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  1. The VoteMaster decided to get a jump start on the losing talking points. 🙂

    If we have a winner tonight–a big if–there will be a lot of postmortems tomorrow. But why wait? The reasons for each side winning or losing are well known now. All we don’t know is which set of arguments hold.

    How the Right Will Rationalize a Romney Loss

    If Romney loses, a full-blown civil war will break out in the Republican Party. The North will be played by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Karl Rove, and the rest of the establishment. If Obama takes Virginia, they will be in a state of advanced panic because the GOP’s base is the South, and if Virginia secedes from the South and becomes a warmer version of Maryland, the road ahead looks grim. The rebels will be played by the tea party, whose motto is: “To hell with winning, purity comes first.” The pros will realize that having boatloads of money isn’t enough. You need a good candidate and they didn’t have one. The tea party types are going to be saying things like this:

    Romney was not a real conservative, but he was the only one left standing after the others crashed and burned

    The liberal media (= NYT) were in the tank for Obama and refused talk about Libya all day and night

    The pollsters conspired to have skewed polls that discouraged all the faint-hearted Republicans from voting

    It’s all the fault of Hurricane Sandy because it cost Romney three days of campaigning

    Well, its the fault of Sandy plus that traitor Chris Christie, who is only looking out for his own fat ass

    The voters are too stupid to realize that when Obamacare kicks in, America will instantly become Cuba

    How the Left Will Rationalize an Obama Loss

    Left-wing commentators and Websites like Daily Kos will be full of explanations of what happened, should Obama lose. These will include:

    He was scared of the Republicans carping so he made the stimulus too small to do the job

    He didn’t call the Republicans’ bluff ever, for example, on raising the debt limit

    Fox News and all of talk radio acted as an extension of the Republican National Committee

    Obama was asleep at the switch during the first debate


    • Well, here’s another one —

      Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Jonathan Martin of Politico that “if we lose this election there is only one explanation — demographics.”

      “If I hear anybody say it was because Romney wasn’t conservative enough I’m going to go nuts,” Graham said. “We’re not losing 95 percent of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics and voters under 30 because we’re not being hard-ass enough.”

      I note Graham left out any explanation of why they lose the women’s vote.

      • Of course Romney was conservative enough – if that was what that particular crowd wanted to hear at that moment.

        IMHO – it is because Romney kissed every old lily-white Fundy Christian, Tea Party and Birther butt that is the real reason Romney will lose tonight.

        We all saw as Romney tried to be mdoerate – and what did he do soon after – went to the Fa Right by makign that campaign ad for Richard Mourdock – the guy who thinks God intended for a baby to be conceived by its mother being raped.

      • wicked

        Romney is a sociopath. Don’t agree?

        #1) Sociopaths are charming.
        #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people.
        #4) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse.
        #5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs.
        #6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent.
        #7) Sociopaths are incapable of love.
        #8) Sociopaths speak poetically.
        #9) Sociopaths never apologize.
        #10) Sociopaths are delusional and leterally believe that what they say becomes truth.


      • I question the charming part……but, then again, I don’t find a man who gives used car salesmen a bad name to be charming..

        But – I’ve heard several women talk about how handsome and charming Romney is – and I look at them like WTH….

        But Obama has Romney nailed to the wall as a very good salesman..

        Salesman that will do anything to close the deal and then move on to the next deal without giving any thought to anyone but his own pockets.

        Sad to say – some people fall for the salesman’s line of B.S. – and the rest of us have to live with the consequences.

      • rd liebst

        Gramham better be warned, making sense and using logic is not something that the power brokers within the Republican party is fawned of having. It is against the thought mindless dubble that the power brokers think works with the party base. They think that the base is too stupid to know when it rains that it is wet. So why would being honest work better then peeing on thei legs and shouting rain!

      • prairie pond

        Let’s not get too cocky, or as Michael Moore said, it’s too early to do the end zone dance. Remember the football player who lost the super bowl when he started dancing at the three yard line, got the ball stripped, and never made it to the end zone?

