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  1. Nope, showing ID at the polls doesn’t address this problem. I’m still looking for the problem that showing voter ID at the polls does solve. So far, it’s a solution without a problem.

    (from the link): Palm Beach County Has Another Ballot Snafu

    Palm Beach County, Florida, is where the famous “butterfly ballot” was used in 2000. The exotic design of the ballot probably caused thousands of people to vote for someone they didn’t intend to vote for and most likely cost Al Gore the election. One would have hoped Palm Beach County would have learned its lesson. One would be wrong. This year, 35,000 absentee ballots were incorrectly printed and in such a way they cannot be read by the optical scanners. This has necessitated election workers manually transcribing the incoming ballots onto new ones that can be scanned. The possibilities for both errors and mischief are legion here. This again goes to show that having over 3000 separate election administrators in the country, many of them rank amateurs, is not a great idea.

  2. Just an observation – what’s with the Google ad that is now appearing on our blog?

    • Another observation – I just now had to log in to post my comment and I saw this Google ad directly below the picture above.

      But, after I logged in, the Google ad is now gone? The ad was about Annuities and had a download link… Has anyone else seen this?

      Or am I seeing things now…..LOL

      • wicked

        indy, I sometimes get logged out and logged in under a different profile. It’s an alternate profile I have for WordPress, because I do post under another name at other WordPress blogs. Maybe we should all try logging out and checking on the ad? But then ads don’t bother me much, unless there’s more ads than blog.

        Huffpost is such a mess that I have to sit and wait for everything to load on each page before reading what I went there to see.

    • wicked

      I don’t see a Google ad. Location, please?

    • I don’t see an ad. Where is it?

      • I noticed this last Friday also….same ad…

        it pops up right below the topic picture/graphic…

        But I realized this morning it is when I have to log into my wordpress account – because I also blog under different names elsewhere..

        Wicked – I know what you mean about HuffPost blog… seems to be getting worse in th elast few months..

      • Although I read everywhere, including some blogs, I don’t blog anywhere else. But then, no one spends as much time right here as I do. Blogging could get to be a time waster BIG TIME for me. It’s best if I don’t venture out. 🙂

      • I’ve been logging out and logging back on ….and cannot get this Google ad to pop up …

        Isn’t this just like the times you take your car to the shop for some problem and then the mechanic cannot duplicate the same problem?


        Or – maybe I just need to face the facts…. this old girl is getting old and starting to see things like Annuity ads? LMAO

  3. I made my rounds of news.

    This is one ginormous storm! Etc. etc. etc. I don’t know what to think. I am jaded because on-air weather people in Kansas do love the spotlight. Maybe these national on-air weather people aren’t like that and every word needs to be said. I heard several times about 35 mph sustained winds for a day or two. Again, I’m from Kansas so duly unimpressed. Now, storm surge is a concept this Kansas gal knows nothing of! I do hope everyone who may be in harm’s way remains safe!

    There is still no war on women according to the republicans. Move along, nothing to see. Oh, at the same time they have magic polls that show there is no gender gap any longer either. [eye roll]

    Benghazi. Benghazi. This must be some republicans best hope for something negative about President Obama. I don’t know why they’re so fixated, but it sure looks ugly on them. I thought last week when Condi came out in support of President Obama they might give it up. I was wrong again. I’m absolutely no good when it comes to attempts to make sense out of nonsense! I just read this one even tho it’s a few days old —

    GOP’s Benghazi Smoking Gun Goes Up in Smoke

    I think I’m going to vote this week! Our weather looks perfect so I will enjoy being out and about. Here is when several in-person early-voting locations will be open:

    Oct. 30 Noon – 7 p
    Oct. 31 Noon – 5 p
    Nov. 1 – 2 Noon – 7 p
    Nov. 3 9 a – 4 p

    Here’s a place where you can build your own ballot by entering your address —

    Here is where you can find the list of those locations or answers to your questions about voting. —

    In Sedgwick County here is the list of in-person, early-voting locations —

    • That Benghazi GOP talking point is being pushed – I think – because these are the FAr Right Wingers who want to continue to paint the picture that Obama is a secret Muslim that is out to destroy America.

