigation due to some inappropriate behavior with children.

        WHY is it always something to do with children????

        And this P.O.S. told me that I was marrying the Devil himself because he was of a different Baptist faith and, let’s not forget, his hair touched the top of his ears.

        Damn……..I hate organized religion….

  10. I must confess……I am riled up this morning about these Republicans.

    I do agree with Bobby Jindal on one thing – the Republicans are the – stupid party.

    • Continuing to show their ugly butts is allowing Americans to see exactly who and what they are — devoid of ideas and willing to waste our hard-earned tax money on a futile and childish quest for scandal that doesn’t exist. The voters made it perfectly clear the Party of No won’t be tolerated and this should cement the deal.

      • prairie pond

        And might I mention again, the Democrats could blow it all if they cut SS or Medicare/Medicaid, or raise the eligibility ages. Let the repukes own that and the Democrats will be in control of both houses of Congress and the White House in 2014. Buy into those cuts and age raising, and they will get what James Carville called “the sound of pine on skull” when voters hit them upside the head with a two by four in two years.

        Learn boys and girls. Learn!

      • I agree Praire Pond……

        Rather than raising the age – let’s raise the income cap on the SS taxes.

        That should bring in alot of needed revenue.

      • prairie pond

        Indy, I read that removing the cap would make SS solvent forever.

  11. PP said: Kansas. As bigoted as you think.

    Don’t you find it rather hysterical that these same folks whose argument against same sex marraige is because it will ruin traditional marriages – are also the same folks who seem to give a free pass to those folks like Petraeus and Newt Gingrich who have actually harmed their traditional marriage? Hell – in Newt’s case – two marriages were ruined.

    If traditional marriage is so damn sacred – then why are these mega churches filled with divorced people and adulterers?

    Divorce happens – and there are good reasons for a divorce, which is why I am not saying that all divorced people are bad.

    My point is – if you’re going to stand on your soapbox and preach that gays will ruin traditional marriage – then you need to apply the same rules to your own flock of sheeple who are divorced or currently practicing adultery.

    • prairie pond

      Marriage for me but not for thee! Affairs and all. The rules only apply to me, not them.

      That’s the wingnut motto!

  12. Soledad O’Brien expertly dissects bullshit attack on Susan Rice..

    • So Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV) gets today’s award for sounding the most stupid. I think they’re going to need to make a bunch of those awards because he’s got competition and it’s getting more and more difficult to declare a clear winner!

  13. R. D. Liebst

    I just watched Louie Gohmert R from Tex on CSPAN, that guy is a fooking NUT! Teabagger and birther just said the President is not an American and that is why he is lying about the attack. I sent off a email asking one simple question…. ARE YOU FUCKING NUT? Sorry for my english to you allnot him.

  14. The Most Important Tax Break Is the One That Nobody Talks About

    If you really want to raise revenues, the Holy Grail isn’t capping tax deductions, as Romney proposed, or raising the top marginal rate, as Obama proposed. It’s taxing investment income like ordinary income.

    • You’ve hit upon the motherlode….

      But…but….fnord….we can’t do that…then nobody will invest their money…..just like if we take away the Bush tax cuts for the weatlhy, those hard-working (?) job creators won’t create jobs..

      See… silly the GOP logic is?

      • One of my long-held beliefs concerning income tax reform is a variation on this. If an investor invests directly into a business, e.g., a publicly held corporation, via an IPO or otherwise purchasing stock directly from the corporation, upon sale of the stock so purchased at a gain, said gain is not taxed at all. Subsequent holders of the stock would be taxed on any gain as ordinary income. This realizes the goal of encouraging investment directly in a corporation which is the underlying rationale of special treatment for tax purposes for long term capital gains, while recognizing the realities underlying stock holdings by those subsequently purchasing stock; for the income. Dividends would also be treated in all cases as OI. Not a chance in Hell of any politician going with this, but from a theory perspective, it’s elegant.