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What if there’s a tie?

By tie, I mean an Electoral College tie. Both President Obama and Gov. Romney end up with 269 electoral voes. Now what?

We have the 12th Amendment to handle this exact situation. I know each of you is able to search the interwebs and read the wording of this yourself, so I’ll skip posting it. Additionally, the language is a bit archaic, and hard to understand. You’re welcome. đŸ™‚

For President, the winner is determined by the House of Pepresentatives; the Vice Presidential winner is decided in the Senate. The procedures are, unsurpringly, different.

If the election is thrown into the Congress, the President is elected by a majority of the states. This means that the Members from each state decide for whom its vote will be cast. The first to 26 wins.

The Vice President is elected by the Senate. Unlike the situation in the House, each Senator has one vote. In this case, the first to 51 wins. In the event of a tie, the President of the Senate (the Vice President) casts the deciding vote.

As is obvious, such a scenario could well result in Gov. Romney’s Election as President, with Vice President Biden reelected to a second term as Vice President. I deeply hope this does not occur, but in light of the closeness of the race, it is possible.


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