Tuesday, 11/13/12, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    Please Goddess, let me live long enough to see that day.

    PS–Could Tammy Baldwin follow Hillary? A black man, followed by a middle aged woman named Clinton, followed by an openly lesbian midwestern woman?

    I could then die happy….

  2. prairie pond

    Of course, I’m not attached to Tammy Baldwin. A gay person of Mexican or other Hispanic descent would do just fine! Just so they are gay and brown or gay and a woman. Or, hell. I’d settle for just gay.

  3. prairie pond

    Uh Oh. Here it comes. The Grand Bargain we’ve all pushed out of our minds until after the election. Magic Eight Ball says…Obama will offer SS cuts and Medicare cuts, including raising eligibility ages. Will he be the progressive we want or the moderate Republican we dread?


    Why can’t he just remove the income cap on SS and stand firm on raising Medicare age in exchange for the new, higher tax rates on incomes over $500,000 instead of $250,000?

    I saw this same thing happen in Kansas when Sebelius won her second term. She left the KDP in shambles because all she cared about was her own “legacy” or future cabinet appointments. She didn’t give a rat’s patoot about party building or solidifying any kind of party “bench players” for future elections.

    And look how well that worked out for Kansas.

    We can’t let Obama destroy the Democratic Party’s future chances to win elections just so he gets the Grand Bargain he apparently lusts to have. The only people who can allow SS and Medicare to be cut are Democrats. And make no mistake, Repukes will run in 2014 on “Democrats cut your entitlements.”

    I’m so happy Obama won. I just hope he doesn’t make me regret it with this Grand Bargain bullshit. He holds all the cards. Make the repukes show theirs.

    • rd liebst

      I whole heartly agree Pond, for him to agree to mess with SS would farther limit the appeal and strength of the Democratic party and make it seem that only the young would be Democratic. When throwing people under the wheels of the bus, no one of feeling would want to be seen as being that party.

    • Thanks to John, and to you for the details. It’s very much about no less than the future of much of the world. And very powerful interests are pushing for non-reality, with, predictably, Bowles and SImpson leading the charge. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/11/13/1179931/corporations-fix-the-debt/?mobile=nc

    • Bob White

      I have an issue with one thing; it wasn’t “Sebelius.” I do totally agree that the KDP is a total mess.
      The business model is not a good model for a volunteer, “buy-in organization” like KDP. And KDP is run by business as a business. After each election loss, predictably, the KDP expounds about their new organizing project: Which never happens! First, KDP seems to know not one thing about “organizing.” Obama does.
      Organizing is ‘listening,’ not talking. It takes place at the talkers locale and at her/his convenience, not the organizer’s locale or convenience. The organizer’s objective is “buy-in” not “membership.”
      In contrast, the KDP communicates with only infrequent “[no reply] email” communications, and then holds two big business meetings in eastern Kansas metro areas each year, at both of which KDP does all-the-talking. Who knows what KDP does the rest of the time? KDP certainly does not “organize.” KDP is a total mess.

  4. Our dear ever hard-working champion TW posted to his FB:

    “Goodbye, Eber Phelps. You lied to us on the eve of the marriage vote in the House back in 2005. You said you’d oppose it, and the next morning you marched out to the House floor and voted for it. Your vote put it over the top; three other legislators saw your vote, and changed theirs to match. Goodbye and good riddance.
    Goodbye, Vince Wetta. You are the only Democratic legislator in Kansas t
    o have co-sponsored the so-called “personhood” bill that would have declared a fertilized egg to be a person. Your bill would have taken birth control, and control of their own bodies, away from Kansas women. Goodbye, and good riddance.
    Goodbye, Bill Feuerborn. Earlier this year, the Kansas Democratic Party awarded you with “Democrat of the Year” at our annual convention. Ironic, because you have an anti-choice, anti-equality, pro-voter-suppression voting record in the Legislature no different than Jan Pauls’ and Lance Kinzer’s. Some Democrat you are. Goodbye, and good riddance.
    And thanks to the support of Joan Wagnon, Jan Pauls survived her primary fight for another two years in the House. Jan, we’ve made you spend all that money you’ve been building up for the past several years, and in 2014, it will be “Good Riddance” to you, too.
    Kansas Democrats, pay attention. Your party is being led by people who coddle elected officials who vote like Republicans, not like Democrats. This only changes if YOU insist on change.”

    • And just one more post from our friend TW:

      “Democratic candidate Melody Saxton just lost her House race by 17 votes after all the provisional ballots were counted. Despite repeated attempts to get KDP or KDH to help, her race was apparently “not on the radar.” Why not? Melody isn’t one of the “cool kids?” Is Junction City too far west for anyone to care about? That could and should have been a pick up for progressives. Instead, a crazy teabagger now holds that seat. Yet another missed opportunity for our party. I’m disappointed.”

