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  1. prairie pond

    We had rain last night. I’ve only mowed my big yard one time this year. I won’t even mind mowing again if it will just please, please, please rain more. There was even water running in the Smoky Hill River for the first time in two years. PLEASE let this be the beginning of the end of this horrible drought. We haven’t had a feed or milo crop in three years. We need to be able to plant a good wheat crop THIS year.

    • We got some rain here also. And I have a sinus headache – so something is going on. Maybe it’s Isaac’s calling card and he plans to make a visit to the GOP Convention?

  2. prairie pond

    To bring the voting discussion up here from Friday’s thread…

    Elderly women have been reliable voters. The more the repukes make it difficult for them to vote by cutting early voting, requiring sometimes difficult and expensive ID, and making the lines at the polls insufferably long, it’s elderly women and poor women who will be most disenfranchised.

    We need to rethink our GOTV programs in light of the demise of unions that used to carry the ball in getting people to the polls. If we don’t get women to the polls, the goddess will punish us with more repuke men controlling our lady parts.


    • Good news for Californians!

      Election Day Registration, which allows citizens to register up to and on Election Day, passed the California State Senate by a party-line vote of 23-13.

      Eight states currently allow their citizens to register on Election Day: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. California is poised to become the latest, and by far the largest, state to enact EDR.

      California’s version of EDR differs slightly from the way it’s employed elsewhere. Rather than allowing citizens to register at regular polling stations, as they do in Maine, for instance, California will have Election Day registration at a county registrar’s office, where citizens will be able to vote as well.

  3. G.O.P. Offers Delegates Tips on Pretending to Like Romney
    Posted by Andy Borowitz

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  4. Did anyone see the Romney special on MSNBC last night (it ran after Rachel Maddow’s show)?

    If you did not know …the rest of the story… might think Romney is a saint.

    But you kinow, when the GOP pirmary first t started – I did thn Romney wasw the moderate Replibican, good family fman and a devoute relgiious person.

    But since Romney has kissed the butt of eery Far Right Winger Wackadoodle and their Birtherism Kissin Kousin – I have lost all respect for Romney.

    Even if the true Romney did want to return to his moderate views he has expressed many more times than these wackadoos he is spouting now – The Far Right Wingers will NEVER allow him to move an inch from that painted corner he has placed himself in.

    When the special talked about how Romney came in and saved the Salt Lake City Olympics – I just wanted to scream – the TAXPAYERS gave him $1.2 billion dollars – why shouldn’t those games have made a profit?

    But – isn’t that the way most of these corporations are making their record breaking profits – because these folks keep gorging themselves at the taxpayer trough. Oh, but ‘they’ built it and ‘they’ did it all…

    Yeah, sure, ….without Taxpayer money – where would these corporate critters be?

    • This is a piece that addresses Romney associating himself with those Far Right Winger Wackadoodles you mention. It’s a short one-page with quite a bit of really good analysis of this year’s republican ticket. It gets under the fake facade to the truths.

      (from the link):For many independents and moderate Republicans, the best argument for Romney’s candidacy was that, after adopting the rhetoric of the radical right during the primaries, he would recast himself, yet again, as an inoffensive, competent, nonideological technocrat: a former management consultant intent on turning around the finances of U.S.A. Corp. But, with the selection of Ryan, Romney has thrown in his lot with the most ideological wing of his party.

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  5. Forget Wall Street bankers and their wealthy friends, the groups most likely to determine the next US President when voters go to the polls in November are

  6. I believe Obamacare will have positive effects on this problem too. It’s time we learned the lesson that locking up addicts isn’t any more of a solution than making abortions illegal is a solution.

  7. wicked

    So is the hurricane in Florida and message from the Almighty, warning the Republicans that they’re treading on sacred ground when they try to speak for God?