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  1. A few weeks ago Zippy said something that surprised me. I had questions but no time that day. Do I remember you, Zippy, saying the U. S. House could change to Democratic majority?

    I found this piece that says the same. I’ve been thinking the Senate was the one that would flip and until very recently thought the republicans would gain the majority there. Now I think the Democratic majority will hold. I never realized the House might be in play!

    Republicans at risk of losing the House

    • rd liebst

      LOL when everyone is taking a shit bath, trying to say that even more should be in deep does not get much grip on the road. Especially when it is everyone other then the very rich. That truly does not go over well in a Democracy. We do understand self sacrifice for a better good of the people but that is FOR the good of the people as a whole not for a select few. It is a hard sell to make sure that only the children of the rich are well off when the children of the poor are to suffer.

  2. (from the link): …according to a new report from the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, things are even worse at the state and local level level. In fact, all 50 states impose higher tax rates on low-income households than their richest 1 percent…

    …Some of the worst offenders are Florida, where the top 1 percent pays a 2.1 percent tax rate while the bottom 20 percent of households pay 13.5 percent; Illinois, 4.1 percent and 13 percent, respectively; Nevada, 1.6 percent and 8.9 percent, respectively; Texas, 3 percent and 12.2 percent, respectively; and South Dakota, 1.9 percent and 11 percent, respectively. Washington state though, is the worst, where the richest 1 percent pay a 2.6 percent tax rate while the poorest 20 percent pay a whopping 17 percent in taxes.

    In the entire U.S., only the District of Columbia charges the richest 1 percent a higher tax rate than the poorest 20 percent, according to the report.

    Every State Taxes Its 1 Percent At A Lower Rate Than Low-Income Households

  3. Republicans don’t deserve to be in public office! I hope every Democratic candidate ties this bunch to Romney and makes sure voters realize one of the last things they did was kill a jobs bill for veterans. The republicans in our U. S. Senate used Veterans — those who laid their lives on the line — to continue their agenda of greed and power. Republicans will hurt anyone — including Veterans — who get in their way of taking America down so they can blame it on President Obama. A vote for any republican at any level is a vote against your own best interests! The republicans in our Senate are not people of honor and one thing we can count on is that they are not what’s best for our country!

    Remember last Spring these same republicans voted to keep paying 4 billion annually in government subsidies to the big, wealthy oil companies. One billion for vets is too costly, but 40 billion over ten years to big oil is OK?

    (from the link): Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder (R) gaveled out the day’s last vote at 12:12 p.m. on Friday afternoon, marking a historic moment for the House of Representatives, which has not adjourned this early before an election in over 50 years.

    All told, lawmakers gathered for a grand total of eight legislative days since leaving for their annual summer break in early August. Those eight days all took place this month, following the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

    House members leave Washington with major business left unfinished, too. No progress was made on undoing the so-called “fiscal cliff,” the combination of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes set to spring into place in January. And lawmakers went home to campaign for re-election without having resolved their differences to pass a farm bill.

    The historic nature of the adjournment was not lost on House Democrats, who held an event to chastise Republicans for “cutting and running” in the face of some of the largest economic issues facing our country in decades.

    “This is simply irresponsible, and Republicans ought to come back and finish their work, not cut and run and walk away from the American people,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said at the event, “Shame on them, shame on them for abandoning our farmers, our economy, and families that need us to act.”

  4. In 2011, Romney and his wife gave $4 million to charities, much of it to the Mormon Church, but deducted only $2.25 million. Had they deducted all of their donations to charity, their tax rate would have been 10.55%, which would have caused Romney political headaches, so he decided to forgo part of his donations. However, win or lose, after the election he is free to file an amended return claiming the full deduction, in which case IRS will cut him a check.

  5. (from the link): Half the Nation Can Vote Starting Today

    Forget about election day being Nov. 6. For about half the country, election day is here now. In-person voting begins in Idaho and South Dakota today. In 25 states, absentee voting starts today or has already started. About 35% of all votes are likely to be cast before election day.

    This surge of early voting could have a huge effect on the campaign. By all indications, Obama is ahead now, although that could change after the debates. Consequently, his supporters are all revved up and eager to vote, whereas Romney supporters may hold off until things improve, but if they don’t, his voters may not bother to vote at all, which could affect downticket races. Since there is no way to unvote, any mistakes or gaffes made later in the campaign will not affect votes already cast.

