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America Won!


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  1. wicked

    The night was too short. I had to stay up and watch Obama’s acceptance speech. He needs to know that we expect him to recognize that those in Congress who won’t work for this country and stonewall at every step don’t get to be acknowledged. “F” em. The tide is turning. The old white guys just don’t have the numbers anymore and are losing power. Women, Hispanics, blacks, and young people have spoken. This is our country.

    • prairie pond

      Rachel Maddow said something interesting last night. She said the opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. Make the repukes irrelevant and then ignore them. Make them sit in a corner and be quiet while the grownups actually govern the nation.

      • wicked

        She makes a good point. I wish we’d won more House seats, but maybe it’s simply that we need to earn them. I think there were some surprises in the South, where the voting was closer than expected. Not that it necessarily changed anything, but it is a sign. Unfortunately bigots and racists beget bigots and racists.

  2. I was impressed with the young peoples turnout — higher than in 2008! We can count on them, they are our tomorrow and they’ve accepted that responsibility!

    • prairie pond

      That was very good news. It had been predicted there would be a youth enthusiasm gap. But it wasn’t too big.

      Interesting how the media swallowed all the Romney baloney about how women didn’t hate him so much, youth didn’t hate him so much, minorities didn’t hate him so much, etc.

      I think we found out what all those groups thought of him. Of all the repukes on the tv machine last night, it was Michael Steele who made the most sense and commented that the republicans can’t win by pissing off every minority and woman voter in the nation. They need to do some thinking on a new strategy.

      And aren’t we smart here at PPP? We’ve been saying that for a very long time. The tide has turned. The repukes must either change and get their wingnuts under control or out of the party.

      Otherwise? Whigs. Just Whigs.

      • prairie pond

        And aren’t we lucky to have a governor and two houses of legislators that will be the last whigs to give it up. Of course, they’ll take the state down with them, but they don’t care. Ideology and purity uber alles!

  3. wicked

    I have to say that I’m disappointed in the changed in some of the local races overnight. I’m going to miss hearing from Geraldine Flaharty, who sends out a newsletter to keep constituents aware of what’s going on and what she’s doing. I’m also sad that overnight I lost my state senate choice, but at least Whipple beat Lindsay (who lives down the street. What a douche.) But all in all, I have to say that I think it’s look a shade better. Now to get ride of the sucky governor before he destroys us and the state.

  4. wicked

    I also have to say that I can’t type for shit. LOL

  5. I was very disappointed in Salina voters. I don’t understand protecting the rights of some but not all.

    • prairie pond

      Hutchinson was even worse. And they re-elected Jan Pauls by a healthy margin. Hate lives in Hutch. Maybe the chamber can make that its new slogan.

      • The only way I can even begin to understand this is to remember when Missouri voted on same-sex marriage. My Mother still lived in Missouri and she voted against it. As soon as she got out from under the influence of the haters at her church she began questioning and eventually she was so disappointed in herself. It was a vote she never got to take back and always wanted to. She would ask out loud how in the world she had allowed herself to be so brain washed, and she never had any answer that helped her understand or feel any better about joining in that hate.

  6. The little reading I’ve done seems to indicate the republicans are still whining. Whining about half the people doing unto the other half (my words!). I still laugh out loud at that whiny excuse. 🙂 Four years ago President Obama won overwhlemingly, this time by a little smaller margin, and the whiny butts aren’t willing to be Americans because they didn’t get their way. It’s the behavior we train and nurture children out of — parents make it clear that childish behavior isn’t a positive after you’re no longer of a childish age, and avoiding it is how adults conduct themselves.

  7. New Hampshire will have a female governor and an all female delegation to Congress!

  8. prairie pond

    At this point in 2004, Shrub strode to the podium and declared he had a mandate to fuck all the little people and loot the treasury for his cronies. He had a mandate from god.

    Obama won re-election with more EC and popular votes than Shrub did back then. Imagine the apoplexy if Obama did the same grave dancing today and declared he had a mandate to screw anyone he pleased.

    I hope POTUS uses his second term wisely, and doesn’t sell out SS and Medicare in some grand bargain to prove bipartisanship is his legacy. Saving SS and Medicare would be a far better legacy. Well, that and marriage equality and no more wars of choice.

    That would make him even with Big Dog and FDR in the running for greatest POTUS of the last two centuries.

