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  1. You know you live in a ‘red’ state when you look at the still evolving election results of yesterday. First, you try to have some confidence in the election commission after they’ve done everything possible to destroy any confidence in them. You see that Jean Schodorf was beaten by a teapublican twerp. Then you see that Jan Pauls is ahead in her race… You hang your head, feel hopeless and helpless.

    I don’t know guys. I need a hug.

    • Those teapublics twerps had alot of big boys money. And you know that those big boys expect a big return on their investment.

      That said – the next time these big boys want to help themselves to the taxpayer trough – let’s just remind these big boys that ‘they build their success all by themselves’ – so the answer is NO to the tasxpayer money.

      • R.D. Liebst

        Rolling Stones… ” Look at the new boss…. same as the old boss!”.
        OK Abbet and Costellio: How stupid can you be? How stupid do you want me to be? Enough saying and the like, yes sometimes when people are hurting and disalusioned they will drill new holes in the bottom of a already sinking lifeboat to attempt to drain the water out.

    • prairie pond

      I’m feeling nauseated today. This state is in a world of trouble, with no end in sight. It was a bloodbath for sanity out there last night, and a huge victory for big money buying elections.

      Do I need to say there is nothing so stupid Kansas voters won’t buy it?

      Hawaii. I keep repeating that today. It’s likely I’ll never be able to afford property taxes in Kansas again.

      • I let my expectations get too high. I fail to remember this is Kansas and only so much can be expected. It’s the Pollyanna in me.

      • I belive the pendelum sways back and forth throughout history – but never really ventures too far from the center as to never get back to sanity.

        But…….these money-bag Republicans who prize being a bully as their best character trait – have pushed that pendelum so far to the right – I don’t know if it will ever get back to snaity.

  2. (from the link): Romney’s tongue trouble during the primaries and his stumbles in Europe and Israel are part of a pervasive pattern that would manifest itself again and again once he found himself not so safely back on American soil. To put it bluntly, in the public arena, this self-styled business whiz is, well, kind of dumb, probably coldly brilliant as a numbers cruncher but persistently deficient in political IQ. Either he doesn’t listen to his advisers or they’re obtuse themselves, or fearful of speaking bluntly to a candidate who’s full of himself. Being a nearly all-powerful, seldom contradicted CEO is a lousy preparation for a presidential bid, and the attitudes that role can embed and harden would be dangerous in the Oval Office. As John Kennedy said, you need two or three “sons of bitches” around who can tell you when you’re wrong.

    • JFK had the right idea. That is exactly my feelings about this stupid idealogy that America has to stand by Israel at all costs.

      I have absolutely no problems with standing by Israel as an ally – but when Israel is in the wrong (and they have been in the past) – then as a good ‘son of birtych’ – we need to tell Israel they are wrong.

      But these Fundies who need the Jews in order to compelte their Rapture thing – just don’t get it….

  3. Okay. Sometimes you just have to let things roll off your back.

  4. prairie pond

    Think for just a minute what our old friend Tom and Kansas Equality Coalition will be facing in Topeka next year. Hell, I look for them to put new sodomy laws in place, SCOTUS be damned. This is not going to be a good place for gay people to live, which is, of course, just what Pastor Sam and his church ladies want.

    Sigh. I told Summer to start going through her things and get ready to pick which toys she wants to pack…

    • But I wonder…….why are these people so obsessed about other peoples’ sex lives?

      I just don’t get it…..

      I can go throughout my life and not once do I think to myself – that person is gay or that person is straight. That thought just never occurrs to me.

      Is it it just me or is the majurotuity lke me adn these sex-obsessed pervrs are the ones with the problem?

      The only time I need to know the details of another person’s sex life is when that person is in my own bed…..

    • And if you happen to be female…

      Just as soon as they get their Theocracy thing going we’ll have war — real war — because there is nothing that riles people to the kind of anger it takes to kill your neighbors and friends like perceived attacks on your brand of religion. One thing we can count on is that none of those religious people will give an inch in the department of ‘my beliefs are the only true and correct ones.’

      • prairie pond

        Just think about all the money Kansas will be spending to defend the new unconstitutional abortion, anti-gay, religious privilege laws. Not to mention the next round of whatever wingnut nonsense they slam through the legislature that won’t meet the sniff test of the feds. You know, like Medicaid, health insurance exchanges, etc.

        I can’t even think about all the crap and crappy people we will have to defend when they waaaaay overstep their bounds. Cha ching, Cha ching.

      • Brownback is giving up the right to set up those health-care exchanges and deferring to the federal government who will do it for him. Strange, isn’t it?

