Tuesday, 8/7/12, Public Square


“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves—and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


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  1. There’s a vast amount of evidence showing how real The Republican War on Women really is. Then there are republicans who simply state there is no such war. Just trust them. Kinda like their leader, Mitten$, who expects voters to just trust him after he’s proven so often to be untrustworthy.

    War on Women Timeline
    (click any item for details)


  2. This is a good read. I tried to find the short bit that might entice you to read the whole thing. It all needs to be read, and you’ll instantly recognize the truth of the matter. 🙂

    I’ll give you this which is actually a portion of one of the comments to the piece:

    Ladies and gentlemen, you have just read the best thought-out and overwhelmingly the best written pundit column of the past 20 or 30 years. I give you next year’s Pulitizer Prize winner. You can’t top this:

    “That’s how Mitt Romney came to tie himself in a bowline trying to run for president, even though he was the only real candidate in a field of crackpot poseurs, and even though he was running the only real campaign as opposed to tent revivals, exercises in brand maintenance, and extended book tours.”

    Not a knot, but a bowline. Crackpot poseurs. Tent revivals. Exercises in brand maintenance. Wow.

    And then this one: “…like the Beales in Grey Gardens, the party gradually lost its mind.”

    The Democrats’ Duty: Bring the GOP Back from Crazy

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/republican-party-0512#ixzz22rfMKwzs

  3. Romney Hood

    I like it! Succinct, factual. I think it will catch on.

    • wicked

      That gave me chills. As I mentioned on FB, C&S (and CS&N) know harmony. I love harmony. Brian Wilson still writes it and the Beach Boys have always sung it; Simon & Garfunkel were masters of it; John, Paul, George and Ringo sang it. Rap? Uh, not so much. 😉

      I’d love to see CS&N on Saturday, but I’ll be happy (and less poor) to listen to my albums. It’s all good in my world.

  4. From our friend CF (cleaned up a tiny bit):

    Twenty years of “Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who had Vince Foster killed and John Kerry lied about his heroism and Obama is a Kenyan socialist communist muslim manchurian candidate who got into occidental college because hes black,” and now the GOP elected zombies are crying because Harry Reid said some mean things about a presidential candidate WHO WON’T RELEASE HIS TAXES?

    • prairie pond

      CF is just one of a kind. I hope he and his new family are well and happy. We certainly need his voice out there. He should have his own show on MSNBC. CF followed by Rachel followed by Stephanie Miller?

      Now THAT is a dream team!

  5. wicked

    Someone asked yesterday about Twitter. I’m there. Not much, though. I don’t even drop in once a day. But I do enjoy it when I have some time. I follow Huff Post, George Stephanopoulos, Steven Colbert, and the local police dept, among 140 some others. Huff keeps me current on just about everything and manages to suck up more time than I have.

  6. I voted this morning and it felt GREAT to vote against the bully that has a big package of his own junk mail being sent directly back to him – .

    When I told my DIL about that McGinn’s sign that was defaced by putting a red banner across hers saying ‘ Vote Against on August 7th’ – her first comment was – ‘are we in high school or junior high’?

    She has a valid point – don’t you think?

    • Reminds me of the knots the republicans are tying themselves in while they attempt to support the smug rich guy they chose as the best their party can run against a popular sitting president.

      I’m cheering for Harry Reid and his new-found resolve! Go Harry! You can do it! You have nothing to lose! Don’t let up because every rebuttal they come up with sounds more childish and churlish than the last one.

      • Oh, now, fnord. Didn’t you hear the RNC Chairman Reince Preibus (?) say that he has tripled down on calling Harry Reid a liar?

        Seriusly – did this little bully really mean to say that he triple-dog-dared Harry Reid ?

        I don’t think Reid is the type to go off the cliff without any safety net – do you?

        I have been frustrated with Reid being the Majority Leader of the Senate. But I never thought Harry Reid was a stupid man. He’s been in politics way too long to be that stupid to get caught without anything to back up what he says…

        Republicans are just mad because, once again, the Democrats have boxed them into the corner where these Repubs have painted themselves. And rather than be mad at their own candidate (which alot of these RePUKES do not like or trust) – they attack Harry Reid.

