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  1. Of course there are many sources to disprove the republican myth of President Obama having a SUPER MAJORITY in the Senate for his first two years in office. And, I won’t pretend that facts would sway any republican, but here, at Fox News no less, is a piece debunking one of their most-oft repeated ‘myths.’

    Remember the time when filibusters were used judiciously? Remember the time when a majority of elected officials actually thought about America and her citizens at least occasionally? I do too.

    I think there is that small minority who believes all sorts of craziness — President Obama isn’t a U. S. Citizen, wasn’t born in America, his college transcripts contain something really bad, he is a Socialist / Marxist / Communist… that he’s raised taxes, outspent other presidents… [eye roll] You know all the craziness they’ve convinced themselves of. Luckily, we have them outnumbered and they’re beginning to sound crazy to more and more voters. My advice is stay away from them, smile, realize that even when faced with new input they aren’t capable of reevaluating their conclusions.

    • rd liebst

      LOL I have met so many of these, yes simply truths and facts do not disway them. Facts only get in the way of what they want to believe and are useless to them. Often it ends with being accused of not paying attention or being so brain washed by the main stream media that I am living in a dream world.

      They often get their news and information from the most relible source you know… FOX NEWS! I tell them I too watch Fox but only till either my mind hurts from being treated like some mindless dupe or that my sides hurt so much from laughing at foolishes attempts to sell me a bag of beans for my cow.

  2. By now you’ve all read that Dr. Tiller’s clinic has sold. Here’s a place you can learn a bit more about women being able to exercise their constitutional rights in Wichita, Kansas, again soon —

  3. Early voting and absentee voting have been used more frequently by republican voters so wasn’t in any of the new voter-suppression laws passed by republican governors and legislators over the last couple of years. Their efforts were concentrated in ways to reduce voter turnout at the polls of mostly poor, young and minority voters. For most states there is still an easy way around the limitations republicans want to impose — vote early or vote by mail!

    • I’m rooting for the karma of all these voter-suppression laws actually motivating voters to make sure they do have a vote that counts. There’s been ample publicity, and lots of grassroots efforts, to help disenfranchised voters ensure their rights. When people are told their rights to vote are being threatened they don’t sit quietly and allow that to happen!

  4. In Kansas —

    Tuesday, October 16 — Last day to register to vote in general election

    Wednesday, October 17 — Advance voting begins for general election

    Friday, November 2 — Deadline for voters to apply for advance voting ballots to be mailed

    Monday, November 5 — Noon deadline to cast advance voting ballots in person in office of County Election Officer

    At the link above you can find contact info for requesting your mail-in ballot, or locations for early voting, all the rules, ways to verify your registration status.

    VOTE! It’s your privilege and it’s your responsibility of citizenship!

  5. Mitt Romney told voters in Westerville, Ohio on Wednesday not to expect a “huge cut in taxes” from his economic proposal, noting that he is “also gonna get rid of deductions and exemptions.”

    The message is at odds with the GOP nominee’s promises to cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses, while maintaining the current tax burden on the rich (shocked, I tell ya, shocked.. two statements made by Romney are at odds with one another… shocking). 🙂

    Romney has been pledging that he will cut taxes for all Americans by 20 percent, while also instituting tax reform that will not add to the nation’s deficit. But numerous analyses of the plan — including a recent study by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center — found that there are not enough loopholes in the tax code to finance the loss in revenue that would result from Romney’s massive cuts by only targeting deductions for the rich, meaning that middle class Americans will experience a net tax increase.

    • Jobs come from small businesses? Then why are the 1% called “job creators”?


      • Maybe before this is all over Romney will tell us jobs are created by demand. If he gets all the possibilities on the table does that mean he can say he told the truth?

        Too bad there were enough proven lies to show he can’t be trusted so we might as well stop listening to his bullshit.

    • As I’m sure all know, a cut in tax rates accompanied by elimination of deductions and credits often does result in a higher income tax ‘rate’. This has occurred a few times during the existence of the Internal Revenue Code.

  6. Romney promise of cutting taxes sounds alot like when Kansas promised to cut the cost of personal property taxes for the car tags – remember?

    While one part of the entire car tax bill might be lowered – Kansas raised the other parts so, bottom line, the car tags cost you the same or more than the previous year.

    But – technically – Kansas did lower the cost of the personal property taxes.

    Do you want to guess as to how many people I tried to convince were actually paying the same or more?

    For some reason – these folks cannot grasp the concept of the bottom line. When one tax is lowered and others are raised or new fees added – then why bother lowering the one tax?

    • In fact, the lowering of the personal property tax was detrimental when filing tax returns. Paid taxes are deductible but fees to get your car tags are not deductible.

  7. Have you heard about this video from Kansas students and teachers? Congressman Tim Huelskamp even offered his views on this issue.

    Excuse me – but if Ronald Reagan had accomplished his goal of making ketchup a vegetable for school lunches – would these Kansas kids and Republiican Congresman be demonizing St. Ronnie?

    How about a big ol’ serving of ketchup as your side dish?

    As we all know – the portion sizes in the average American diet is way too much than recommended – or needed. So – is this outrage aimed at the smaller portions because we are used to super-sizing everything or is this because Michelle Obama has worked towards making school lunches healthier?

    Why do I get the feeling that Huelskamp is not so much concerned about the nutrition status of the school lunches but rather this is way to demonize wife of the ‘that president’. You betcha….wink-wink;lst;1

  8. City officials in New Orleans are taking matters into their own hands while Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) continues to resist implementing an Obamacare provision that would expand the Medicaid program in his state to cover additional low-income Louisianans.

    Despite the fact that about 20% of Louisiana residents lack health insurance, one of the highest rates of uninsurance in the nation behind just Texas and Nevada, Jindal refuses to accept federal funds under Obamacare’s proposed Medicaid expansion to address this coverage gap. In an effort to provide low-income residents with affordable health coverage even without the federal expansion of the Medicaid program, officials in New Orleans are working to circumvent Jindal’s decision:

    Jindal said the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion, is too costly and he is one of nine GOP governors who declined to implement the Medicaid expansion. But New Orleans officials said they are encourage
    d by a Medicaid waiver that has allowed the city to provide preventative care at no charge to uninsured low-income residents and at sliding scale, based on income, for others. That waiver expires in 2014, and the city hopes it will be able to continue to provide universal coverage through expansion of Medicaid envisioned by the health-care overhaul law, Health Commissioner Karen DeSalvo said.

    “Should the governor not expand Medicaid as allowed through the Affordable Care Act, our administration is working with the (federal) Department of Health and Human Services on looking into some options to provide universal coverage for our residents,” DeSalvo said.

    Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital Secretary Bruce Greenstein didn’t explicitly say that his agency would reject the proposed Medicaid expansion in New Orleans, but he did note that New Orleans officials wouldn’t be able to move forward without its approval.

    • I wonder what Gov Bobby would do if all these uninsured people showed up at his front door asking for help?

      Remember here in Wichita when some neighborhood advocacy group showed up at the door of the Mayor’s (?) house or am I mistaken?

      It was the Sunflower Housing group – I think? Does anyone else remember this – I need to go do some digging in the archives….