Tuesday, 7/31/12, Public Square

Does this make you wonder what grade President Obama earned in his freshman biology class?


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  1. The graphic turns out difficult to read here.

    It says (paraphrasing) —

    Romney’s plan for the economy is a secret, just like his taxes, his offshore accounts, his Olympic work, his term as Governor and his time at Bain Capital.

    Bain Capital — there’s that retroactive departure from the company… [eye roll]

    Olympics — key records of the 2002 games internal workings were destroyed under the supervision of a Romney staffer.

    Gov. of Mass. — he paid $100,000 to purchase hard drives and destroyed emails and most digital records of his term.

    We are not to wonder what there was / is to hide! The mystery is about the grade President Obama earned in his freshman biology class!

    • indypendent

      Ann Romney – Willard’s lovely litte Mrs. – has already told us that we are nothing more than ‘you people’ to them.

      After all – it’s THEIR turn…..

    • indypendent

      Why would seniors be for Romney if he wants the Paul Ryan budget? It’s been reported that all seniors will have to pay more out-of-pocket money ($6,000+) or their Medicare benefits. But the richest Americans will get yet another tax cut to the tune of average of $265,000.

      • Because all the republicans told them it saves Medicare, it makes it more secure, it ensures it won’t go broke… And they ignore the fact that it becomes privatized and instead of guaranteed health care insurance they get a coupon and no one knows or cares about what that coupon will buy. They didn’t hear the rest of the story — Fox ‘News’ didn’t carry that.

  2. A conservative blogger tells us of his concerns —

    Romney, the Press and Public Land


  3. First Gay Rights Protest at the Pentagon: July 31st, 1965

    1965 marked several important milestones in the history of organized gay protest. In April, gay rights advocates held the first ever pickets in front of the White House demanding equal treatment in federal employment and other areas of discrimination.

    During the year, those pickets would expand to the U.S. Civil Service Commission, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, and, on 31st July, the Pentagon. Participants in that picket line included gay rights pioneers Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings (whose birthday is also today), Jack Nichols and eight others.

    Another 46 years would pass before the military ban on gays serving openly would finally be out the door. The New York Public Library has a small online digital gallery of that first Pentagon protest.


  4. Here is an interesting study — I’m not sure just how accurately it reflects the reality of peoples’ motivation, but it does seem to indicate that the behavior of those of a strongly religious mindset is governed more by an imposed moral code, than the all-encompassing love to which they lay claim, while those less burdened by religion have more empathy for others’ suffering, and hence, are more likely to feel genuine, emotional compassion for others.

    It’s a very small sample from which to draw such sweeping conclusions, but it is a telling rebuke to those people of religion who so freely proclaim that without a set of religious rules, atheists automatically lack moral or ethical standards.

    Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers

    • indypendent

      I have learned from personakl experience – the more religious a person claims to be – the more hard hearted and cold, calculated and callous they can be – especially if they think they have God on ‘their’ side.

      I’ve seen some very cruel people and they all tend to be church-gkoing people who like to sit in the back pew so they can sit, watch the others so they can go home and gossip about the very same people.

      Gossipy old women come in all sizes, shapes and religions – and teh men are more gossipy that the women.

      fox News reminds me of a group of gossipy old church hens when they spread their self-righteous inuendos, gossip and outright lies.

  5. The republicans are eating their own in more states than just Kansas.

    LaTourette, a nine-term House member from northeastern Ohio, has decided not to run for re-election, leaving the party rushing to find a replacement for the Nov. 6 election. LaTourette’s term ends this year. He serves the 14th District.

    LaTourette is one of the most-moderate Republicans in the Ohio delegation. He has won decisive election victories in what could be considered a swing district. He was to face Democrat Dale Blanchard in November.

  6. Here’s an interactive map for the electoral college. Build your own scenarios.


  7. And it does seem he needs to have his messes cleaned up! Although I heard he told Fox ‘News’ that’s not at all what he meant and was backpedaling (FAST!).

    Without naming names, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad essentially accused Mitt Romney of “kissing the foot” of Israel in hopes of gaining more support for his presidential campaign. The Iranian president was indisputably talking about the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Tuesday morning when he spoke on state TV, asking why Romney would make “concessions to get some pennies for [his] campaign.” Romney’s trip also received criticism from China, specifically his declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s real capital. “Romney’s remarks totally neglect historical facts and are actually irresponsible if he just meant to appeal to voters at home,” said China’s official Xinhua News Agency. Palestinians slammed the presumptive GOP White House nominee for not understanding the complexities of the conflict with Israel.

    From Iran to China, Romney’s comments in Israel earn him international criticism


    • I don’t see how Mitt Romney – or the lovely little Mrs – could show their faces at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Seriously – with all the negative Britsh press – Mitt and Ann still think it is just a lamestream media that is their problem?

      These two appear to me to be just the most arrogant people. Does arrogance also require a certain level of ignorance?

      Or do the Romney’s take it to the extreme?

