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by | November 5, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. Doesn’t appear the heavy lifting can be done by either Romney or Ryan!

    This election is going to end!

  2. All (and much more) you ever wanted to know about types of voting systems used, where they’re used, whether or not the votes can be verified…

    Seems the voting systems are:

    — Optical Scan Paper Ballot Systems

    — Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Systems

    — Ballot Marking Devices

    — Punch Card Voting Systems

    — Mechanical Lever Voting Machines

    — Hand Counted Paper Ballots

    Each pictured and explained here:

    Here’s a map showing the dominant equipment in each state. Florida and Virginia, for example, have a mixture of paper ballots and unverifiable electronic voting machines. Colorado has a mix of paper ballots and electronic voting machines, some with a paper trail and some without. Nevada and Utah are the only states with electronic voting machines all of which have paper trails. The paper trails are essential for an honest election since in the event of a close election, the paper ballots can be manually counted.

    The map:

  3. Could Unreadable Signatures Be the Hanging Chads of 2012?

    Over 20% of the voters in Ohio and Florida mailed in absentee ballots in 2010 and this year the number is expected to be greater. The ballots are sent back in official envelopes that the voter must sign. If the signature does not match the one on file–in the opinion of whoever is doing the checking–the ballot will be rejected. Nationwide, over 2 million absentee ballots were rejected for bad signatures in 2008. In a close election, fights over signatures could erupt, with handwriting experts replacing lawyers as the key professionals in the fights.

  4. I’m beginning to hear and read the excuses for why Romney didn’t win. So far none of them have included the fact that losers don’t usually win. I’m reminded of the craziest of the craziest the republicans have nominated — Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, et al, and when they lose I never hear it was because they were losers. The Teapublicans don’t have a track record on choosing sane winners.

    I also hear grumpy complaining words about the election being so close it isn’t an indication of what the people want, there is no clear mandate, just more indication of divisiveness.

    I can’t help from laughing out loud!

    In November of 2008 we went to the polls and Barack Obama was elected with a clear and overwhelming mandate! It was an indication the people wanted what he campaigned on — health care reform being the biggie!

    2008 Popular Vote: Obama 69,456,897; McCain 59,934,814
    (53% to 46%)

    2008 EC Vote: Obama 365; McCain 173

    So what did the republicans do? Yes, they behaved like recalcitrant children, doubled down on the craziness and obstruction, vowing to make President Obama a one-term president.

    Why should anyone pay any attention to those who talk about clear mandates and will of the people if they are republicans? Republicans have proven that isn’t what they want or care about — they want to win at all costs! PERIOD

  5. What do you think about John Husted, Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, and Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott? To me they are what give elected officials bad reputations. They are working overtime to see how many voters they can block from their legal right to cast their votes!

  6. prairie pond

    Wow, just wow. Did anyone see Rachel Maddow last night and the voter suppression that’s going on in Florida and Ohio? Shorter voting hours, fewer polling places, fewer workers (all in the name of austerity, of course) means voters are waiting at the polling places 6-9 hours. Hell, I couldn’t do that without water, food and a chair. What about diabetics and people with other health problems, not to mention age. And finding a sitter for the kids for 9 hours is a burden on low income. All these suppression tactics are apparently legal, and targeted toward voters who usually vote Democratic.

    LIke I say, the repukes only have to have it close enough to steal. And they are trying mighty hard to steal Colorado, Ohio and Florida. I heard this morning it may come down to Virginia, where Obama does well in northern VA and romney does well in the southern part of the state. It’s closer than anyone here is willing to admit.

    • It’s only close because of those situations you list. Yes, I think Rick Scott and John Husted are trying to steal the election for Romney. I don’t understand why what they’re doing is legal and I think it’s possible there will be legal action. It just won’t change the evil they’ve wrought this year.

      Obama can win without either Florida or Ohio if he has Virginia. He has many more ways to get to the magic number than Mitt does.

  7. prairie pond

    PS Fnord, looks like the time is working just fine. You go, girl!

    • First try! 🙂

      Every six months I do this and it usually takes more than one try. Thank you! I feel proud of myself.

      • prairie pond

        Now could you come fix the clock in my car? I do it every six months and can never remember the exact combination of buttons to get the damn thing set. The truck is no problem, but this is my mom’s old car and it’s a HUGE pain.