        Hey – the GOP Convention is going to fun to watch. Maybe this is a preview to the new and updated version of the old Gong Show?

        Remember that show? Now where did that big stage hook go – it appears quite a few people might just be hooked and dragged off the stage. Could not have happened to a more deserving bunch.

      • BTW – I read somewhere that Harry Reid is doing this to Romney out of ‘personal reasons’.

        That could mean alot of things. But both men are Mormons – so I suspect it has soemthing to do with the Church.

        I also read where Harry Reid is higher ranking in the Mormon Church than Romney is – so maybe there is bad blood from way back when??

        Whatever the reason – Harry Reid has turned out to be quite the little boxer in this match up – huh?

      • I’ve never been a Harry Reid fan — until now.

        I’m not so sure he has more than average intelligence but he has always been trustworthy. A nice guy, who I’ve thought badly needed to grow a pair to be effective. For whatever reasons, he seems to have grown that pair. 🙂

        I could see it being a Mormon thing. Just as I’ve always wondered why Christians don’t speak out about those who give Christianity such a bad rap, I could see Reid not being pleased with Romney as a public example of the faith they share. Perhaps Reid knows the lying greedy rich guy is a really poor example of humanity, of any person of any faith?

  7. Good ol’ Pat Robertson – can’t let a tragedy go to waste – huh? I suspect good ol’ Pat might be running scared because the Sikh Temple shooter had ties to White Supremacy Groups. That might just come back to land on the Fundy Christians’ doorstep. Do you think those chickens might be coming home to roost?

    One comment stated that after this rant from good ol’ Pat – there was the information on how to give to the The 700 Club and it staye don the screen for 20 minutes.

    Uh, do yoiu think this tragedy and now that we Pat has decalired it’s the work of Atheists – that it brought in even more of those tax-free dollars?

    And these are the folks that are yammering about loss of religious liberty.

    I call B.S. on that pile of crappola…


    • R.D. Liebst

      truth, light and love means a sweet smile and a warm handshake while hatred, lies and darkness equals money for the speaker.

  8. R.D. Liebst

    I often say that the true will win out that is until it comes to Politics. More often then not the true seems to not have anything to do with facts or reality.
    Even when the truly is so plan and apparent that it would take a true stroke of denial to avoid it. That level of denial becomes equal to the challenge.

    I stand for truth even when the end result is to be ignored and denied myself.
    As soon as I state my party affillation I end up being assulted by total ignorance or out and delusional information from Conservatives. And when I try to counter with facts or logic they will shut me off or argue with me ending with a statement that I am in denial.

    Now on those occations I have the chance to point out or state logic and reason I general make a convert to my side with simple reality. That is the thing about delusion, when faced with the reality or facts it has such a hard time standing up to it. The surest convert is the one tha finally realizes their own mistakes and mispreceptions.

    • R.D. – your comments and assessment of current politics is right on the money.

      But, this is a link to that Indiana Tea Party Darling Candidate who thinks that bipartisanship means that the Democrats come to the Republicans’ view – and he plans on getting full control – so therein lies the problem

      As you said – delusional people…

      And – sad to say – this Tea Party Darling beat Richard Lugar – which has been a moderate Republican for many years.

      Compromise has become a dirty word -and I think it will be the downfall of our entire political system – at some point.


      • Pay close attention to the last paragraph of this article about Mourdock – that says all one needs to know about this guy and his true motivations..

        But what is laughable is how this guy so proudly boasts that he is a history buff. Sounds to me like his history has been rewritten to serve his own narrow version.

    • prairie pond

      The whole world has lost its goddam mind. Can’t wait to see how things turn out today in the primary election. All the bigotry and violence are really starting to get to me.

      R.D., you keep making jokes, but you are one of the sanest people I know. Thank goodness for the PPP blog.

      • Laughter is a gift from the Gods (or whatever you choose to believe). Without laughter, I suspect there would be alot more violence and/or suicides.


  9. How are we to respond to a campaign that deliberately deceives the public without shame? This lie about welfare policy comes on the heels of Romney’s lie about voting rights in Ohio, which came on the heels of Romney’s lies about the economy; which came on the heels of Romney’s lies about health care; which came on the heels of Romney’s lies about taxes.

