Sunday, 8/5/12, Public Square


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  1. Did Mitten$ visit Wichita this week?

    I saw a headline in the local paper about a man impersonating a law enforcement officer. Isn’t that a Romney MO? Or has he moved on to impersonating a human being nowadays?

  2. As you folks know, I’ve always said I’m a lucky guy. makes me realize once again just how lucky. The rehab description sounds quite familiar, especially the walking and the stairs.

    Speaking of walking, the recent heat has reduced my desire to do and time spent on walking. Proving once again I’m not the brightest candle in the menorah, today I went out for my regular walk, and instead of doing my normal, I headed East, enjoying the morning. Got to Towne East Drive (Armour renamed), still felt great, kept going to Rock Road. Decided I needed something to drink, went North to the Quik Trip at Douglas & Rock. Finishing my iced tea, started South, realized I needed to eat, so into Wendy;s. One ‘single with cheese (no pickles) combo’ later, out the door I went, heading back South to Kellogg. Apprloaching Armour (again), I suddenly felt very tired. One-half hour later, I drug my butt into the front door. Moral: One cannot expect to do as well with physical activity post-stroke as before (the three birthdays since then have absolutely nothing to do with it at all). Total distance: between 2.5 and 3 miles.

    • I feel I’m the lucky one. You reacted immediately and were the reason all the doctor’s tools had the very best chance, then you worked hard at recovery — pushing yourself harder than most would have. Because of all you did my dear friend survived.

      • No, I’m the lucky one. What do you think motivated the reaction? Simply, family (biological) and cyber (my PPP family, for one example).

        Stroke support group (we’re all survivors) is a great time to take inventory. With the exception of a very attractive red head, who looks 50 but is a year older than I, I was lucky in comparison with all the others.

      • Speaking of progress (we were so speaking, right?), last night marked the first time since the CVA that I was able to use nail clippers to trim the finger nails on my left hand. Yeah, it took 30 minutes, but the ability to control and press the damn things with my right hand gives me hope that someday, I’ll be able to write again with my right hand. Oh, I can sign my name with my left, and jot a note with it, but the note is illegible after an hour. The signature, however, is improving a bit so now it is just about as illegible as my ‘normal’ signature, rather than leaving third parties wondering what the heck that is. Onward! đŸ™‚

      • prairie pond

        I think we are all lucky to have each other here at PPP. The best people in the world. We’re all a bunch of survivors. Not always pretty, but we all seem to always make it through whatever crap gets thrown at us. Maybe at least a little part of our survival is that we always have each other to lean on, even if it’s a virtual leaning. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys, and I feel very lucky to have you all. I wish Steven knew what he started.

      • I just got home from my weekend job and dropped in to PPP to see what was going on.

        I would like to add that I feel very lucky – and very blessed – because I am also a survivor. Things could have gone much worse than they did – and I still do not know the reason why I survived and my brother did not. We both came from the same family. We both are workers and we followed the rules – so why him and not me?

        I’ve decided that sometimes it is not for us to know why – but it is up to us to make that choice to be of a help to others – or to be selfish.

        And – that – I think is why the PPP bunch are special. In all our differing politics – what is the one thing that we all agree on? It is that the government SHOULD help all Americans.

        We don’t view the government as some evil being out to destroy everyone and everything.

        I expect to pay taxes in order for others to get the help they need to survive in this world.

        I want a country that not only professes to be that great compassionate and Christian country – I want our actions to speak and not just our flowery speeches and fancy prayers from fake preachers.

        That is why Democrats and the current Republican Party will never see eye to eye – one party is too wrapped up in themselves – and how they can all become millionaires.

        I don’t believe I need to make a million dollars to be successful. I survived cancer and I have a great family and true friends – what could be more successful than that?

        And sometimes – just being able to trim one’s nails is the biggest success – so far.

        6176 – I am proud of you for sticking to putting one step ahead of the other – and just look how far you’ve come.

        This also goes for R.D. – you’re an inspiration to us all here at PPP. Just think – you went scuba diving on Friday at Wilson Lake. How awesome is that….

        Sometimes – life is not fair. Sometimes – life throws things at us that we think there is no way we can overcome it. But, you know what? With true friends that support, encourage and send their positive energy our way when we need some extra boost to get through our journey here on Earth – that’s the key to success.

        All the money in the world cannot buy peace of mind – nor can it can buy honesty, integrity and a conscience. For example – look at the $250 million dollar GOP man running for president. He still cannot get people to trust him – or even like him.

  3. Prairie Pond said she wished Steven knew what he started.

    Well – my dear blog friend – I believe that Steven did know and he knows that we are keeping his gift to us clogging along in this ol’ world.

    I also believe that death does not separate us from our loved ones or just those folks we have never met (I never met STeven) – but he is still in our thoughts – isn’t he?

    When a person dies – their physical body goes away. But their memories and their life’s touches still continue – don’t they?

    There are some truly good people in this world (and I still want to believe there are more good people than bad) and these are the folks that may be on this Earth just for a short while – but they are never far from our thoughts. So – they are still helping us – IMHO