Friday, 8/10/12, Public Square


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10 responses to “Friday, 8/10/12, Public Square

  1. If you need to help someone understand ‘chutzpah,’ Republicans whining about ‘personal attacks’ provides a perfect example.

  2. prairie pond

    Occupy Everything.

  3. Going to be gone until the 15th, visiting the granddaughters in Chicago. Taking the train, as my doctors really don’t want me flying. Excited, looking forward to breakfast in the Dining Car (lunch in the lounge car, as the Dining Car is a bit “dear”). This is due to my tutee and her family wanting to do something special as a “thank you”. Excited; hope the Southwest Chief isn’t too far off schedule.

    There will be a full report upon returning, perhaps with a photo. Everyone have a good next few days, and stay cool.

  4. prairie pond

    Have a great trip, and don’t forget us if you get near a computer during the little ones’ nap times. We want pictures!

  5. Trains have lots of leg room, no dog and pony show called ‘security.’ It sounds like the absolute best way to travel! And to see the granddaughters, speak to them eye to eye. Ahh, life is good!