Friday, 11/2/12, Public Square



by | November 2, 2012 · 6:00 am

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  1. Very interesting! All in one place, all in easy-to-read charts.

    Charts: The Voter Guide for Your Ladyparts
    Eleven reasons why every woman should vote on Tuesday.

  2. Just think! Unless a protracted recount or some other chaos ensues after all the polls are closed on election day: Today will be the last Friday in which Mitt Romney is relevant to the conversation. 🙂 I can hardly wait till that happens!

  3. rd liebst

    LOL I am so brain dead! reduced to setting here cutting out coupons! Not told to but on my own, my idea and seeming the thing to do? And it is for crap I don’t like or would eat! Advise: Don’t let a momentary fear govern the rest of your life or efforts. I got losted a few weeks ago, so lost I felt confused. Got a new cell phone with GPS the damn thing has to live on the charger in order to not go dead. Now the GPS is turn off since getting lost when not going anywhere is more maddening then the phone dying.

    • Probably the reason getting lost made you confused is because it was so unusual, it doesn’t happen to you. Next time you think about getting lost, you call me and I’ll show you how we experts do it. You’ll feel so good about yourself you’ll forget you ever got lost even once!

      I am directionally challenged. I’ve been lost so many times it’s kind of a normal thing. I can get me, and anyone with me, lost inside a room.

      The GPS makes me nervous! I hear, “recalculating” and while I’m trying to figure out which direction I screwed up I’m given a new one I don’t hear.

      I use google maps and study them before I leave my house, even doing the street view so I know what the area looks like. I still get lost but not as lost. 🙂 I think I start off on the wrong foot because I take for granted I’m gonna screw it up and then I live up to my own expectations!

      I know a few people — a brother-in-law, my oldest daughter — who have an innate sense of direction. They just feel the direction they should go, and they’re right almost always. I try to travel with people like that!

      • wicked

        I”m a google mapper, too, even if it’s trying to find the Goodwill in Derby a week ago. But then I was taught how to read a map when I was a kid. I sat between my parents in the front seat on a padded box my dad made. An absolute no-no in this day and age. My mom drove, my dad navigated. Doesn’t matter where I go outside of my comfort zone (less than a 50 mile radius), I take a map with me.

        But I still get lost. At night. On a cloudy day. Apparently I navigate by the sun and don’t realize it. Seriously, one cloudy day I turned down a side road to get home when we lived outside of the city, and before I knew it, I had no idea which way I was going or where I was. I did not panic, but it took me forever to find my way home.

  4. Do you think this idea might work for Congress?

    • Bob White

      Nope! Congress has demonstrated that they did not learn at home how to get along with “others” who disagree with them. Now, look at how those “others” rate congress. Vote this congress out of office!

  5. Good news from oncolgoist this morning. Lab and CT results came back showing nothing abnormal.


    Now – I am scheduled for a CT and lab work in 6 monhts and if they are just as good – I can officailly be released from my oncologist..


    My oncologist has a very special place in my heart – but if I do not have to see him, that’s a good thing.