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  1. Bill Clinton. 🙂

    He left me speechless. He said it all, he said it in a way that I never lost interest. It was like he was sitting around the kitchen table with all of us, and he explained it.

    • wicked

      I hadn’t watched any of the convention (either one) until last night. I wanted to see Elizabeth Warren, because her intelligence–and the fact that she can explain complicated financial things to me so they make sense–blows my mind. There was a perk to that, which I didn’t realize: Bill Clinton. Mind blown again.

      • prairie pond

        I think everyone here remembers how much I heart Hillary. I dearly hope the commentators on MSNBC and Current last night were right and she will run in 2016.

        Having said that…

        Can we just amend the constitution and let Bill be POTUS for 8 more years? I’m starting to think it’s the only hope America has. He’s the only one who can rally the nation to boot out the dicks, pussies and assholes (see below) and right this ship of state.

        Clinton, 2016!

    • wicked

      “Can we just amend the constitution and let Bill be POTUS for 8 more years?”

      No sh!t, Sherlock.

  2. There’s one Bill Clinton. He is absolutely everything people say about him, including f**kin’ dick.

    No one questions whether he knows what he’s talking about. He does.

    And he’s our f**kin’ dick and they wish he was theirs. 🙂

  3. Click on the graphic in the thread header so you can read it. Just hit the back arrow to return to the blog.

    Remember the words Bill Clinton said in an earlier speech, in an earlier time when he was cleaning up an earlier republican mess:

    “There is nothing wrong in America that can’t be fixed with what is right in America.”

    Just imagine the America that could be if republican messes didn’t have to be cleaned up! If we could just keep on going…

    “As another President once said, ‘there they go again!'”

  4. Two-thirds of private sector jobs created since Kennedy took office were under democrats, and two-thirds of the current national debt was created under the last three republican presidents. Tell me again: in what alternate universe are the Republicans the party of fiscal responsibility, job creation and debt reduction?

    • prairie pond

      You all know that I’m an economics geek. It’s a curse/trait that I share with 617. And in all my years as a geek, I’d never heard that particular set of numbers regarding jobs created under them and us. It’s astounding.

      So…WTF has to happen for the majority of voters everywhere, including Kansas, to see that supply side, trickle down, voodoo economic policies don’t work? What will it take for Kansas voters to see where pastor sam and his church ladies are leading us?

      When will we rid ourselves of these meddlesome supply sider tax cutters? (With apologies to The Bard.) Until we do, and until Obama realizes the opposition will never, ever compromise or allow him to govern, our collective economic well being will continue to decline, and we’ll drag the global economy down with us.

    • prairie pond

      When will voters start to believe Robert Reich and Paul Krugman instead of those lyin’ eyes of theirs?

  5. President Bill Clinton: Since 1961, 24 million private-sector jobs were added during the 28 years that Republicans held the White House. But when Democrats were president, that figure almost doubled — 42 million private-sector jobs created over 24 years. That claim is backed up by a recent Bloomberg News analysis and federal labor statistics.

  6. G-STIR

    Given the high popularity ratings that Clinton has alway enjoyed, I wonder how the GOP wil dispute the speech he gave last night. They’ll have to do something, but have to be careful at the same time. It could blow up in their faces.

    • wicked

      I’ve heard the head guy of the convention (I think that’s who it was) said not to expect a big bounce for Obama. No one is sure if that’s so a ‘no bounce’ will look good compared to the RNC -1 non-bounce or if anything above a zero will be cheered. I guess we’ll wait and see.

      • prairie pond

        Wicked, I read the other day that convention bounces, even a “dead cat bounce” are likely a thing of the past. There is only a thin slice of the electorate that has not already made up its mind, mostly based on “red team, blue team” divisions. Hence, the polls still won’t move much after either convention.

        But this wang dang doodle the Democrats have thrown sure can’t hurt anything in claiming the thin slice of undecideds.

      • I agree. I have doubts there is any such person as an undecided voter, but this convention has been very convincing if there should be such.

  7. I went into the Huffington Post blog late last night. At first, the Romney defenders were saying that Democrats wished it had been Bill running again, then their talking point was that Bill was there to push for Hillary in 2016, and then it eventually came down to…….if Romney loses, the GOP will at least take over Congress so that Socialist Obama cannot do too much damage.