        Let’s not do the end zone dance until we are IN the end zone. The repukes could still steal this election with voter suppression and faulty vote counts.

  2. Charts: How Much Have the Kochs Spent on the 2012 Election?
    See how much the billionaire brothers have spent in your state—and why the size of their campaign to beat Obama is a mystery.


  3. This supports PrairiePond’s theory about how stupid voters prove to be. And, as some of the people who commented noted, this list of 8 doesn’t even scratch the surface of imbeciles and corrupt douchebags who get elected.

    8 Candidates We Can’t Believe Are Actually Going to Win


    • I remember back in the 80’s – we lived in a small town in a small county in Southern Illinois.

      The guy who was the current County Commissioner was known as the town’s drunk. Everybody knew this guy and thought he was a twit.

      But – every election – this drunken twit would host a free fish fry and everybody came out of the woodwork to eat his fish and drink their beer.

      And EVERY time – this known town drunk won by a landslide.

      Voters …….who the hell knows what they think?

  4. My DIL was just here dropping off the grandson. She told me that she never did get her voter registration card in the mail.

    They live in Butler County and she registered as a Democrat. She has been waiting for about 2 months and when she called the first time – she was told to give it more time and let them know.

    She called them yesterday to see if her name was on the voting roll and then told them her card never cam ein the mail.

    She was told that they did not know what to tell her and they did not even know who she could call to help her find out if her name was on the voting roll or not.


    My husband is a registered Democrat and had no problems – but we are in Sedgwick County.

    Is that the problem???

    • Everybody knows I pick up trash in the local park while Ginger puts the squirrels back in the trees where they belong. Recently I found a Voter Registration card. It was a windy day and I’ll never know whether it was lost by a mail delivery person or someone else. I took it to the house it was addressed to, rang the bell, but there was no response. I thought about it a minute because of all the warnings that mail boxes are for mail, etc., but finally decided THIS IS MAIL with proper postage and all so I put it in the mailbox on the house. I’m sure if that card had never been received that voter would still have been a registered voter when they went to the polls, but now they have the card too. I hope your DIL finds the records are correct even tho she doesn’t have the card (which isn’t asked for anyway).

    • rd liebst

      I have a concern myself, I still have not recieved my hard driver’s license so other then the paper version given at the time of renewal I do not have a driver’s license or proof of whom I am though I have my SS card which should be good enough. I still wonder about voting and driving. A call to the license department only gets me a blow off.

      • wicked

        Do you still have your expired card? Take it and the new paper version with you. That should be all you need. Both are legal and have your photo.

        I was once told to always keep my latest expired card anyway. Just put it in a safe place.

  5. With Nate Silver giving Obama a 92% chance of winning (and most of the polls indicate an Obama victory) – is Chris Christie thinking ahead to 2016?

    Or is Christie still P.O.’d at Rush Limbaugh and his Lemmings treated Christie last week when he dared to give Obama praise for his leadership before and after SAndy hit?


  6. As I read this article – I remember watching Mitt Romney at some rally yesterday and his comment to the crowd was that he didn’t have the Beatles to perform – so the crowd must have come out to see him.

    What decade does Romney think this is? The Beatles??

    Just one more example of how ‘out of touch’ this Romney guy truly is…


    • But, to be fair, Bob Dylan is also from a different decade.

      But one big difference – Bob Dylan is very much alive.

      Two of the Beatles are dead. I wonder how Romney thought two dead people could play for his rally?

      I would do a Mormon baptism of the dead joke here ….but I’ll resist that temptation.

      In all seriousness – I never had a deep-seated negative view of Mormonism until Romney started this campaign. And with each passing week, all I can say is – if this is how a self-boasting Mormon Bishop conducts himself – then I put Mormonism right next to these Fundy Christians who are nothing more than Corporate Churches with tax free status.

      • wicked

        Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) are both British citizens, therefore they don’t have a gun in this fight. 😉

      • Exactly…….

