Thursday, 9/20/12, Public Square


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    • wicked

      I hope Veterans, their families, friends, and anyone with a sense of decency is paying attention.

    • wicked

      McCain should especially become unemployed…and broke with no job.

    • prairie pond

      Sometimes I wish it were possible for me to believe in some divine entity. That way, I could say that I hope there is a special place in hell, or some similar afterlife, for these rat bastards. If I believed in a god, I could say that I long to be a fly on the wall at their judgment day and laugh gleefully as they are cast into the fire for all of eternity. I could smirk at their god saying “you did not follow my instructions to love one another as you love yourself.” But, as a practicing atheist, I just can’t go there or allow myself the pleasure of contemplating that kind of justice.

      Sigh. Some days, it’s hard to be an atheist…

      • prairie pond

        But then again, as oft noted here, Karma is a BITCH. And I can allow myself to go there!

      • wicked

        LOL There ya go. I was going to mention Karma, but you beat me to it. Sooner or later, in this life or a future one—if that’s the way things roll—these ratb’ds will get theirs, and it won’t be pretty for them.

  1. Republicans are trying to counter Mitt’s “47%” video with a video from 1998 of Obama saying government should “facilitate some redistribution.” It turns out Republicans have conveniently cut off that video right before Obama discusses “competition” and “the marketplace,” which makes the President seem like the capitalism-supporting sort of guy he is. Full quote below.

    “I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot. How do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in ways that both foster competition, can work in the marketplace, and can foster innovation at the local level and can be tailored to particular communities.” — Obama in 1998

  2. prairie pond

    This just pisses me off to no end.

    And this part pisses me off most of all.

    “The Thursday prayer breakfast among legislators is coordinated by Reps. Jan Pauls, D-Hutchinson, and Arlen Siegfreid, R-Olathe.”

    No wonder they think it’s ok to be a flaming homophobe. Jan Pauls thinks lying about her residence and generally being a hateful bitch regarding gays is compatible with her oh-so-pious role in coordinating a christian prayer breakfast? Of course. What could possibly be wrong with that? Hate and hypocrisy. They’re always in style in Kansas.

    • Good morals went out of style when mega churches became nothing more than tax-free, exclusive Country Clubs.

    • wicked

      I can never get enough of Eddie’s standups. 🙂

      For anyone who hasn’t seen the entire Dress to Kill, I discovered it’s available on YouTube in its entirety. Set aside a couple of hours and watch it. It’ll put a smile on your face.

      Ciao! 😉

  3. I was thinking this morning about the fact that the next president will likely have the responsibility / privilege of nominating two or three new Supreme Court Justices.

  4. by FRANK RICH (New York Magazine)

    My Week As A Republican

    On the sixth day, I listened to Glenn Beck, and I saw that he was good. Or if not exactly good, then honest-to-God funny.

  5. (from the link): I used to be a serious Republican, moderate and business-oriented, who planned for a public-service career in Republican politics. But I am a Republican no longer.

    There’s an old joke we Republicans used to tell that goes something like this: “If you’re young and not a Democrat, you’re heartless. If you grow up and you’re not a Republican, you’re stupid.” These days, my old friends and associates no doubt consider me the butt of that joke. But I look on my “stupidity” somewhat differently. After all, my real education only began when I was 30 years old.

    This is the story of how in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and later in Iraq, I discovered that what I believed to be the full spectrum of reality was just a small slice of it and how that discovery knocked down my Republican worldview.

    I always imagined that I was full of heart, but it turned out that I was oblivious. Like so many Republicans, I had assumed that society’s “losers” had somehow earned their deserts. As I came to recognize that poverty is not earned or chosen or deserved, and that our use of force is far less precise than I had believed, I realized with a shock that I had effectively viewed whole swaths of the country and the world as second-class people.

    No longer oblivious, I couldn’t remain in today’s Republican Party, not unless I embraced an individualism that was even more heartless than the one I had previously accepted. The more I learned about reality, the more I started to care about people as people, and my values shifted. Had I always known what I know today, it would have been clear that there hasn’t been a place for me in the Republican Party since the Free Soil days of Abe Lincoln.

    Why I left the GOP
    I grew up in a rich, Republican household, but after Katrina and Iraq, I realized my priorities were out of order

    • But the irony is – the current Republican Party has been hijacked first by the Fundy Christians (that’s when the heart and compassion went bye-bye). And now the Tea Party Mad Hatters and the Birthers have taken their respective places in the GOP decision makers.

