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  1. rd liebst

    Watching MSNBC this morning I realize I must be in touch with my inner child since some children have accused Romney of being a Bull shitter!
    I agree..

    • There are lots of ways to describe Romney. Bullshitter is one of the kinder ways..

      I’ve also heard there are lots of ways to tell the story of when and how the word was used by the president. In some versions the president uses the word when he is talking to children, or when children are present… It all gets rather convoluted.

      • I suspect Republicans do not like the truth being told ?

        Hey – what else would call someone who promises to bring back American manufacturing jobs from China while he is personally going to benefit from his company that is currently sending American jobs to China (Freeport IL- Sensata)..

        That is nothing but a big ol’ pile of B.S. – and from a Dancing Horse that gets $77,000 tax deduction which just adds salt to the wound.

  2. The Votemaster tells some interesting scenarios that could happen after the votes are cast and the counting begins. He writes two short chapters of this story:

    When Will We Know the Results of the Election?


    Electronic Voting in Swing States Could Lead to Chaos

    • prairie pond

      I think chaos is exactly what the repukes want. Remember, I’ve been saying all along they only had to have the election close enough to steal, and then they would indeed steal it. Chaos at any crime scene will cover the tracks of the criminals.

      And now, I’m worried about the super storm headed for the east coast. the latest map shows northern VA, an Obama stronghold in that swing state, getting hammered. And predictions are that eastern Ohio and western and southern PA could get walloped too. Along, of course, with NY and NJ, all place Obama will do well.

      NO wonder early voting is encouraged. The storm will be over by election day, but getting the vote out now will be important as power is expected to be lost for several days.

      Gee, it would be awful if they had to use paper ballots…..

      • wicked

        “Gee, it would be awful if they had to use paper ballotsโ€ฆ..”

        You know what they say. The Lord works in mysterious ways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • wicked

        This time Mother Nature may trump that hand.

      • Let’s not forget the fact that Tagg Romney owns voting machines in Ohio.

        Now what part of that does smell of B.S.?

      • wicked

        Speaking of Tagg Romney, did anyone notice him with the President after the last debate? I’d lay odds he was giving a bullshit apology. Then Michelle walked up, leaned forward toward Tagg, and said something. Her frown was impossible to miss, and then she led her husband down to shake hands with the people in the audience. Romneys followed quickly behind.

  3. prairie pond

    Hee hee. Since you all know me so well, I bet you are surprised I’m adding to my list of things to worry about. I just don’t like what my gut is telling me about this election. Truly, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Obama wins. However, I feel things slipping away. And the biggest slip of all is Romney closing the gender gap. W.T.F. ?

    • You sit on one end of the teeter totter and I’ll balance the other end. I take that gender gap closing with as much credibility as I take Romney being moderate on social issues. He isn’t, and the gender gap isn’t closing!

      Brace yourself! I’m about to quit balancing my end and I don’t want you to shoot up and off the teeter totter.

      I do however agree with you about stealing the election any way they can and I see too many ways to accomplish that goal.

      • Oodles and gobs of info and charts with regard to ‘the gender gap.’

        Charts: Women Are Backing Obama by the Binderful

        (from the link): Update, 10/25: According to a just-released AP poll, Romney has erased his 16-point disadvantage with women and his lead with men has shrunk to 5 points. However, this is is just one poll; it will be interesting to see if other nationwide tracking polls show similar shifts in the week ahead. As Nate Silver’s post explained, nine major polls show a significant gender gap; the 18-point split he cited was an average of those. It didn’t include AP. If you factor in the new AP poll, Obama has an average 8.5-point advantage with women; Romney’s average advantage with men is 8.7 points.

        Update 2, 10/25: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds a 14-point gender gap, with support for Obama falling among unmarried women.

      • wicked

        I just verified today that the guy running on the Republican ticket for KS house of reps lives half a block down the street from me. I suspected it might be him because he has a sign on the door of his car. Today I paid attention when I saw him outside getting things out of the car. Thanks to the Kansas Democratic Party who sent me a glossy flyer with the guys picture. LOL

        Also got to see a photo of incumbent Republican for Senate, who lives 2 blocks from my #2 daughter. My response was…ewwww. Get this man Weight Watchers. LOL

        Youngest has voted by mail. I will vote early next week, as soon as my body adjusts to this weather.

      • wicked

        Update 2, 10/25: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds a 14-point gender gap, with support for Obama falling among unmarried women.

        I don’t understand this. I’d like to see a breakdown of unmarried women by age and previous marital status. Maybe Romney’s other wives who hare not legally married and therefore considered “unmarried” were polled. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (No, I don’t have proof. It was typed as tongue-in-cheek.)

      • I suspect the younger women do not fully understand (or even comprehend?) how the way things were for women back in the 50’s – before the birth control pill and the ERA movement.

