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  1. wicked

    Racism: Alive and well in 2012 U.S.A.

    • So far this morning I’ve read the rascists attending the RNC in Tampa booed Puerto Rico and another story tells of one attendee being escorted out after he threw nuts at a black CNN camera woman. It was reported that while throwing the nuts he was laughing and hollering, “this is how we feed animals.”

      • prairie pond

        The booing of Puerto Rico was bad enough, but I thought what was worse was the chanting during the speech of the heavily accented Puerto Rican woman who was a party official committee chair of some time. While she spoke, the crowd not only booed but chanted “USA, USA, USA,” like she was a foreigner who didn’t belong at the party convention.

        I guess, being female, hispanic, English as a second language, and hailing from a US Territory, not a good ol’ red state, made her unqualified to speak at their precious convention.

        Any woman, hispanic or Puerto Rican who votes repuke is too stupid to live.

      • If you missed what prairie pond was talking about, here it is —

      • Wow – do you think Reince was happy to give the lady from Puerto Rico the floor? Or was it just me that got the feeling from Reincey that he just wanted the lady to give her report and then get the hell off the floor?

        THIS is the Party of God’s favorites? Count me O-U-T if that is true. I would rather be in Hell that be with these assholes.

      • Does that guy, Reince Priebus (RNC PR BS), give any one other than me the creeps? I’ve never said anything but my first impression of him was that he is a snake in the grass and it hasn’t improved with time.

  2. GOP Casino Baron Sheldon Adelson Pledges $500,000 to Buy a Single House Seat

    While half-a-million dollars sure sounds like a lot of money, it is chump change to Mr. Adelson. The casino czar’s net worth is just shy of $25 billion, or more than the gross domestic product of nearly two dozen nations put together. Indeed, Adelson is so rich that if he decided to give half a million dollars to every single Republican nominee for every House and Senate seat in the country, and to do so every single election cycle until his vast fortune ran out, he would have enough money to fund the GOP’s election machine for the next 186 years.

  3. What was your impression of opening night at the Republican National Convention?

    I heard NO, ZERO, ZILCH details or specifics. Just talking points that sounded even more empty since they’ve been repeated often — words that have been proven not to mean anything.

    I had never heard South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speak and didn’t know she was such a nasty mean woman.

    I thought Ann Romney gave a really nice speech! I didn’t fall in love with her guy and he has already proven to me that he absolutely can’t be trusted no matter how much he has her fooled. I don’t know why she thinks her marriage is any more real than mine or Jack and Jacks or Jills and Jills.

    I don’t enjoy a scripted Chris Christie as much as when he is being himself. He didn’t hold my attention. If I need to concentrate really hard the speaker isn’t a good one. A smile or even a facial expression of any kind would have maybe helped.

    My main thought was a hope. I hope the Democratic National Convention doesn’t have an overall mean tone to it. I hope. I know politics is nasty, but I wasn’t impressed by the vileness last night. Those people I saw last night are not happy people.

    • prairie pond

      “I had never heard South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speak and didn’t know she was such a nasty mean woman.”

      Don’t forget, she’s the woman who went on The View and told them “women don’t care about contraception.”


      See what happens? That was months ago and we’ve all forgotten by now. That gaffe has also been overshadowed by so many other gaffes, that they are losing their shock value and we just accept them.

      It’s gonna be a long slog to November.

      • rd liebst

        I get the impression that it is such, it does not matter what you say as it will be nothing but a sound bite. Once a sound bite it falls into the box called meaningless tirp.
        Which of course means that it will be over looked since everything that is said is meaningless. A person word is nothing, what is said then is not to be remembered. It seems that it was long ago that what someone said was the total of their value. Ben Cartright has been replaced by J.R. Uwing.

        I guess I am getting too old, most days I am haunted by what I said yesterday. My words are a hammer that I am concerned will fall on my head at any moment.

      • prairie pond

        No kidding, RD. I watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza and The Big Valley every day. Matt always had integrity, and Ben Cartwright and Victoria Barclay may have been rich, but they knew what it was like to come up the hard way and they never forgot how they got there. None of them ever broke their word.