        But I found this somewhat comical that Romney would think of the Beatles as the appropriate celebrity band for his rallies.

        It just dated him…….IMHO

      • wicked

        Because of his off-the-top-of-his-pointy-head remarks, it was the first famous band Romney thought of. However, I highly doubt John Lennon is smiling down on Mittens for using his band’s name in vain. 😉

  7. prairie pond

    So… I did something yesterday that I have not done in seven years. I voted. Ever since the hateful anti-gay constitutional amendment passed in my county by over 80 percent, and passed statewide by over seventy percent, I only had two words for Kansas voters. And those two words are abbreviated F.U. Skull F.U. I vowed never to vote again. And I have not voted since April, 2005.

    But yesterday, I made the forty mile round trip to the courthouse to vote just shortly before noon when early voting ended. Did it feel good? Not really. There was a county commission race in my district that was between two shitheads. (Yes, Trego County residents, if you are reading this, that’s spelled s.h.i.t.h.e.a.d.s.) But I voted for the lesser of the shitheads because there have been county commission races here decided by one vote. No kidding. And I would have slit my wrist if the bigger shithead had won.

    However, I also voted for Obama because, even though my vote in Kansas never matters, (never has, never will) I couldn’t live with myself if I had not at least cast one ballot for Obama. It may be the only vote Obama gets in this county. It may be the only vote Obama gets in any county west of Salina. But goddammit, at least he got one vote here.

    Kansas is circling the drain right now, and western Kansas is already partway down the pipes. And I say that with no pun intended because we’re just about to have civil war break out up and down the Smoky Hill River valley. We’ll fight over the scraps of water which are too few to support even our meager and shrinking population. We’ll act like our representatives and senators matter in Topeka. We’ll even act like our schools will stay open for more than one generation. We’ll act like we’re going to live, even though we are already dead and just are too stupid to admit it.

    And the rest of the state is not far behind, and will be joining us in the drain trap shortly after pastor sam and his church ladies have looted the treasury for the kochs and the AFP crowd. The bankruptcy of Kansas is gonna happen. You know it, I know it and even “they” know it, but voters across the state are all holding hands, singing “lalalala” and then whistling past the graveyard where the hole is already dug for Kansas.

    But at least for yesterday, I didn’t let them get away scott free. There was at least one, “in your face assholes” vote in western Kansas. Not that it will do any good or make any difference. But I hope, at least, it’s a very small and irritating grain of sand in their red, red shoes.

    I hope I live long enough to say “I told you so” regarding pastor sam and his church ladies. It won’t matter, but it will make me feel better.

    • I’m always proud of you! I’m glad you voted, and even tho it doesn’t really count, I can tell you are proud of you too.

      I think my hubby wishes he had registered and voted this year. Even knowing his vote in Kansas would have been symbolic. I’m just basing this opinion on knowing him for decades and what he’s said over the last several weeks. Hubby is a good judge of character and he sees Romney as being one of the worst of the worst (although Hubby uses much more colorful language to describe him).

      Hubby voted one time in his life — a Staff Sergeant was standing over him until he did. This was back in Vietnam days. Soldiers didn’t have to be registered, or at least those serving overseas at that time didn’t. This one vote he cast wasn’t an option — he did what his Sergeant told him to do.

      • I read someplace recently that neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties have as many people as the Do Not Vote camp has.

      • Vietnam days…..now those were some s.h.i.t.h.e.a.d.s. running that war – huh?

      • I’ve always been a registered Independent until Todd Tiarht ran for the Senate against Jerry Moran in the primary.

        I held my nose while I registered – but, hey, Todd is gone…….As Dubya – our Little Cowboy President – would say – Mission Accomplished.