      NOw – think back to what Romney said in his press conference that morning – while the attack was still happenieng and no detqils wer yet known..

      Romney said that Obama sided with the terrorists.

      That is the reason these Republicans keep gnawing on this bone……

      That is also why these same Republicans keep pushing the Birther B.S. – because they have to plant the seed of doubt that Obama is really a Muslim – not ‘one of us’ – so we need to hate him.

      It’s sick and twisted logic – but look at the people pushing this crap…..Far Right Wingers – these flying monkeys will do anything to get what they want.

      As for Condi Rice – she is a moderate Republican and she really has no place in the current GOP. But, they do like to bring her out and parade her around when it is convenient for them to do so.

      Let’s not forget – Condi Rice is a woman – and Republicans think they know best how to handle their women.

      Big eye roll….

      • Nothing more shrill than those republicans who have worked themselves into a tizzy. Their butts look ugly, and they’ve been showing them for quite some time. Their desperation shows badly too! Oh well. The evangeli-nuts have begun to out-extreme the Islamist extremists!

        Pass the popcorn.

      • wicked

        Condi endorsed Obama? I missed seeing/hearing that. I got Colin Powell and noticed Meatloaf is a Romney lover. That’s okay. ML always made me shudder, in spite of his talent. I’d been thinking about Stevie Wonder only a few hours before his endorsement for Obama was announced. Not that anyone’s endorsement will sway me, but it’s nice to know I’m in good company. 😉

      • No, Condi didn’t endorse Obama for president that I’ve heard anyway. I think I confused you. What I should have said above was that Condi came out in support of President Obama’s handling of Benghazi.

      • wicked

        Thanks for straightening me out, fnord. My fault for misunderstanding. But at least support for that Benghazi mess is a step in the right direction.

    • wicked

      I plan to vote this week, too. I may pick up #2 daughter at work and take her. Apparently she can’t vote alone. (sigh) #4 daughter voted by mail. She decided she likes doing it that way, because she can ask me questions. LOL #3 will vote early, too. Not sure about #1, but I know she’s vote somewhere, sometime. Her hubby is another matter. He’s former military. ‘Nuff said? We’re swinging him slowly around to our way of thinking. Very slowly.

      • My hubby is former military (still works every day with military personnel) and he has much to say about Romney — all negative. Most of the time he is supportive of the Republican candidate, but not this year — BIG TIME not this year. He knows who is advising Romney on foreign affairs.

      • wicked

        He has a wife who pays attention, fnord. And then keeps him current. 😉 Not that he doesn’t do it on his own, of course. Geez, I don’t want him mad at me. LOL

      • My family has given more than their share to the military – which is why I thought Obama was brilliant when he told Romney that we need fewer horses and bayonets.

        There it is in a nutshell – Obama wants to make our military leaner and more capab le/adapatable to future needs.

        Romney wants to throw $2 trillion to the military industrial complex to build 15 warsshps a year that we do not need.

        Obama chooses to use his brain to fight future possible wars. Romney chooses to use brute strength like any self-respecting Neanderthal would choose – IMHO

  4. I don’t think Condi Rice endorsed Obama for president (has she even endorsed Mitt Romney?)

    But this is the interview on Fox News with Greta Sustern (sp?) in which Condi Rice threw cold water on the Cons’ B.S. line that Obama lied about the Benghazi attack.

    As is noted in the article – Condi Rice parted ways with the infamous John Bolton and Donald Rumseeld.

    My,…oh my….Condi Rice turned her back on the NeoCons? For that – Condi Rice gets kudos from me because what she is saying is true – the White House did not have all the details as it was happening or even after the attack was done. And all that chaos takes time to figure out exactly what happened.