    • wicked

      If the Rs actually believe the things that come out of their own mouths, either the party will straighten up and act right, or there’s going to be some major crap going on internally. Or their all just lying SOBs. Time will tell. I don’t doubt that Obama has been told that we won’t stand for too much bipartisanship that gives gains to the Rs but little for us. If he didn’t learn from the past, then neither did we. Then again, I couldn’t have voted for Romney at gunpoint.

  9. prairie pond

    I wish we’d hear from Will and Zippy. And wouldn’t Steven be proud?

    I love how the whole damn world is happy Obama won. The repukes do strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the world, but not in a good way, and not in the way they think.

    And in other news… I hear Eric Cantor will challenge the orange boner for his job. Cantor may put the final nail in the teabagger coffin. I damn sure hope so.

    • So Cantor will openly oppose the orange man? Didn’t he threaten to do that four years ago and back down? Well, yes, that will put the tea party types front and center. Boehner at least knew there was more than one way to get something done even tho he was too much a scaredy cat to be effective. I think Boehner walks a fine line between how many is enough drinks and too many to function.

    • CF was entertaining a large audience on Facebook throughout the evening. Will was participating there. I didn’t see Zippy so he may have been too busy to join in.

      • wicked

        I was tagging along there with CFs crowd. Seems there were a couple of bets made and won with the old crowd. Made me giggle. Hell, the whole evening made me giggle.

        I kept thinking I’d drop in here, but daughter had the TV, so I was watching online…which is fine. But I already had three browsers open at one time and was using a fourth and fifth to look up things for verification. Whoever the guy was on NBC with the map, he deserves a prize.

      • I enjoyed CF’s narrative too. Yes, I read that Cap’n had won a couple of bets. I haven’t been to that blog in forever, wonder if there’s anyone I would still know there?

      • wicked

        fnord, I get to it from the Morning Headlines and Evening Headlines emails I get daily. It’s listed by topic under Opinion Pages. If your blood pressure is low, a visit can raise it quickly. 😉

  10. I was happy to see Brenda Landwehr gone, and disappointed that Diana Cubbage didn’t send Les Donovan packing. In my newly designed district a snake-in-the-grass named Dan Hawkins won — he’ll fit right in with other Kansas congress critters.

  11. wicked

    Did the Ds gain any ground in State Congress? I wish they’d designate incumbents on the Sec. of State site. It’s not like I can remember all those names. I can barely remember mine some days.

  12. wicked

    I so seldom watch national news that I don’t recognize the news guys that I’d watched for years and have no doubt I should know. 😦

  13. Congratulations! to all, we are safe, O is there for another 4 years, US version of Taliban defeated.

    • Good morning, Humble! A good morning indeed. All those federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices, will be nominated by President Obama during the next four years. Women and men who care are celebrating that we won’t go backwards and give up the hard-fought rights the women who came before earned! Now, we need to live up to the example they set for us!

    • Humble – that is the first thing I thought of when I watched as Obama passed that magic number of 270.

      Seriously – I told my husband that I bet many global leaders around the world were having a big of sigh of relief that Romney and the Republicans wewre not going to have the hcance to start World War III.

    • rd liebst

      Humble I sure would hope you are right but some how I believe the American Taliban is no easier to defeat then the other Taliban. They will be quiet but still there waiting to strike when we are looking elsewhere and thinking all is safe.

  14. I posted this link to President Obama’s victory speech last night. I noticed something interesting as I was listening to him last night and it is not getting much news coverage.

    It’s the part where Obama said he is looking forward to sitting down with Gov Romney and talking about how the can work together to move this country forwasrd.

    Hmmm….I’ve said from the very beginnin g that if Romney cared so much about creating American jobs – then there was nothing preventing him from doing that very thing right now….

    I’ve heard many differing views on why Romney lost last night. But the most plausible one (IMHO) is the fact that Romney kissed every lily-white Far Right Winger butt that was placed in front of him. Romney NEVER stood up to their extremism. Romney NEVER stood up to Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Hate Talk Radio shock jocks.

    So….I am just wondering….if Mitt Romney and other sane moderate Republicans really do want to save their party and kick out the Krazee Kissin Kousins once and for all ….is it possible that Romney might just be willing to work with Obama and create those American jobs – as he promised he could create?

    After all ….I think it is time for Republicans to show by their actions that they care about our country and our economy. We’ve had way too much rhetoric and empty promises – maybe if Obama could make Romney an ally on the economy front…….then all that kumbaya talk about needing to ‘work together’ might actually be a possibility?

    It will be interesting to watch…….

    But, as we all heard Boehner say before the election – he does not plan on giving in on his demand for no tax increases on those making more than $250,000 – which is basically keeping the Bush tax cuts.

