Wednesday, 10/10/12, Public Square

Only in this country do we reward someone for being the King of Making Shit up.



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  1. Above are a couple of charts worthy of discussion. I think some of this will be talked about tomorrow night in the VP debate.

  2. Yesterday Mitten$ trotted out brand new stances on women’s reproductive health. Yep, he has new revisionist Mitt-beliefs that he spoke in sincerity in the world of Mitt-Believe.

    And he still wants to repeal Obamacare which allows females equal health care at equal pricing. Maybe that’s what his stunt of the day will be today? When he repeals Obamacare he’ll keep all those benefits to women.

    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Who knew Maureen Dowd could do satire so well? You’re gonna enjoy this one! 🙂

    (Names have been changed in case there are any innocents.)

  4. Did you notice polls are meaningful again? I’ve read where republicans are completely and insanely happy over polls. 🙂

    I know, I know, but they don’t. It’s that amnesia.

    Check the electoral college predictions and discover that Romney still has no chance (well, without cheating, that is). Then, relax, pass the popcorn, and enjoy the media frenzy the republicans are eating up. It’s actually quite a great show!

    Read the fun stuff and have some great laughs while this little feeding frenzy goes on.

    Go to Google Images
    Enter the words “completely wrong”
    Ass your Laugh off.

  5. Where does Romney stand on the issues? You choose what you want to hear and he’ll deliver — three different opinions on each issue, so lots to choose from.

    Did anyone tell this man about recording devices, cameras… Or, is he fully aware his constituency doesn’t care what he says as long as he has that little “R” beside his name they’re good to go. Winning is everything and how you get that done is immaterial.

  6. She says it soooo well. This is well worth your time, and probably will bring a tear to your eye. I’m so happy for the many great, wonderful, kind, sensitive people in our world.

  7. Let’s not forget – and remind everyone we know – Mitt Romney may now want to appear to be a moderate centrist – but his three ugly stepsisters (Fundy Christian, Tea Party Mad Hatter and Birther Betty) will be moving into the White House along with good ol’ Mitt if he gets lucky and gets elected.

    • None of those are as frightening as the neocons who advise him. If Romney manages to be elected we will see him sending other people’s kids to war quickly. He is more of a doofus than Bush2 in this respect!

  8. I thought of something that has not been talked about – or if it has, I’ve not seen it.

    Remember the days before the first debate and there were reports of Ann Romney being concerned about Mitt’s mental health?

    Do you think President Obama took it easy on Mitt because Obama has a heart and compassion?

    And – seriously – I do think that Obama expected the media to fact check Mitt’s drivel from the first debate – so he felt he did not have to correct everything that came out of Mitt’s mouth?

    I know Obama is a smart politician – but I don’t see him as being a cut-throat type and enjoys making politics into a bloodsport.

    So….I wonder…….did those reports of Mitt’s mental heatlh affect Obama’s debate performance?

    Now – if it was a question of a Republican having a heart or compassion – this thought would not even enter my mind. Because I truly believe the GOP has gone over to the Dark Side and loves it that way.

    • I still think President Obama didn’t do nearly as badly at the debate as we hear. I’m not wanting to excuse his poor performance! There’s no excuse for his lethargy, but really, how do you counter lie after lie and remain above the fray? Romney lied each and every time he opened his mouth and no one could have come across as presidential if they had dignified all those lies with a response. Why in the world would any adult join in that childishness? The reasonable person is at a tremendous disadvantage when they are dealing with someone who is a sociopath.

      Only those who want to believe Mitten$ (or ignore his inconvenient use of facts) fell for any of that, and none of those were going to vote for President Obama anyway.

      It just might end up that President Obama loses the popular vote and wins the electoral college votes. Sound familiar? Karma.

      I’m judging high school debates this coming weekend. I attended a Judges Clinic last night. Yes, rebutting the opposing argument is one successful tactic, but another is to have an even stronger argument in opposition without dignifying nonsense that can’t be supported. A successful argument is one that can be proven to be supported by facts as the debate continues.

      The debates are to be continued. I feel fine about the positions President Obama and Vice President Biden have taken and will support with facts.

  9. I just heard Thomas Roberts on MSNBC say something that needs to be repeated – often.

    Roberts and a panel were discussing the statement Rommey made yesterday about not knowing of any anti-abortion legislation on his agenda. Which then prompted his campaign to walk back those comments only a few hours later.

    Now this is the funy part…

    Roberts said – in order to be a good liar, you need a good memory.

    That about sums up Mitt Romney – doesn’t it?

    • P.S. – I love to watch Thomas Roberts… Sometimes I think I see him bite his lip to keep from saying something back to some of those morons he has to speak with……..

      And then – sometimes Thomas comes out with something just like he did this morning – and who could argue with the fact that in order to be a good liar, one has to have a good memory?

      • Romney didn’t have many options. He still doesn’t. Maybe he knows he’s lying and it was still the option he chose from the few available. Presidents are still elected by electoral college votes and he has little to no hope of achieving the magic 270 mark needed. So he went desperate and deceiving. Will it work? I don’t think so. I don’t believe there are enough undecided voters he can fool enough to put him over the top in all the states he would need to win.

  10. More fun! Laugh often, laugh loudly, smile when you can’t laugh. My best advice is an old axiom: “This too shall pass.” 🙂

    Barack Obama v Mitt Romney: the vices, the virtues and dog-related issues

    You may know the candidates’ views on the economy and foreign policy but what about the important stuff – like where they stand on mayonnaise, or Coco Pops?