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  1. Some very good points in this excellent assessment of what the current agenda of the Republican Party actually means – the conclusion? This:
    “…we are wondering just how Republicans like Rubio can say with a straight face that they are protecting the lives of all humans when they are so obviously legislating our deaths by leaving out exceptions for the life of the mother.
    …. the Republican Party claims they are pro-life…
    …It turns out, however, that the logical conclusion of the Republican Party’s platform is pro-death for women, pro-empowering rapists.

    Marco Rubio Touts GOP Abortion Platform That Suggests Women Are Not Humans

  2. It is interesting to watch people knock President Obama for the economy after watching the last 3.5 years. Most people do not really pay attention to what is going on with Congress; the average person tends to really start paying attention as the election draws nearer but they do not understand how the obstruction works behind the scenes.

    So – people will blame the economy on the President but can you think of any bill that went to the President’s desk that he vetoed that had anything to do with jobs? No. Not one.

    Now – he made it clear that he wouldn’t pass any future bills that included further tax breaks for the rich or forced the XL Keystone Pipeline through since the plan has yet to undergo proper environmental impact evaluations. Separate from those two issues – President Obama has been willing to play ball on just about everything but Republicans have even expressed an unwillingness to pass tax cuts for the middle class on multiple occasions. Their bottom line is simple: hobble the American economic recovery to convince voters that President Obama has failed.

    The Republican party plan was to block and be against EVERYTHING the President proposed:

    Biden says that during the transition, he was warned not to expect any cooperation on many votes. “I spoke to seven different Republican Senators, who said, `Joe, I’m not going to be able to help you on anything,’ he recalls. His informants said McConnell had demanded unified resistance. “The way it was characterized to me was: `For the next two years, we can’t let you succeed in anything. That’s our ticket to coming back,’” Biden says.

    The vice president says he hasn’t even told Obama who his sources were, but Bob Bennett of Utah and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania both confirmed they had conversations with Biden along these lines.

    This chart below comes from Ezra Klein; it shows the number of laws passed under Congress by year. Ezra notes that the “Do Nothing Congress” of 1947 did a lot more than this current Congress HERE:

    Read more:

  3. Does anyone think either candidate will sway voters at their respective conventions?

    Put me in the NO column. I feel those who follow the issues have decided, and those that don’t will vote for a party. I think the best both candidates can expect is to energize those who might have sat out this election. I’m becoming convinced that in our toxic political atmosphere independent swing voters are a thing of the past. I see that there are more people registered independent, but I think most of them lean toward one party or the other and absent anything more compelling than this year offers will vote that party they lean toward. Sometimes it’s for no better reason than that’s how I’ve (or my family) always voted.

    • Sometimes I think it is what happens during the month of October that really sways an election.

      When did the economy crash under GWB – right before the election. I remember John McCain dissing David Letterman because he had to go down to Washignton DC to save the economy.

      But whast did John McCain end up doing? He stayed in New York City – appeared with Katie Couric on the evening news and even popped in at Bill Clinton’s conference the next morning before he walks into some meeting in Washington DC – and what guy did he see when he entered that room? Obama was already there.

      THAT scenario made McCain a laughing stock of the country. And I do think that fact – and when David Letterman kept up the pressure – did sway people to get out and vote to keep McCain from winning.

      I also remember how all the Republicans were mocking David Letterman and their refrain of ‘nobody watches David Letterman’.

      Uh, NO, alot of people watch Letterman and those that don’t, heard it on the news.

      That entire fiasco made McCain look stupid. And I think the majority of Americans do not want to go with the guy who looks stupid.

      • I need to rephrase something…

        McCain was never going to win (IMHO) – but this stupid act of his trying to appear like Superman flying down to Washington DC to save the economy made his loss to Obama even larger….and it did do that…

        But – there was that Sarah Palin factor to consider…

        Alot of women just did not like her…….

  4. Serious question:

    How many voters do you think will be swayed by Ann Romney? The Romney campaign has said that she is their secret weapon with women voters.

