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  1. I heard yesterday Congress is back in DC for the first time since sometime in mid September (I don’t remember the exact date!), and they will be conducting the people’s business for somewhere around 17 more days this year.

    Should this make us happy or aggravated?

  2. Republicans need to take a little trip around reality, the real “moochers” in this country didn’t vote for President Obama! When they don’t even know they’re complaining about themselves what does that say? Their world is a very small soft place so they don’t hurt themselves…

    Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. They include Republican strongholds like King County, Texas, which in 2008 backed Republican John McCain by 92.6 percent, his largest share in the nation; and fast-growing Douglas County, Colorado.

  3. Call Eric Cantor 202-225-2815
    Call Mitch McConnell 202-224-2541
    Call John Boehner 202-225-6205

    Tell their offices you WANT to continue the MIDDLE CLASS Tax cuts
    Tell them you want to END the Bush tax cuts for the RICH


    Have we heard the words “JOBS,” has anyone suggested that putting people back to work would help A LOT??

    • I read that this morning. I also read the few comments, one of which says the many states that want to secede will make a new union…


      You really can’t make this stuff up.

      • Doesn’t this seceding stuff correlate with the graphic above as to which states are moochers?

        I guess the Deep South feel they don’t get what they are ‘entitled’ to?

      • wicked

        I read those comments, too. *habit* I also rolled my eyes, and not across the floor. 😉 While I think it’s possible if planned well, it could be done. However, it could never be anywhere near the same. The South discovered that during the Civil War. We never ever ever take into account all the things we take for granted. Even by forming a new union, the majority would soon realize that Reality bites. The rest of them who don’t realize? They never knew reality to begin with.

  4. Strictly speaking, none of the Social Security surplus was stolen — they used a dishonest accounting trick to make the general fund deficit look smaller. But according to the White House web site, ’85 was also the year that Social Security borrowed money from the general fund — for real — and, thanks to an increase in payroll t—t—-t–ta—–taxes (sorry, saying Reagan increased taxes is heresy), was actually repaid in 4 years.

    Now liars like Alan SImpson keep blathering about how “entitlements” are causing the deficit, when in reality, Social Security is doing fine, and Medicare’s issues are due to the extreme high cost of US medical care.

    In the end, there will have to be some kind of deal with Boehner, but it’s up to the people to demand it be based in reality, instead of Bowles-Simpson lies.

    • Until we bring down those high costs of US medical care – no health insurance coverage will be able to keep up – will it?

      • wicked

        The biggest reason for a national healthcare system.

      • At the very least – I think we should be able to have national health care plan for the basic coverage. And then if people wanted to upgrade their insurance (much as we do now – to pick which options you want) – then that is on the person to pay for that.

        That way, we could at lest ev at th epont where every person can go to the doctor when they need to – rather than let it go and make hte problems worse.

        And the worse the problem when finally seen – the higher the costs of the treatment.

        But then – those higher costs are profits for the health care industry.

        Vicious circle – huh?

      • Also – when health care became corporations – that is when the higher costs really began to sky rocket.

        Profit before people…. Now where have we heard that before???

      • As 6176 has told us many times — if there are shareholders there WILL be profit or changes made until there is. So, insurance companies will never be about health care over profit until there are no shareholders.

      • I think the current insurance-company based plan will bring down costs, because it removes most of the incentive to participate in the vicious circle of recouping costs. However, medicine for profit is insane, and adds unnecessary overhead, and–did I mention–it’s literally insane. The suits that determine health-care funding use the same marketing-speak as the banking industry — I can’t be sure I wasn’t hallucinating, but I heard it in the hospital (after some type of incident — I don’t know what). And when I was writhing in agony on the operating table, and the surgeon were strapping me in, some idiot took the time to introduce to the anesthesiologist.(I know didn’t hallucinate that!). I felt like saying, “Pleased to meet you, lunatic, you’ll excuse me if I don’t get up!’).

        But then people who have emergency surgery are CHOOSING in the marketplace. to use a service. I could have refused to sign anything and walked — well, okay, rolled, a few feet at a time–out of the room.

      • Insurance companies have been corporations for a very long time. The profit before people meme arose from a number of these corporations converting to stock company form, with subsequent public offerings. Mutual form insurers have no shareholders, but members, i.e., insureds, which IMHO is the only form which should be allowed to sell medical insurance. To put it another way, mutual companies are generally in the form of ‘not-for-profit’ corporations; stock companies are ‘for profit’. In a mutual, earnings not paid as dividends, but used to reduce premiums, with excess returned to members.

