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  1. wicked

    Re: The photo of the day, just who are the wealthiest (or uber-rich) going to give their millions to now that they can’t trust the GOP?

    This would all be funny if people weren’t unemployed and the country was prospering. But they aren’t and it isn’t. Maybe the banks should have failed. Maybe some of these should have taken a dive. Maybe they should be standing on the corner with their hands out or at least wondering how they’re going to heat their homes this winter or buy gas to look for a job..

    • Romney will continue to give money to the Mormon Church — it is required. He will continue to pay accountants to find ways to dodge paying taxes.

      Adelson may have to build another casino. ??? I think most of them are so wealthy they can’t possibly run out of money because their money makes more than any of us can conceive of without anyone doing anything. Their wealth is in so many different places and projects it might take more than a lifetime to even liquidate it all.

      I’m pretty sure they will all find more politicians to buy.

  2. (from the link): “Similarly, the fact that so many Republicans this week think that all Hispanics care about is amnesty, all women want is abortions (and lots of them) and all teenagers want is to sit on their couches and smoke tons of weed legally, that tells you everything you need to know about the hopeless, anachronistic cluelessness of the modern Republican Party. A lot of these people, believe it or not, would respond positively, or at least with genuine curiosity, to the traditional conservative message of self-reliance and fiscal responsibility.

    But modern Republicans will never be able to spread that message effectively, because they have so much of their own collective identity wrapped up in the belief that they’re surrounded by free-loading, job-averse parasites who not only want to smoke weed and have recreational abortions all day long, but want hardworking white Christians like them to pay the tab. Their whole belief system, which is really an endless effort at congratulating themselves for how hard they work compared to everyone else (by the way, the average “illegal,” as Rush calls them, does more real work in 24 hours than people like Rush and me do in a year), is inherently insulting to everyone outside the tent – and you can’t win votes when you’re calling people lazy, stoned moochers.”

  3. wicked

    The neighbors two houses south of us have an autistic son, who is about 19 years old. He’s very nice and spends much of his time, when not in school, sitting in a chair in the front yard playing games on his computer. About 10:00 last night, my daughter and I came home from a quick shopping trip to see police cars near the neighbor’s house. It’s not unusual to see the police, but the house across the street from them is currently empty. By the time daughter and I were out of the car, the police cars were moving on. But I saw a crowd of people standing near the porch of the neighbor’s house.

    This morning I learned from the son’s younger brother–who lives across the street from us (don’t ask, I’m confused, too) that the 19-year-old was sitting outside and playing on his computer, when some guy came up to him and asked what he was doing. 19yo told him he was playing games, and the guy punched him and took his computer.

    Does anyone know if there’s a group or groups that might be able to get this young a new computer? Imagine being autistic and this is your passion. If I had the money, I’d buy the damn thing myself. It all just makes me cry.

  4. They will continue to invest in whatever politicians they think they can sway to their cause, and it’s not just Republicans. Retiring Senator has been too persuadable to their way of thinking and Chuck Schumer, despite his normally solid liberal credentials, has been a disgraceful toady for the big banks.

    We live in a global economy and, unfortunately, many of the wealthy don’t give a damn what it does to the US if their portfolio prospers. But let’s give credit to the millionaires who actually see the destruction in that path, and stood up to the Adelsons and Kochs.

  5. The mystery senator is named Max Baucus. 😦

  6. What Happens to Losing Presidential Candidates?

    Losing a presidential election is a huge blow to the candidate since he has invested 1-2 years in the project and has nothing to show for it. Nevertheless, candidates go on. Here is a short summary of what the post-WWII losers have done after their defeat.

    • They sure did nail Richard Nixon – didn’t they? Pouted for 8 years and then won the presidency…

      That gave me a good chuckle. Close runner-up is Bob Dole……

  7. prairie pond

    From his lips to God’s ears.

    In Ryan Lizza’s story in The New Yorker this morning, new Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz worries about the changing electoral landscape — and how it could get even less favorable for the GOP in coming years.