        Now days? Hell, it isn’t even just J.R. Ewing. It’s the Kardashians.

        God help us all.

    • rd liebst

      I am reminded of a ole saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I am a Ron Paul supporter LOL that same ole yard sign I have had for some years now was in my yard during the Kansas elections, A lot of unfounded trash has been put out and I think mainly to gender a ally with the Democrats and Liberals against Ron Paul.

  4. “It is very unlikely that Romney will give a detailed plan of what he would do as President. He has carefully avoided getting into specifics all year and is not likely to start now. The problem is that the numbers don’t add up. He can’t have a huge tax cut (especially for upper-income people) and reduce the deficit without spending cuts that would be so draconian as to destroy his candidacy. So the solution is to just talk in generalities, point out his business experience, and relentlessly attack Obama.”

  5. Christie obviously doesn’t get it: “For instance, I hear people talk all the time about female voters,” he said. “I think it’s condescending to women to say we have to have a different message for women than we have with men.”

    Equal… I’m screaming here, but I don’t expect Christie or any of the republicans to hear what they don’t seem able to understand.

    I ask again — have these inept men ever met a woman?

    Women certainly know every republican Senator voted against equal pay for women. Women certainly know men’s health-care decisions are not the business of government. We even understand that they wrote clearly in their party platform — that a few cells and a rapist are more important than a woman. Hey, a woman’s life is way down the list of priorities for these so-called ‘pro-lifers.’ Women certainly know that without equality we don’t have the same opportunities in any walk of life. Women will make sure the republican effort to bully, subjugate and silence women ends in defeat this November!

    • rd liebst

      Heeeee made my day! People that like Ann Coulter have one thing in common with Coulter. Self hatred but then perhaps Coulter has quite the game figured out. She makes a living feeding Trolls and morons and undoubtly it is she believes there is nothing wrong since a fool and their money are soon separated. Funny how so many thing keep reminding me of some saying that has been around forever. Being kind of snaky also maybe she is jealous because she has always wanted to be a woman?

      But then that would mean she is a transvestite would it not? But then she could not be since most transvestites I have met are more intelligent and human beings. Nope it is she feeds trolls for a living laughing every time she looks at her bank account.

    • rd liebst

      Hee I keep cracking up every time I come back and read this!

  6. I did not watch the RNC Convention – I was out with my family at my granddaughter’s school function. We had such a fun time. I am very impressed with the Augusta Garfield School – their teachers seem to be very involved with the kids and actually care about their future

    This was the first year for this event – and the crowd was hughe for thiat little school.. This school is not one of hte more affluent schools – just workng class folks – but there were so many parents and grandparents there because people really do care about t heir kids’ future.

    That is what I think is missing in today’s political nonsense – this sense that what we do today affects our future – as a country and as a society.

    I grew up in the days of Eisenhower – the last REpublican president to balance a budget. If these current day Republicans were serious about their current yammerings – they would follow Eisenhower and ditch Reagan.

    After all, Dick Cheney summed it quite nicely when he said that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

    And I think Reagan was the start of this ME-ME-ME greed we are currently in – and this idea that we just say whatever it takes to win and then do as we exactly please if we do happen to win.

    Promises are nothing more than that – promises. Actions speak louder than words.,

    • I’m glad you didn’t have to hear the attacks on teachers last night. Unbelievable! Those people who spoke at that convention do not support education. At least not education for everyone, and they’ll decide what education is appropriate and who should have access to it.

    • rd liebst

      well I agree Indy, all my kids went to Garfield and now the grandsons go to the newest elem. It was the only one with a program for learning disablie kids. A.D.D. is the problem and even then I still dread the phone ringing during the day. With the oldest who when upset and refusing will strike out if pushed.

  7. Wheaton College was the first prominent evangelical school to join the conservative Catholic crusade against the Obamacare provision that requires employer-based insurers to cover birth control without co-pays. Despite the fact that Wheaton’s student health plan already covered contraception before the health care reform became law, the conservative college claimed the birth control requirement violated their religious liberty.

