Saturday, 10/27/12, Public Square



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  1. prairie pond

    Brrrrr. Watching the propane needle go down, down, down. I had some propane delivered in September and the price was the lowest since 2003. And yet gas was skyrocketing. It’s also slowly going down in price, but not as much as it has for you all. Anyone who says it’s cheaper to live in the country, especially rural kansas, has never lived there. EVERYTHING is more expensive here, including electricity and groceries.

    Anyone know of a good writing job in Wichita? I just about can’t afford to live here anymore. Hawaii is looking better and better.

    • WSU is Hiring! Looking for a Video Producer/Editor/Videographer responsible for producing, directing, editing, videographing and writing video production projects for Wichita State University’s Media Resources Center. Apply Online: Click: Unclassified Positions/Producer/Editor/Videographer.

      (I know the person who is Director of the Media Resource Center at WSU)

    • wicked

      Good luck, PP! And I do remember those propane filling days. I also remember when I wasn’t paying a water bill, and mine here has doubled in 10 years.

      There are pros and cons to both living in the country and the city. It comes down to what you want and especially what you need. But then you already know that.

  2. A good way to spend a few minutes! Watch it and you’ll feel better about the whole ‘debt’ crisis.

    • Bob White

      Well! It would appear that nobody in the Tea Party (Hello rural US, i.e., Western Kansas!) has either seen or heard about this message. Or, is it merely ‘fear politics?’ “Run people, run! The sky is falling!”

  3. MITTEN$: You know, laws that target what isn’t a problem but gets rid of pesky voters we need to get rid of. Now, I’m not talking about laws that would actually address the forms of voter fraud that have been proven to exist and we need to keep to help get me elected!

  4. A minimum of 12 republican Senators would NOT make an exception for rape and incest! That may not be the total number, but to this point we know for sure about those 12. Out of 100. And, this is the governing body that holds confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominees.

    This is VERY important. The Republican Party Platform also states rape victims who conceive as a result of that rape should be FORCED to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth against their will!

    No matter how often you hear republicans change the subject and say something like, “It’s the economy,” please understand they all know not to speak about their agenda. Remember leading up to the 2010 midterms all the candidates said “Jobs, jobs, jobs….,” and, once elected, never addressed even a single bill pertaining to jobs. They concentrated on women’s bodies and controlling what we do with them!

    So don’t be fooled! Listen carefully to what they are trying to keep very quiet and know that is nothing more than a deceptive strategy!

  5. wicked

    Am I the only one who didn’t know Barney Frank is retiring from Congress?

  6. The republicans draw a line and stand proud against women’s rights!

  7. Stevie Wonder Releases Song For Obama

    It’s your right. Go out and vote! Let’s Keep Moving Forward. #steviewonderobama