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  1. Hope everyone enjoys the Labor Day weekend! Remember to thank a union for this holiday weekend off work!

  2. What Happens if the Republicans Win?

    You can’t always tell what a President will do if elected from what he says on the campaign trail. Candidate Obama was against an individual mandate for buying health insurance but once in the White House, he was for it because wiser heads in the party (including Hillary Clinton) realized it was necessary. So how does a voter tell what a party really stands for? Actually, it is not hard to know. They even write it all down. It is called the platform and it is not a secret. You just have to read it. It represents a compromise between factions and a lot of horse trading: you vote for my plank and I’ll vote for your plank. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee the votes when a specific bill is under consideration in Congress, though.

    It is said that the camel was a horse designed by a committee. The platform clearly shows it was designed by a committee, too. Some of the more puzzling planks are these:

    * Repeal the 16th Amendment, which allowed the federal income tax
    * Police state universities for liberal bias
    * Oppose all attempts to abolish the electoral college
    * End our dependence on foreign fertilizer
    * Support statehood for Puerto Rico but not D.C.
    * Step up the war on pornography
    * Consider going back to the gold standard
    * Oppose the minimum wage for the Northern Mariana Islands

    Some of these clearly have very specific constituencies. If there is such a thing, the American Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, might have given some money to the party in return for a sentence indicating Republicans would support a tariff on foreign fertilizer. The plank about the gold standard was thrown in to placate Ron Paul. It will never happen.

    Some of the items were included by people with a very specific axe to grind. Cheap clothing made in the Northern Mariana Islands is legally allowed to carry a “Made in USA” label. Some planks actually go against everything the party actually stands for. Do the Republicans really want a new government agency that would visit universities and have the power to fire left-leaning professors and shut down courses they felt were too socialist? Is such a broad infringement on free speech consistent with their call for smaller government and leaving as much to the states as possible? Clearly, during the platform committee’s meetings, some members were complaining about universities and got the idea to throw this in. Maybe they kept whining about it long enough for the rest of the committee to decide to add it just to get them to shut up. That’s how it goes with platform committees. The Democrats aren’t any better. The items are just different.

    All that said, the platform really does give a pretty good idea of what the Republicans would do if Romney wins and the GOP controls both chambers of Congress. The main thrust of the platform is that taxes are too high and there is too much government regulation of companies. It is a safe bet that if the Republicans win all the marbles, they will not only make all the Bush tax cuts permanent (using the budget reconciliation process if need be), but may go further and reduce them even more. The ultimate goal would indeed be repealing the federal income tax altogether, but getting 38 states to sign up for this is probably not feasible. Cutting the top tax rate is something Congress and the President can do on their own, however.

    The other thing to expect is a massive reduction in federal regulations. While the optics of actually abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would look bad, a President Romney could appoint heads who would try to gut the agencies from the inside. Congress could decimate their budgets so they would have few inspectors to go out into the field and see if existing law was being enforced. Congress could also reduce the fines for violations without it getting a lot of publicity. Whether these things are good or bad is something the voters will decide on Nov. 6, but if the voters give the Republicans the green light, nobody who is paying attention now can say he or she was surprised at what they do. It’s all laid out in the platform.

    • wicked

      I took a quick look at Huff Posts electoral map a couple of days ago. Comparing the two (by memory), this new one shows Huff’s undecided as weak Democrat, meaning the race is a little closer, but that Obama is still in the lead. I haven’t had a chance to check some of the others. I checked Huff because someone (one of my daughters?) said that Romney is leading in the polls.

      So here’s something to ponder. When I moused over Kansas on fnord’s link above, it appears that Dems are increasing about 1% each election cycle, while Repubs and shrinking the same. The one exception was Bush, where the Repub increased. But so did the Dem.

      • At the current time the electoral college still gives President Obama the edge, and most predictions show it’s a fairly comfortable lead.

        With the three decisions handed down this last week in Florida, Texas and Ohio favoring the voters, the republicans won’t be able to disenfranchise as many voters, as easily, as they had hoped. There was a judge who aided and abetted them in their efforts in Pennsylvania, and they could still steal the election because voter fraud doesn’t happen at the voter level anyway — it happens up the line where votes are manipulated by election officials.

    • rd liebst

      My own reference saying is this: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it is raining!” Too often watching or listening to what Cons talking head and Romney saying the saying is said to the T.V.

  3. (from the link): “Yet, just when it looked like things couldn’t get any worse, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected as his top legal adviser Robert Bork, a conservative polemicist whose career has been devoted to the proposition that corporations can basically do no wrong, the courts should faithfully serve the corporate agenda, and democratic government should step out of the way.”

  4. Mitten$ didn’t mention the troops in his acceptance of the nomination to become president / Commander in Chief. He did, however, tell us how badly he wants to send other people’s children to war so he can make sure the rich get richer!


    (from the link): Remember – the military industrial complex is spread throughout the country in various congressional districts as a Keynesian style jobs program. Conservatives love defense pork because it provides great paying jobs funded by government under the guise of “protect our troops” and “protect America” and all that. The American government is subsidizing these projects by overpaying for a lot of services from various defense contractors and then those defense companies are able to build arms and sell them to other countries (with U.S. government approval). Those companies keep all those profits for themselves; socialism for the rich, privatization for the poor.

  5. “Clint, fear is the path of the Republican side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

    • rd liebst

      It wa so sad… watching that was just so sad that I felt like it was just mean for them to not have simply cut off his mike and fade to a ad for bath soap then come back and explain Clint had to leave because of a personal issue.

