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  1. Ezra Klein: “Consider what the Romney campaign, then, is saying: If Romney is elected, then by his third year in office, every single federal program that is not Medicare, Social Security, or defense, will be cut, on average, by 40 percent. That means Medicaid, infrastructure, education, food safety, road safety, the postal service, basic research, foreign aid, housing subsidies, food stamps, the Census, Pell grants, the Patent and Trademark Office, the FDA — all of it has to be cut by, on average, 40 percent. If Romney tried to protect any particular priority, it would mean all the others have to be cut by more than 40 percent.”

    Romney’s budget plan is a fantasy

    • But….but….I just heard Romney on television claiming that he wants to put Americans back to work – and that is why he got into the presidential race.

      Uhh……..this is NOT the first time Romney has run for president – is it?

      And – if Romney is such a great businessman – then whqt he stoppin ghim from creating jobs for Americans right now? If he is that concerned about unemployed Ameircans – then why not take some of that money of his stashed oversease in tax-free havens and use it to put Amiercans to work?

      If he so cares so frickin much…

      If I could buy Republicans for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth – I could pay off the national debt and create jobs for all the unemployed Americans – and still have money left over.

      • I think it’s still the first time Romney has run for president… Unless not winning but continuing to campaign means he started over? How many years has it been now? Non-stop running for president. Do you know he has lost more elections than he ever won — in fact, he only won once and he served one term as governor. Of course, he doesn’t want anyone to talk about his time as governor…

      • Of course, you’re right, this is the first time Romney’s name will be on the ballot for president.

        But Romney has been on the national stage to run for president – and that was what meant.

        One would think that Romney would know what questions and issues would be coming up in his presidential run – but it seems the only answers we get to the media questions are – I’ll be happy to get back with you or No, I will not release my tax returns. Or my personal favorite – the budet will see the light of day after the election.

        Sorry, but these answers are just not going to cut it with me.

        BTW – I had an interesting discussion yesterday with a lifelong Republican. This woman has never voted for Democrat but she told me yesterday that she will never vote for Romney. She said and I quote ‘there is something not quite right in that picture’ This woman is 75 yrs old. This is also the first primary she has not voted in – and due to all the negativity brought in by the troublemakers – ie Tea Party.

        So – if this 75 yr old lifelong Kansas Republican is falling for Romney or the Tea Party – then that is a major problem for the Grand Old Poobahs.

      • is not falling for Romney…..

  2. Look at this! A new group of Swiftboater types. Do you think they’ll join the complaints about President Obama mentioning Romney’s dog? If it’s wrong to mention Romney putting his dog on top of his car for several hours transport, does that make it wrong for Romney to do it? Probably not. Only wrong to talk about it.

    Back to these people who want us to buy into their representation of themselves as all things good because they criticize the Commander In Chief for something he never actually did. Every time he spoke about the killing of binLaden he praised everyone who had a hand in it. I’m no more impressed than I was when the Swiftboaters did the same thing to Senator Kerry.

    President Obama is a class act! When these types show their ugly butts they make the comparison even more clear!

    It’s fine and dandy to denigrate military personnel — right up to the man at the top — but don’t mention Romney’s dog cause that’s taking it too low. [eye roll]

    Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks

    (Reuters) – A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is set to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds President Barack Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and argues that high-level leaks are endangering American lives.

    • I remember President Obama when he announced that Bin Laden was killed. He went above and beyond including everyone in both his own administration and the Bush Administration. Obama especially thanked the Navy Seals that actually had gone into Pakistan to get the self-admitted mastermind behind 9/11.

      I also remember President Obama inviting George W. Bush to join him in New York for the ceremony at the WTC Memorial – and what did Bush do? He declined the invitation.

      So…..exactly who took the higher ground?

      IIRC – quite a few Far Right Winger Hate Talk Radio were characterizing Obama as taking ‘victory laps’…

      Isn’t it just a shame that these same Far Right Wingers did not denounce George W. Bush when he stated that he did not even think about Bin Laden anymore. Or maybe when GWB and Cheney dragged their feet about the 9/11 Commission? Or when Ann Coulter (Far-Far Right Winger) went on the warpath calling the 9/11 widows greedy and trying to profit off their husbands death.

      I keep thinking – at some point in time – these Far Right Wingers will go so low into their cesspool of hate that even their most loyal lapdogs will have to concede that their favorite Far Right Winger is just totally N-U-T-S…..

      But – that point in time has never come……..

      • As for those leaks – that is under investigation. But I wonder……could it have come from leftover Bush Administration people that felt the need to embarrass the guy that did not stop thinking about Bin Laden?

      • Who can forget the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner?

        I’ve been listening to Romney whine. “So Mr.President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”

        I remember he has whined about talking about his business experience at Bain, about the secrets hidden in his tax returns, about his term as Governor of Massachusetts…

        Each time I hear him whining I have to ask: If Romney is folding under Obama’s campaign attacks, are we supposed to pretend that he’ll stand up to Putin? To Hu Jintao? To Ahmadinejad? To Kim Jong-un? What does this say about his “temperament?