    As Bill Clinton said in his speech – I did not know whether to lauhg or cry..

    • One Romney supporter even went so far as to say there was a reason Hillary was on the other side of the world – because Bill went to the DNC Convention to tell the party they were backing the wrong guy.

      WTF……..Hillary does have a real job……..and that burns the REpublicans’ butt – doesn’t it?

      • The more they say those kinds of stupid things the more Americans can see they have nothing but their hate. It looks ugly, and it doesn’t attract any voters.

        They’ve made their plans clear — go back to Bush2 only do it all faster, harder… Give even bigger tax cuts to billionaires and stick it to the poor and middle class. Voters know the results.

      • prairie pond

        Have you guys seen this picture of Hillary watching Bill? Priceless.

      • wicked

        Chelsea has grown up to be a beautiful woman.

      • I noticed Chelsea Clinton at the Convention last night. She looks so much like her mother. I’ve heard the rumor mill rumbling about a possible Chelsea run for Hillary’s old Senate seat?

        When I saw Chelsea Clinton last night – she looked so beautiful, is obviously smart and intelligent and seems to be well-grounded. I wonder what Rush and his Rushbots must think now after knowing they sat there and made fun of Chelsea’s looks when she was a teenager?

        Oh, what am I thinking? Rushbots don’t have the capacity to feel embarrassment, shame or guilt – do they?

      • Wonderful picture! It looks like she has to hold her heart in the ‘be still my heart’ stance of great love and admiration. You know what she’s been through and you know she stayed because that was what was best for her and her man. The two are so brilliant it would be difficult to imagine that someone else would be as interesting to either.

      • Actually, if these Far Right Christians who demonize Hillary for staying with Bill Clinton would listen to their own rhetoric – that is exactly what the marriage vows are about – for better or worse?

        But more than that – I think their marriage works on so many levels. And – hey – at least Bill and Hillary are still married as in the saying – one man and one woman – as compared to alot of those Republicans who pointed their fingers at Bill and are, themselves, divorced, married and in some cases – divorced again and remarried again.

        Now that takes brass……as Bubba would say…

  8. They won’t quit spinning, exaggerating, and I don’t expect Paul Ryan to stop with the outright bald-faced lies (he’s proven to me that’s who he is). Romney will continue searching for the deeply-held conviction that might get him votes. And they will convince all the people who would vote against President Obama no matter what.

    My fervent hope is that President Obama gives some specifics in his speech tonight. I think that’s what voters need and want — especially undecided voters (if there is such a thing). He is a moderate and he is a leader, he expects those in government service to care about the American people, to come to agreements and compromises. It’s the way he’s governed and part of the reasons some democrats are disappointed. They wanted more and have made perfect the enemy of good. Meanwhile the republicans have just said no, and we all recognize that. Well, maybe not the Obama haters, but everyone else does.

    • I loved it when Bill Clinton got in the fact that the Far Right are the ones running the GOP and they are the ones that hate so much. Clinton gave credit to both Bushes, Reagan and even talked about Eisenhower.

      So – I think Bill Clinton reaches out to those moderates in both parties and the independents.

      I have said several times before – if the moderates and establishment Republicans want to keep their party from going the way of the Whigs – these folks need to vote for Obama this time. When that happens, I think the Far Right Wingers, Tea Baggers and the Birthers will definitely leave the GOP brand and start their own party. I just hope and pray their new party is located somewhere in Iran.

      • prairie pond

        Indy, I wish you were right that Obama’s second term would send the teabaggers skulking into the shadows, but, unfortunately, that’s not what we’ve seen as their M.O. I think they will double down, become even meaner, nastier and more intransigent, and they will dog whistle their evangelical and gun nut followers to take it to the streets. And they will.

        The violent insurgency and revolution won’t come from the left. It will come from the far right christian, NRA tea baggers.

    • prairie pond

      Obama better have a stem winder ready for tonight. We need Mondo Obama to show up. Anything less will waste the fantastic job this convention has done to build to his big moment. This is his chance to be FDR, and right now, only digging up FDR, re-electing Big Dog, or Obama being the man he promised will save the country.

