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  1. rd liebst

    The problem with spinning tales feeding the delusions and fears of those whom you wish to deceive is that facts when apparent get in the way and often shows how little you think of those who you wish for them to support you.

    Romney and his Neo-nazi liken handlers face, you can only feed the delusions of the masses to the point where it becomes too delusional to believe. Once that point is reached then the power brokers start losing their ablity to control and deceive the people.

    Eventually, the only foolish and delusuonal appearnt is those power brokers who have deceived themselves into thinking they are the more intelligent and wise.

    • I don’t know…..the Catholic Church has been shown – in a court of law – to have covered up child molesters for many years – and these guys in the their gold-blinged robes, funny hats and their golden slippers (tip of hat to PP) STILL manage to hold power over alot of people.

      And now we have the Boy Scouts being pressured to release their files on their pedophiles – 15,000 pages. Just think – 15,000 pages???

      And what is the Boy Scouts’ spin on this story? This is evidence that they were keeping a black list of pedophiles so that victims could be reassured that they were safe.


      Is that why some of those pedophiles on that black list were allowed to continue to participate in Boy Scouts?

      Is the entire world just frickin N-U-T-S….

      My devout Republican, Pro-Life, Tea Party Catholic asked me what I thought about the Catholic Church and their child molesting scandal.

      I told her exactly what I thought. Her reply was – well, our church is going through a ‘little’ problem.

      Little? Is that really what this mother and grandmother of a 3-yr-old grandson said…… a ‘little’ problem?

      There it is – in all it’s ugliness – even when shown that the Catholic Church knowingly covered up child molesters – the faithful (or willing to be lied to?) STILL support this church and calls it nothing more than a ‘little’ problem.

      I have not talked to that particular friend for going on 7 months.

  2. I just heard a Wall Street economy pundit talk about McDonalds. It seems – McDonalds’ earnings fell this past quarter.

    The thinking is – when the economy is bad, McDonalds’ earnings are up because that means people are choosing to go to McDonalds for the Value Menu ratehr than more expensive placers.

    Well….it seems the details of the decline in earnings for McDonalds was from their stores in Euriope. And this is due to the traffic into their stores has declined – which means, even the cheap Value Menu (or Euro Menu) is not cheap enough for people to come in to eat.

    And let’s review what is happening over in Europe with the Euro – shall we?

    Protesters in the street because paychecks and pensions are being cut – draconian government budget cuts….

    And this is what Romney wants to bring to America?

    A very small part of me would love to see Mitt Romney get into the White House and try to implement his big plans……more tax cuts for the rich and paycheck and pension cuts for the working class.

    I wonder how long it would take before President Magic Underwear has a full-blown riot on his hands?

    Oh, what am I thinking? Mitt and his Boys will be so busy plannign their damn Holy War and building those 15 damn warships that they will not even notice what the peons are doing.

    I do hope that old practice of tar and feathers comes back in style. Maybe that is when Mitt will know what it is like to be Big Bird?

  3. Can’t you just see Romney using that mean face when dealing with world leaders?

    I can.

    Yes, RD, you’re right we’ve gone past the time when it’s easy for the neocons to convince us to be afraid, very afraid.

    I see a large difference in today’s perpetual turmoil in the Middle East. Revolutions are messy but they’ll figure it out. With the exception of two American led invasions — 1991 to liberate Kuwait and get the hell out, and 2003 to overthrow Saddam and then get stuck because bush the lesser didn’t have the sense God gave a goose — there has not been a major armed conflict between the states in the Arab world since the end of The Cold War. They’ve rattled sabers at one another, but their iron fisted rule and brutality have balanced out and kept stability between the nations. Now that dictators are being overthrown by the people (sometimes to be replaced by another dictator sadly) they’ve begun a process that won’t be short but has some chances of coming out good for them. Good for them isn’t necessarily what we would see as good, or be good for us.

    • I think America needs to keep our nose out of any foreign country’s business…..with NO exceptions.

      I don’t care how much damn oil Iran has …..that gives us no right to go over there and bomb them on the pretense that it is in our national security.

  4. Romney will send other people’s children to fight the wars he starts.

    • When Ann Romney uses the word – missions – is she trying to hoodwink the American voters into thinking these missions were military related?

      All these missions main goal is to convert the world to Mormonism.

      Exaactly how is that even begins tok compare with our military soldiers missions where these men and women are killed or wounded?

      • I would vote for Obama just for the pleasure of seeing Ann Romney cry – or maybe go ballistic and start spewing her Queen Ann retorts of ‘you people’.

        Ann Romney reminds me of those Fundy Christian women at my college and at that damn church I had to go to becuse my mother waqs wrapped up in that damn charismatic preacher.

        Their M.O> is this: Look good on the outside but be as mean as a snake on the inside. And – if caught – simply fall back on the Golden Pass that Jessus gave them – they’re just a lowly sinner.

        Isn’t it ironic that their God gives them all those Golden Free Passes but to their perceived enemies – ‘you people’ get no free pass – ‘you people’ go to Hell.

  5. Look at the picture of Romney’s face in the thread header. What do you see?

    I see anger.

  6. But…fnord….Ann Romney did say that one of her sons is serving his country by being a doctor who has the privilege of working with our veterans.

    Hmmmmm……let’s see…..a government paid doctor who has never even once considerd serviing in hte military feels he is on the same level of service as the veteran layin gin the bed fighting for his life, or loss of limbs, or loss of sight or hearing or his entire mental abilities to lead a normal life again?

    How arrogant of Ann Romney…. Arrogance drips off that Romney family by the buckets.

  7. Did you hear about those Texas cheerleaders and their Bible verse banners?

    Since all these Republicans are loudly and proudly defending the right to use Bible verse banners at a public school….then can I assume these Republcians will also be loudly adn proudly defendin tgeh right of a cheerleander (or anyone else) displaying Koran vreses on their banners?

    Or how about Buddist – Jewish – or even Mormon based verses. Will they also be allowed – next to these Bible verse banners?

    NOW that would be applying that freedom of religion thing across the board – if you allow one religion to do it – then you must allow ALL religions to be represented.

    Or none…..

    • Not that it will matter, but the judge enjoined the district pending trial on the merits next June. IMHO, the issuing of the injunction is based on erroneous reasoning, although the Constitutional issue is a difficult one, to wit: Whether one Constitutional right trumps another. This has arisen in the pretrial publicity area where courts have attempted to address the conflict between freedom of the press and the right to a fair trial.

      Indy, of course, correctly notes the idea of “all or none” approach employed by judges in the past, which generally result in no one being happy with the outcome, indicating to my perverse mind a good outcome.

    • prairie pond

      That’s pretty close to where I lived in Texas for three years.

      Trust me. The majority are a bunch of pentecostal snake handlers. Hell, the Klan still marches in Vidor, about 20 miles away, where the first black man to integrate public housing was murdered about 10 years ago.

      Lots of nice Cajun people. The rest? They’d have to pool their collective IQ’s to get to their shoe sizes.

    • Personally, so long as it’s completely independent of the school authorities, for all I care, they can hold up signs saying “I live for Satan” or “Regis Philbin is the father of my baby.” I am, however, skeptical that the school authorities didn’t condone and/or encourage it..

  8. rd liebst

    I had some thing to say…. But suffered “Rom-nesa”