    Do you think Romney has it in him to follow through on his stated desire to work together with Obama – or was that just another empty promise delivered on that Dancing Horse?

    • wicked

      All hat and no cattle. Boehner (I think it was) has recently been whining that the Rs tried to work with Obama, but Obama refused. Really? Really?! Just because you say it, it doesn’t make it true. Mitch McConnell is on record of saying they’d block everything. Maybe these two need to get together and make sure their on the same page with their statements.

      • Boehner and McConnell were too busy trying to whip up the Tea Party Mad Hatters to do their jobs and find some common ground with Obama and fix our problems.

        But – do you think that the next four years will be different?

      • wicked

        indy, only if they realize that it was the TPers who helped the Ds keep the Senate. I think some see it. In fact, I heard some bigshot R say so on TV last night. Whether he can convince the others of what needs to be done is iffy.

  15. No. I don’t think Romney has it in him to help anyone but himself. I would love to be wrong about this! It would go a long way to helping Americans concentrate on what they share and have in common for Romney and Obama to work together for America. But I’ve never seen any indication that Romney is capable of working with anyone. In Massachusetts he says he worked with the Democratic Congress but the truth is he vetoed over 800 bills and that Democratic Congress had enough votes to over ride every single one of his vetoes! Those were successes of Congress, not the Governor! Yet, he took the credit and never once acknowledged the failures. That’s the only Romney I’ve ever seen — the one that thinks he is never wrong, and is very willing to make up his own “facts” whenever necessary.

    • I agree with both you and wicked in your assessments…

      But…I wonder….if the future of the GOP depended on it – would, or could, these Republicans actually put aside their partisan ways?

      As my grandpa used to say – show me, don’t tell me what you’re going to do.

      Time will tell. and that fiscal cliff is the first test..

      • It will depend on their constituency. As long as the radical evangeli-nuts and tea baggers are allowed the wield power the republicans won’t be able to put aside their partisan ways and cooperate in what is best for all Americans. And some of the elected republicans — the tea baggers — won’t compromise! Look at what they did on the debt ceiling — they got America’s credit rating lowered because they refused to pay the bills already in place. They weren’t capable of recognizing that past commitments now cost more but those new higher costs were not new spending.

        At their homes I’m sure that if they had agreed to spend no more than $1,000 each month then all the utility bills came in and they totaled $1,200 they may have been smart enough to realize their spending limit had to be raised to keep the heat and lights on. Maybe they aren’t that smart. Maybe even at their homes they would have insisted the thermostat be changed since the cost of using the same amount of electricity / gas was now higher.

  16. My DIL was reluctant to go to work today. She works at a downtown bank that is filled with Romney supporters and these folks all hate Obama with such a deep-seated hatred.

    These women (majority Catholic – so they are Religious Right, as well) all sit and talk about how Obama is going tos end Americans he hates to concentration camps. Obama is a Communist or Socialiso – dpending on their mood that day. And that Obama hates God.

    My DIL is not a political person. She is just a wife and mother who is trying to work at her job, raise her family, help to pay their bills and try to do what is the morally right thing to do. – Like most people, wouldn’t you think? In fact, the main reason she still works there is because of the health insurance coverage. (which is the reason alot of women work)

    But this workplace is sometimes downright hostile.

    My DIL mentioned this morning that on her way to work – she listened to a local radio show and it must have been the Far Right Winger Hour to Bitch and Moan about Obama.

    She said this one man called in and was ranting and raving about how the Electoral College was wrong because that is how Obama got in….yada, yada and more yada.

    The radio host interjected that Obama won the popular vote, as well, so the Electoral College had nothing to do with the election being riggd.

    The man stammered for a a few seconds and then continued on his insane and nonsensical rant.

    My DIL just said – this is what needs to change in the GOP party. And – she is correct. IMHO

    I then told her that I think all that Far Right Winger nonsense crap comes straight out of these Corporate Fundy Evangelical Churches.

  17. I’ve never seen a group of people as capable of ignoring facts and making up their own as the republicans. Amnesia, Romnesia, convenient memories, time began Jan 20, 2009, no matter what you call “it,” we all recognize “it.” I wonder if they’ll ever fully realize how irresponsible Bush2 was? Or maybe that will be a time forever forgotten and they’ll continue to fool only themselves. If so, they attract no voters and are doomed to be irrelevant at the national level.

    • Even Jeb Bush at that rally in Florida was talking about how Obama blames everybody else – even his brother George – and the crowd cheered and applauded.