    Laws affecting early voting very from state to state. Here is a map showing what different states allow:

  6. There are many who are still in danger, let’s not forget!

    (from the link):

    The American military says it has completed what it called the “recovery,” meaning withdrawal, of the 33,000 surge troops it had sent to Afghanistan two years ago, more than a week ahead of the Sept. 30 deadline President Obama set for them to go home.

    Here a few more numbers to keep in mind as we approach the 2014 deadline for withdrawal of US combat forces:

    68,000: The number of US troops still stationed in Afghanistan.

    117,227: The total number of Department of Defense contractors working in Afghanistan.

    34,765: The number of US citizens working as contractors in Afghanistan.

    9,355: The number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan since Obama took office.

    18,553: The total number of civilian casualties since the war started.

    1491: The number of US troop casualties in Afghanistan since Obama took office.

    2121: The total number of US troop casualties since the war started.

    $385,600,000,000: The estimated financial cost of the war in Afghanistan to the US taxpayer since Obama took office.

    $557,300,000,000: The estimated financial cost of the war in Afghanistan to the US taxpayer since October 7, 2001.

  7. A flag pin for the lapel costs about a dollar. Taking care of veterans is exensive. The GOP went with the low cost option.

  8. Five Social Issues On November Ballots

    In addition to choosing a president and members of Congress, voters in several states will weigh in on high-profile social issues on Nov. 6. Here are some of the key voter initiatives on ballots:

  9. rd liebst

    Romney has to be the biggest joke candidate of all times, seriously the power brokers behind the scene and are we not fortunate that curtain they hide behind is not pulled totally closed? Are in reality as dumb as they think the masses are. The shame that reality is money can buy a lot of attention and power if left unchecked.

    I often think about a world if the Koch and the like actually would be in charge, a real catch 22.
    Their money would flow away from them like shit through a goose and they would not last for long.
    Riches are truly not worth much unless it actually can have an effect, either on others or on the world.

    • What angers me the most about these Conservative Republicans is alot of them boast they are such good Christians.

      Would Jesus be demonizing health care for everybody?

      Would Jesus be taking money from the 99% and give it to the 1%?

      Would Jesus be ab olishing food stamps?

      While these Conservative Christian Republicans are also boasting about how much money they give to charity through their church – what kind of charity do these mega corporate churches actually do?

  10. I heard that after Ann Romney told her hubby’s detractors to, “Stop it,” she canceled interviews and has gone into seclusion. Do you think this is true? If so, is this what this woman is made of? Maybe her health limits her abilities to be pleasant and polite.

    Look at what Michelle Obama has gone through, heard said about her hubby, then there are the comments about her butt… and the graceful, calm and composed way she conducts herself. Can you even imagine what would be said about Michelle if she were to ask anyone to stop it?

    I’m so proud of our president and his family — they lead exemplary lives and inspire others with their honorable service to our country.

  11. “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring,”

    “This is hard and, you know, it’s an important thing that we’re doing right now and it’s an important election and it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is and how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt’s qualifications and experience and know-how to be able to have the opportunity to run this country.” Ann Romney

    Notice she said her hubby would run this country. Nothing about serving. I’d be happy to never hear from her again.

  12. I believe this explanation. Most voters know when and why the economy went to hell in a handbasket.

    (from the link): Are you better off than you were four years ago?

    That question divides likely voters almost exactly in thirds: in the poll, 31 percent say they are better off than four years ago, while 34 percent say they are worse off and 34 percent say they are about the same. Romney, predictably, wins more than four-fifths of voters who say they are worse off; the president, equally unsurprisingly, attracts almost nine in 10 of those who consider themselves better off.

    Crucially, though, Obama holds a commanding 57 percent to 34 percent advantage among those who say their finances are unchanged. One reason for that critical tilt in his direction: Voters who say their finances are unchanged also say, by a resounding 53 percent to 33 percent margin, that they believe the country has been better off over these past four years because Obama, rather than another candidate, won in 2008. Overall, 48 percent say they believe the country is better off because Obama won in 2008, while 41 percent say the nation would be in a stronger position today if another candidate had won.

    A majority of those who say they remain financially stagnant still support Obama and say the country overall is better off because of his presidency. People are just not holding Obama responsible for our economic woes in the manner Romney had hoped. There’s also this:

    In a related finding, 47 percent of likely voters said they believed Obama’s economic policies helped “avoid an even worse economic crisis and are laying the foundation for our eventual economic recovery.” By contrast, 45 percent said that his agenda has “run up a record federal deficit while failing to end the recession or slow the record pace of job losses.”

    Why Obama is winning