        These younger women have known nothing but the benefits of what previous generations of women have fought for – except for that equal pay issue . And – to me -that equal pay issue would be enough for me to support Obama over any Republican.

        I guess it’s that old saying – you cannot miss something if it has never been taken away from you?

        But….I wonder…..what will these women who are supporting Romney going to do when Romney and his Three Ugly Stepsisters continue with their War on Women?

        Will they care then……or will they just allow the time clock to be taken back to the 50’s?

      • wicked

        I’d like a rundown of where these polls are done each week and how they’re done. (Just so you know… Not from you, indy, but from the agencies doing the polling. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  4. You know a snow storm that buries Kansas is a walk in the park for, say, Connecticut? They’re prepared back east for Nor’easters. Okay, less populated areas may be ‘cut off’ for awhile, but haven’t all the polling experts told us it’s those rural folks who support Romney while the urban people are Obama supporters?

    This glass is about 3/4 full! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Happy birthday Hillary and thank you for your years of service!

  6. I’ve been thinking (stop giggling) ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know the republicans organized to attack a problem that doesn’t exist — voter impersonation? Yes, they did a bang-up job of passing new laws and restrictions at that level where no problems exist. And for people capable of thinking we see their solution to a lack of a problem as being voter repression of those who usually vote Democratic.

    Where voter fraud does exist no one does anything but bitch. We’ve seen examples of each of the ways fraud happens overandover and we all know voter impersonation isn’t a problem and showing ID doesn’t solve the real fraud problems that do exist.

    Could the democrats organize and actually work on solutions to the kind of voter fraud that DOES exist?

    I know I used democrats and organize in the same sentence. I know voting rights are state issues (except when it comes to Florida and Jeb Bush is Governor and must ensure his brother wins), but just maybe, is it possible people with sense — spell that democrats — could tackle this problem?

  7. I’ve never said this out loud, but that Sununu guy is about the biggest idiot I’ve ever heard speak. I’m pretty sure he is one of the prime examples of John Prine’s “some humans ain’t human.”

    • The ironic part is – Sununu is talking about Colin Powell is only endorsing Obama because of race…

      Has anyone researched Sununu’s racial heritage? He was born in Cuba. His father is from Palestine and his mother is from El Salavadore.

      I wonder if his fellow white Republicans talk about Sununu behind his back?

  8. wicked

    BTW, I’m collecting all these huge glossy postcards from Republicans and plan to mail them back to their local office. I’ll try to be nice, but I might add a note that says they might want to check my political affiliation.

    I really do need to put the 2 yard signs out that I brought in because grandson was knocking them over. I’ll just have to work around him.

    • I did the same thing to these Republicans after the primary.

      I was an Unaffiliated voter previously – but when Todd Tiarht was running again Moran – I held my nose and registered as a Republican for the pure pleasure of voting against Tiarht – and it worked.

      Wink and tip of hat to fnord… LOL

      Just let me warn you though – ever since becoming a registered Republican, I have been bombarded with bunch of junk mail, too many damn robo calls and even real-person calls yammering on and on about how great Romney or his fellow RePUKES are.

      For the real-person calls – I let them spew their scripted talking points and then I tell them that I already voted for President Obama and they just wasted their time on a lost sale. Wow – some of these folks get really upset with me….

  9. I had an interesting call the other night. Caller ID said ‘voter poll,’ so I picked it up. A pleasant woman’s voice identified herself (I’ve forgotten, but she was clear about the polling agency). She then said a funny thing, “Your voice sounds young.” I replied that I’m 65. She then explained she needed to balance her polling and everyone who had been willing to answer her questions had been very young or older voters and she needed some people in the middle. So I didn’t get to hear or answer her questions as she pleasantly ended the call.

  10. Yesterday morning, I was sitting in the waiting room for yet another CT scan for my upcoming oncologist follow-up visit next week.

    A young woman came in looking scared, nervous and anxious. She asked the technician how the CT scan machine was built – if it had a long tube with it beaus she was claustophbic . The tehnciain asked her come back into the room and see the machine prior to filling out the paperwork and to calm her fears.

    This young woman came back to the waiting room and sat down and I told her that the technician was very nice and that the CT machine looked scarier than it really was. I tried to comfort her because I suspected she was newly diagnosed with cancer.

    And my suspicion was correct. This woman is 32 years old – two young children – divorced and working full time.

    She was just diagnosed last week with breast cancer and she was on her 3rd testing before her initial visit with her oncologist.

    She was scared, upset, worried and anxious – but she told me that she was the most worried about losing her health insurance – because her employer told her that she had to maintain working 40 hours a week to keep the health insurance.

    I told her my cancer journey story – and I hope that I helped her in some small way.

    But, as I sat there, I felt my anger come up to the surface when I remember Romney promising to repeal Obamacare on his first day as president.