    But – have you noticed that these Republicans who are jumping on Obama for lying and covering up Benghazi are the same ones that did not criticize George W. Bush for covering up and lying about Pat Tillman’s death?

    Yeah – I guess Pat Tillman was too good of a recruiting story for those NeoCons to pass up to get fresh meat for their much-desired wars?

    • Why aren’t these Republicans criticizing Mitt Romney for getting on television while the Benghazi attack was happening and telling the whole world that Obama sided with the terrorists?

      This is what is so unbelievable…..IMHO

      How do you think that played into the Radical Islamists playbook to see Mitt the Twit go on television and cause another big divide within the USA?

      No foreign enemy is more powerful than our own Americans who think they can get up, spew their nonsense for the world to hear and then the president has to try to make some sense of what is really going on?

      Please, I am so sick and tired of these damn Republicans.

      Remember duirng the run-up to the Iraq War? How many Americans were called traitors because we dared to question the Little Cowboy President?

      Just pass the barf bag now…..these Republicans make me sick.

  5. I guess Condi Rice endorsed Mitt back in May – while rumors were flying that she was being considered for his V.P. choice?

  6. I don’t think any more attention needs to be paid to those obsessed over Benghazi than should be wasted on birthers. Both bunches of nuts just want desperately to find something / anything to discredit President Obama. The important lessons that need to be learned will come from a full investigation of facts. That full investigation is also the route to finding those responsible. All of that is ongoing.

  7. Obama predicts there will be an internal war in the GOP when he is reelected.

    I think that is true….but I am more concerned about a war outside o nthe streets from these Wackadoodle Far Right Wingers. These people are capab le of anything.

    For example – JFK in Dallas that fateful day? I’ve been worrying about historyrepeating itself ever since Obama was elected.

    And in today’s society – it would not take much to push someone over the edge with all this 24/7 hatred of Obama being spewed …

    • Republicans will have to have a serious discussion with the factions in their party if they expect to survive. Those who want the Constitution to be rewritten to more closely resemble the Bible, the racists, the homophobes, the radical anti-government faction, the most dumb of all who follow Ayn Rand theories, those who want to cut taxes further and are so stupid they won’t acknowledge taxes are at their lowest point, the fat cats who gladly use the others to secure the Plutocracy… Is any faction willing to compromise? From what I’ve seen and read they all plan to double down. Makes your head spin.

      A party of old white men is destined to die. So, they have to look at youth, women, minorities… and they have to look at policies that might attract those new demographics.

      Yes, I too think there are dangerous and well armed militia groups in America. I think they are what we should fear more than any foreign country.

      • You know – what is ironic is that Republicans were all for that cheap labor coming up from Mexico. But which population group is now poised to vote them out of power – the Hispanics.

        You gotta love irony…

  8. Pray for the safety of everyone in harm’s way.

  9. Totally off topic – but can I ask for some prayers and positive energy being sent out into the universe for my friend who has just been diagnosed with an incurable disease?

    I don’t care what religion you are – or if you don’t believe in religion. I truly believe that in this world we live in – more people just need to stop, think and then send out positive energy for those folks we do not even know.

    For someday – that person might just be you.

  10. This should touch everyone’s heart. They’re still there —

    • Everyone should take a good look at this and then think very hard about any plans of going to war…..

    • wicked

      This photo was taken in September this year, not today. Of course that doesn’t dim the passion stupidity of worshiping symbols. I’m getting old and crotchety and really tired of those symbols being more important than lives. To me, the above is the “symbol” for insanity. We seem to think some “tomb” is more important than the health and lives of those young men. The same goes for the guards in front of Buckingham Palace. (You’re more than welcome to disagree. It’s simply my own opinion, jaded though it is.)

      Anyway, now that I’ve gotten out my rant for the day, here’s a website where you can check on some of the fake photos being sent around.