        Please come fix it. I’ll make fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. 🙂

      • That is one attractive offer, but I’m afraid my plan for things electronic is grab a teenager — any ole teenager will do, in fact most 10 year olds are close enough. We grew up using pencils. Their pencil is all that is electronic — they grew up using those tools and understand them as well as we do our pencils.

      • rd liebst

        I am proud to know you and of you.

      • It makes me feel awesome to have friends like you!

  8. If you listen to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – they ALWAYS say they want to take back America.

    I hate that phrase….

    Besides – if they feel they have to take it back – then wouldn’t that make the assumpiton that they have not been participating for the past 4 years to solve our country’s problems?

    This is not a one sided issue here. When McCain conceded the election in 2008 – he spoke of how Americans need to come together …

    So – are Republicans not Americans? From the past four years – and McCain himself – I’ve seen no indication that Republicans are willing to come together.

    And now these same buffons are yelling how they want to Take Back America.

    Oh HELL No………

    • The most dangerous part of that take back America team is Ryan! Romney is nothing and everything, Ryan is currently being held under wraps but all of us who were paying attention know what he is.

    • wicked

      Oh, they want to take it back, all right. Back to the 1950s. Or even better to the 1910s when women weren’t allowed to vote.

      • prairie pond

        No kidding. I think they wouldn’t mind going all the way back to the days of the Salem witch burnings. And to say they’d love a return to slavery goes without saying.

  9. Those long lines of early voters also show another thing – alot of non-white faces.

    That has to make Republicans scared….

  10. If one has to pay people to do their door knocking and phone calling – is it really the message these folks believe in?

    Maybe that’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans – Democrats have standards?

  11. I just saw this on Huffington Post….

    Some Kansans are very, very stupid….mean….hateful….and did I mention Stupid?

    • I’m not in the 96th district so don’t have an opportunity to vote for Mr. Whipple.

      So many times I’m ashamed of humanity. I hope no children are subjected to the poor examples set by these people.

    • wicked

      I saw the last 30 seconds of this on the local news and couldn’t tell for sure what it was about. Stinking, rat-brained people think they’re better than others. Brandon Whipple is 30 years old! I think he and his wife have plenty of time to have a family…if they choose to do so. What is it about people who think everyone should agree to their life-plan?

      I live down the block from Rick Lindsay. I’ve never spoken to the man, but I haven’t seen him out and about being neighborly. Does he have children? Hell, I don’t even know if he has a wife. I’ve only seen him and no one else. And believe me, I have to drive past is house anytime I go anywhere.

      Campaign literature I’ve received from the Whipples (his wife has sent several short, personal-type letters), they seem to be very nice people. Looks may not be everything, but when comparing Whipple to Lindsay, I’d have to say that the latter appears to be a bit Neanderthalish. 😉

  12. Feeling a bit “over the hill”. When I mentioned I would be following the election results by television tomorrow, she coldly informed me that she would not be so doing, as she had better and quicker ways to do so. Sigh.

  13. I’m sure everyon figured out I was referencing the younger above.

    • prairie pond

      I think that supports Fnord’s “find a teenager” post. I know your younger isn’t a teenager, but still, she’s young enough to be tech savvy. They don’t need no stinkin’ tvs when they have smart phones and ipads.

      I agree with your “sigh” comment.

      Now, if only voting and vote counting technology were up to date and reliable….

  14. Cool! When she finds out you can let us know. I, too, will be following the old fashioned way. That’s pretty neat to have the best of both worlds!

    • prairie pond

      Rachel Maddow had advice tonight about how to stay awake until three a.m. because she thought that’s how long MSNBC would be covering the results. I hope we know by then.

      Hint. The stay awake advice included a beer hat with Red Bull instead of beer and lots of carb loading.

  15. Latest Poll Shows Women’s Vote Will Deliver Obama Victory

    (from the link): A new USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday reveals female voters in critical swing states favor Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s presidential election by 16 points. At 52% of the electorate, Democrats are enthusiastic that these XX-votes will all but deliver incumbent Obama a second term in office.

  16. I just watched the end of President Obama’s last campaign rally in Des Moines tonight – it was so emotional and so inspiring.

    One could tell that the moment must have hit him at one point – when he wiped a tear from his eye. The pundits were talking about this moment.

    While listenign to Obama – I told my husgband that Obama has one thing that Romney does not have and will never have – the ability to connect with people. The ability to speak to a crowed andconvey more thatn just words – to convey the emotions and heartfelt feelings the way Obama does.

    Romney will always be – IMHO – just a Dancing Horse….