      • I agree with you about the Far Right – they will double down – hell – triple down – on their batshit crazy…..but do you think the moderates and establishment Republicans will stand for it?

        Well…..on second thought…..these moderates and Establishments Repukes have groomed and used the Far Right Wingers to their advantage since Reagan invited Jerry Falwell into the inner circle of the GOP. They rightfully deserve to ALL go belly up ….

        I also agree that these Far Right Wingers are just salivating for a war – if it means they have to go to war in our own country – so be it. These Folks do not care which war they’re in – they just want a war. I think it’s hard-wired in their pea-sized brains.

        We’ve seen Obama be the BadAss …….I just hope the BadAss shows up tonight – but dressed real nice…….LMAO

        BTW – MIchelle Obama’s speech was great because she got all her points across – got her digs into the Republicans in a subtle way – but they knew they had been nailed to the wall.

        That is why one should never bet against Michelle Obama – she was raised on the South Side of Chicago.

        I remember the story about Michelle’s Dad telling her Mom that Michelle was going to eat Obama alive when they were first married or when they were dating….I cannot remember the details just now.

        Michelle is one woman you don’t want to mess with…

  9. This is one smart, independent and a common-sense woman who knows what she is talking about – I absolutely love this woman!

  10. While watching the DNC Convention last night, I did see a news flash going across the bottom of my television screen that said an investigation into the disappearance of Romney’s tax returns was going on and it was in Franklin, Tennessee?

    Then I saw this just now – a Tweet about some group claiming to rlease thos tax returns.

    Interesting times……we are having…….huh?

    We have a presidential candidate who refuses to release his tax returns and has admitted (and defended) his overseas bank accounts.

    And YET this is the guy the Republicans are cheering and saying that he is the only ‘real’ American running for president?

    As Bill Clinton said in his speech – Republicans have an alternative universe

    • It was noted last night that Bill Clinton went off script a few times. That part about Paul Ryan having brass was said to be ad-libbed. I think maybe that was Bubba just being Bubba.

  11. rd liebst

    Let us jump in the way back machine and see how Fox news and MSNBC would have report the sinking of the Titanic!

    MSNBC: Due to the cutting back on the cost by rich industrialists of building the largest passenger ship in history. There were insufficient life boats for the number of passengers and over 1500 human lives were lost.

    FOX NEWS: Over 1500 people were to lazy to have brought along a life boat when they were allowed by the most generous rich shipping magnets to come along on a luxury cruse after those magnanimous industrialists build a ship largest enough to include everyone who wanted to take the trip.

  12. prairie pond

    R.D. in case I haven’t said it lately, I’m so glad you are back. Your contributions are priceless.

    • I second that….. Great piece of work R..D

    • rd liebst

      thank you I am glad to be back, shoot I am glad to anywhere my wife is slowly getting over the fact I now I am willing to go with her even shopping. I have to admit after getting back to watching and paying attention to Fox news the patents in rehabit made more sense.
      even the guy who thought his dog would eat with him at every meal and the guy would could not remember my name until I said it was George.
      But even they knew that the President is not a Muslim!

  13. Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere – but has anyone talked about Sandra Fluke’s speech last night?

    The soundbite from her will probably be – Obama thought of his daughters. Romney thought about his donors and delegates.

    Steve Schmidt – McCain’s 2008 Campaign Manager – said that Romney missed a great opportunity when he said those infamous words about Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke – reember those words? Those are not hte words I would have used.

    In other words – go ahead Rush, I am still kissing your feet.

    • Or should it be – I am still kissing your fatt ass?

      • rd liebst

        Its a bigger target and smells better.

      • Too funny…..

        By this time, Romney has kissed so many different fat asses – I suspect they all look and smell the same. What some people won’t do just to get that title of President.

        I truly beleive that Romney’s only reason for running for president – and expects to win – is because it is ‘his turn’. After all, that is how Republicans choose their presidents – the next wealthy white guy in line.

      • I truly believe Mitten$ is so disconnected and entitled he includes being president among things that are his due. He doesn’t care if America and her citizens go to hell in a handbasket, since he feels most of us are beneath consideration.

