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  1. The RNC is over. You’ve read the critiques and praises if you were interested, plus you have an excellent mind and the ability to reason so you’ve formed your own opinions.


    They really are worried about the women’s vote! As well they should be.

  2. Media Invent Euphemisms for Ryan’s Speech without Saying He Lied

    A number of the statements that Paul Ryan made in his acceptance speech Wednesday are demonstrably not true and Ryan certainly knew that as that has been pointed out to him in the past repeatedly. But the media hates to call anyone a liar, so new words and expressions were coined for the occasion. Here is a list from 15 different news outlets.

    factual shortcuts
    misleading elements
    Ryan misleads
    misleading speech
    factually shaky
    filled with prevarications
    the newest new Nixon
    willing to twist the truth
    false claims
    inconsistencies and contradictions
    outright distortion
    stretched some truths
    fact checkers will have opportunities
    issues with some of the facts

    While none of these hit the nail on the head, gradually convincing the media that there is a difference between being a reporter and being a stenographer is a good sign. An article in the New York Times raises the point that while people rarely remember the details, when there are too many stories about a politician fudging the truth, it becomes part of his persona and becomes hard to shake.

  3. rd liebst

    LOL I am a fan of Clint Eastwood movies, tending to be the simple guy that would ends up often not because he wants to be. But because someone has to stand up against the powers that harm and abuse simple people. But his speech did leave quite a bit to be desired and tells somewhat what Romney campaign thinks of their average voter.

    Thinking that he would blind and gender support for their candidate they brought Eastwood on not having a clue what he would say or that it would matter other then it is Eastwood. Red meat of the mindless and thinking if Eastwood said to support then the unwashed masses will pull out their six guns and run down the street firing into the air and throwing leveler in the booths!

    Sometimes the greater insult is not what someone said to you but what they think you would want to hear…

  4. wicked

    I have become bone weary of politicians making promises, but never telling me how they plan to get us from A to Z or even A to F. It isn’t necessarily a partisan thing. They all fall for it in the heat of the election cycle. It’s all come down to sound bites and printable quotes that can be used in headlines.

    I want to see not a debate, but each of the presidential candidates sitting in a chair, being questioned by the American people. Not questioned together, but separately, like the police interrogate people. No help from their entourage, no notes, no teleprompter, just a person in a chair. And no pointing out what the other person has or hasn’t done, unless it’s something the person being questioned is planning to continue. The “he did” or “he didn’t” needs to come to an end, because telling the truth seems to have died a long time ago. Lastly, put the MFers on a lie detector, just so we can see what’s going on, with one of the fact finding groups is there with their Pants-on-Fire meter showing in the lower corner of the TV screen. Now THAT might get me to watch some of this b.s., because I truly have more important things to do in my life that listen to a liar telling lies and avoiding answering questions.

    • rd liebst

      I hear that, if you are having a problem and go to a doctor you are not gong to hear just what you would like to hear. You go because this is the person that is suppose to know important answers.

      Even if the answer is you are going to die it is the correct answer to the problem you are having. At least then you can perpare for the outcome.
      LOL OK not that it has happen just every time I go it is of course in the back of my mind. And it always whup pee when its all within limits and normal as normal as I can be …………. Gee am I normal?

      The head doctor said I seem to be which of course does not say much for the rest of you!

      • Glad to hear the good news. Taking those stress tests can cause their own degree of stress – can’t they?

      • wicked

        Good to hear you passed the test, rd. đŸ™‚

        I’ve never been normal. People have always said I’m weird, even my friends. No, especially my friends. I’m proud of that. LOL

  5. Vote – Don’t take it for granted that you are going to be able to vote come November. Really. There are many horror stories out there about people having difficulties registering to vote. I cannot emphasis this enough – do not ASSume that you are good to go.

    Since I am now a rez of MO, I will be going down to my local Dem HQ to offer my assistance in helping people confirm that they will be able to vote.

    (Hey, my vote just might count this time around!)

  6. As I watched the GOP Convention last night, I had to wonder – which ones in that audience were the ones think it is appropriate to heckle that Puerto Rico woman when she was on stage giving her report?

    And which ones thought it was funny when some delegates threw peanuts at the black CNN journalist and said somethig to theeffect of – this is how we feed the animals.

    At what point does the como0n decency and com0on courtesy leave a person? And when these folks know they are are being televised?

    I watched Eastwood – and I just have one thing to say – he is certainly the GOP poster boy for what the Grand Old Party has become – wealthy, old white man.

    How sad – how very sad. There are conflicting stories about Eastwood and whether he had a script or not. But – somebody had to have placed that chair nesxt to the podium and nobody thought to ask – what the skit was going to be about? Shows a true lack of leadership or good executive decision making – IMHO.

    BTW – Did you notice that Romney never once mentioned our soldiers in Afghanistan?

  7. Did you hear about his Twitter trend thing at the Convention? There are idiots on both sides of the political aisle.

    But – these comments from the Right are scary…..very scary. Seems that Herman Cain was the victim of the Left – never mind the fact that Herman Cain chose to drop out of the race and perhaps because he knew he had been caught?