      • Thanks for clearing that up! I don’t like to misrepresent something, even unintentionally. I can see your point, although I never thought about it before. It is a symbol. I’ve always taken it as a symbol of loyalty, devotion and respect without thinking further. I’ve been there a couple of times and felt the solemn respect — it was moving. Do they ever not attend to the tomb? Are there times it would be too dangerous and we do realize the value of the lives of those still serving over those that are gone who can’t be protected from danger any longer?

      • wicked

        fnord, I thought the photo was current, too, then happened to trip over the link with all the fakes. Even though I find humor in some of them, I think it’s sad to use them during a time that could be deadly for so many.

        Looks like I’m in one of my moods again. LOL

        As to the soldiers at the tomb, from what I saw today, no, the tomb is never unguarded. I’ve just been thinking of how we tend to let items be more important than the things they represent. Like the sign at the car sales place near here that said, “If you’re going to burn our flag, wrap yourself in it first.” When did we make a piece of cloth so important? While it does stand for a lot of things, it isn’t those things. Silly me. (Can you tell I was raised Catholic, with its own set of rituals? LOL)

      • I’ve always wondered what God thinks of having his name associated with our money? Somehow, I think the overturning of the money-changers tables offered some insight…

        In fact, I think He told us about idols…

  11. rd liebst

    Took my mother to her Doctor’s appointment this morning and while waiting I had a chance to read several national publications and low and behold… They had finally caught up on the Neo-Conservatives that are coaching Rommney. The articles all pointed out these same Neo-naiz cons were the ones adiving Bush and getting us into all those wars.

  12. If you listen to Nate Silver… this article. Seems these Conservatives don’t like Nate Silver and have targeted him …

    There was a blog about some Conservative blogger that called Nate Silver a thin and ineffimate (sp?) male – so he is not to be trusted.

    Was this guy saying Nate Silveris gay? Is that the dog whistle for th eGOP FAr Right Wingers to all put on their flying monkey costumes and fly across the Wicked Forest in serarch of their perceived nemey?

    I’ll try to find that link to that article…..or has somebody else seen it?

    • I’ve seen republicans attack success many times — any time it’s inconvenient to their alternate reality. Do you think down deep they believe their bluster? Do they ever admit, maybe to someone like minded and privately, the actual facts? Or, do they have themselves fooled even tho no one else falls for it?

  13. prairie pond

    Ok, so, we all knew it was only a matter of time….

    From Crooks and Liars
    “A fundamentalist Christian minister has become the first to link Hurricane Sandy to marriage equality and the “homosexual agenda.”

    Gay Star News first reported on Monday that Defend and Proclaim the Faith ministries founder John McTernan had posted on his blog that Hurricane Sandy is proof that “God is systematically destroying America.”

    “If you add the area of the drought and now the hurricane together, it would be about 80 percent of the country!” the preacher wrote. “As I said, the Holy God of Israel is systematically destroying America right before our eyes.”


    The Christian leader warned that even electing Mitt Romney might not save the country from God’s wrath because both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee supported LGBT rights.

    “Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda,” McTernan insisted. “America is under political judgment and the church does not know it!”

    Well, there ya have it. On behalf of all queers, I personally apologize for any inconvenience this storm may cause.

    Sarcasm Off.

  14. Here’s an interesting op-ed titled ‘Soylent Mitt’
    The One Percent will eat the poor, and other prophecies

  15. We can’t be wasting money on the 47%, or the people who do the bidding of the 1%! We need every dime for BIGGER tax cuts for the wealthiest! Oh, and war, we need some money for the war machine!

  16. Read more about Sheldon Adelson from the link above titled, “Soylent Mitt.”

    The gross, florid face of the new reality—pandemic top-dollar “democracy”—is the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, the human embodiment of Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Adelson is worth roughly $25 billion, which means that if he were a dollar, the embarrassingly rich Romney would be a Lincoln penny. He has vowed to spend at least $100 million to defeat President Obama, and since that announcement Republican candidates have followed him around like hungry puppies. Romney virtually carried Adelson’s suitcase on his recent tour of Israel; the moment Ryan was chosen as Romney’s running mate, he hastened to Vegas to kiss Adelson’s … ring.