    However, Wheaton’s case against Obamacare is entirely without merit. Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle threw out Wheaton’s case, citing the college’s lack of sufficient evidence that it had actually suffered religious discrimination under Obamacare, especially since the health care reform does not fully go into effect until 2013. This marks the 3rd religious lawsuit against Obamacare that has been dismissed on these grounds.

  8. Andy Borowitz tweet:

    “Republicans are as excited about Ryan as they were four years ago about a woman they are now banning from the convention.”

  9. Oops. The first night of the Republican National Convention was heavy with “we built that” references and small business owners who feel overtaxed by the government. But one featured small business owner, Phil Archuletta of P&M Signs, went off-message when he took the stage to rail against the government…for not giving him enough contracts:

    “For the last 40 years, my company has built the road signs on the Forest Service road system. In fact, in 1984, I was fortunate to receive the national award from President Reagan for being the most successful minority business in the United States. In 2004, President Bush made it possible for our company to manufacture signs for all federal agencies. When President Obama came on board and pushed the stimulus, I believed my business was going to explode with work. Unfortunately, it never happened. Today, we are barely hanging on with the orders from the state of New Mexico, thanks to Governor Susana Martinez, and the few orders still coming through the Forest Service from our very loyal customers”.

    In expressing his frustration, Archuletta is exposing the fundamental lie of the Romney campaign’s “we built that” theme. Government small business loans and contracts have sustained almost every small business Romney has featured in his campaign. Archuletta’s business, like the others, has been sustained by the comparatively reliable supply of government work. Far from disparaging hardworking small business owners as Romney wants voters to believe, President Obama’s original comments celebrated the “American system” that helps bolster individual drive like Archuletta’s, concluding, “When we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

  10. Imagine our President arriving at DNC in a yacht, flying a foreign flag


    Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag

    The yacht where the elite donors of the Romney Victory Council are partying in Tampa bears the flag of the Cayman Islands. Romney’s use of offshore accounts for his investments has come under fire during the campaign. (ABC News)

    pictured here:

  11. Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
    How the GOP presidential candidate and his private equity firm staged an epic wealth grab, destroyed jobs – and stuck others with the bill

    (from the link): “And this is where we get to the hypocrisy at the heart of Mitt Romney. Everyone knows that he is fantastically rich, having scored great success, the legend goes, as a “turnaround specialist,” a shrewd financial operator who revived moribund companies as a high-priced consultant for a storied Wall Street private equity firm. But what most voters don’t know is the way Mitt Romney actually made his fortune: by borrowing vast sums of money that other people were forced to pay back. This is the plain, stark reality that has somehow eluded America’s top political journalists for two consecutive presidential campaigns: Mitt Romney is one of the greatest and most irresponsible debt creators of all time. In the past few decades, in fact, Romney has piled more debt onto more unsuspecting companies, written more gigantic checks that other people have to cover, than perhaps all but a handful of people on planet Earth.

  12. I tried to post this under the link fnord posted about the Romney Donor Party Yacht – but had trouble getting it to post.

    Anyway – here is an interesting little nugget I found in that article . The yacht’s owner is the guy that own the Villages Retirement places.

    Isn’t that where Paul Ryan’s moher lives? Just wonder..

    Poor old woman – she NEEDS and depdns on that Medicare – you know.

    The Cracker Bay is owned by Gary Morse, developer of the Villages retirement community.

    • When you post the damn yacht (with or without a foreign flag) that close to the convention where you and yours are trying to convince people you relate to common folk, it just reminds me the guy is too disorganized to be president.

  13. How do you reconcile this article with Mitt saying he would be “delighted” to sign a bill banning all abortions, while allowing states to outlaw the procedure, and his pledge to appoint to the Supreme Court conservative judges who would likely overturn Roe v Wade? Is there any time you can trust what Mitt says? Is there any topic he hasn’t endorsed at least two contradictory sides of?

    Jane Romney: My Brother Won’t Ban Abortion
    The GOP candidate’s sister says he’s “much more in the middle” on the hot-button issue.

  14. I DO know this is a television show. I also recognize this is the best description of the radical right wing tea party and their bitch, the religious right, I’ve ever heard!

    • rd liebst

      Wow… Best said and what I tried so many times to explain and say as to the Why I have not changed party affillation. Of course this would be dismissed as nothing but Holliwood crap. But it is not when it comes to many of us who are not quite ready to give up the fight for the soul of the party.