    Cruz provides what must be a truly terrifying thought for the Republican Party:

    “In not too many years, Texas could switch from being all Republican to all Democrat,” he said. “If that happens, no Republican will ever again win the White House. New York and California are for the foreseeable future unalterably Democrat. If Texas turns bright blue, the Electoral College math is simple. We won’t be talking about Ohio, we won’t be talking about Florida or Virginia, because it won’t matter. If Texas is bright blue, you can’t get to two-seventy electoral votes. The Republican Party would cease to exist. We would become like the Whig Party. Our kids and grandkids would study how this used to be a national political party. ‘They had Conventions, they nominated Presidential candidates. They don’t exist anymore.’”

    I’m not sure I believe it. I’ve heard too many times that one party or the other is dead, and yet, they live on. Now, if Obama does his grand bargain and cuts Social Security or Medicare, or raises the retirement age, all that could change. He needs to remember that when the fiscal cliff negotiations get real.

    • I would rather see Obama raise the cap on the Social Security wages – that would bring in needed revenue.

      Is this even a part of the grand bargain?

    • The whole republican end goal of ruining the economy was to end ‘entitlements.’ Obama better not cooperate!

      I agree with you Indy about the earnings cap being raised.

    • I’ve been seriously entertained by the republicans arguing over whether it’s their message or Romney as the messenger that is at fault for their loss. I haven’t yet heard one of them hit on the truth: their horrible messenger, Romney, delivered a horrible message, the republican ‘plan.’

    • Here’s what Krugman has to say.

      (from the link, emphasis mine): “It’s not just the fact that the deficit scolds have been wrong about everything so far. Recent events have also demonstrated clearly what was already apparent to careful observers: the deficit-scold movement was never really about the deficit. Instead, it was about using deficit fears to shred the social safety net. And letting that happen wouldn’t just be bad policy; it would be a betrayal of the Americans who just re-elected a health-reformer president and voted in some of the most progressive senators ever.”

      Hawks and Hypocrites

  8. Did anyone else see Grover Norquist on CBS Morning News? Grover has the real reason Obama won – Romney is a Poopyhead..?

    Excuse me, but when did Obama call Romney a poopyhead? That is something my grandkids (6yrs and 2yrs old) would come up with..

  9. I don’t even watch The Simpsons – but saw this and got another chuckle this morning.

    Not only was the GOP beaten like a dirty rug last Tuesday – these folks are the laughingstock and the butt of many jokes.

    But the question is – will these Republicans learn and hcange or will they triple down on crazy?

    My bet is on the triple down strategy…..and when that happens, the current GOP will implode. And then what?

    I heard a pundit last week make this statement – if Jon Huntsman had been the GOP nominee, the results might have been the same vote count totals – but in reverse. —– Obama would have lost.

    IIRC – Huntsman did take back his endorsement of Romney towards the end – didn’t he? And Huntsman always did say the FAr Right Wingers were the crazy fringe….. (which is why he never went anywhere in the GOP primaries).

  10. In keeping with the millionaires not wanting to pay their taxes….

    If they lower personal taxes and corporate taxes….okay, we can lower them.

    But then – no more corporate welfare in the form of subsidies and/or special tax breaks.

    Would the bottom line bring in more revenue for the budget?

    But the bigger question would be – would these millionaires and billionaires even agree to that deal? My hunch is they would not because they want BOTH things -lower taxes and even more corporate welfare.

  11. fnord – did you get rid of your cold you had last week?

    I was just wondering if your cold bug somehow found its way over to my house – but I have this cough that sounds like a seal escaped from the zoo.

    Any good home remedies for a deep-throated cough with a seal bark?

    • wicked

      If you don’t do this, put menthol rub (Vicks and the like) on the bottom of your feet and wear socks to bed at night.

      This is for adults, of course. 🙂
      Squeeze the juice from 2 lemons and put into a saucepan (fresh lemons, not lemon juice from a bottle).
      Add ¼ cup of honey to saucepan, bring to a boil
      Set boiled honey and lemon aside and let cool for a few minutes.
      Add a generous shot of rum

      Let everything cool until it’s just warm. You can take this mixture a tablespoon at a time as needed or you can mix it with a hot cup of tea. You can also mix the honey and lemon with a shot of whisky, either way it’s a tasty home remedy for chest congestion.

      Try googling *home remedy for cough and congestion* for more suggestions.

      • I don’t usually wear socks to bed at night – until winter comes – so I’ll give that one a try tonight.

