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  1. The VoteMaster has an honest ‘take’ on the accusations of fraud pertaining to voter registration. Bear in mind these charges are not proven, and more importantly no one committed voter fraud because this is about registering voters only.

    I’m still waiting for any indication that voter fraud is a problem, and after much digging, that hasn’t ever been shown.


    (from the link): Republicans Drop Voter Registration Company that May Have Committed Fraud

    In 2008, an organization called ACORN registered a million low-income voters, some of were nonexistent. The Republicans screamed about this even though none of the nonexistent voters actually voted. The problem was the minimum-wage workers who were paid per voter they registered, so some of them made up false names.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. The Republican Party hired a Virginia firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, to do voter registration in four swing states (Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, and North Carolina), and now it is being accused of precisely the same thing as ACORN was: fraudulent voter registration. The scandal was uncovered by the Palm Beach, FL, County Elections Supervisor who flagged 106 questionable registration applications bearing similar signatures and incorrect addresses.

  2. prairie pond

    This voter suppression has been brewing and growing since 2000 when shurb and the supremes stole the election in Florida. They stole it again in 2004 in Ohio. While some people worried about fraud in voting machine counts, the suppression of actual votes grew. They are both problems that urgently needed to be addressed.

    And now?

    Voter suppression may snatch this election from Obama. We’ll wail and gnash our teeth after the fact, but the truth is, we’ve had more than a decade to stop this disenfranchisement and we as a citizenry have not done it. Maybe reforms can be made after the disaster and in time to affect 2016, but all the howling this year is too little to late to keep the suppression from affecting this year.

    That’s why it is so important that Obama win by a landslide. That’s the only way to overcome rigged counts and voters turned away at the polls or ballots not counted. This election is all about GOTV. The bad guys are motivated to keep voters at home and votes from being counted. The question is, are we motivated to overcome their already in place tactics?

    I guess we’ll find out the first Tuesday in November.

    • Voter suppression is a very serious problem. Yet another “be afraid, very afraid of something” tactic the republicans have used to sway elections — since that’s the only way they can win at the national level.

      Fraud has been proven in our elections just as Pond says above. But that fraud has nothing to do with voter impersonation and won’t be solved by voter I.D. laws. The fraud that does exist is much more malicious, much more damaging because large numbers of votes not counted, counted inaccurately, not allowed to even be cast, can determine the outcome of an election.

      It doesn’t make any sense that efforts to solve a non existing problem are happening when no effort is going toward solving a problem that has been proven to exist.

  3. prairie pond

    And, BTW, I loves me some Paul Krugman. I’d love to see him in Geitner or Bernanke’s job, but I think he’s probably more valuable right where he is, giving hell to the plutocracy on the pages of their very own rag.

    Dream cabinet? Hillary right where she is as Sec. of State until it’s time to run for POTUS in 2016. Tammy Duckworth as Sec. of Defense. Krugman as Treasury Secretary. Robert Reich as the head of the Council of Economic Advisors. Ray Marshall, if he’s still able, as Secretary of Labor. Marion Edelman Wright as Sec. of Education. Michael Pollen as Secretary of Agriculture. Kansas’ own Deb Miller as Sec. of Transportation. Kansas’ Dr. Jennifer Brull as Sec. of Health and Human Services. And could we please, please, please have Robert Kennedy Jr. as head of the EPA and California’s Kamila Harris as Attorney General? Please?

    I know there are other positions, but these folks would be a powerful force for turning around this ship of state and setting her on a steady course for prosperity and justice. With Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Al Franken or Bernie Sanders as President of the Senate, I’d sleep a whole lot better.

    • Bob White

      I like (affirm) your choices. And Paul Krugman is why I feel a desparate need to read the NYT every Monday & Friday at FHSU. May all go well from now through November.

  4. Giggles and grins. And pretty close to how it is —

    Newsfeed of the world 2012

  5. If she’s worried about his mental health, the rest of us should be, too.