  5. I actually read some headlines this morning that said Christians are tired of being misrepresented. I read others asking that some “religious” groups be investigated about whether they should be able to claim tax breaks since they have violated Internal Revenue Service rules by promoting or opposing particular candidates.

    Honestly! It’s about damn time!

    Let’s hope something comes from both sentiments! Christians should let the posers know they are free to hate but not free to do it in the name of God. And yes, it’s way beyond time the government get some tax money from those who name a building containing a group of people “church,” and use it to brainwash and intimidate voters.

    • But….this begs the question – which Christians are tired of being misrepresented?

      It’s like when the preacher is coming down hard on the known adulterer in the church congregation that morning and then that known adulterer turns around to see who the preacher is talking about…

      In other words – those who are the worst offenders are often the ones who whine about not being represented fairly and persecuted.

      And it is time for Christmas – so that persecution complex will be raising its ugly head again…..real soon..

    • rd liebst

      I like… I like.

    • And ….according to one of their own excuses as Romney lost was due to an act of God – Hurricane Sandy – which gave Obama the chance to appear presidential and reaching out to work with a Republican Chris Christie

      So – on one hand, God sent the Hurricane but then these buffoons still want to say that God hates Obama?

  6. In keeping with the picture above – I have always thought that Republicans hated Obama because he was the first black president – but it was more than that – IMHO.

    If a black president was successful – what would come next —- a woman?

    And we’ve all seen how REpublicans feel about women …haven’t we?

  7. indypendent

    Has everyone been following the news about Petraeus and his Girls? It seems now another General has been brought into the spotlight.

    All I can say is…….the new James Bond Movie ‘Skyfall’ came out last Friday. Here is a movie about a special agent who fights terrorists and is known as a ladies man.

    So – do we have the US version of James Bond? Only the name of our real-life movie is ‘Pantsfall’?

    I am not a James Bond fan – but I do not remember James Bond ever being married – was he?

    For screaming about how America is such a Christian and morally superior nation – how the hell does it look to the rest of the world when our CIA Director and now a high-ranking general has been caught in what I can only describe as ‘junior-high school’ level of kiss and tell?

    Damn….I am sick and tired of being led by these stupid people…..

    • indypendent

      I did read last night that the FBI agent friend – who brought this to the attention of FBI – had a political motivation against Obama and this was why the timing is so interesting..

      It also seems that a Congressman from Washington (I think?) and Eric Cantor also knew about this quite awhile ago.

      So…..what did they know and when did they know it?

      EVERYONE involved in this should be called in to testify under oath.

      I suspect this is kinda like a Watergate-thing – I suspect the Republicans were behind this making it public…..to make Obama look bad……

      These men and their women were behaving badly….but exploiting for political purposes? That is worse – IMHO.

      And everyone should be called in and made to testify……..

      Pass the popcorn.

      This is just yet another reason we need Hillary Clinton (or someone just as powerful) in the White House……

      Hillary knows how to handle these Republican boys that behave badly..

      • And sex is what we’ll talk about over all the important things we avoid talking about. If congress critters actually talk about important stuff someone may expect them to have a solution.

      • You’re right, fnord – people would much rather talk about sex scandals.

        But the Republicans started this thing on their Benghazi witch hunt and trying to pin it on Obama.

        And I do have to wonder exactly what made the FBI even delve into this matter just because some FBI agent asked them to do so?

        But….I also read where this Petraeus mistress gave out some interesting facts during her speech in Denver last month….that the CIA were holding Libyan prisoners and they think that was the reason for the Benghazi attack…

        That knowledge was not well-known at that time – at least that is what is being reported…

        So…..I do think we need to investigate everybody that had a role in this nonsense.

        Because – I do agree with the Republicans that a thorough investigation of Benghazi does need to be done. But these folks expect Obama to get caught in this Benghazi mess and they are salivating to start impeachment proceedings or anything else they can get started…..all in the name of their deep-seated hatred of Obama.

  8. Damn…..lady….one more vote for Romney would not have changed the outcome.

    And especially in Arizona…..


  9. One last thought about this Petraeus sex scandal……make a note that these men – Petraeus and Gen. Allen – are both married with ‘traditional’ marriages. And the two women involved are also married.

    So, exactly how are the gays ruining marriage and the military again?

    Another GOP talking point has been proven to be nonsense?

    • wicked

      The military as a whole doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to marriages and being faithful. Deployments aren’t necessarily the reason for affairs and fooling around, either. But put some men in a uniform (check out the number of romances with military or quasi military men on the cover), then give them the opportunity, and the number of oh-I-won’t-get-caughts goes up. I’m not saying that all military men are unfaithful, because that’s far from true. But for those who have the propensity to wander, the military certainly provides the environment.