  15. rd liebst

    Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem. first make sure that you are not in fact JUST SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH ASSHOLES.

    William Gibson

  16. “the corporate grip on opinion in the US is one of the wonders of the world. No first world country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity-much less dissent” Gore Vidal

    We declare every voice of dissent unpatriotic. Bush ruled us eight years on the basis of his holy war, lies, mis-information, patriot act, and most importantly the media, why? because we are chickens, we are scared of every one and everything.

    Bush Left us in this mess, we are hated around the world, our economy stinks, we owe China trillions of dollars, a lot of citizens of this country can’t vote, minorities and women are under threat. We are trying to turn USA into a theocracy, but we want to bomb Afghanistan and Iran because they are theocracies .. How ironic

    • Some of us see through the absurdity. Not many here in Kansas, but it is comforting that Kansas has only six electoral votes, no matter how far off the deep end they go. Their screeching has become more shrill, their racism and homophobia more open, their ability to reason, all common sense and logic is totally gone, but they don’t carry any more influence today than they did before.

  17. This gave me a good chuckle!

  18. Guess the airhead one-half-term governor’s ten minutes have expired. 🙂

    Former GOP vice presidential candidate turned media star Sarah Palin said that all of her scheduled interviews on Fox News had been canceled for Wednesday evening, posting on her Facebook page that she was “disappointed” by the decision.

  19. rd liebst

    OK after watching McCain give his speech I would have to ask him one simple question…. ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?

    • I watched his speech too. I’ll answer your question. Yes, he is fucking nuts! War, war, war, control the world militarily. You taught me about neocons and now I know McCain is one of them.

      • rd liebst

        No crap fnord it just amazes me how much those war mongors get not just air time but serious attention from the party. wanting to attack everyone to make America strong? I say let them put on their own big girl panties and just go to town! Leave this country and my son out of it….

  20. McCain is so ready to go to war with everybody on the planet – 5 Islamic countries and then Russia and China….WTF…

    But his justification was because America is the last hope of the entire world to make them free from tyranny.

    If Republicans believe in getting rid of tyranny – then why are these same Republcans going after women’s rights on everything?

    Like Ann Coulter’s picture upthread – the womens right to vote IS on their agenda – don’t fool yourselves o n that one.

  21. rd liebst

    OH goody goody I get to go tomorrow and do another stress test! Crap I am glad I only have to run on a belt for awhile and so glad I do not have to wear that sensors while I am home alone with my grandsons! Talk about stress!

  22. The cameras are scanning the arena in Tampa waiting for Huckabee. Look at all those empty seats!

  23. Condi is at bat now.

    • Be afraid. Very afraid.

      If there is a republican in the office of presidency all will be well, but let me tell you how much danger is afoot when a democrat is president…

  24. The GOP Platform has a section called “The First Amendment: Speech That Is Protected” Clause. In it, they state:

    “The rights of citizenship do not stop at the ballot box. They include the free speech right to devote one’s resources to whatever cause or candidate one supports. We oppose any restrictions or conditions that would discourage Americans from exercising their constitutional right to enter the political fray or limit their commitment to their ideals. As a result, we support repeal of the remaining sections of McCain- Feingold, support either raising or repealing contribution limits, and oppose passage of the DISCLOSE Act or any similar legislation designed to vitiate the Supreme Court’s recent decisions protecting political speech in Wisconsin Right to Life v. Federal Election Commission and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.”

    In other words, no restrictions on who (or what corporations) can donate unlimited funds to a candidate.

    Elect Romney, and corporations will run even more than they do now (thanks to Citizens United)

  25. Paul Ryan delivered a great speech — not just a good one, a GREAT one! I think he did way better than the pretty lady half-a-term governor, his predecessor, did four years ago! It didn’t have any substance, no ideas, no solutions, no specifics on what a Romney/Ryan Administration would do, but it was a great speech! I could feel the excitement in that arena when he delivered all the right criticisms and talking points! They really like to hate and he gave them all the red meat they’ve been wanting. If the VP is supposed to be the attack dog, he is good at his role!