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  1. (from the link): Romney, Ryan, and the GOP don’t seem to know how to satisfy their middle-aged white male base without at the same time turning off everyone who’s not white, male, straight, or middle-aged. Unfortunately for Romney and Ryan, the people they’re turning off are the majority.

    Why Romney and Ryan Are Going Down


    I was thinking about how the right wing behaves, clear down to the blogging level. They aren’t welcoming to people who may have differing ideas. Guess this ‘turning off’ and away is a skill the party has honed, practiced and mastered at all levels.

    • rd liebst

      when you try to appeal to the most mentally deranged that can happen. Plus the pervailing idea of just feed the old and imperfect to the wolves does not appeal to the old and less then perfect. Which is a real downfall for a party that tends to be the older and realistic of life tends to be less then perfect. That pretty much leaves only the rich and delusional to be a base. The Koch brothers can genderate lot of money for them but not as many votes.

      • prairie pond

        “The Koch brothers can genderate lot of money for them but not as many votes.”

        I don’t know, R.D. That “buy the election” strategy worked really well in the August Repuke primary. They did buy the election for the wingnut teabaggers and booted the moderates from the party. Purged may be a better description than “booted.”

        However, it remains to be seen if that strategy will work outside the Repuke party or outside Kansas. Part of the problem in the Sunflower State, in fact, a BIG problem here, is that the Kansas Democratic Party can’t find it’s ass with both hands, a flashlight and a map. I wonder, if there were, like, ya know, actual CANDIDATES on the ballot as D’s, if they might not have some success as voter backlash made itself known after the Koch-bought primary results.

        But, alas, we’ll never know. Because the KDP doesn’t freakin’ HAVE any candidates to provide loyal opposition to the wingnut teabaggers. In other words, we’re well and truly phucked for at least the next 2 to 4 years.

        Brownback is going to find it tough to run for preznit in 2016 when all he’s presiding over as governor is a big pile of ashes. That’s what happens when you encourage the children to play with matches and gasoline. They burn the joint down.

    • I just heard where Paul Ryan is to be interviewed on The 700 Club today – good ol’ Pat will bring in those much-needed votes – won’t he?

      P.S. – you do know I am being sarcastic here…..LMAO

  2. Seven more weeks and four debates to go. A lot can still happen.

    • I suspect Romney’s campaign thought they had their Reagan October surprise a month early last week when Romney came out and tried to appear all ‘presidential’ . Instead, Romney looked like the puppet fool dangling from his puppet masters hands.

      Republicans demonize Obama for being weak on the Middle East foreign policy – but yet these same folks worship Ronald Reagan who gave weapons to the same Iranians that Republicans want to bomb today.

      Does this make any sense ?

      I’ve come to the conclusion – Republicans have to live in an alternatre universe where white is black and black is white – how else could these folks spew all their nonsense with a straight face?

  3. John Sullivan – Wrongway Corrigan/Brownback

    “Move over, Wrong Way Corrigan. Governor Sam Brownback is about to outdistance you in the Guinness Book of foolhardy records. The problem is, the joke may be on Kansas, and its people.”

  4. The Star’s editorial | No conspiracy theory is too batty to examine

    Birthing ridicule

    We hereby object to the Kansas State Objections Board.

    This three-member panel of statewide officials invited ridicule by entertaining a question of whether President Barack Obama’s name can appear on the November ballot because — here we go again — maybe he isn’t really an American citizen.

    Read more here:

  5. I’ve not been following this hair-cutting trial in Ohio – but I did see this article which could explain as to the why in this??

    I just don’t get it, folks. If your religion is sanctioning you to harm others – is that really God working in your lives or do you just want to feel superior to tohers?

  6. prairie pond

    “Men will not be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” –Denis Diderot. The Fall of the Bastille, 14 July 1789.

  7. I heard a political pundit this past weekend make the comparison that the Muslim Brotherhood is the Tea Party to Egypt’s new president Morsi (sp?).

    Can you just imagine the outrage of these Tea Party Mad Hatters being called the same as ‘those people’…

  8. Programs Republicans supported before they were against them

  9. This guy who hides money and avoids paying taxes, who wants to live in The White House with taxpayers paying his way, has turned out to be quite the ambassador for the Democratic Party! I can’t imagine anyone who motivates me more… 🙂

    While you’re watching this, remember RED STATES get far more federal money than BLUE STATES. RED STATES have more citizens receiving food stamps than BLUE STATES.

    • Part 2. Not funny! But they laugh anyway.

      • Since Mitt Romney only wants to be president of MAX 53% of Americans and the other 47% he doesn’t care about, maybe we should count on the voters making sure he isn’t bothered to try separating who he is and who he isn’t concerned with.

  10. Only a month until Kansans can start casting their advance voting ballots. You can sign up today to get your advance ballot and avoid election day hassles.

    Click to access AV1.pdf

  11. This is how important it is that women and minorities MUST vote!

  12. Private prisons demand that states keep them full with 90% occupancy for prisoners.

    This means that laws will become stricter as the states have moneyed interests to see that even the mildest infraction may lead to jail time.

    Private Prison Contracts Lock In 90% Occupancy Rates for 20 Years

    • But, but….I thought these Republicans did not like the government inteference and picking winners and losers?

      Isn’t it guaranteeing 90% occupancy rate picking the losers?

      Or is this more for the winners who get to pocket the money?

      Chcck out who is on these boards of these Private prison corporations. But the same can be said said about private mental health care inpatient companies.

      Just remember – the same politcian names seem to pop up time and time again – right around that taxpayer trough…

  13. “Romney’s statements are a little unclear, but it appears that the 47 percent figure represents all of those who pay no income tax, rather than the Democratic base. His problem is that those people are disproportionately in red states — that is, states that tend to vote Republican.”

    Where Are the 47% of Americans Who Pay No Income Taxes?