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    • rd liebst

      I agree there is a clear choice between the President and Mitt Romney. Romney wants to throw the baby out with the bath water in order to save the bath water?

  1. prairie pond

    I love Big Dawg. He wasn’t perfect, but I do think he was a great president.

    I heard Chris Matthews say on Hardball last night that Big Dawg will campagin hard this year because Hillary has the best chance to “win, not just run” the presidency in 2016 if Obama is elected in 2012. I know Hillary keeps saying she is retiring after her SoS gig, but I would dearly love to see her be the first woman POTUS.

    Oh, from Chris Matthew’s lips to god’s ears….

    • I suspect there is more than one reason these Republicans want Obama to fail as the first black president.

      If the black man succeeds – what’s next, a woman president?

      And Hillary Clinton would wipe the flo0or with Jeb Bush in 2016. Especially with her Secretary of State years experience.

    • I also think (FINALLY! Where was my head back in 2008?) that Hillary would be elected easily. It would be nasty, but no more nasty than they are to the black guy. These religious wackos aren’t human the way we understand humanity — they’re mean, viscous, vindictive. They’re as vindictive as their gawd. Their gawd isn’t the God of love.

      • I am no so sure Hillary would have been elected in 2008. I think it was too soon for another Clinton.

        But now that Hillary has been Secretary of State for 4 years – NOW is the time to strike.

        And I think Hillary is a smart woman – and a smart politician – to know when the timing is right.

      • What kind of lies would they make up? Or would it be enough to recycle the old lies? Wonder how they would phrase their silly ‘not vetted’ claim. One of their stupidities that makes me laugh loudest is the uproar about Obama not being vetted, all that hidden stuff, where in the world are his college transcripts… That’s when their ugly butts are really showing exactly who they are!

        Pass the popcorn.

      • prairie pond

        In some ways, it would make it easier for Hillary to govern, as opposed to being elected, now that Obama has served. The argument that “it’s too soon for another Clinton” can be mitigated, as you pointed out. Also, we can see that wingnuttia couldn’t be any more nasty or intransigent than they’ve been with Obama. Simply not possible.

        So… I still don’t know how easy it would be to get Hillary elected, although I think given the current repuke War on Women, it might be easier to rally the troops in her favor. But in terms of governing, Obama at least got SOME healthcare reform passed, no matter how incomplete it may be. And I agree, her overwhelming success and worldwide respect as SoS has got to give her international relations bona fides. Domestic policy experience from her time in the U.S. Senate. Executive experience as part of her husband’s administration both as Governor of Arkansas and POTUS.

        WTF more could we want in a Democratic candidate for POTUS? And, might I add, she has proven fund raising ability.

        GO HILLARY 2016!

  2. I was reading somewhere this morning that it would only take the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare four years to make it insolvent. Yep. The Romney/Ryan plan will run Medicare out of money in less than four years. Coupled with the obsession of no tax increases they could do away with Medicare in one term. It’s been their goal since Medicare first offered seniors a way to have some dignity in their twilight years back in 1965, and they’re as close as they’ve ever been. Of course Medicaid is easier for them to ruin so they can kill off seniors and poor folks all in one fell swoop.

    • Romney is still defending his attack ads where he says that Obama has gutted the work requirement out of welfare.

      Even though analysts on both sides of the aisle – and Newt Gingrich (who was there in 1996 when welfare reform was written) has said there is no proof that Obama has waived the work requirement.

      Romney is just a person – in my opinion – that will say anything or do anything or get in bed with anybody to get his hands on teh White Hose.

      But, then again, Romney also is trying to say that Todd Akin’s views about abortion and rape are not his views . But the GOP platform has the exact same views.

      Romney is trying to use the ‘I’m the top of the ticket, so my policy is the one to be followed’.

      Oh, really? Is that why Romney asks how high when the Rabid Religious Right command him to jump?

      Who in their right mind actually beleives that Romney will EVER tell anyone on the Far Right Wingers side to STFU?