    • What did this woman expect? There is no honor among thieves. One of the Ten Commandments talks about bearing false witness (lying) but yet these self-professing ‘good’ Christians lie everyday about President Obama.

      So why would they bat an eye about stealing ?

      • I would like to add – No where in the Ten Commandments does it say – Thou Shalt Not Be Gay.

        So, who is really the sinner here? These ‘good’ Christians who break at least one of the Ten Commandments everytime they lie about Obama or the Americans who happen to be gay who go about their lives, working, paying their taxes and helping their fellow Americans?

    • A couple of times in the article there was reference to “her private computer,” but it never said who owned that computer. Was it bought by the campaign who employed her? Only if it was her personal property, bought and paid for by her, does it seem she would have a case. But that’s just me. I never thought anything I put on a computer owned by my employer was private or mine.

  8. Effective tomorrow (August 1), women have 8 more benefits with no copays, deductibles or co-insurance, thanks to “Obamacare”

    1. Annual well-woman visit
    2. Screening for gestational diabetes
    3. Testing for HPV
    4. STI (sexually transmitted infection) counseling
    5. HIV screening & counseling
    6. contraceptive methods & counseling
    7. breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling
    8. Domestic and interpersonal violence screening & counseling

    Thank you President Obama (and folks that voted FOR this)

    • I had a mammogram done last month – and I just received the EOB today. There is the charge from the clinic, the payment paid by BCBS and the write-off for BCBS. But there is a difference of about ten dollars. This ten dollars is included in my balanced owed (I am still paying payments for that P.E.T. scan) I thought that mammograms were handled with no co-pays, no co-insurance and the difference could not be billed to the patient?

      Does anyone know?

      • I think prior to tomorrow (Aug. 1, 2012) when new rules go into effect as the result of Obamacare that it depended on your particular insurance. I would for sure call them and ask about that $10 discrepancy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uncovered billing errors, charges they just expect people to pay without asking. I’ll bet you’ve experienced more than I have. Sadly those bills all too often come when your hands are so full of trying to get well, to get back to living, and they just add yet another hurdle to the long process.

      • That is what is baffling about this – I had the mammogram last year (at different clinic) and I was never charged anything. I’m wondering since I had a balance owed – that this clinic just figured I would not notice?

        I know it’s only ten dollars…..but damn, that could buy me a dinner out…LOL

  9. (Reuters) – The White House said on Tuesday it was starting to get ready for potentially painful year-end spending cuts, and was committed to shielding U.S. military personnel compensation from any government budget crunch.

    Jeffrey Zients, acting director of President Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget, said discussions would start soon on how to weather the cuts known as “sequestration” that would take place if Congress cannot get to a deficit deal.

    “If allowed to occur, the sequestration would be highly destructive to national security and domestic priorities, as well as to core government functions,” he said in a memo. “The president remains confident that Congress will act, but because it has not yet made progress towards enacting sufficient deficit reduction, the Office of Management and Budget will work with agencies, as necessary, on issues raised by a sequestration of this magnitude.”

    • And I would replay each and every video where John Boehner and TEa Party REpublicans kept refusing to talk to President Obama during that entire debt ceiling fiasco.

      And play every video of these TEa Party Republicans proudly boasting they wanted America to default on its debts.

      IIRC – the Congress aproval rating hit the sinking level of 13% – AFTER these TEa Party Republicans proudly boasted and pounded their chests that THEY were in control.

    • I don’t have the words to explain how glad I am to be a republican — a moderate republican, maybe even a left-leaning republican, maybe even a bat-shit crazy liberal republican!

  10. Visiting Poland for the final leg of his gaffe-filled trip abroad, Romney praised how the nation has “lifted the heavy hand of government” to become one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

    The problem with Romney’s speech, however, is that the the Polish government plays a larger role in its economy than the U.S. government plays here. The Associated Press noted that the reality of Polish government spending doesn’t match Romney’s rhetoric:

    While it’s true that Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies and boasts dynamic entrepreneurs, Romney’s depiction of Poland as a place of small government is debatable. Even 23 years after throwing off a communist command economy, the Polish government continues to have a strong presence in people’s lives: it gives women $300 for each baby they have, doubling that sum for poor families; it fully funds state university educations; and it guarantees health care to all its 38 million citizens.

    And while Poland’s economic growth has certainly been impressive in recent years, this is partly the result of economic redistribution in the form of subsidies that have been flowing in from the European Union since it joined the bloc in 2004.

    In addition to praising higher government spending, this is also the second time Romney has inadvertently lauded universal health care — a far cry from his criticisms of the individual mandate. He first complimented universal health care in his comments on Israel’s relatively low health spending.

    • Does he have any staff competent to check facts before he runs his mouth? Or is the staff a collection of sycophants?

      • Define – competent . I suspect Romney is just saying whatever comes to his mind to satisfy the people in front of him at the moment – and always to be ended with an anti-Obama rant.

        Since the TEapublicans are running the current GOP – facts are those pesky little things that don’t really matter.