      WTH…….George deserves to be blamed…..

      When addicts finally turn the corner and get their lives on track – one requirement is to put the blame where the blame belogns – on themselves..

      Only after that….can one attempt to fix the problem…

      Or am I the only one that feels that way?

      • wicked

        Jeb is looking to 2016 and hoping for the nomination.

      • wicked

        I believe even Dubya realizes he screwed the pooch. He might not be the sharpest crayon in the box–the reason he was chosen to run–but he can see the results of his actions. Note that he isn’t out and about. The Rs have written him off. He did his job the way they told him to and he’s no longer needed. Remember Nixon? Apparently they don’t.

      • prairie pond

        Wicked, I think what the repukes did to dubya is what Rachel said last night. They made him irrelevant, which is the cruelest cut of all.

        I hope ol’ Turd Blossom KKKarl Rove joins him in obscurity, along with Grover and Ralph Reed and the whole Hee Haw gang.

      • wicked

        Yes, PP, after they used him. Just goes to show what a pitiful, but evil group of men they are.

  18. If they ever manage to nominate a candidate who doesn’t march to their narrow, rascist, homophobic, misogynist ways they may win again, but it sure won’t be until they offer value and dignity to every person, because they can’t win with just old white rural men.

  19. I believe in the two-party system – because we do need competing views.

    Otherwise – one-sided control will lead to one-sided corruption.

    But what if the GOP does not change itself? Let’s not even talk about 2016 – let’s talk bout the 2014 midterm elections.

    If the Far Right Wingers triple down (they already doubled down this time) on their crazy nonsene – will they even be a viable party?

    • Right now I see the republican party as a void waiting to be filled. It’s a humongous void and I don’t know how long it will take to fill it.

    • wicked

      They won’t be able to fill that void in two years.

      I also don’t believe the Religious Right is going to give an inch. They have the numbers and the money behind them, and the Rs are going to listen, because they don’t have much of a choice. Lose those “christians” and they lose their base. Sad.

  20. One thing that has to be done on the Republican side of this partisan divide is first and forremost – IMHO – is for these Birthers, Fundy Evangelicals and Tea Party Mad Hatters to acknowlege that President Obama is the legitimate president and give the respect to the office of president.

    That has to be done fist before any type of compromsing can be even attempted.

    My husband and I were talking last night that Sarah Palin started that B.S. line of Obama is ‘not one of us’ in the 2008 campaign. And since McCain and Palin lost so badly – that story of Obama being a secret Muslim and ‘not one of us’ has only grown larger and more vocal.

    How can anyone on the Republican side begin to start working with Obama and Democrats until they give the recognition and respect to Obama as the President of the U.S.A.?

    Time will tell what these Far Right Wingers will do…

    But I’ve generally found that to accurately predict what someone will do in the future is to look at their actions in the past. And this is the scary part..

    What other president in our lifetime has been demonized, reviled and treated as badly as President Obama? None that I can think of.

    Democrats did not like George W. Bush – but did Democrats create a cottage industry of such deep-seated hatred and outright lies that he was not a real American?

    That is the difference between Democrats and Republicans….IMHO

    • The majority of voters said they want to go FORWARD. If the others want to continue their childish behavior by pouting and throwing hissy fits I say let’s do it without their help. We can! Voters said no to undoing Obamacare, no to returning to trickle-down economics, no to the backwards ‘social’ issues of making women and gays second class citizens with fewer rights than others, no to more war for profit.

  21. When the teapublicans begin screaming about not raising taxes, lets remember facts and stay calm. The figure of a $5 trillion increase in debt the republicans use is: Bush kept $3 trillion in war debts off the books and President Obama ended that sneaky practice — the debt went up $3 trillion overnight just because the books weren’t ‘cooked.’ Then there was the interest on the debt that existed before President Obama ever took office, the unfunded Medicare Part D, the lost revenue due to the two massive tax cuts during the Bush Administration. Tax cuts President Obama had to continue in order to get unemployment benefits for those who desperately needed them and to keep taxes as low as possible on middle class taxpayers because of the Great Recession. Everyone here knows it’s far past time the wealthiest of the wealthy pay more and stop increasing their wealth on the backs of everyone else. So just keep all the facts in mind, stay calm, and know that President Obama is in charge!

    Someone upthread talked about ignoring ‘them.’ That’s what I plan to do. They can lie and scream and exaggerate ’till the cows come home. I’m staying in reality and refuse to even hear about their made-up world. Time did not begin on January 20, 2009 but everything started to get better on that day!