  6. wicked

    As I always do, I watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night. I’ve been watching it for many years and had watched Politically Incorrect (on ABC) when Then-Husband (R) would allow it. That usually ended in sparks flying in our living room. (Oh, the wickedness of me!) In all that time (a good 10 years), I don’t recall Bill going after a guest or getting into a heated argument with one. I don’t mean a simple disagreement, because that does happen.

    Last night I watched as Bill went after Dinesh D’Souza, the writer of the movie 2016: Obama’s America (currently playing at the Warren), with a vengeance. Apparently there’s some old bad blood between the two that has to do with the cancellation of Politically Incorrect. I watched, open-mouthed as Bill verbally pounded this guy for spreading *misinformation*, for lack of a better word. I’m surprised the guy didn’t get up and walk out. But then it didn’t end. One Republican was part of the panel of guests in the round table discussion, as is the habit, and poor Bill had a hard time listening to the b.s. that was thrown around by that guy. He pointed it out several times to the man, who claimed there was proof. They all argued about the proof.

    Crazy night, and I wonder if it wasn’t because things in this country are heating to the boiling point. I know I find it hard to look at some of the comments I see from people, who are my friends and I thought were fairly intelligent, on FB. I shake my head daily and keep my lip zipped. Most of the time. LOL

    • A neighbor who had just seen 2016: Obama’s America was unusually ‘riled up’ last week. She was actually trembling in her excitement to tell a group of us all about the new things she had learned, and how all she learned was factual and proven in the movie. One new revelation that the movie taught her is that President Obama has decimated our military to the point that if we were invaded (which is imminent btw), we wouldn’t have adequate soldiers or weapons to protect our country.

      One in the group spoke up and told her she read stats on gun ownership recently so forget that nonsense about there not being enough arms. She assured her in a two block area of our own neighborhood there would be enough arms to kill all of us several times over.

      The part that was most frightening wasn’t that she bought all that “bs” hook, line and sinker but that she had achieved that boiling point you mentioned because of buying into it. She wasn’t rational, and there was a difference in her whole demeanor we’d never seen before. We all knew she was a Fox News regular, a partisan republican and had seen some indications that she was an Obama hater, but this was more extreme than we’d ever seen. She was unable to control herself.

      With the exception of the one person who spoke about those gun ownership stats we didn’t respond to her. Later we all told one another we were afraid she would go off some edge of sanity and none of us could predict what she might be capable of.

      I’m more than a little concerned about where this *misinformation* has taken some people.

      • rd liebst

        I mentioned it before, my son who has been in the Army now on his second enlistment has been told he now has to lost over forty pounds or he will be discharged. He has been in every deployment for the last three times. LOL he is now able to speak Farcey with easy. It has not been the President that is causing a reduction in the military it has been the Military cutting back on its own numbers.

  7. I thought this was an interesting ‘letter to the editor’ —

    It’s too bad that the young Paul Ryan was not around to enjoy the days of truly small government. In 1929, my father, an engineer, lost his job when his company abruptly cancelled plans for an oil refinery he had been helping to design. He received no severance pay, and there was no opportunity for formal job retraining, no unemployment insurance, and no welfare. He was simply told to pack up his slide rule and go home. My father took any work he could find to help us survive—from fighting wildfires to digging ditches. Our food came from my grandparents’ vegetable garden and chicken house. There was no Social Security or Medicare for them. One good thing: in those days, you could not lose your medical benefits if you lost your job, but only because there weren’t any to begin with. Health care was simple: if you could afford it, you got it; if not, you were forced to skip it—with sometimes fatal results. Ryan mentions that he has three small children. Has he asked his grandparents if they feared losing their children to measles, whooping cough, or polio? Does he think that the government should be involved in research at institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? If Ryan had been a small-business owner—like the ones he likes to talk about—in the days before there was any kind of social safety net, he might have found that if his customers could not pay their bills neither could he. His bank would not have been able to extend a loan, because it had closed, and his savings in it were gone. We can do with a lot less government, but only if we are willing to go backward.

    Read more

  8. True conservative. Talks one way, lives another.

  9. This is difficult to watch, but it is reality and we need to be aware —

    • After you’ve watched the horror of the YouTube above, consider this —

    • wicked

      I’d have to say the IQ of the majority of those people is below 100. No, make that 80.

      It must be hard to sleep at night when your heart is filled with that much hate.

      Scary. It reminds me of the hate for Jews that Hitler created.

  10. It seems lying comes easily to Paul Ryan, and he lies about topics that have nothing to do with politics. They just slip off his tongue. In a radio interview last week, Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan claimed his fastest marathon time was under three hours. The running world was skeptical. It turns out that Ryan ran Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minn., in 1990, when he was 20 years old. His time? 4:01:25. Making things even more awkward for the Ryan camp is the fact that this is the only marathon he’s ever run.

  11. You’ve all heard many republicans, including both Romney and Ryan, telling that President Obama was responsible for the closing of a GM plant in Ryan’s hometown, Janesville, WI. When called on the fact the plant closed in December of 2008, before Obama became president, they’ll say he gave a speech at the plant when he was a candidate and promised he would keep it open… Then they’ll usually go back to the original lie.

    Here is the script of the speech President Obama gave at that plant February 13, 2008, when he was campaigning. Of course he didn’t say what they tell he did. It’s just another of the many lies they tell!