    Dirtier money than Adelson’s would be hard to find. Is it a sane legal system that lets marijuana dealers rot in prison while casino owners, who exploit the far more destructive human weakness, can live like sultans? Among the many unsavory things about Adelson are his casinos in Macau and Singapore, where reporters have been exploring rumors of bribed Chinese officials and prostitution, and his ultra-right newspaper in Israel, which supports the immediate bombing of Iran and whichever wars that might precipitate.

    The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Adelson’s Macau operation for possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Daily Mail of London accused him of “despicable business practices” and charged that he had “habitually and corruptly bought political favour.” The paper was consequently sued into silence. Unlimited legal intimidation is one of the great prerogatives of billionaires.

    Adelson’s lone virtue is a certain feral honesty. A former Democrat, he admits he became a Republican when he tried to crush his employees’ unions and realized the Democrats wouldn’t help him. He never tries to hide the fact that he uses his money to shape legislation to his own advantage, as well as Israel’s. His billions in overseas income are currently taxed at the shamefully low rate of 9.8 percent, and no doubt Mitt Romney has promised him another tax break.

    Yet Adelson and the Kochs aren’t even the best cards in Romney’s hand. The recidivist South, where the electoral map is now colored solid red by the most optimistic Democrats, is no longer worth pursuing by a president who isn’t colored solid white. I don’t know exactly what the tea party represents in Wisconsin, where it’s in love with Ryan, but I’m pretty sure what it represents in the South. For years now we’ve watched surly old white men of modest means raging about “Obamacare,” using silly words like “socialist” and “fascist,” when it seemed clear that the president’s well-intentioned but inadequate overhaul of the health care system could only work to their advantage.

    Health care issues have nothing to do with their hatred of Obama. But it’s still considered bad form (though less so of late) to say flatly “I want that black man out of the White House.” I’ll bet my ranch that 80 percent of the Southern tea party’s active members voted for Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, and no doubt George Wallace before them. Most of them are old enough to have their roots buried deep in Jim Crow. And so here we go again, with progressive Southerners hanging our heads in shame.

    Down here they don’t fool us, the geezers in the leather vests and Johnny Tremain hats. Obama reanimated a generation of dormant racists, and they’re determined to take back Air Force One. Of course the One Percent, who for the most part are not racist—or anti-abortion, or gun-loving, or homophobic, or religious, either—are delighted to play the race card and hope the Southern Sickness can defeat Obama. Once in office, the Wall Street Republicans are likely to ignore this unsavory constituency that elected them. Most ominously, only the NRA and Adelson’s Israel lobby have the money and muscle to make a Republican president keep his promises.

    • I don’t even have words for the racism that exists in our world. I was naive, and thought we’d moved right along, moved away from that despicable hate of a person for no other reason than the color of their skin. I was wrong, again.

      But, speaking of health care, here is an article from last summer, but still timely and pertinent. Plus, it’s from Salina, Kansas, where progressive ideas have taken root!

      (from the link): You get what you pay for.

      In the medical system, doctors and other providers get paid when someone gets sick — but what if, instead of treating the illnesses of sick people, doctors got paid to keep people well?

      Eight Kansas medical practices — including Cheyenne County Medical Clinic in St. Francis, Ellsworth Rural Health Clinic and Plainville Medical Clinic — recently were selected by the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians to participate in a two-year pilot project to study a relatively new model called the “patient-centered medical home.”

      The hope — backed by evidence from similar trials in other states — is that such a model can simultaneously lower health care costs and improve health.

      continue reading:

    • azzippy

      Well, that was quick. It’s gone. Links to it exist all over the Internet, but Forbes scrubbed it, no explanation. Move along, nothing to see here!

  17. Okay, warning: real people talking in real ways and using language that may confuse children and offend really truly silly adults. 🙂 For everyone else, enjoy!