  22. Michele Bachmann is still in Congress…..but she had a good run for tea money this time…

    I wonder though – how much clout will she have when the new Congress convenes in January 2013?–michele-bachmann-wins-tight-u-s-house-race

  23. The biggest loser of all last night – Karl Rove? Ol’ Turd Blossom himself…

    • And the Koch brothers. All that BIG money. America wasn’t for sale. None of us care how rich they are, we just refuse to sell America.

  24. I guess we owe the large number of republican wins in the 2010 midterms a thank you! All those republican governors, republican-controlled state houses and the U. S. House led to over 1,000 bills introduced that were related to reproductive rights. Personhood bills, new hoops to jump through to procure a legal abortion — ultrasounds (many of us learned about trans-vaginal ultrasounds for the first time), counseling, waiting periods…

    Women had grown complacent. The 2010 mid terms elected people who proposed bills, and got too many of them passed, and finally got our attention! Our complacency ended and we decided enough was enough! The republicans refuse to understand women are simply NOT going to allow government to strip away the rights we’ve been living with for decades.

    So, thank you to republicans who woke women from their complacency! We stopped them from being able to appoint federal judges for at least the next four years!

    Take a look at what republicans did after the 2010 mid terms —

    Laws Affecting Reproductive Health and Rights:

    • But…but….these men just did this for our own good….didn’t you get that memo from God?

      One thing that makes me angry is when Pro-Birth people think that Pro-Choice people just want to see as many abortions performed as possible.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not Pro-Abortion – but I do not want the government telling women they have no choice to make that decision.

      And then when Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock and Paul Ryan all added their two cents worth about rape – that really brought this issue to alot of womens’ attention.

      If God intended rape to be the way a baby is conceived – then do I really want to know that God?

      • P.S. – I knew a woman that chose to have the baby after she was raped and then she put it up for adoption.

        And I applaud her for that decision – but my point is – it was HER decision – not some evangelical men who happen to be in seats of power in the government.

      • They make up their own reality where none of this is threatening to women’s rights. Shoot, they love women! [eye roll] They also seem to know what a “woman’s place” should be! I don’t expect them to learn the lesson they should from yesterday’s elections, but women will continue to know who trusts them to make their own decisions, who respects them as equals.

        No well-informed woman failed to recognize that the man Romney chose as a running mate was the same Paul Ryan who co-sponsored a Personhood bill with Akin in the U. S. House!

    • I talked to my son last night. Boston is so well prepared for these kinds of storms. This isn’t like Sandy, this is just the everyday Nor’easter and that’s a fact of life for New Englanders.

      I do feel so sad for those folks that have worked hard for over a week trying to clean up after Sandy who now have this new challenge to face!

  25. prairie pond

    I also liked this comment from last night.

    “If a play were opening tonight,” James Carville wrote, “I think the title should be ‘The Ass-Whuppin’ Cometh.’”

  26. Don’t you just love Elizabeth Warren? She seems so geniune and sincere.

    I heard today that when Hillary Clinton steps down as Secretary of State – John Kerry wants the job – so that will create another vacant Senate seat for Massaschussetts…

    And guess who is eintersted in that job? You guessed it….Scott Brown.

    Maybe Scotty will find more promsing ground in the photogenic department of some magazine looking for the older-set centerfolds?

    Or maybe Fox News will come calling……..

    Either way – Massachusetts deserves better – IMHO

    • wicked

      I first saw Elizabeth Warren on Real Time. She’s been on at least a couple of times, maybe more, each time as the first guest that he chats with one on one. I don’t think she’s ever done the three-person panel. But I’ll tell you one thing. She explained the financial mess the U.S. was in and what steps would help start to get it out. And she did it in a way that my eyes didn’t glass over and cross, the way they usually do when someone tries to explain math to me. 🙂 I love her. When I heard she was going to run for office, I could hardly contain my excitement. I am so very glad she won.

  27. My husband and I talked about this during the DNC Convention and we brought it up last night – also.

    For an example of how two bitter rivals can put aside their political differences and both work together for the good of the country – just look at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    NOW that is what being an American civil servant should be…….

  28. So…Marco Rubio turned Mitch McConnell down on running the NSRC for the 2014 midterms. Hmmm…do you think Marco Rubio does not want to be anywhere near the GOP when it implodes?

    But….look at the last sentence in this article… seems Jerry Moran of Kansas has rexpessed an interst in the job..