      I watched this kind of thing go on for not only 20 years with people I knew and some I lost respect for, but even before then.

      I’m now open to being blasted with disagreement. 🙂

      • Sex is a powerful, powerful urge which seems to take away the ability to reason. Many families, careers, lives have been sacrificed to the momentary pleasure.

      • People are human beings……and with that comes all the messes that we humans seem to make for ourselves.

        I do not agree with your assessment of the military. And I do think you’re spot on about the environment of those opportunities of not getting caught maybe more prevalent in the military – with deployments far away from home, fear and anxiety about the current situation these soldiers live in on a 24/7 basis.

        Like I said before – we are just human beings.

        But – I do think Americans tend to worship our military and we put certain people on pedestals. And too many times – those pedestals come crashing down – don’t they?

        But in CIA Director Petraeus and Gen Allen’s situations – they are the top leaders and they should be held to a higher standard – IMHO.

        It is reported that 20,000 to 30,000 emails from Allen to this Jill Kelley is being looked at. If this is true – who the Hell was running the War?

      • wicked

        indy, we’ll agree to disagree on that one tiny thing. I’ve seen cover-ups, and not because of rank. Others simply remain quiet. And there is a lot of pressure on everyone.

        As for the rest of what you said, especially our romanticizing and worship of the military, I agree. None of which means I don’t respect or appreciate those who serve.

        fnord, not only is sex a powerful urge, but the powerful use it for more power. It’s a vicious circle.

      • I don’t think a ‘group’ can be found that doesn’t have bad apples. No matter what labels you use to put human beings into pigeon holes — female, male, military, executives, firemen, nurses…, you’ll find a mixture of humanity. And, the very best, very most respected make poor decisions sometimes. We humans are indeed fallible.

        There but for [the Grace of God or the luck of the draw or…] go I.

      • wicked, oh yeah. It was amazing to me what I observed during four years active duty in the USAF, 3 years, 10 months at the same base. As you say, it isn’t everyone in the military, but from my non-scientific observations, the percentage of married folks of both sexes involved in violating the UCMJ (especially the article on Adultery) was higher, by a large margin, than the general population. There were discreet inquiries made of me and my wife to determine our level of interest on multiple occasions by multiple parties back then (which was 0, BTW). Anyway, I don’t know why, but it seemed to be prevalent with those of longer time in service and thus higher in rank to a higher degree than with us lowly enlisted first termers.

        That was almost 40 years ago, and things may well be different now. I wonder, though. . .

      • wicked

        Thanks, 617. I’ve been away from it for close to 15 years, but it hadn’t changed much then from what you describe. Yeah, all on the same base, and this was ANG, not even full time USAF. Pilots were notorious.

        ’nuff said.

    • wicked – I need to clarify something….

      I do agree with your assessment of the military. (when I saw your comment about agree to disagree – I looked back at my comment and saw where I inserted the word ‘not’ and then I realized my mistake)

      I, like fnord, think that any group can be assessed in much the same way as the military.

      But – I’ve got a question.

      Do you think a group of majority of women would be just as bad?

      • wicked

        Oooh, now that’s a question. Times have changed and are still changing. Women still don’t have the same power as men, nor do we all have the same sex drive as men. LOL I think we’re still evolving to that point, but we’ll get there. 🙂 Women see things in a different way. Maybe having to write in both POVs (and I admit to writing fantasy, remember?) gives me an edge to believe that the brain just isn’t the same between the two sexes. There are probably many biological and scientific reasons for those differences, beginning with the dawn of not only men but males.

        Other than that, I do think it all has to do with power coupled with that sexual urge you mentioned. Doctors are notorious womanizers. We’ve seen ministers get caught with their pants down. Politicians have become a given, and all those CEOs, rock stars, movie stars… The list goes on. Throw in some regular guys and my theories start getting weaker. Darn! I thought I had this all figured out.

        So back to writing that love scene…

  10. I’ve been on the Huffington Post blog for awhile ….and Valerie Jarrett’s name has been brought up several times from those who hate Obama…

    So – I did some googling and found this nice little conspiracy theory…

    I’m of the belief that one must know what the opposite side is using as their weapon in order to know how to react to their throwing this very same weapon..


    • Who knew Valerie Jarrett had so much power??

      • BTW – Do you think this latest GOP conspiracy theory is just a continuation of their tired old theme of – Obama is a secret Muslim?

      • Yes. And all the other crazy theories they’ve tried in hopes of making his presidency an illegitimate one.

        I’m going to ignore most of the republican conspiracy theories and know that ongoing investigations will continue. I don’t believe when the investigations are complete and most of us have all our questions answered that some republicans will be satisfied. They won’t be satisfied with anything less than there is no President Obama. I refuse to roll in the mud with them or dignify their radical agenda.