      • wicked

        BTW, PP, I’m tickled pink (make that blue) that you dipped your finger back into voting again. As they say Down Under, good on ya. 😉

      • prairie pond

        Wicked, I had to hold my nose yesterday and vote for a repuke over a democrat out here. It just about killed me to do it because they are both anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-sanity catholics, but it had to do with water. Only the repuke guy would try to protect our water west of Hays. The other pukey dem is from Hays, and that is bad news for ALL the water in western Kansas. I can’t stand the thought of Trego County water being used to water the freakin’ golf course at Hays, which is exactly what happens.

      • wicked

        We do what we have to do. There always seems to be a tipping point in favor of one s.h.i.t.h.e.a.d. over another that keeps us voting.

    • wicked

      I haven’t voted for a (known) republican since 2000. I decided sometime into Dubya’s first 4 years that when the Republican party returned to sanity, I would vote for one if the candidate was better than the democrat. At the rate the party is going, Hell will be solidly frozen over by then.

      While some may say it’s foolish to do that, it’s my way of protesting a political party. Of course they don’t know it or even feel it in this state, but I know it and feel it, and that’s what counts for me.

      • prairie pond

        Just in case you wonder why I have a deep and visceral hatred of western kansas….


        Any wonder why I find Hawaii so appealing?

        These people are so damn dumb they can’t see what is happening and the correlation to how they vote.

        I gotta say it.

        Jesus wept!

      • Girlfriend -if you have the chance to move to Hawaii – why are you still in PoDunk Western Kansas?


      • Just kidding – PP.

        Seriously, if I had the chance to move to Hawaii – I would grab it. But, of course, I’ll need to bring my entire family with me….

        Do you think that hut on the beach will be a bit overcrowded..??


      • prairie pond

        Indy, it’s a damn good question why I am still here. My cousin in Hawaii asks me that every day. I guess because it’s a helluva big move and selling the farm is a big step. I’m still working on it.

      • Selling the farm would be a big hurdle to me also. I can understand that…

  8. prairie pond

    And… we can’t leave this sorry assed election behind without a final comment from the Rude One. I’d switch teams if I thought he’d marry me.


  9. wicked

    I finally put my Vote-for stickers in my car windows yesterday. All but my I ♥ OBAMACARE, which is on the whiteboard over my desk. (I have a very small back window and don’t do stickers on my bumpers.) I had to bring my Humphrey and Whipple signs inside because youngest grandson was intent on destroying them, anyway he could. No more yard signs for me, I guess.

  10. rd liebst

    Pond remember those great words from Blazing saddles: They are the salt of the Earth… the backbone of the country… you know shit kickers!

  11. Hey fnord ….I went into that link to find my DIL voter registration – and her name is there and Status is Active but then beneath that is Reason – Suspended.

    What does that mean?

    • Out of curiosity – and since I know my kids’ birthdates – I checked theirs and my husband’s info.

      My husband is active status and reason is left blank.

      My son is active status and reason is suspended.

      My daughter is active status and reason is left blank.

      What does that reason line mean?

    • I did not know there was a website for voter registration info. And I assume it is public knowledge since I did not have to click any link that I was the actual person looking up my own voter registration info?

      I can let my DIL know that her name is in the system …..and where her polling place is…

      But….like has been said here….a Democratic vote will not sway the outcome….will it?

  12. VOTE 2012: Guam Votes Overwhelmingly for Obama, (even though it does not count)

    Guam has correctly selected the winning presidential candidate in every national election since 1984, even though the votes cast by island residents do not count in the national poll.

    Obama and Biden 23,067

    Romney and Ryan 8,443

    Johnson and Gray 357

    • My granddaughter is in the 1st grade. When I picked her up today, she had a sticker that said ‘I Voted’ on her shirt. I asked her about it and she told me – with beaming eyes – that she voted for Mitt Romney and her team won.

      I told her that she was very good to vote and we talked about exactly what the process of voting means, etc. –

      She then asked me if I voted and who did I vote for. I told her I voted for Obama.

      She looked at me and then said – well, my team won at my class – so I was on the winning team. But, she did say, there were alot of kids for Obama but they did not yell loud enough….

      At least my granddaughter is learning how a democracy works…..and that is a good thing..