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Saturday, 8/18/12, Public Square

The Maddow blog put together this chart showing job-creation numbers for every year since 2001, Bush’s first year in office. In the image, the lighter color shows job losses/gains in the overall economy, while the darker color reflects just the private sector.



Context, of course, is key. When Bush took office in 2001, the economy had slowed, but it was a mild downturn compared to the global financial collapse that was underway in 2009. And yet, note that the economy added jobs in President Obama’s second year, which is more than we can say for his Republican predecessor. In Obama’s third year, 2011, more private sector jobs were created than in seven of the eight years Bush was in the White House.

Even this year, after just five months, some of which have been far from adequate, the economy has added more jobs than in Bush’s first three years in office combined.

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