    Personally, I don’t like her more than I don’t like Mitt. There is sokmething about her that rubs me the wrong way.

    And I think that her saying ‘you people’ and then that rpancing horse that gets a $77,000 tax deduction is just the icing on the cake with Ann Romney.

    She is not exactly the type of woman that I know in my neighborhood. Not a one of us has a prancing horse. And that $77,000 tax deduction she gets on that horse is more than alot of my neighbors (couples) make in a year.

    The Romneys are not exactly on the same level as the average American. Will that factor into the election results?

    • No, Ann Romney will not sway any women. We’re pretty intuitive. The republicans may be the last group on earth to not recognize that all women are not alike and that women don’t appreciate those who don’t represent our gender well. Ann is as fake as her husband. I keep hearing the convention will show people Romney is just a regular guy.

      It makes me laugh out loud!

      Romney isn’t now, and has never been, a regular guy. He has always been wealthy and has always led a privileged life. I don’t know whether Ann came from wealth, but if she didn’t she ‘took to it’ quickly. I doubt if either of them ever stretched a pound of hamburger so they could pay the electric bill. I’m pretty sure the economizing we do every day would never occur to them. I doubt they’re even aware of how regular people live.

      Unless… Is Romney going to introduce himself as someone new at the convention? Will his acceptance speech (which happens after he secures the nomination) be the time he breathes a sigh of relief, shakes the EtchASketch and goes moderate in an attempt to attract outside the party? How would the right-wing radical Paul Ryan handle that? What about teapublicans? Evangelicals?

      Pass the popcorn.

      • prairie pond

        You know, the repukes don’t get the “token person” thing on any front.

        I read a big thing yesterday that Michael Steele, their token black RNC chair before Reince, wasn’t even invited to the R convention this year. He will only be there as an analyst for MSNBC. There was a big dinner over the weekend honoring the current chair, and Haley Barbour, past chair, and other past chairs, and Steele wasn’t even invited to the dinner. Nor was he even mentioned at the dinner. It’s like he never existed. And he was the head of their party when they had their big victories, both state and national, in 2010. WTF?

        I guess they thought since Americans liked a black man enough to be president, they needed a token black guy to be their party chair. Then they tossed him out like a used Kleenex. Same with the Lady Snowbilly. They thought they needed a woman, so they put her on the ticket. Now? She has no role at the convention either.

        I guess they think ALL people are so stupid they don’t recognize a token when they see one. At least they didn’t put Rubio on the ticket as their token Hispanic, but he is introducing Rmoney at the convention. And Ann Rmoney has a speaking role, but as you all pointed out, very few women can relate to her or her life.

        No group is all alike, and no group with just blindly vote for “one of their own.” Substance is required. And that is something the repukes just don’t get.

      • Rachel Maddow said: Sarah Palin is now the guy who hangs out in the high school parking lot showing off his car, five years after he graduated.

  5. I keep hearing how people think that Romney will be better at fixing the economy. And that is basically the only thing I hear that is positive about the guy.

    But how will Romney be able to fix the economy when he will have these Far Right Wingers with all their Social issues they want pushed down our throats?

    When all abortions are banned and birth control is no longer available – will that fix the economy?

    And if we give even more of out tax dollars to the top 1% – will they really create those jobs that thse hsame people have promised the last 12 years but neer did?

    Exactly – when will Romney be able to fix the economy – that is my question to these people who support him for that reason alone.

    Besides – the president really does have limited powers to accomplish alot. The Congress is where voters need to focus – and if we return back to total GOP control – then we will have GWB on steroids.

    And do we really expect different results?

    • I don’t expect different results. My memory is intact and I know the damage trickle down economics brings. The job creators are the people who spend money to live, who buy the regular stuff regular people buy. Small business owners will tell you what they need is customers.

  6. I thought Lady Karma was going to serve up well-deserved Karma to the Republicans by having Hurricane Isaac hit the GOP Convention in Tampa.