      • No matter how devastating Brownback policies are, no matter that republicans have absolute power in Kansas, they will not take responsibility for their actions. They won’t see any of that spending to defend their unconstitutional actions as wasted. They’ll see it as a worthy cause because they see the federal government being wrong, not them. There is no way to explain the obvious to those who refuse to listen.

  5. The graphic above explains it all – doesn’t it?

    Do you think this is why Rick Santorum and the rest of the Republicans mocked Obama when he was trying to get those interest rates on studnet loanss to not be increased?

    I still remember Santorum mocking President Obama – in that sarcastic little Christian-ass way that he has.

    And then factgor in that these same Republicans hate science. They do not want to bolster public eductiation.

    There is something very wrong when the lself-described ‘leaders’ demonize education for all its citizens.

    • Yes. The graphic above certainly does explain it all. btw, in order to see it larger, click on it, then just hit your ‘back’ arrow to return here.

      • indypendent

        Thanks for the heads up – how did you know that my getting-too-old eyes needed a boost to see things better. LOL

    • prairie pond

      There is a reason for the conservative war on education.

  6. “When I was verbally attacked earlier this year, I was heartened by the many Americans who reached out in support, regardless of their politics. President Obama was one of them. He condemned those hateful words and supported my right to speak without being attacked.

    “Mr. Romney was not. When Rush Limbaugh called me a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ for speaking about medical needs for contraception, Mr. Romney could only say that it ‘wasn’t the language [he] would have used.’ If Mr. Romney can’t stand up to the extreme voices in his own party, we know he’ll never stand up for women and protect the rights that generations of women fought so hard to ensure.

    “As we register to vote — as we walk into the voting booth — we must remember the choice we’re making. One option is a candidate who promises to turn back the clock on women’s rights and our access to health care.

    “Thankfully, we have a far better option: President Obama, who has consistently stood up for us, for our rights and for our health. It’s a personal choice for each of us, but one that carries consequences for every woman in America.”

    — Sandra Fluke

    • indypendent

      I still laugh out loud to think that Sandra Fluke was the lightning rod that got Rush in trouble where he hurts the most – his sponsors and their money.

  7. indypendent

    Interesting reading. But, IIRC, it was reported that George W.Bush’s grandfather made his fortune working with the Nazis and this revelation did not bother any of the Republicans – so why would learning this about Romney be any different?

    Republicans are incapable of feeling shame. When it comes to money and grabbing power – there is nothing Republicans would see as morally wrong,.

    I suspect this is why Reagan felt the need to invite Jerry Falwell and his Fundy Christians into the inner circle of the GOP. This was to give the appearance that Republicans are the morally superior ones.

  8. Remember Richard Crowson? I think he still draws one cartoon a week for the Wichita Eagle. I got to meet him a few years ago when the Eagle hosted a ‘meet-up’ for the bloggers on their web site. He drew a cartoon and each of us attending were given an autographed copy. It still hangs in my office.

    Anyway, here’s what he says about yesterday’s election in Kansas —

    This election’s result — the end of moderation in the Kansas GOP, and in our government, is our fault. We did not work hard enough, we are not yet motivated enough. The ultra-conservatives will keep winning until we get down into the trenches ourselves. Yeah, a lot of special interest money went to their cause. But the bottom line is that our neighbors and friends and people we rub shoulders with every day did the voting. That sweet little lady next door. That friendly guy at the grocery. They want this. They voted for it. Unfortunately, we all get it. But until we get mad enough, or motivated enough to give much more of our time and our money to thoughtful moderate and liberal candidates and toward educating the public about the issues, we are stuck with what the extremist big money contributors want. As Walt Kelley’s Pogo said decades ago in this image.

    • That ‘meet-up’ was January 25, 2007. I met Steven, 6176, R.D., and a few others that same night. In many ways it seems like it should have been a much longer time ago than just over five years…

      • Steven’s blog, Prairie Populists and Progressives, opened for business March 21, 2009, just a little more than two years later.

      • prairie pond

        We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Our merry band of like minded people. We weathered the storm of leaving TBTSNBN, we weathered the loss of Steven, we weathered all our personal tragedies and challenges, and we few are here and still standing. Reminds me of the end of “Crispin’s Day.”

        To quote the Bard:

        “From this day to the ending of the world,
        But we in it shall be remembered-
        We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
        For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
        Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
        This day shall gentle his condition;
        And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
        Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
        And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
        That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

        We’re not Englishmen, and most of us have womanhood not “manhood” but there’s no one I would rather fight along side “on Crispin’s day” than our little band here at PPP.

      • prairie pond

        I love Shakespeare. Here’s another one that applies to PPP. It’s spoken by Polonius in Scene III of Hamlet.

        “Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
        Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel.”