    “…the ad shows President Clinton signing welfare reform into law in 1996, “requiring work for welfare.” The spot then argues, however, that President Obama “quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.” The voiceover tells viewers, “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check…. and welfare to work goes back to being plain old welfare.”

    We then learn, “Mitt Romney will restore the work requirement because it works.”

    Romney’s lying. He’s not spinning the truth to his advantage; he’s not hiding in a gray area between fact and fiction; he’s just lying. The law hasn’t been “gutted”; the work requirement hasn’t been “dropped.” Stations that air this ad are disseminating an obvious, demonstrable lie.

    All Obama did is agree to Republican governors’ request for flexibility. That’s it. Indeed, perhaps the most jaw-dropping aspect of this is that Romney himself, during his one gubernatorial term, asked for the same kind of flexibility on welfare law that Obama agreed to last month. Romney, in other words, is attacking the president for doing what Romney asked the executive branch to do in 2005.


  10. Now this is worth watching to see what these Catholic nuns actually do. I hope – and pray – that these women tell the Church Run By Men Wearing Dresses (and golden slippers) what they can do with their neanderthal rules and then these nuns can start their own group.

    YOu know – when will thse Neanderthals men learn to not piss off women??


    • Hey – I would pay alot of money to watch these nuns go after the Pope and his Popettes with a very big ruler.

      Oh Hell, just get a 2×4 and be done with it….

  11. You know what is so funny? Remember when the Republicans changed the name of the french fries at the Capitol Hill cafeteria to ‘freedom fries’ because they were offended by France telling The Little Cowboy President he was wrong about his much-desired Iraq War?

    Remember all the gnashing of teetch and the whining and the threats of how Amiercans hated the French and yada, yada and more yada.

    NOW – in 2012 – wthe ssame people who hated the French are vgoing tgo line up to vote for a candidate who chose to be a missionary in France rather than to serve his country fighting in Vietnam War.

    And – the crowning glory – this same candidate speaks fluent French and has the Dancing Horse to prove he is truly a Frenchie…

    And Republicans wonder why they get laughed at?

    • Is there no end to what the spoiled rich man can buy?

      • No matter how much money Mitt will ever have – he will never be able to buy honesty, integrity, class or a conscience.

      • Exclusive: Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

        A direct descendant of Brigham Young, Sue Emmett, left the church because of the very values she says would make Romney a frightening president. She speaks exclusively with Jamie Reno.

        (from the link): Emmett says she thinks Romney’s biggest fault is that he has a “serious problem telling the truth. There is flip-flopping, which he has done more than any politician in modern history, and then there is out and out lying,” she says. “This kind of thing has sadly been a part of the church from the very beginning. Some modern apostles actually taught that it is not always the best thing to tell the truth if it interferes with preaching gospel.”

        Emmett says the notion of “Lying for the Lord,” as it has been called, implies that teaching the whole truth about the church should be avoided. At a presentation on Lying for the Lord at the 2008 Exmormon Foundation conference, Ken Clark addressed the issue. Clark, who worked as a teacher for the LDS Church Education System (CES) for 27 years and also served as a bishop before leaving the church in 2003, tells The Daily Beast, “Lying has become an institutionalized method of administrative control with the church.”

        “Every Mormon grows up with the idea that it’s OK to lie if it’s for a higher cause,” says Clark, who now works for a company that markets employment and labor market data. “But what happens is when this becomes a part of your ethical tool kit, you develop a condescending attitude toward people.


      • Not that I can think of (except love, per the Beatles 🙂 ).

      • Those Beatles are proven right again. Mitten$ isn’t finding any love so money must not be able to buy that. I’ve never even heard the most partisan republican say they ‘like’ him!

        But we must always remember they chose him as their nominee! Yes siree! They will not allow the media or anyone else to choose for them again, not after McCain… 🙂

      • R.D. Liebst

        The Golden rule… those with the Gold makes the rules!

  12. GOP Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November

    Republicans are reminding seniors to take their blood pressure medication, hoping they won’t die before voting on Election Day.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Common sense should win out since they are wanting them to vote for the people that make no secret that they sincierly wish the elderly would hurry up and just die to free up the capital sent on them to keep them alive.