    • BTW – Clarence Thomas was also a victim of the Left Smear Campaign….

      Again – if there is nothing questionable, then why would there even be questions?

      That is like Herman Cain – there had to be be something in this past – because there was more than one settlement – and where there is smoke, there is a fire.

  8. I would be happy to vote for a Republican that balanced the budget and kept the economy thriving.

    Only one problem – s0mebody is going to have to figure out a way to bring Dwight Eisenhower back to life – because Eisenhower is the last Republican to have balanced the budget.

    Instead of idolizing Reagan who proved that deficits don’t matter – these Reublians should take pge out of Eisenhower’s playbook.

    But don’t hold your breath on that one ….

  9. I saw an interesting comment on another blog yesterday.

    If Romney and Ryan win the White House – the backlash in the 2014 midterm would be so big that Democrats return to power.

    And then in 2016 – Eliza beth Warrn runs for president.

    Something to think about….

  10. prairie pond

    Agreed, Wicked. Just the SCOTUS appointments in those two years would ratfuck the country for at least another generation or two. Much less the slaughter worldwide, including Americans, when the war machine is unleashed.

  11. For those who understand and like to get into the nitty-gritty details of accounting —

    Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Only Works If Income Inequality Explodes
    Mitt Romney’s tax plan is mathematically possible — but only if the rich get richer at a level we have never seen before

    (from the link): Romney wants to cut rates and cut loopholes but keep everybody’s taxes the same. That’s the implication of a revenue neutral plan where the rich pay the same share and the middle class pay the same amount. It’s just a complicated way of saying nobody’s tax bills change. But we’re back to the same old problem: the rich pay a lower effective federal tax rate under Romney’s plan, so they won’t pay the same share. Unless they have more money than we’ve assumed.

    But there is one way that Romney’s plan works mathematically: Income inequality explodes. If enough growth goes to the top 5% of earners, they will get rich enough to fill the revenue hole. How much richer would they have to get?

  12. Romney asked the question what can we expect from four more years of Obama.

    My question is – why would expect any difference from Romney than the what the Bush eight years gave us? Unfunded wars, trillions in debt, unfunded Medicaid Drug Program and how many countless deaths from those wars?

    And Romney watns to even m ore wars???

  13. Three court decisions handed down in the last couple of days that are victories for voters in the states of Texas, Florida and Ohio! Hooray!

  14. Look at this true love story published a couple of weeks ago. We missed it. I wonder if Mitten$ speech writers read it?

    True romance: Britain’s real-life Romeo has put a rose by his wife’s bedside every day for 60 years

    • Why, fnord, you sound skeptical?

      As I listened to this touching story, I had to ask myself – if the only way a woman know her husband is dead is because there is no rose that morning – where was the husband during the night and why didn’t the wife know where he was?

      Something just did not smell right about that touching little tale – IMHO

      When my husband used to travel during his climbing-the-corporate-ladder life – my husband would always bring me an ‘airport’ rose.

      But I never got a rose every morning…..

      • I also listened while the woman was telling abou how Mitt planned, shopped, cooked and bought all the presents for her family because of their daughter’s illness.

        And come to find out – Ann said this was all Mitt’s idea and he insisted on doing eerything himself.

        AGain – a very touching story – but I thought Mitt was a busy, busy man?

        While all the stories were very touching – I could not help but think of that marketing blitz the Mormon Church has had – And I’m a Mormon.

        But, I must confess, I am very cynical whenever I hear this many people being marched in like a parade giving testimonials. Sounds too much like an Tent Revival in the Chautauqua Days. Remember those traveling shows?

        Alot of tootin on the old horn and a touching of the purse strings…

      • BTW – I think it was PBS or MSNBC showed a documentary about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Obama’s was about how he organized within the community to use the political system to better the neighborhoods in Chicago.

        Romney’s was basically about his Mormon faith. Mitt’s cousin did not have too many flattering things to say.

        And the woman who watched Mitt’s kids when they were younger did not have too many kind things to say. SShe is the woman who got pregnant and was not married. According to her, Mitt Romney was the Bishop and Mitt came to her and told her that she had to give birth to the baby and then give the baby up. This woman said it was like the Church was taking her baby away from her.

        She told Mitt that she would not do that and then, according to her, Mitt Romney threatened her ex-communication from the Church.

        Mitt Romney denies this woman’s story.

        But – as I listened to this story – my first thought was – there are other Churches that would the do exact same thing – wouldn’t they?

        Hell – the Catholic Church will annul a long-term marriage of 20+ years where 5 kids were born into that marriage just so Daddy can be a CAtholic in good-standing. And the kicker is – this guy was not even a Catholic when he was married to the first wife…..but he married a Catholic woman.

        This man had a priest contact the ex-wife several times for to complete this paperwork in order for the ex-husband to get his annulment.

        Wow – for being so adamant about Pro-Life and Pr0-Family – exactly which family are these Catholics out to save – the first marriage or the second marriage?

        And if the first marriage is annulled (voided) then what message does that send those 5 kids – they are bastards?

        If this is the pathway to Heaven – I do NOT want to go…