    But, now, it appears that the bigger story will be if New Orleans is again hit by a hurricane – and according to this article, it is predicted to hit sometime late Tuesday – wich is one day shy of the 7th anniversary of Katrian

    Hmmm…..GOP Convention in Tampa with a bunch of white wealthy males are going to be speowing their hared for President Obama while the same city that was hit by Katrina during when George W. Bush was in office. Can’t you just see the many images of the Katrina devastation being put up on the television screen while these current REpublicans (many of those men worked in lockstep with GWB) are tryign to prop themselves up as the ComeBack Team?

    Lady Karma – she may just have the last laugh.

    • It looks like Issac will be a whimper, much like I expect the Republican National Convention to be.

      Anyway, I hope it’s more a whimper! I have my fingers crossed Issac stays a tropical storm and doesn’t outdo the expertise of the gulf coast citizens who know how to prepare for storms.

      • I did hear how much our ‘evil’ government has spent since Katrina on building up the levees and other things in preparation for the next time.

        Hmmm….I guess government is needed after all…

      • It’s noteworthy that the Bush2 cloud hangs over the Republican Party. Katrina, tax cuts for the rich, wars of choice, highest spending in recent history and deregulation which led to financial collapse, control of women, extreme immigration policies…

        and yet, no past republican president will be at their convention. They don’t want people to be reminded. It’s just like they don’t want Akin to speak out loud about their policies — don’t remind people.

        “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job”

        What does it tell you when Donald Trump is invited back to GOP convention BUT Sarah Palin and President George W Bush are not?

    • I did read umbrellas are among the items not allowed in the arena for the convention. I think Lady Karma could make them all look like dogs left out in the rain and I think it will be okay for us to laugh as the camera scans the crowds. 🙂

  7. (from the link): Last year, former GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich delivered an authoritarian speech where he promised that if elected president he would ignore court decisions he disagrees with, wage a campaign of intimidation against judges, and even potentially impeach judges who interpret the Constitution in way he disapproves of. Gingrich lost the GOP primary, but his spirit lives on in the Republican Party’s draft platform:

    GOP Platform Says ‘Impeachment’ Is A Solution To Judicial Decisions The GOP Opposes

  8. Are the dozen or so states where voting laws have been implemented to help ensure a republican victory mostly red states? I know some of the states that are making voting more difficult would have gone to Romney if every eligible voter cast their vote. Like Kansas. There’s never any doubt all six electoral votes from this state will go the “R” candidate.

    I need to do some research on this.

  9. Does the Romney logo make anyone else think of toothpaste commercials?

    • It’s okay with me if they lose more than two weeks!

      Honestly, the only thing they say when they campaign is, “I’m not Obama, and he is terrible, awful, but I’m not,” And, that’s enough for the voters who would never consider voting for Obama!

      Those whose votes they haven’t secured need to hear things they’ll never say. Things like

      We care about people who aren’t wealthy so we won’t give the wealthy more tax cuts because they didn’t create jobs;

      We care about women and gays, and think they’re full human beings who deserve the same rights as all human beings

      Education is very important and public education must be strengthened to ensure everyone has an even chance

      We know income inequality is a big problem that must be addressed and a strong middle class is the only route to prosperity.

      We have to know they understand the American Dream isn’t available to everyone today and that’s a problem desperately in need of a solution. We have to know details, specific plans and goals — not talking points and not empty promises. You heard any of that from Romney or his newly-minted running mate? I haven’t either.

      So, they’ve got those people who will vote for them NO MATTER WHAT. Do they appeal to anyone else? That’s the only way they can hope to be elected is to appeal to all the others who aren’t motivated by hate for President Obama.

  10. Just when you thought Republicans could not get any more stupid…..another one inserts both feet into his mouth..

    Or maybe these Republican men really believe this stuff they spew from their mouths

    • Not different than what Paul Ryan said earlier this week. He said, “…the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life…” Isn’t that like saying rape is just one form of conception among others? The woman doesn’t matter! The violation doesn’t matter! And, this is the mainstream republican stance and policy — it’s their party platform! Women are not nearly as important as a fertilized egg, no matter how that fertilization occurred!