      • rd liebst

        “Romney is just a person – in my opinion – that will say anything or do anything or get in bed with anybody to get his hands on the White House”

        I am so with you there, it is like someone said in Jr. high ” I would rather have someone look me dead in the eye and call me a no good useless Nigger then to smile in my face and call me a African/ American”.

        when someone came up to us and was plainly pretending to be cool with being there with us in a group.

  3. When I heard about this Isaac possibly coming towards Tampa – I must confess, I did have to chuckle. Seems the GOP Convention of 2008 was threatened was also threatened by hurricane weather.

    Maybe these folks have done something to piss off Mother Nature?

    My, oh my, I wonder what that could have been..

    • karma. Isaac should bring a rainy week if nothing more. I think karma could see to it that most of them get at least one good drenching getting from place to place.

      • Maybe, for once in their lives, there will be more wind blowing at them than they can blow out of their big mouths at their perceived enemies?

      • My mother in law (that Saint of Christian that she THINKS she is) lives in Tampa.

        On a personal note – I do hope to see her on her broom flying across my television screen if Isaac is destined to hit Tampa.

        I know, I know, I need to go and pray for forgivness……but, please, God – just let me dream a little bit longer…


      • Here’s my best-case scenario karma dream —

        The city of Tampa needs their convention center to ensure the safety of the city’s citizens affected by the storm. So all those folks join the convention goers. They’ll have to have cots of course, they’ll all have to share the restroom facilities… I remember the city of New Orleans housed citizens in their convention center.

      • Then to top it off would be to have the mother of the former Florida Governor to go on national television and say that ‘those people’ at the Convention Center should be happy to be there….

      • rd liebst

        I am no longer sure about karma, even when I had my suspect that it would happen. And even put the sandals up so it would not happen… Karma still hide one from me and I ended up asking for a new pair for my birthday. But now I have my sandals and the world is right again!

  4. The only good thing about Romney’s lies and the people who buy into them — their numbers are too small to win at the national level. There are too few people that gullible.

    • Hopefully – the Women will be out in full force this year. I still think that these polls are not calling the real numbers – those women who plan to vote.

      I have never been called with a voting poll – have you?

      • I was called a few times prior to the Kansas primaries but all the questions had to do with the state races. I’ve had no calls on national issues.

        But then, I would need to answer my phone when I look at the calleer ID and decide not to… Maybe I have been called. Maybe I’ll have to take a chance on those calls.

      • I did receive a few phone calls and if I don’t know the number – I don’t answer.

        So, like you, I might have been called. But, again, like you said – this was during the primary.

        Since registerding as a Republican – I got all kinds of stupid nonsense stuff in my mailbox.

        These Reublicans sure do waste alot of money – don’t they?

    • rd liebst

      I hope you are right, my greatest fear is that with enough peoplle hurting that they will lose common sense and buy into anyone willing to lie to them and promise the moon.

  5. All these republicans trying to distance themselves from Todd Akin’s remarks must think time began today. Is that a republican genetic flaw? It’s always so easy to go find a recording of their previously deeply-held conviction — ya know that one that contradicts the one they hold today when time first began.

    • Reagan did alot of damage to our country – and pushing that Trickle-Down Economics crappola was just one of this man’s many deeds…

      But when he invited Jerry Falwell into the inner circle of the GOP – I wonder if St. Ronnie ever thought that he was starting the downfall of his beloved Republican Party?

      I truly believe that when Romney/Ryan loses – these Far Right Wingers will TRIPLE DOWN on their crazy and go absolutely nuts. I think this will be the end of the Grand Old Party – as we have come to to know it.

      I mean, seriously, just how much crazy can one stand?

      • I don’t know at what point Reagan’s illness meant he was unaware. I’ve heard it was before his presidency ended, but that’s something we’ll probably not learn as a fact. No, I don’t think he had any idea about those religious wackos. He was a moderate man. He raised taxes (several times) when he realized he had cut them too drastically, too quickly.