      Romney may want to be Cinderella that gets to go the Inauguration Ball – but don’t forget – those three Ugly and Hate-filled Step Sisters will be with him.

      And they are not going anywhere…..they will simply double down or even triple down on their craziness….\

    • wicked

      The older sister of one of my best friends in high school had recently been a Republican politician. Out of curiosity, I’d checked out her website, to make sure it was the same person and not just a rumor. However, I learned yesterday that she’s left politics behind. Her reason? The Republican party doesn’t like moderates.

  6. If Obama is so anti-capitalism and free market – then why is Ophra Winfrey now #50 on the Forbes list of the richest people?

    I heard some pundit say this morning – it takes billions now to get on that list which was once the high goal for millionaires.

    Hmm…… poor little rich boys ad girls – they are so misudnerstood.

    B TW – I heard Oprah Winfnfrey this mornng respond in such a great way when asked how she felt about being lowered to #50 on the Forbes list.

    #1 – Oprah said she would have not known about it until her freind Gayle King called her and told her.

    #2 – Oprah said that it does not matter how much money you have or what ranking you have on some list – it is what you do with your ranking and money to change the lives of people.

    Let’s compare – Oprah has helped in many causes – that school for girls that is now sending these girls to colleges.

    And then we have Romney – vulture capitalism and overseas tax-free bank accounts in the millions.


  7. I noticed Romney on the campaign trail yesterday giving some speech – he is on total meltdown -IMHO.

    He was doing alot of yelling and pacing back and forth on that stage..

    I guess some buttons got pushed……huh?

    • He’s a loose cannon, does anyone, including himself, know what he might be capable of? He’s been running for president for how many years?

  8. Putting Romney’s 47% comment to the side for a moment – I don’t want Romney anywhere near the White House to be the person who sends our military into wasrs.

    With Romney’s penchant for running of hte mouth – we cannot afford Romney

  9. This is one of the more scathing take downs of Romney I’ve read, and it comes from Nick Kristof.


    (from the link): One lesson is the narcissism of many in today’s affluent class. They manage to feel victimized by the tax code — even as they sometimes enjoy a lower rate than their secretaries and ride corporate jets acquired with the help of tax loopholes.

    The furor also reflects the central political reality today: the Republican Party has moved far, far to the right so that, on some issues, it veers into extremist territory.

  10. As much as I have disdain for the CAtholic Church leaders – I found this article very interesting.

    My first question would be – why the secret church trial?

    My second question would e – if there was only one allegeation – then why say ‘multiple’?

    These should be rather easy qeuswtions to ansser….

    Or was this just an attempt for Catholic Church leaders doing the C.Y.A. hokey-pokey?

  11. rd liebst

    It is getting me, my oldest grandson has A.D.D. and is severely behavior problems which now he has been shifted from one school to another. Each clammed to be have programs for children like him. Today and once again I get a call to come pick him up so off I went to the latest school. Once there I am told the problem was he was not doing anything! Not being disruptive or behaving badly just not listening to the teacher when she told him he had to do the work he was told to do!

    He is on meds for his problems and every morning before he goes to school he is given the meds to help him behave and not lose his temper. He is falling through the cracks and I know where he will end up if this does not change. Me being me I often am not helping the situation when I tell them when he ends up in prison they should be on his visitors list.

    • It has to hurt like hell and the worry probably doesn’t help your health either. I have no solution, but I know you and your family will love him — I think you’ll love him to a good, happy, productive life. I have confidence in love.

    • wicked

      Oh, rd, I feel your pain. Really. My oldest grandson is 8 and has ADHD. The difference between it and ADD is the hyperactivity. My bff from high school has a grown son who is ADD, and he’s spent far too much time in jail. We’ve been lucky to have a couple of good teachers who at least try to help my grandson. Better than his parents, believe me. ADD and ADHD do better on a stringent schedule, with reminders of what comes next during each step of the day. I know that for my grandson, thinking before acting is his biggest problem…other than his temper. Even his teacher has mentioned to me that he’s struggling with that.