  14. Seeing Ann Romney in the picture above makes me wish to God that Americans have the good sense to re-elect Obama for another four years.

    Can you imagine if Ann Romney gets into the White House?

  15. I may be showing my age, generational gap or just that I have never been into fashion all that much – but seriously $500 for a dress and $245 for shoes is considered affordable?

    While I admire and love to see Michelle Obama – I think all this fashion stuff just goes overboard sometimes.

    I know, I know…this has been the focal point of hte FLOTUS role for a long long time – but damn, MIchelle Obama looks terrific in just a t-shirt and jeans and tennis shoes.

    It’s the beauty from within that shines through – not the fashionable dress or shoes or which designer she chose to wear.

    • wicked

      Having seen the prices of designer clothing, yeah, those numbers would be considered affordable by not only some, but many. I, however, am not among either of them. 🙂

  16. (from the link): Bill Clinton’s 48-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night was, as put it, “a fact-checker’s nightmare: lots of effort required to run down his many statistics and factual claims, producing little for us to write about.”

    Clinton’s numbers checked out, according to most fact-checking outlets, including Politifact, which has been accused of unfair exaggeration by liberals before. Though he frequently departed from the script, the former president correctly cited the statistics on Obama’s job growth, decreasing health costs since 2010, and the stimulus tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans.

    Yet one outlet disagreed with the general consensus: the Associated Press. The AP fact-check said Clinton “either cherry-picked facts or mischaracterized the opposition.” It even “fact-checked” Clinton’s offhand reference to the Romney campaign’s dishonesty by bringing up Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal:

  17. Think any phone calls like this one are happening today? 🙂

  18. G-STIR

    I just heard on NPR that Kathleen Turner is going to portray Molly Ivins in some venue. That ought to be good.

    • prairie pond

      Heh, GStir. I miss Molly Ivins. Can you imagine the ball she’d be having this year? Nothing like a straight talking, wordsmithing gal from the Lone Star State. Somewhere, she and Ann Richards must be laughing their asses off.

  19. Hi, folks.

    Been spending all my time on Facebook. Looks like you all are keeping the Blog hopping.

    This is some convention, isn’t it.

    • Good to see you! Jump in with both feet. Wouldn’t Steven have loved this election cycle? 🙂 He was a true supporter of gay rights and women’s rights, equality for all people. He would be in his element.

    • prairie pond

      Hi Capn. We miss you here. Don’t be a stranger. And yes, Fnord, Steven would have loved all this. I miss him so much.

  20. Mitten$ will bring back trickle down, anti-choice, anti-equality policies. We fought those battles. We don’t need Mr. Unlikable to reopen those scars.

    This is the truth!

  21. Did you hear about the flap over the DNC platform? What are your thoughts and commens or suggestions?

    Personally, I think they should have left the God-given talents reference in the platform – but, to be true to our guaranteed right of freedom of religion – then should the word God even be anywhere in our poltical platforms or idelogy?

    As for the Jerusaleam issue – that is Israele’s fight – not mine.

    The sad fact is – this flap at the DNC Convention has only given fuel to the Rabid Religious Right’s fire to hate all Godless Liberals. And – was the change in the platform worth all that?,0,558903.story

  22. prairie pond

    Oh hell, Indy. I don’t think the evangelicals could hate Obama or the Democrats any more than they do now. I do think the Dems should have left well enough alone. WTF? Why do they have to chase people and kiss their ass when they know that no matter what they do, they’ll never get their votes anyway? Can you say “pander?” Yeah, I thought you could.

    • You know how I feel about these Fundy Evangies……fat asses and all.

      If these folks did not have the emotion of hate – they would be without emotion at all. There has never been such a more frigid, hate-filled, fire and brimstone throwing bunch of false prophets than these Fundy Evangies.

      Reagan did alot of stupid things in his political life – but letting these Fundies in to run the show has got to be the most stupid…..

      But, then again, Reagan truly did believe that ketchup was a vegetable for school lunches.

      Can you imagine – having a serving of ketchup as a side dish? Reagan – now there was a genius.