    WTH…….. even when we have health insurance – there is always a threat that we will lose it.

    Do these REPUBLICANS just not get it? Or do they just not give a damn?

    While these pompous asses talk about being pro-life – are they really pro-life or are they just Pro-Birth?

    My assessment is that they are Pro-Birth – these folks do not give a fat rat’s ass how people truly live.

    And THAT makes me angry.

    America is not a poor nation. And if Romney wants to spend $2 trillion on those damn warships every year (that we do not even need) then we can surely make it possible for every American to be able to take care of their health care needs.

    • I think they’re pro money — well, I also think they don’t give a damn and that they don’t get it, but that’s harder to prove. Republicans seem big on determining who is worthy, what spending is worthy. People don’t come up very high on their ‘worthy’ list.

      Repealing Obamacare, making Medicaid spending a block grant to states and trimming its annual federal budget, vouchers for Medicare, the long list of cuts Romney would make will reduce federal spending on those items. We could save on defense if we only tried to protect half of the country.

      All the Romney cuts will mean the government would spend less, but only because it would provide less and Americans would get less. There are plenty of people who don’t think guaranteeing health insurance is a core responsibility of government. That young woman you talked to yesterday may be one of them. Republicans don’t think of the collective good, at least not until it affects them and then maybe they start to see there really are two sides to every story.

      Democrats are less likely to set any kind of worthiness test and don’t worry so much that someone who isn’t meeting the ‘minimum standard of contributing to society test’ might get to eat, have shelter, receive health care. In fact, if democrats think about who is getting what at all, it’s to acknowledge that the person who gets help today may be the person who is able to offer help tomorrow, or to know that “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

      Romney has no concerns over bringing down the overall health care costs, he just wants to have the government less involved. Any safety nets that interest Romney will be those for the biggest businesses. He honestly doesn’t worry about a much larger percentage of people than the 47 he admitted to!

    • Hey, Indy, did all your tests come out good?

      • I will know next Friday when I see my oncologist. Had my labs drawn this past Monday…… I always hate this part of the ‘waiting game’.

        I’m 5 years out from diagnosis and I don’t want to blow it now….

  11. Jon Stewart on the GOP —
    “If a woman wants to have a baby via IVF she canโ€™t. Rape? She has to.”

    You know, if we were reactionaries like the republicans are when it comes to gay marriage leading to…. (fill in with your favorite bit of their bullshit), we would ask: If the republicans are successful in using the government to dictate what women can do with their bodies, who is to say that someday they wonโ€™t decide that cancer is Godโ€™s will, and it would help reduce the deficit if we let those people die as God intended.

    Where would it stop?

  12. wicked

    So what’s up with gas being down to almost $3.25? Before long, it’ll be below $3, and the Rs are going to have to think up a new meme.

    • Have you also noticed these Republicans do not give Obama credit when the price comes down but they sure do give him hell if it raises – don’t they?

      Selective memory is a symptom of Romnesia…

      • wicked

        Yes, I’ve noticed, but to be fair, I remember liberals blaming Dubya for the same. There’s one small difference. Dubya’s ties to the oil industry and we can’t forget Cheney. We (meaning Dubya, Karl, Dick and the rest) decided to wage war against a country we had bombed heavily some years before for “stealing oil from Kuwait.” From all I heard years later, it was Kuwait that was siphoning oil from Iraq. Either way, wars for oil were bound to make gas prices go up, not to mention our friends (and I use the term loosely) the speculators.

        But that’s just MHO.

  13. Hey, fnord, OT and all that, but are you keeping up on Hurricane Sandy and its turning into a hybrid storm? Could be ugly in Boston Tues/Wed.

    • I did talk to them. He was up the North Shore at the inlaws, helping get the big sailboat on land — quite a task done each fall but hurried along this year. The kids live about half way up Beacon Hill and will lay in supplies, etc. Beacon Hill is a steep hill that ends at the Charles River on the low end and the Inner Harbor Waterfront on the high end — so they are between the two bodies of water. They are across Cambridge Street from Mass General — close enough they walked to and back home from the hospital when both boys were born. They have no place they have to be since both are off on maternity leave. The worst they should experience will be housebound, unable to visit the park or go for a walk, with an active toddler.

      My oldest grandson lives in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. He lives in a 5th floor walkup so would be safe from flooding. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t even imagine climbing five flights of stairs just to get to your front door. I think if I got to the street before realizing I’d forgotten something it would need to be very important before I would go back for it!

      Yet another weather event that surely has nothing to do with global climate change, don’t you think? Nuthin’ to see here…

      • Seems the main thing is power outages, as I understand. Crown Heights in Brooklyn, will ask the younger if that’s the part of Brooklyn her best friend from Colby lives (sounds familiar to me). Here’s hoping all goes well for all.

      • I don’t think they lose power in the cities often. They have so many trees that is a definite problem outside the cities. Too many trees! You have to be up someplace high to see more than just the tree trunks.