        I agree with what Steve Schmidt said recently, “To too many swing voters in the country when you hear the word ‘conservative,’ now they think of loons and wackos.” He. Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head. Exactly!

      • I think Steve Schmidt has been hanging around Rachel Maddow and the MSNBC too much to be seen as a ‘real’ Republican Conservative – what do you think?

      • You mean he’s gained the ability to reason! I think there are some republicans who still have critical thinking skills and it’s like a breath of fresh air to run into them!

      • indypendent

        Do you think dealing with Sarah Palin in the campaign of 2008 gave Steve Schmidt a different perspective on the political scene?

        Can you imagine the stories that guy could tell – of the ones that he has not already told?

  11. It may be a while before some republicans get a clue…

    In his first interview since losing the election, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wouldn’t admit that voters rejected his economic vision and instead chalked up President Obama’s victory to a large turnout of the “urban vote.” “I don’t think we lost it on those budget issues, especially on Medicare, we clearly didn’t lose it on those issues,” Ryan to local station WISC-TV. “I think the surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”

    But Ryan’s post-election analysis contrasts sharply with his view of the race before Election Day. Throughout the campaign, Ryan — who was selected for the ticket because of his budget plan — insisted that the race presented voters with a “choice” between two different economic paths for the nation and repeatedly tried to sell the merits of his proposal on the stump.

    • So – Paul Ryan is upset because urban Americans exercised their same right to vote as his suburban voters – but the urban voters had more people actually show up?

      Is that really what this guy is saying?

      • I think what he is saying is that there’s nothing wrong with his policies. Turning Medicare into a voucher program will only affect the 47% who are all moochers. I think he truly believes his bullshit and is really that far away from recognizing reality.

  12. indypendent

    It will be interesting to see what Paul Ryan does now that he is back in Congress and has to deal with the budget.

    Time will tell…….I don’t expect this GOP leopard to change his spots.

    • He is still the man who co-authored the Personhood bill with Todd Akin. He is still the man who will judge others as being unworthy and not bat an eye when he takes from the least advantaged to give to those at the top.

      • indypendent

        You know….Paul Ryan was the guy that the Nuns on the Bus started their tour around the country.,

        Those Sisters are spot-on…

    • Here’s what I think of The Ryan Budget:

  13. indypendent

    I saw an interesting comment on the HuffPost blog today about this Petraeus scandal.

    Some anonymous blogger said this:

    What if the CIA was secretly keeping and interrogating Libyan prisoners against Obama’s executive decision – so Republicans used Petraeus to set the Benghazi attack conspiracy theory into motion to make Obama look bad before the election?

    But what these buffoons did not know was that the FBI was tracking Petraeus’ emails – which led to his mistress – which the mistress then sent harassing emails to Petraeus’ family friend – Jill Kelley – who turned to her FBI friend (a reported Republican that wanted Obama out) to investigate….and all in the hopes to prevent Obama from getting re-elected?

    Let’s remember – the mistress did state in her speech last month that the CIA was holding Libyan prisoners in Benghazi and they thought this was the reason for the attack.

    And there is that issue of the FBI guy notifying a Republican Congressman who notiified Eric Cantor…..

    Hmmmmm…the plot thickens – doesn’t it?

    And this is why all this nonsense needs to be investigated and thoroughly.

    I’ve seen alot of Republicans defending Petraeus and asking why is he forced to resign just over sex when Bill Clinton did not . Okay- fair question.

    But – if this blogger’s theory is possible – then all questions need to be asked and all people involved need to be brought in to testify under oath.

    I suspect the Republicans are not going to like what the outcome will be…

    I think there is more to this story than just four horny people….

    • indypendent

      BTW – there has been the desire of some Republicans to have Petraeus run for president at some time in the future – possibly 2016?

      So …that would be a motivating factor….wouldn’t it?

    • wicked

      Pillow talk can kill you. Remember Marilyn and Jack and Bobby…

      • Speaking of JFK – I just watched the movie ‘JFK’ by Oliver Stone this past weekend.

        We will probably never know the truth -but could we handle the truth?

      • wicked

        I have the movie on both VHS and DVD, not to mention several books on the subject that I “borrowed” from the ex. It took me years to open my mind to the fact that things were fishy. I nearly got myself run over in Dallas in front of the “Texas School Depository,” which now houses a museum. I was taking a picture of the X painted on the street that marks where the car was when Kennedy was shot.

        Too many questions that have never been answered. I can’t remember exactly when it is, but the Warren Report is to be released sometime before I completely hit senility.

  14. It is cases like this that I wonder – does God really intend any baby to be born into a situation like this?

    Please note….this guy has 8 prior felonies..

    So why would we watn tREpublicans in control of allowing no birth control?

    I think we should put it in the wsater.