        NOW ….the other one sounds like a good way to go …but my chest is not congested – my sinuses are.

        I’ve been using hot tea with honey …..all I need is the lemons and rum or whiskey…….

        Even if it does not work – I’ll feel better so I won’t care anymore – is that idea? LMAO

        Thanks for the tips…

      • wicked

        Ah, sinuses! Here’s one from a mutual friend of some of us here.

        If you rub muscle rub on the sides of your nose and across your cheek bones it will clear up your sinuses in a heartbeat. Rub it on, wait about 5 minutes and everything in your sinuses will flush out. We use the neti pot religiously too.

      • I listen to NPR and there is a show on Sunday with a doctor. He gives out some really good advice . He was talking about the Neti pot a few weeks ago. I had never heard about them before then..

        Where have I been?

    • I’m still not over it. It goes from head congestion to sore throat to chest congestion and now back to head congestion. The seal-barking cough was part of all the phases so add sore muscles to the mix. Plus absolutely NO energy! Miserable stuff!

      My house is a mess! I barely get what has to be done accomplished. And, I’m sick of feeling sick.

      Sorry about the grouchy complaining. I’ll try harder.

      • How long have you had this? I suspect I must have picked up something either from the grandkids or that blustery wind on Saturday…

        Both kids have had the runny nose – but they both have allergies. But the 6-yr-old is in school and God knows she brings home everything…

        It could be just this – it was my turn to catch whatever I’ve got? Hopefully, it will go away …..SOON.

      • Nearly a month total. I’m beginning to think I may have to go to the doctor. 😦

      • wicked

        fnord, sounds like you might need some antibiotics.

        I don’t know what meds any of you take regularly, so you’d have to check with a healthcare person, but over 98% of the time, I’m able to knock a cold/flu back in 3 days or less. When I feel that tickle in my nose, I start taking Echinacea, an herbal supplement that helps build the immune system. 3 capsules 3 times a day. I didn’t do well last month with a bug that hit me hard, but I also didn’t religiously take the Echinacea.

        While Echinacea shouldn’t be used long-term, taking Astragalus, another herb, can be taken all winter. Like Echinacea, it’s an immune system booster. I haven’t tried it, but I have a friend who swears to it and rarely gets a cold or the flu.

        I know, I know. Some people think that herbal supplements are a bunch of hooey, but I’ve used several, and when taken correctly, they’ve done what they were supposed to do. Herbs have been used for hundreds of years to treat all kinds of problems. There’s no reason to think that they won’t work now.

        The FDA tends not to okay herbal supplements…unless those herbs are included with something already “approved.” Big pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on simple herbs. Why bother when they can charge an arm and a leg for a bottle of pills that might make you better, but they also tend to have side effects that will also need to be treated with more pills.

        Obviously this is one of my pet peeves, so please excuse me, while I step down from my soapbox.

      • I totally believe in herbal supplements. But it’s like you said, it is wise to check with your doctor if you’re currently taking any medications – due to interaction or something else.

        This is only my 2nd day with this cough – so I’ll give it until next week and if not better – I’ll be going to the doctor.

        If it’s a cold – the doctor won’t give you anything but the same advice we’ve come up with ourselves – lots of fluids, get some rest and treat the symptoms.

        But – dang – if I knew of a nearby circus – I could make some money with my imitation of a trained seal….

        Man has managed to make it to the moon, we have a space station, we can have instant communication at our fingertips – BUT we still do not have a cure for the common cold?

  12. Interesting chart put together by Nate Silver at the FiveThirtyEight blog shows all the states voter turnout for both 2008 and 2012.

    Turnout Steady in Swing States and Down in Others, But Many Votes Remain Uncounted

  13. Here’s an issue that needs more discussion. Are we sacrificing safety for profit and not being concerned about what we are doing to our environment?

    • indy, you may have read references by PP and me about “socializing the cost and privatizing the profit”. Environmental costs, e.g., are one example of socialized costs. In theory, a perfectly competitive market would take these costs into account when a buyer and seller negotiate a fair price for a good or service. Hint: a “free market” does no such thing. The underlying idea behind certain excise taxes, e.g., is to force recognition (in an imperfect way) of the costs to society.

      Confused yet? 🙂