        It stopped being The Grand Old Party back about … well, for sure by the Bush 2 second term there was no grand left. I’ve come to know it as the GeeOhPee. Usually, out of respect, I refer to the party as ‘Republican Party.’ I hope there will come a day when the grand goes back in their party. That will be a good day for America!

      • They can make their own realities so I guess they could decide the Romney/Ryan ticket wasn’t ‘conservative’ enough and triple down. Ryan is definitely as wacko and extreme as they want, and Romney can easily hold whatever deeply-held conviction is required, so I don’t know how they could have done better in someone who will toe their line.

  6. This is 100% satirical and 200% too funny not to share!

  7. I just listened to the Diane Rheme (sp?) show on NPR. There was a caller from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The topic was the GOP platform.

    This Oklahoma man started his comment that he is a moderate Republican and Pro-Life.
    With that said – this man then started on his comment as to the current Reupblican Party is not representing him or people like him.

    This man then wen ton to say that the REublican Party has become known as the people who think Democrats and those who support abortion rights are godless and, in turn, will turn the country into a godless country.

    This man stated that he did not like that and thinks the Republicans will be lose big this election cycle.

    The panelist from some Conservative group responded by saying – what a weird intrepretation.

    WTF……and then this CON went on to say when HE was in Oklahoma, he did not hear anything like that.

    So – maybe this is what we are really seeing in the GOP? There are moderates in that group that do feel the Far Right has hijacked the GOP – but yet the pundits are right there to knock them down for daring to speak against them.

    I don’t know – but I do know that when it comes to abortion. There are good people on both sides of this issue. There are many different views on abortion but I think the middle ground (moderate?) is that abortion should be legal with certain exceptions – as rape, incest and life of the mother.

    But to be told by some CON pundit on national radio that your interpretation is ‘weird’ is just showing how certain Republicans continue to be the bully in the play yard.

    And that – I think – will bring down the GOP in the end. It is these FAr Right Wingers’ insatiable quest to be the bully that commands everyone else what to do, what to think, have your sex life investigated and above all – worship the only true God – THEIR God.

    I am tired of the Repubicans’ telling me constantly that their God can beat up my God.

    • rd liebst

      LOL I have always been a register Republican but this is the only forum I ever add to or even get a chance to. It did not take more then a couple of comments on some Republican/ Cons forums to be either asked to leave or find I was not longer able to comment or add anything. I tend to think which they found contrary to the stand by line of the forum. BTW think you letting me come here and contribute, the ole saying is true about me… opinions are like A holes everyone has one and it generally stinks.

      • This place wouldn’t be complete without you, Rick! I learn from you, plus, you make me smile — learning and smiling are two of my favorite things to do!

    • I think there are ways to reduce abortions. Give a woman access to affordable health care for herself and her child(ren) and see whether she might choose to have that baby. Nothing like a job that pays a liveable wage to encourage parents. Education opportunities… Fact is abortions will happen whether they’re safe, or legal. Always have, always will. The stupidity of simply wanting to overturn Roe v Wade or place expensive restrictions on getting a safe abortion is mind boggling. Making them difficult or illegal won’t stop them.

      Why is it republicans can simply ignore what happens in the incinerator out back of the fertility clinic or in the dark alley? You would think they would be more interested in reducing the incidence of abortion, but they’ve proven that’s not the case. One more time they don’t walk the talk — it’s becoming their MO!

      • Agreed about making our society and economy favorable to raising those babies.

        I wish just once that these Pro Life supporters would also be Pro Living supporters It makes no sense to demand all pregnancies come to term if too many of those babies are raised in poverty, hunger and no hope of anything better.

  8. Speaking of alot of blowing wind in Tampa – have you heard about the GOP Convention’s key note speaker – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his high unemployment rate?

    How can Republicans put Christie on a pedestal (God, I hope that is a strong pedestal) as a shining example of how the REpublicans policies creates jobs when Christie has been in that governor’s job for 2 years now and his unemployment rate is at 9.8% — worse than the national average of 8.3% (to which Christie will blame Obama).