        Romney has been campaigning full-time and can’t even be successful at running a campaign. He didn’t know the differences between his plan and the Ryan Plan when he began trying to distance himself from Ryan’s plan. He wasn’t prepared with answers to the most obvious questions!

      • I’ll take the words of those involved over the words of those on the outside looking in. With regard to the raid to kill binLaden here is someone who has facts, was involved, knows what he’s talking about —

        Admiral Bill McRaven, commander of the raid, said: “At the end of the day, make no mistake about it, it was the president of the United States that shouldered the burden for this operation, that made the hard decisions, that was instrumental in the planning process, because I pitched every plan to him.”

      • The same people denigrating our Commander In Chief about the bin Laden raid are making unfounded accusations about ‘leaks.’ They’ve already proven they don’t know what they’re talking about. Why should anyone believe them about anything? They’re liars, and they sound jealous too!

  3. *** The strategy here (and danger) for Romney: What’s fascinating is the Romney campaign’s decision to bring a gun to a knife fight yesterday. It could have knocked Biden for making yet another gaffe or another odd statement. But instead, it decided to step on the gas and use the harshest language possible — “anger” and “hate” — against Obama. And there seems to be an obvious strategy here: The Romney camp seems intent on muddying the Obama brand to narrow the likeability gap; it’s too hard to bring Romney up to Obama’s favorability levels, so they want to drag him down instead. But there also is a potential danger here for Romney: For one thing, he opens himself up to criticism that he can dish out the attacks (see those constant references to Obama apologizing for America or not understanding America), but that he can’t take them. And two, the entire conversation about negativity distracts from Romney’s message. After all, we’re no longer talking about the economy or Romney’s plan, or now even his new running mate.

    • Duh Cons use this language all the time. They are trying to paint a picture of an angry BLACK MAN that HATES WHITE PEOPLE.

      They are not even subtle about it. They don’t even try to be clever about it. They don’t try to disguise it. This is Tea Baggin’ 101 – hold the non-white dude up as a threat to good, hard-working white folks.

      In any discussion of Obama, there is an undercurrent of racism directed at the President. They may disagree with his policies, but below the surface, the racial code words betray a fear of angry black men.

      Romney, McConnell, Boehner, etc., do it all the time. The blonde and beautiful at Fox do the same. Their’s is not a reasoned argument against Obama and the Democrats – it’s race-baiting a la Helms and Thurmond.

      Don’t let them fool you.

      • Let’s not forget – Glenn Beck on Fox News just came and said it – Obama hates white people.

        So, let’s see, which targeted audience do you think they were going for?

  4. I have noticed a trend among duh Cons – if you mention that the Bush Plan led to an economic collapse, they claim “Bush isn’t prez! or Blame Bush! etc.”

    That is not the point – yes, Bush is gone, thank God, but the issue is that Mitt Ryan wants to do it all over again. Same policies, same attitude, same people, in many cases.

    The issue is: WE tried it YOUR way and it didn’t fucking WORK!


    • GWB and Repblicans spent trillions on their profitable Iraq War and all the US people got were the bills to pay for America to somehow recover.

      But what I want to know is – Republicans had no trouble with our tax dollars being used to pay for free health care to the Iraqi people. Why do these same Republicans hate the idea of using our tax dollars to help every American to have access to health care insurance (not even free health care – just the damn insurance).

      Why do Republicans hate Americans so much???

  5. I have to make this comment about that picture of Romney and Ryan.

    I’ve heard Paul Ryan described as very good looking.


    • Paul is a team player – he will take one for the team.

    • When I saw that picture I couldn’t stop laughing and I knew I had to share. It’s true! The GOP (whatever in the hell that is nowadays) and the Tea Party have joined and what we get is extreme radicals!

      Think about it.

      — You’ve got those who admire Ayn Rand (their political guiding light was a Russian atheist) and then out the other side of their mouth profess to be loving Christians.

      — You’ve got those who claim to be fiscal conservatives whose voting records show exactly the opposite.

      — You’ve got those who try to convince you they’re pro-life while cheering the death penalty, banging the drums of war, and praising the George Zimmermans of the world.

      How does a person claim to hold opposing convictions and expect anyone to believe they have any convictions? How does a person undermine their own belief system and expect to still have integrity? They seem like crazies to me.

      • Actions speak louder than words. I find that most hypocrits do not ahere to this policy.

      • G-STIR

        I wonder who’ll wear the pants in this :”family”?

      • freedomwriter

        Fnord, I love the picture! But really Romney needs to be portrayed as a puppet with strings. Usually they have the puppeter behind the scenes, but in this case Ryan will be brazenly yanking them in public. What a show!

  6. G-STIR

    You gotta wonder why a guy with a personal fortune of 250 million $ would want to be the Prez.

    And how is he going to relate to me, and you , and you…………..??

    Do you suppose he’ll be available on weekends?

  7. That Biden comment that has the Romney and Republicans’ panties in a bunch is NOT the first time a politician has referred to chains or shackles.

    And it seems the Republicans are guilty of the same thing.

    But, who could no thave guess that??

  8. Hello, all,

    Back from Chicago safe and sound. Will give report when catch up on sleep and “stuff”. BTW, Grandpa still has the touch with the smaller one. Hopefully, pictures will be emailed so can include a few.