      If your grandson lives in this county, sometimes the county mental health dept. can help. I won’t put specifics here, but If you need them, let me know. 🙂

      • wicked

        Silly me. It is in this county. And Indy is right about the need for the right doctor. However, there are only 5 child psychiatrists in the state. All they do is prescribe meds. At least that’s pretty much what my grandsons psych here in town does. Working with a counselor can help a whole lot, but it takes the child AND the parents to work on it.

    • prairie pond

      R.D., what I know about kids would fit in a thimble. But I do know a loving husband, father and grandfather when I see one, and I see one in you. All I can do is give you and yours a big internet hug.


  12. RD – not to pry into personal business – but have you considered changing doctors for your grandson?

    The red tape of these schools can be a nightmare – I realize that. But – bottom line – the school district gets extra money for their special needs programs that they love to market as being so wonderful.

    I also know the other side of this equation – the teachers. There are wonderful teachers adn then there are some bad ones.

    Maybe your grandson just has not connected to the best teacher for him?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you R.D. – it is an uphill battle – but a battle worth fighting – it’s for your grandson. Keep that as your only focus and goal – what is best for your grandson.

    • rd liebst

      There are four Elemetary schools here and he bypasses two of them to go to this one school because they are the one to have the special program.

  13. wicked

    This could help put a smile on some faces.

    And check out the Senate numbers, too!

    • Scott Brown, Dean Heller, and Linda McMahon have all disavowed Romney. I don’t think it’s going to work, it’s too late. Hello, Senate! Cool!

      What I find truly incredible (yet, strangely unsurprising) is the arrogant self-destructive behavior of Mittens. Like no one could sneak into his supplication to his real base and share it with the world!

      Gee, that’s almost as stupid and arrogant as, say, bundling mortgages designed to fail into AAA products, or stealing incentives to help homeowners while having no intention of actually doing so.

      And believing you will never get caught, and will never have to answer for it.
      But when I see someone like Jamie Dimon strutting on TV with his “presidential seal” cuffl inks, it reminds me that we’ll need to keep an eye on our side of the ledger as well–especially Chuck Schumer.

  14. Lately, I’ve been telling everyone to vote for Obama just for the pure delight in seeing Mitt and Ann Romney cry and the Hate-filled Fundy Christians, Teabaggers and Birthers heads to explode

    Now this is just being mean……. and I love it..

  15. Serious question – do you think Harry Reid has an October surprise for Romney? Such as – his source coming out in public and providing proof of Romney’s tax returns – and whether he did or did not pay taxes?

    I highly suspect that the crash of 2008 was a windfall boon for Romney – just imagine all those losses he could write off and carry forward….

    And how would it look for Romney to be demonizin g those 47% who don’t pay any federal income tax – and then his own taxes are revealed and ‘ voila – it turns out Romney is one of those 47%.

    NOW that would be a big surprise – huh?

  16. Republicans boasted they were taking over the Senate — remember?

    Looks like these Republicans are not as certain – or they would not be throwing Romney under the bus.

    I have thei smentla picture of a dog named Seamus somehwere laughing his ass off. At lest Seamsus was on top of hte bcar and now under the bus.

  17. let’s try this again:

    have this mental picture of a dog named Seamus somewhere laughing his ass off. At least Seamus was on top of the car and not under the bus.

  18. TAke a look at this list of the states with the most hungry people.

    Tell me again how that Republican Southern Strategy is so wonderful?

    BTW – weren’t these states in the same listing for the top places where the 47% live?

  19. prairie pond

    Oh, please, please, please, PLEASE, dear goddess, let the arc bend toward justice.

    Perhaps lady Karma is sneaking up on the Kansas Democrats’ bigot in chief, one Jan Pauls?

  20. Speaking of bigots…….are these displays of an empty chair symbolizing Obama racist or just plain ignorant – or both?

  21. rd liebst

    Wee I had to read those all posts to see if it has already been brought up.
    Orly Tates the queen of the “boy could they be any farther out there and still call this Universe home?”. people. Is back stating and demanding that the President be forced to drop out of the reelection bid because wait for it wait for it….. HE IS NOT A UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CITIZEN!!!!

    I wonder if the bright light attract them these Bat shit crazies?

    • prairie pond

      And, Orly did her latest stunt in KANSAS! At the invitation of our freakin’ SECRETARY OF STATE! Kobach is a menace, and is indeed bat shit crazy.

      Which, of course, makes him the perfect candidate to succeed pastor sam as governator.

      Hawaii. I just keep repeating it to myself….