  5. Yesterday, we were discussing the culture of the military as related to this Petraeus sex scandal story.

    There is a family friend that joined the Navy when he was straight out of school. He is now second in command – but in his younger days, he hooked up with a fellow ssailor , never married her but she had a son by this guy.

    This guy then went on to greener pastures when he hooked up with his commanding officer’s daughter – so this guy never acknowledged his son by the first woman. The first woman left the Navy and this family friend went on to achieve his current success as second in command on a very prestigious base

    He married the commanding officer’s daughter and they have kids.

    But the kicker is – even though this guy has never acknowleged his son by the first woman – this guy’s family has acknowledged him and will have him to the family events, etc.

    If the family event is to have their wonderful and great son in attendance – then the grandson is not invited.

    And these people are devoted church-going people, dyed-in-the-wool Conservative Republicans who preach about honor and integrity – but yet their own family is this dysfunctional?

    I just do not understand how people can do this………which is why I made a lousy Fundy Christian Conservative Republican. I just cannot put on blinders like that….

    But… question is – if the military has such strict rules about honor and integrity – then how did this guy do all this stuff and still manage to rise very high in the chain of command. I know, I know…..he married the boss’s daugthter – IMHO

    IIRC – Petraeus’ wife was also the daughter of a high-ranking military man…..

    Maybe that has something to do with it……these men use their circumstances to get what they want and then think they can do whatever they want and get away with it?

    • Since he has done so well I sure hope the lovechild’s Mom is getting child support! If she isn’t, that may be another reason he was able to make good and rise in military ranks — they don’t know.

      • wicked

        Exactly, fnord. At least around here in the USAF. They keep a close watch on child support and make sure it’s being paid.

        My bet is that she didn’t do anything. After all, that’s the kind of fraternization that’s frowned upon. ha ha ha Seriously, there could be many reasons why that first one didn’t go after him. She may have chosen not to tell or told not to tell. Only she–and him?–knows.

    • I don’t know why the first woman did not go after him – but I do remember his family sent her money to help raise the boy.

      The boy is not well into adulthood.

      Maybe the fist woman did not fight back because she was faced with him now being with a poerful friends in high places – ie the new woman in his life?

      Like we were talking yesterday – this kind of behavior can be found in any group…but it just really stinks to High Heaven if the group professes to be so morally superior with all that honor and integrit crap they spew….

      Kinda like these churches – huh?

  6. No matter how much money, power or successful a person reached – if you’re a jerk – you’re still just a jerk.

  7. Now …this is an inspiring story to read . It also begs the question – whatever happened to our health care system where the patients come first?

  8. John Belushi reincarnated?

    • Thanks for the laugh…..I needed it about now.

      BTW – how is your new grandson doing? Is big brother adjusting to the little brother?

      • They’re all adjusting. Mommy and Daddy are watching closely when the two boys are together. Gentle and tender aren’t easy concepts. 🙂 But since millions of people have lived through big brothers just fine, I’m feeling pretty good. The parents are still not getting good sleep — like all new parents with the exception of 6176 and his wife — but, with time that will change. They are happy and healthy, so all is well.

        I realized today how refreshing it is to NOT hear Romney, not see Romney, not hear about Romney! Anyone else enjoying this?

      • Big babies are wonderful! 🙂

      • Sorry – I had to leave and just saw your response. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

        Yes, you’re right, many of us have survived big brothers…..LOL

        It is very nice not hear Romney or see his face anymore. But – we are still hearing the incessant whining and spouting alternative-universe facts that tells me the current GOP have not learned their lesson.

      • Speaking of this, my main PT and her hubby had no children. She held the position (due to her mother’s influence, she said) that she was not interested in having a baby unless said offspring was guaranteed to be big; nine pounds was her minimum. As I lived in fear for 6 weeks of falling upon her and killing her, I’ve no idea where she thought that large a baby was going to reside during her pregnancy.

        She and my main OT were not tall; both joked they got tired of looking at the Jayhawk on the chest of a few of my t-shirts, which was at their eye level. 🙂 Frankly, I was also concerned about taking them both out when I was relearning to walk (Susie helping my right leg to move correctly with Kay in front trying to keep me in balance). To this day, I attribute this fear to my progress in this area. Well, that and the 6 foot PT who took care of me for a week. . .