      • Understand. While I never thought I’d get tired of seeing trees, six days in Maine convinced me otherwise. Trees, trees, trees; from the highway, in town, trees in all directions! Sounds weird, I know, given the lack of trees in this part of Kansas, but when we got home, it was three dys before I grumbled about no trees. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • My grandson was telling me about his new home since I’ve never been to NYC. He said the population of Brooklyn, only one of the five boroughs, is large enough it would be one of the biggest cities in the U.S. if it were a stand alone city. Yet, it’s geographical size is such you can easily walk the entire thing, and into other boroughs with ease too. A bunch of humanity crowded into small spaces. I try to imagine, but fall short.

      • The first time I was in New England in the fall I was so anxious for the colors I’d heard so much about. I soon learned seeing those fall colors wasn’t as easy as walking outside. Yeah sure, you could see a pretty tree, but it hid the forest of beautifully colored trees unless you found someplace high to get the panoramic view of the beauty.

      • wicked

        fnord, When I was in NYC in 2003, one of my roommates at the conference we attended and I walked all over lower Manhattan, sightseeing. Of course there’s a difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn, but where we were there were small shops with apartments above and very little traffic. It was relatively quiet in the middle of the day. And those things they say about New Yorkers being cold and distant? Nope. We had maps to help us get to where we were going and would stop and look at them,now and then. Several people stopped and asked if they could help us find something or if we needed directions to get somewhere. Very nice!

        I talked to a woman who had lived in upstate NY and had moved to the city. She said she loved it. She could call the market (no grocery stores like we have) and have her groceries delivered. And everything she needed was close. Our hotel was across the street from a very nice deli, and I visited it every morning. There was a grill there, and we had omelets made to our specific order the first morning, and we watched as they cooked them. Amazing. I want to go back!! And that was my second trip to NYC. LOL

  14. NOT easy!

    (from the link): This week, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock became the latest in a string of Republicans to say really, really stupid things about women while campaigning for office in 2012.

    The sheer number of these types of quotes that weโ€™ve seen in 2012 got us wondering: Who says more antiquated things about women and families, Christian fundamentalists or Islamic fundamentalists? Here are nine stupid, backward, and often misogynistic quotes from nine different Islamic fundamentalist and Christian social conservative leaders. See if you can spot which one is which.

    Spot the difference between the Christian social conservatives and the Islamic fundamentalists:

  15. wicked

    Bill had a great show tonight. Nate Silver, who runs says Obama will win, in spite of what the polls are showing now, especially the Gallop Poll. These guys who work that know statistics backwards and forwards, so I feel a little better.

    • Mitten$ has never led in the electoral college and that is how presidents are elected. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think republicans will sing different tunes than in 2000. But I won’t be surprised. I’ve learned to expect amnesia from all of them. There is reality, and there is what republicans remember — always different ends of the spectrum. I used to be perplexed and even attempt explanations and corrections — facts and all that. I learned, even as they didn’t. It was an experience in freeing myself from the burden of attempting the impossible — sense cannot be made from nonsense.

      Will they have enough memory intact to realize there will never be another republican president as long as they limit themselves? When you alienate all minorities and women, you’re pretty limited. I don’t remember the statistics of when white men become a minority, but it’s not far into the future.

      • wicked

        It was pointed out that it’s the demographics of race that will lose the vote for Mitt and will continue to be a major factor. The number of whites is decreasing each year in this country.

        My thought is that when you add women to that number, the Republicans of today are going to be toast. Give me the Republicans of before the 80s, and I can work with that. Otherwise, they’re a bunch of wackos. There will come a time when many of those Republican wives will say, Yes Dear, then vote the way they want when Dear isn’t looking. Just ask me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • wicked

      There are panel guests on Bill’s show that I wish would go home and shut up, and then there are the ones I love to see. In the middle are surprises sometimes.

      Last night’s panel consisted of Eliot Spitzer, a woman whose name I forget but she seemed to lean left, and Michael Steele. I have to say that Michael Steele doesn’t lean as far right as many do. He isn’t enamored with the Tea Party right now or their extremism. That doesn’t mean he leans left though. Bill told him he would be a good leader for the Republicans–someone who could lead the party with common sense– because he was one of the real conservatives and that’s what the party needs.

      • During the time Michael Steele actually did lead them I didn’t know much about him, not sure I had ever heard him speak. Since they fired him, however, I have heard his views and he seems to be what republicans were before the “GRAND” was removed from the party, back when I might disagree but respected them. I have heard Reince Priebus (RNC PR BS), who replaced Steele, and I think he sounds perfect for what the party has become.

      • wicked

        Exactly, fnord, and well-said! Much better than my befuddled attempt.

        I slept in this a.m. and my brain hasn’t finished waking up. LOL