    Wow – this GOP convention promises to be a real circus show – doesn’t it?

    They have a GOP platform with the exact same extreme anti-abortion views that Todd Akin committed the cardinal sin of saying outloud – and now Romney and Ryan are trying to distance themselves from Akin.

    And now we have Chris Christie as their keynote speaker with the 9.8% unemployment rate – after being in office for 2 years. If Republican policies are so great and they create jobs – why do jobs never show up in real life?

  9. While out driving last night, I noticed there is a very big building project currently goin on at that mega church on North Rock – across from the Wal Mart.

    I thought the evil Obama had ruined the economy and that NOBODY was doing well – if that is true, then how can this church (?) keep on building on their huge campuas that already has way too many huge buildings – and tall tax free?

    • I also wonder – how many of those self-professing Christians stood in line outside the Chick-Fil-A to buy their deep fried chicken sandwich to show their support of their Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ.

      But yet – when I read the Bible – I suspect Jesus might have stood in line to buy his sandwich and then he would have went to the poor, hungry, homeless and the outcasts of society and turned his deep fried chicken sandwich into enough food to feed all in his presence.

      I wonder – how many of these loudly-boasting Christians donated their chicken sandwich to the homeless or hungry.

      Let me guess………

      • Just curious – has anyone heard if the owner of Chick-Fil-A donated any money or food on that day to the homeless or food banks when all these dog and pony show Christians came to show how much they love Jesus?

        Actions speak louder than words.

        I agree with that caller from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I do think the Republican Party has become known as the people who think they – and only they – are the true Christians. The ‘real’ Amerians. The ‘real’ patriots. The ‘only’ people that deserve those entitlements that WE the PEOPLE pay for.

  10. When I think of my childhood, I think of the preacher at my first Baptist Church. (Years before the Fundamentalist Baptists took over).

    This man wore the same suit every Sunday. This man had a full time job and preached on Sundays. This man was not the best public speaker. This man was not all that charismtatic or ‘eye candy’.

    But what this man did have was a love and compassion for everybody that walked through the church doors.

    This man truly lived his faith and he had a calming, peaceful way about him – in everything he did and said.

    There was none of this fire and brimstone nonsense. He was undoubtedly not paid what he was worth – but he showed up every Sunday.

    This is what is missing in today’s churches – in my opinion.

    • There are loving Christians and loving churches of all faiths and sects in our world! It’s too bad all the jerks that yell their intolerance and faith in one loud hateful voice drown out the good.

      Jesus wept.

      • I have shared this before …..I owe my life (literally) to a dark-skinned, foreign doctor – from a Muslim country, so I assume he is of the Muslim faith – but I don’t care.

        You know why? Because this doctor cared about ME and showed me compassion when I was about to give up on my cancer fight. This doctor is what doctors should be…

        Before I found my wonderful doctor, I had the ‘best oncologist’ in town – a white, Christian man. But that guy never made me feel like a person. I was not even given the dignity and respect of being called by my correct name. That is not very comforting when they come towards you with a bag of chemo drugs.

        So – I know there are good people of all faiths in this world. And I really don’t care what God you worship – or if you don’t worship any God.

        It simply does not enter into my thoughts – unless you’re trying to thump your Bible over my head – then you’ll be getting a good thumping right back.

  11. TAMPA (The Borowitz Report)—With the threat of Hurricane Isaac hitting Florida next week, the Republican National Committee took the extraordinary step today of moving their 2012 National Convention to the seventeenth century.

    While the decision to send the convention four centuries back in time raised eyebrows among some political observers, R.N.C. spokesperson Harland Dorrinson downplayed the unusual nature of the move.

    “After exploring a number of options, we decided that moving to the seventeenth century would cause the least disruption,” he said. “We’re not going to have to change a thing.”

    Mr. Dorrinson added that despite recent controversy involving the U.S. Senate candidate Representative Todd Akin (R., Miss.), there would be no modification of the Party’s official platform: “After we ban abortion in cases of rape and incest, we’re going to focus on America’s spiraling witch problem.”