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  1. Remember how adamant republican bloggers were about not allowing the MSM to choose their candidate this time? This linked says it happened and it was their very own partisan media who accomplished it! Here, in their own words Limbaugh, National Review, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Glenn Beck, Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin —

    Hard Core Talk-Radio Conservatives Elevated Mitt Romney


    Yep ! He’s their guy! No excuses like with McCain! This time they didn’t let media choose for them, Romney is the guy they chose!

  2. The election is SIX WEEKS from today! We know how fast that short amount of time flies!

    With all the voter suppression laws potentially leading to an unprecedented number of ‘provisional’ ballots, who wants to guess how long it will take to tabulate the results in all the races? Seems like it could take quite a long while in some.

  3. Life in the Bubble as Seen from the Inside

    Jennifer Granholm, a former two-term Democratic governor of Michigan, has written a piece telling how her 78-year-old mother didn’t quite understand why they had to stand in a security line at an airport. During her 8 years as governor, Granholm didn’t have to deal with security lines, shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, or anything else that normal people do because governors have staff to do all these things. (The staff doesn’t stand in line at the airport; governors are whisked around it.) Granholm makes the point that ultrawealthy people, like Mitt Romney, live in a similar bubble and don’t have a good feeling of what life is like outside it.

    As an example, she relates a story about him from 1994, when Romney was running for the Senate. He visited a shelter for homeless veterans and was told they didn’t have any milk. Romney joked: “Well, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows!” the remark became big news because it showed Romney didn’t understand what life is really like for the less fortunate.


    • Serious question:

      When Romney makes remarks like the one referenced above to teach vets to milk cows – do you think this is Romney’s attempt at humor?

      I’ve noticed several awkward moments like this with Romney and I hve to wonder if he really is this stupid or is he attmepting to be funny and he bombs out completely?

      But – in all seriousness – there are too many of these awkward moments for Romney. I think this is just the way he is – which I call – odd.

      Romney’s body language is odd.
      Romney’s delivery of speeches is odd.
      Romney’s warmth and compassion are not felt by me.
      Romney’s condescending tone is very apparent.
      Romney’s quick reaction to anything or anyone that irritates him is too apparent – and is a loose cannon when you’re the president – IMHO

      I just don’t like Romney…..and I have not even started on my dislikes for his lovely little Mrs.

      I think Jon Hunstman nailed Romney accurately when he called Mitt the well-oiled weathervane.

      • I’ve wondered the same, and concluded that if it is his attempt at humor why hasn’t he learned by now that it isn’t funny to anyone. He is an equal opportunity insulter and manages to insult people abroad as well as our country’s citizens. He does this seemingly without effort — he’s a natural at making people feel bad. I’ve decided it’s because he feels superior to most everyone and doesn’t know how to cover it up. In fact, he seems to think his perceived superiority is an asset we should all recognize and bow to.

      • Well, you don’t like Romney because he is a rich, pompous asshole and you’re not.

  4. No, Bush isn’t running this year, but his policies are! Most voters aren’t suffering the amnesia we see in the hard-core republican partisans who can’t remember anything before Jan. 20, 2009.

  5. I see President Obama as an intelligent, motivated center-left politician that happens to be black. I am not happy that he was veered to the right in some regards, not happy that he hasn’t done more for women’s and gay’s rights, and not happy that he hasn’t kicked Boner and Duh Cons (great name for a rock band) in the jewels for being such assholes.

    To some folks, all they see when they look at Barack Obama is a NON-WHITE GUY! and that scares the bejabbers out of them.

    (Of course, Mitt is now a non-white guy, but that is a topic for another day.)

    Here is Rude’s take on the situation:


    Put the coffee down – you will laugh – and please note the language warning, usually posted by our dear friend Ms. Pond.

  6. Phoenix mayor lives off food stamp budget for a week

    (from the link): PHOENIX –

    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton stepped into the shoes of someone on a food stamp budget.

    The mayor took part in a challenge where he had just $29 to spend on food for the entire week.

    “So for the past week, I’ve lived on food stamps or at least the amount of money you get on food stamps,” Mayor Stanton said.

    With just $29 in his pocket, Mayor Stanton went grocery shopping for a weeks worth of meals.

    “I lost a few pounds this week, I’m probably down about four pounds,” Mayor Stanton said. “Occasionally I’d have a cup of coffee and skip a meal in order to make it through.”

    As part of Hunger Awareness Month, the Arizona Community Action Association asked the mayor and others to take the challenge.

    Continue reading —

  7. This photo makes me smile. It was taken today when President Bill Clinton welcomed Secretary Hillary Clinton to the podium at the Clinton Global Initiative.

    • Now what is that these Far Right Wingers kept saying about the Clintons’ marriage?

      I guess there are those who can only preach about family values…..

      • They worked it out together, didn’t give up…

        She stood by her man…

        Doesn’t she look happy!?

        And since I am on the outside looking in I’m certainly not going to judge the decisions they made together.

        I know some people who seem to think a lot of things are theirs to judge.