      • The Catholic Church also believed that looking the other way and covering up for the child molesting priests was acceptable – and that was definitely NOT. But – hey – if this Church can keep preaching down their noses at us – and there are people like Paul Ryan to carry their holy water for them – then these Church leaders will continue to do as they please.

  11. Have you heard the strategy of white-push? We have now..

    Interesting thought – is 2012 the last election year this will even be possible? With the demographics going against majority of whites in the future decade – what does the GOP do when they are known as the White-Only Club (and men get preference – women sit at the back of the bus, or maybe they have to ride in a separate bus?)

  12. Something I’ve been pondering, and turn to my advisors for thoughts:

    As we know, a majpr campaign point for Gov. Romey has been his business experience. During my life, there have been two (or maybe three) Presidents with “business experience”, namely James Earl Carter, Jr., and George W. Bush. (The possible third was Harry S Truman, whose haberdashery went Bankrupt, as memory serves). Both President Carter and President Bush were, to put it as gently as possible, not real good at the whole president thing. Two others who come to mind were Presidents Harding and Hoover.

    Thus, my thought is that business experience is great for running a business, but not such a good thing for running the USA. Thoughts?

    • I agree.

      Government isn’t a business.

      The concept of ‘general welfare’ has nothing to do with profits.

    • prairie pond

      I think history would confirm that being successful at private business has an inverse relationship to being successful as POTUS.

      But then, Americans just can’t learn their lessons from past experience. It takes and epic fail to get their attention. But hell, wouldn’t you think we’ve already had three recent epic repuke fails in St. Ronnie Ray-Gun, Poppy Bush and Shrub? Do we really need a fourth repuke fail to get it?

      jesus wept

  13. I almost forgot. My younger, as many of you know, works at the Warren East. She has had the dubious pleasure of being at work during the limited showing of “Obama:2016” thereat. She has done an admirable job of keeping quiet during the “f***ing Tea Party Convention” that has been happening. Send all kind thoughts her way, as her tongue cannot stand much more biting. . .

  14. Hopefully, the GOP PTB will ignore Senator Snowe’s advice. . .

  15. Did you hear what Todd Akins said today?

    Missouri U.S. senate candidate Todd Akin has stoked more outrage today by claiming that male homosexuality is a disease and that “female breastmilk – when fed directly to an adult homosexual male daily for at least four weeks – has a 94% chance of permanently curing homosexual perversions.

    What? Male breastmilk won’t do the trick? 🙂

    We need to get a camera and microphone to follow this guy around!

    • To quote my childhood hero, Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon”.

    • prairie pond

      I really hesitate to think what the lesbians have to drink to be cured. I don’t think I want to go there.

      Or, perhaps, straight guys like Todd don’t want us dykes cured. Who would play the leading roles in his straight guy fantasies. And you know what I mean. Half the porn industry would go broke if we wiped out the girl on girl action guys like Toddy love so much.

      WTF? The dumbing down of America certainly has been successful.

      And.. btw… could we get those catholic guys in dresses and slippers some breast milk asap? Kids are at stake…

  16. Ah, Mrs. Romney, people may call you a lot of names —
    but First Lady will never be one of them.

  17. They’re still working on the Beta version and there’s a mass of bugs in the truth processors, and that’s not even taking into account the train-wreck-in-progress of his Empathy Emulator.

  18. I almost posted a long, detailed post that took popshots at, well, a number of people.

    That would have been a gift to them. I gotta say the right things to the right people (I almost wrote “at the right time”, but I’m three years too late, despite my Rage, as I had zero support for doing that from my “first responders,” and will have to live with my peculiar but I think understandable cowardice, one which responded to a bathroom death threat with a smile (Hi Bill!), but could not drag my family into a battle they were unwilling to engage).

    I hope at least, someone in New York or Irving or Tucson is sweating right now.

    • prairie pond

      Zippy, I wish we could provide more support for you. It’s hard when we don’ know and you can’t say what’s going on, but just know we respect you, love you, and trust you in whatever you are doing.

      I’m sending strength and support over the airwaves here. Hope you can feel it. If anyone can keep up the good fight, I know it’s you!