        I just love that…

  9. Maybe I was asleep that day, but I did not hear this about when Romney met with the Australian Foreign Minister before some fundraiser – did any of you know about this?

    It’s interesting that the Australian Foreign Minister came out later and said that Romney did not relate exactly what he meant…

    From what I read of this Foreign Minister’s quote – about America b eing one budget deal awy – I agree with that.

    But – let’s look as to why we cannot seem to get a budget passed……when RePUKES have made it their #1 goal to make Obama a one-term president – even planning how their attacks on the very night of Obama Inauguration – then exactly how will a budget deal be passed?

    One cannot deal with an obstinate bully. And that is what Republicans seem to think is their best strength.

    • Do I think Obama and the Democrats have all the answers? Oh Hell NO.

      But do I think Republicans want to get back into total control and do what they did under GWB and Reagan again – Oh HELL Yes…..

      America has been in decline ever since Reagan unleashed the wolves on the to the middle class. And GWB just about finished the job.

      If Romney gets in there – there will be no middle class left. And that must not bother any of these folks who seem to consistently vote against their own interests.

      I suspect not all those folks who vote for these Republicans are in the 1% class – are they?

      • wicked

        They’ll simply say it was the Democrats’ fault…as they follow their leaders off the cliff without questioning.

  10. PP – well said. And I feel the same way about our littel PPP blog.

    I know that some of those over the fence (who still cannot seem to stop looking over here) think that we are such a small group that it does not matter what we do or say.

    But – you know – it only takes a small group of people to make a big change.

    For all those self-preofessing morally superiror and goldy Republicans that think they have the power with all that corporate money behind them – David was also considered a lost cause when he went up against Goliath.

    But who used his brains and who used his brawn? I would rather take a small group of people with the brains to win than all the brute strength in the world.

    Every time I hear Romney and RePUKES talk about how they want to increase military spending – I am reminded of something from the Iraq War.

    What did the Iraqis have that cost us the most damage to our US soldiers?

    Was it their big tanks….their big guns…….their fancy uniforms?

    NO – it was the I.E.D’s……..

    These were usually handmade explosive devices – but they cost the might US military the most damage and the most cunning of enemies – because one never knew where an I.E.D. would be hidden…

    LIke I said – all the military spending in the world will not make our country safer than if we just used our brains – instead of thinking our big ‘guns’ will make the world fear us or to make the world any safer.

    Little men tend to think big guns is the way to go…..

    • prairie pond

      Indy, you sound like Margaret Mead.

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
      Margaret Mead
      US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 – 1978)

  11. The theme of the day for the Romney campaign was, as Alex Rogers notes below, that Obama’s Soft on Welfare. It sort of flopped. The factoid planted at the microscopic center of the non-story is that the Obama campaign allegedly granted states the right to request waivers from the current welfare work requirements…which is true, except for the following things:

    1. The waivers would be granted only if states came up with alternative ideas to create jobs for people on welfare.

    2. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney himself asked for such a waiver in 2005.

    And, this third bit is just too good…

    3. As governor, Romney offered welfare recipients free auto insurance, registration, inspections and memberships in AAA. From the original Boston Herald piece:

    “Over 80 percent of participants have moved off of welfare,” said Romney spokeswoman Gail Gitcho.

    Under Romney’s Car Ownership Program, the state paid out one year’s insurance, inspection, excise tax, title, registration, repairs and a AAA membership for cars that were donated to welfare recipients. Under the plan, those who lost their jobs and ended up back on welfare were allowed to keep their free wheels.

    How incompetent is the Romney campaign? They keep coming up with these stupid gambits –- one of the recent was the lie that Obama opposed early voting for members of the military in Ohio -– that are shot down instantaneously (everywhere but in Fox-Rush land). And worse, the Democrats -– who seem to have a superior oppo team -– can often produce counter-stories, like the Herald item, that make things even worse for Romney.

    But there is a larger question here: How stupid does he think we are? Does he imagine we are as stupid as his ‘base’ who simply believe everything he says as fact without questioning him?

    Read more:

  12. The maximum income threshold for the 15% income tax rate in 2010 was $68,000 for a married couple — unless you’re the Romneys in which case it’s apparently $21.6 million (and their rate was actually only 13.9%). Is it any wonder voters want to see Romney’s returns for 2004-2009? Unless we know Mitt’s loopholes how will we know the ones he’s not likely to eliminate in his tax “reform” plan — the details of which he says he’ll “work out with congress.” Sure Mitt — any other pigs in that poke you’re trying to peddle?

  13. My Mother died in March of 2011. I have her driver’s license, which is still current, and she and I resemble one another. I could have voted as her yesterday. Absolutely nothing in the new law Kansas enacted to solve the non-existent problem of voter identification fraud would have prevented me doing that!